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YGO Tag Team Rules 100%

Extra Deck Zone Each Duelist has their own Deck (2 Decks per team) Each Duelist has their own Graveyard (Duelists may use their teammate’s Graveyard as if it was their own.) Each Duelist has their own Extra Deck.


Untitleddocument (7) 99%

        Name __________________________    Kendra’s In Charge    Hi Children! Today I am in charge, so of course I’ll be making you guys do something  completely ridiculous (what a shock)! We will be splitting up into two separate groups. Each  group will be given a list of commands, they’re gonna be pretty bizarre. Your group’s job is to  assign two instructions per round to each member of the opposing group. The group members  cannot know which commands are given to their teammates, if you break this rule you are  disqualified and will be exiled (totally not joking). The duration of each round is five minutes. If you  have any questions, ask me and I’ll make up answers off the top of my head. You will be given  five minutes to prepare prior to acting out your instructions.      (me being a princess because i’m in charge)  Instructions for Group One    1. Sing the National Anthem while galloping up and down the aisle    2. Make lost dog signs with pictures of cats and tape them to the walls    3. Rub dark chocolate between your hands until it melts and go up to a teammate saying. “I  need help, I pooped my pants!”    4. Pretend to ride a tricycle around the room singing the chorus to “Handlebars” by Flobots    5. Sing the excerpt from “We Like Pizza” by Pizza Kids    6. Act out a mime trying to tell a police officer about a crime that was committed    7. Imitate Kim Kardashian    8. Tell your teammates to each grab a seat and pay attention, when they’re done grab a  seat and walk out of the room    9. Sing the excerpt from “Oops, I Did it Again” by Britney Spears over and over again    10. Pretend to be an insