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spices Tandoori King Prawn Jalfrezi . ... .2.50 Tandoori Roti .


Taj India Menu 98%

SHURAT Exotic Appetizers PAPADUM Three crisp lentil wafers flavored with mild spices VEGETABLE PAKORA Fresh cut mixed vegetable fritters VEGETABLE SAMOSA Two crisp turnovers stuffed with potatoes and green peas LAMB SAMOSA Two crisp turnovers stuffed with minced lamb ALOO CHAT Potatoes in a sharp and spicy chautney, served cold CHICKEN CHAT Succulent chicken pieces in a sharp and spicy sauce, served cold ONION BHAJIA Deep fried onion fritters ASSORTED TAJ TANDOORI An assortment of tandoori specialties ASSORTED TAJ VEGETARIAN An assortment of samosa, pakora and papadum CHICKEN PAKORA Delicately spiced deep fried chicken fritters PANEER PAKORA Deep fried homemade cheese fritters ALOO TIKKI Two pieces of deep fried potato patties served with garbanzo beans TANDOORI WINGS Chicken wings marinated and baked in the clay oven FISH PAKURA Delicately spiced deep fried fish fritters WAH TAJ PLATTER An assortment of lamb or chicken samosa, chicken pakora, vegetable pakora and vegetable samosa CHICKEN SAMOSA Two crisp turnovers stuffed with minced chicken 2.95 2.95 2.95 3.95 2.95 3.95 2.95 8.95 8.95 5.95 3.95 4.95 6.95 6.95 7.95 3.95 SHORBAS Traditional Indian Soups CHICKEN SOUP Delicately spiced meat and lentil soup, garnished with green peas DAAL SOUP Lightly seasoned lentil soup, garnished with rice and vegetables PALAK SOUP Blended mixed vegetables with fresh spinach VEGETABLE SOUP North Indian creation made with yellow lentil, mixed vegetables and spices CARROT COCONUT SOUP Delicious soup made with coconut milk, carrots and spice 3.45 3.45 3.45 3.45 3.45 ROTI Traditional Indian Breads Freshly baked in our tandoor to your order TANDOORI ROTI Unleavened whole wheat bread baked in the tandoor NAAN Tear drop shaped bread baked in the tandoor ONION KULCHA Onion accented leavened bread GARLIC NAAN Garlic accented leavened bread PANEER NAAN Naan stuffed with paneer topped with green cilantro and butter PARATHA Buttered and layered whole wheat bread ALOO PARATHA Whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potatoes and green peas KEEMA NAAN Naan stuffed with minced lamb TAJ SPECIAL NAAN Naan stuffed with minced chicken tikka and homemade cheese POORI Two deep fried whole wheat bread puffed bread ASSORTED BREAD BASKET FAMILY STYLE An assortment of naan, chappati, onion kulcha, aloo paratha and kabuli naan KABULI NAAN (SWEET) Naan stuffed with raisins and nuts TAWA ROTI Two pieces of pan fried whole wheat bread GOBHI PARATHA Naan stuffed with shredded cauliflower and exotic spices CHILI NAAN Jalapeno accented white bread BHATUKA Deep fried soft white bread 1.95 1.95 2.95 2.95 2.95 2.50 2.95 3.50 2.95 2.50 7.95 3.50 2.50 2.95 2.50 2.50 TANDOORI Specialties from our unique charcoal clay oven Served with soup or salad, plain naan and rice and choice of soft drink TANDOORI CHICKEN (8 PIECES) Chicken marinated in yogurt and roasted on skewers in the tandoor CHICKEN TIKKA Whole white meat breast of chicken subtly flavored with mild spices and barbequed on skewers in the tandoor BOTI KABAB Tender juicy cubes of lamb marinated in mild spices and roasted SEEKH KABAB Minced lamb seasoned with chopped onions, herbs and spices, skewered and grilled TANDOORI PRAWN King size shrimp marinated in delicately spiced yogurt, skewered and grilled FISH TIKKA KABAB (SWORD FISH) Chunk of swordfish, marinated in an aromatic herb mixture roasted in the tandoor TANDOORI MIXED GRILL Combination of sizzling tandoori roasted specialties such as chicken, lamb and shrimps garnished with sauteéd onion and a wedge of lemon 13.95 15.95 17.95 16.95 18.95 18.95 22.95 GOSHT KE PAKWAAN Lamb specialties (served with plain naan and rice) LAMB CURRY Tender cubes of lamb braised in garlicky sauce SAG LAMB Lamb cooked with fresh spinach, green coriander, ginger and other fragrant herbs LAMB BOTI MASALA Tender lamb cubes cooked in a mildly spiced tomato based sauce LAMB KORMA (MILD) Tender cubes of lamb cooked in a rich braised cream, nuts and sauce LAMB VINDALOO Lamb in hot spicy sauce with potatoes KEEMA MATTAR Minced lamb with green peas LAMB KARAHI Tender lamb cubes stir fried with onion, bell peppers and tomatoes KEEMA KOFTA Minced lamb meatballs in a special sauce GOAT CURRY (MUTTON) Baby goat meat (bone in) cooked in a spicy sauce LAMB COCONUT KORMA Boneless lamb cooked in delicately flavored coconut sauce LAMB BOTI SAG Boneless tandoori lamb cooked in spinach and cream sauce LAMB JALFREZI Tandoori roasted tender lamb pieces cooked in exotic spices with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and broccoli MANGO LAMB CURRY Lamb cubes cooked with onion sauce and sweet mango 15.95 15.95 15.95 15.95 15.95 15.95 15.95 15.95 15.95 15.95 15.95 15.95 15.95 BAHAR-E-MURG Exquisite chicken curries (served with plain naan and rice) Curry – generic term for any Indian dish with gravy CHICKEN CURRY Boneless chicken cooked in thick curry space CHICKEN MAKHNI Tandoori chicken (thigh meat) in a mildly spiced moushai sauce CHICKEN KORMA (MILD) Chicken cooked in spiced cream sauce with nuts CHICKEN SAG WALA Chicken cooked with delicious spiced creamed spinach CHICKEN MUSHROOM Tender chicken cooked with spices and fresh mushrooms KARAHI CHICKEN Chicken cooked in a semi-dry spicy sauce with onions, bell pepper and tomatoes CHICKEN VINDALOO Chicken cooked in a hot spicy sauce with potatoes CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA Tandoori roasted breast of chicken in a mildly spiced sauce with fresh mushrooms KEEMA KOFTA Minced chicken meatballs in a special sauce CHICKEN COCONUT KORMA Chicken cooked in a delicious flavored coconut sauce CHICKEN TIKKA SAG Boneless tandoori chicken breast pieces cooked in spinach sauce MANGO CHICKEN CURRY Boneless chicken cubes cooked in a mango flavored curry sauce CHILI CHICKEN Marinated white meat chicken pieces deep fried and stir fried with onion, bell pepper and tomatoes 14.95 14.95 14.95 14.95 14.95 14.95 14.95 14.95 14.95 14.95 14.95 14.95 14.95 SAMUNDER SE Seafood specialties (served with plain naan and rice) PRAWN CURRY Shrimp cooked in spicy sauce of tomatoes and onion PRAWN SAG WALA Shrimp cooked with fresh spinach and exotic spices PRAWN KARANI Shrimp cooked with fresh bell pepper, onion and herbs PRAWN VINDALOO Shrimp and potatoes cooked in a spicy sauce FISH MASALA Boneless pieces of fish cooked in a special blend of sauces PRAWN COCONUT CURRY Shrimps cooked with fresh garlic and coconut milk FISH VINDALOO Swordfish cooked with potatoes in a spicy curry FISH COCONUT KORMA Swordfish cooked in a special coconut curry with herbs MANGO PRAWN CURRY 16.95 16.95 16.95 16.95 16.95 16.95 16.95 16.95 16.95 BAHAR-E-SABZ Vegetarian Specialty Curries (served with plain naan and rice) SHAHI PANEER Homemade cheese cooked with cashews, raisins and flavorful sauce MAITAR PANEER Cubed farmer cheese and green peas in a moderately spiced sauce ALOO MATTAR Potatoes and green peas in a spiced sauce MUSHROOM MATTAR Fresh mushrooms and green peas cooked with chopped onion, tomatoes and spices ALOO GOBHI Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with herbs and spices BAINGAN BHARTHA Fresh eggplant baked in the tandoor and cooked with herbs and spices MIXED VEGETABLE MASALA Vegetable cooked with herbs and spices NAV RATTAN KORMA (MILD) Vegetable with farmer’s cheese and nuts in a mild cream sauce MALAI KOFTA Cheese balls in a Mughlai sauce SAG PANEER Creamed spinach and cheese mildly spiced SAG ALOO Braised potatoes in spinach sauce CHANA MASALA Garbanzo beans in a special blend of spices DAL MAHARANI Urd lentil delicately spiced BHINDI MASALA Spicy sautéed okra with onions and tomatoes DAL TARKA An aromatic blend of lentil, tempered with onions, ginger, garlic and chili VEGETABLE COCONUT KORMA Mixed vegetables cooked with cashew nuts, raisins and coconut milk CHILI PANEER Homemade cheese sautéed with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes PANEER TIKKA Tandoori roasted fresh cheese served on a sizzling platter MANGO FLAVOR MIXED VEGETABLE MASALA 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 13.95 CHAWAL Rice specialties, a titillating combination of rice, delicately flavored with aromatic herbs, Biriyani served with papadum and raita VEGETABLE BIRIYANI An assortment of vegetables, mixed rice and nuts CHICKEN BIRIYANI Basmati rice cooked with chicken and garnished with nuts MUGHLAI BIRIYANI Basmati rice cooked with spiced lamb and garnished with boiled egg PRAWN BIRIYANI Basmati rice cooked with shrimps, raisins and nuts GOAT BIRIYANI Basmati rice cooked with goat meat garnished with boiled egg STEAMED BASMATI RICE Plain steamed basmati rice garnished with green peas PILLAV RICE Fried Basmati rice with onion and green peas 12.95 13.95 14.95 15.95 15.95 2.50 3.95 MAHARAJA’S FEAST TAJ INDIA SPECIAL THALI TANDOORI CHICKEN CHICKEN TIKKA BOTI KABAB SEEKH KABAB TANDOORI PRAWN 21.95 FOR ONE, 40.95 FOR TWO LAMB CURRY MATTAR PANEER RICE SALAD/RAITA CHOICE OF DESSERT CHOICE OF NAAN NON-VEGETARIAN THALI TANDOORI CHICKEN CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA PRAWN CURRY NAV RATAN KORMA SAG LAMB 20.95 FOR ONE, 38.95 FOR TWO RICE SALAD/RAITA CHOICE OF DESSERT CHOICE OF NAAN PURE VEGETARIAN THALI VEGETABLE SAMOSA SAG PANEER CHANA MASALA NAV RATAN KORMA DAL MAKHNI TEA, COFFEE OR BEVERAGE TEA, COFFEE OR BEVERAGE 19.95 FOR ONE, 36.95 FOR TWO SALAD/RAITA RICE CHOICE OF BREAD CHOICE OF DESSERT TEA, COFFEE OR BEVERAGE


spice merchants in menu 97%

£4.50 King Prawn Paneer Chunks of paneer cooked in tandoori oven on skewers with red &


spicefinal 97%

£4.50 King Prawn Paneer Chunks of paneer cooked in tandoori oven on skewers with red &


spice merchants out menu 95%

King Prawn Paneer Chunks of paneer cooked in tandoori oven on skewers with red &


menu fixed 88%

Paneer Tikka� £4.45 Medium tandoori spiced cottage cheese cooked in clay oven.


Jardim 2014 69%

lemon, tandoori or grilled (look at our special barbecue &


menu 69%

served with curry sauce Mixed Vegetable Curry Daal Spinach Daal Tarka Bombay Potato Gobi Aloo Saag Aloo Daal Aloo Aloo Mattar Mushroom Curry Bhindi Bhaji Chana Curry Chana Massala Aloo Bhindi 4.40 4.40 4.40 4.40 4.40 4.40 4.40 4.40 4.40 4.40 4.40 4.40 4.40 Mushroom Pilau Rice Fried Rice Pilau Rice Boiled Rice Chappati Tandoori Roti Keema Paratha Plain Paratha Aloo Paratha Vegetable Paratha Tandoori Nan Garlic Nan Keema Nan Vegetable Nan Peshwari Nan Raitha Green Salad Mango Chutney Mixed Pickle Red Onions Luxury Coleslaw Chips Chips &


Sonho 2014 61%

tandoori menu) prawns in medium spiced tomato-garliconion sauce fish kadai 230 230 stuffed calamari 230 king fish or tuna steak choice of fresh fish with a spicy sauce made of red chillies &


SIMLA Christmas Menu 61%

Mains (Choose one) Lamb shank Slow-cooked and tender lamb shank with caramelised onion and spices, served with tossed vegetables Tandoori roast paglu chicken Marinated with house spices and hung yogurt with soft touch of creamy tomato, with tossed vegetables Indian costal style grilled masala fish Boneless with combo of fresh and dry spices, herb tossed vegetables and tangy tomato sauce Vegetable kofta lababdar Mix vegetables stuffed patty with mild spiced creamy sauce All mains served with either butter naan or basanti pulao rice.





Plough & Harrow Menu 57%

SQUID SPAGHETTI with garlic, onion, chilli, white wine, napolitana sauce and sourdough 26.50 pub classics CHICKEN SCHNITZEL 22.00 served with your choice of sauce, chips or mash and salad or vegetables CHICKEN PARMIGIANA 24.00 topped with a rich napolitana sauce and mozarella served with your choice of chips or mash and salad or vegetables (Add Bacon $2.00) ARGYLE WAGYU BEEF BURGER 20.00 with in-house pickles, crisp iceberg lettuce, bacon, cheese and tomato chutney served with chips TANDOORI CHICKEN BURGER 20.00 with avocado, slaw, bacon and aioli CRISPY BEER BATTERED FLATHEAD 22.50 served with chips, fresh garden salad and house made tartare sauce THE PLOUGH BEEF AND ALE GUINNESS PIE 26.50 served with creamy mash, mushy peas and gravy WORLD FAMOUS BENGALI CURRY OF THE DAY 25.00 with aromatic rice, poppadum and coriander raita from the grill RIB EYE ON THE BONE (350G) 36.00 SCOTCH FILLET (300G) 32.00 EYE FILLET (250G) 35.00 cooked to your liking and served with your choice of chips or mash and salad or vegetables with your choice of gravy/sauce salads GRILLED HALOUMI (GF) (V) 21.00 with orange, chickpea, sweet potato, sugar snaps, corn and crisp leaf salad SMOKED SALMON &



2 TABLE OF CONTENTS  Sandwich Toaster Cakes  Masala Chicken With Potatoes  Delicious Yam Mix  Mouthwatering Biriyani  Tasty Soft And Layered Chapatis  Simple Tasty Githeri  Marinade Coated Fried Chicken  Mukimo Recipe  Tasty Chicken Curry Recipe  Famed Tandoori Chicken             Tasty Maandazi Delicious Vegetable Rice Beef Pilau The Right Way Matoke (Plantains) In Coconut Milk Arrow Root/Nduma Balls Scrumptious Meat Balls Kachumbari The Famous Coleslaw Salad Coconut Rice Chips Masala Potatoe Cakes Creamy Mashed Potatoes For More Details Contact 0706332678 Or Our Facebook Page - Kenyan Taste Transform Your Cooking Today.


SSH SportsBar Menu 280x350v10.0 ART - Copy 51%

Sausage, ham, pepperoni, jalapenos, onions, INTERNATIONAL FLAVOURS Chicken Tikka Masala Tandoori chicken in a rich masala sauce with pilau rice and raita DN Naan Bread GV Chili Con Carne Kidney bean chili with rice, sour cream G 17 bell peppers, artichoke hearts, sliced tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms, pineapple, bacon, chicken, sweetcorn, tuna DESSERTS 6.00 Deep Dish Apple Pie With vanilla ice cream GND New York Baked Cheesecake Served with berries GN 3.50 14.50 Sports Bar Cup Chocolate ice cream, brownies, fresh strawberries and crushed Smarties, topped with whipped cream GN Apple and Blueberry Crumble Served with warm vanilla custard GD pastas Homemade Lasagna With beef Bolognese sauce and side garlic bread G Penne Pasta Arrabbiata With spicy tomato sauce and side garlic bread VGH Top it with chicken or salmon for 3 each SSH_SportsBar_Menu_280x350v10.0_ART.indd 3 Chocolate Fudge Cake Served with vanilla ice cream GD 14.50 Fresh Fruit Salad H ALLERGY NOTICE:


2017 02 27 11 37 50 (1) 51%

AROMATIC ACID FAT SPICE Red Wine Olive Oil Salt Rosemary White Wine Butter Black Pepper Thyme Shallots Lemon Juice Peanut Oil Cumin Vinegar Walnut Oil Cayenne Pepper Garlic Worcestershire Sauce Rox Oil Onion Powder Onions Dijon Mustard Sesame Oil Paprika Herbes de Provence Honey Grapeseed Oil Chili Powder Oregano Agave Mustard Powder Tomato Puree or Paste White Pepper Parsley Sage Red Pepper Flakes Scallions Buttermilk Coriander Ginger Allspice Chiles Nutmeg Cilantro Cinnamon Horseradish Cloves Wasabi Curry Paste or Powder Bay Leaves Tandoori Paste or Powder Carrots Red Pepper Celery THE ACID Vinegar, acidic fruit juices (like lemon), or wine are the acidic components in the marinade that tenderize meats.


TO GO MENU 06.28.13 49%

with a side of croutons Cup of Soup 3.5 Bowl of Soup 5 Humble Combo 4.5 Cup of soup with bread Hefty Combo 7 Cup of soup with a half garden salad Hummus Plate 7 Warmed tandoori naan bread served with a seasonal mix of vegetables and a serving of our homemade hummus All sandwiches served cold with leaf lettuce and roma tomato on your choice of:


The Pancake Pan Menu 47%

$2 Complete Filled with an Egg, ham, shredded cheese and butter, it is the oldest tradition in Brittany.................................................................................................................................$12 Tandoori Chicken Salad Crepe Pure Organic Maple Syrup.........................................................................................


downtown guide3 46%

Tandoori Urban Bar and Grill 310 S.


YasLinksMenu2014 43%

Mash Savory beef sausages, creamy mash and onion gravy 75 Chicken Tandoori Drumsticks Marinated with asian spices served with biryani rice, simmered black dhal and paratha bread S Smoked Salmon Tomato, avocado, rocket leaves and crabmeat stack on kraftkorn bread served with fries 70 Pastrami Sandwich With jalapeno – mango mayonnaise and gouda, on country bread served with fries 70 Chipotle Chicken Wrap Chipotle marinated chicken, field greens, grilled pineapple, tomato &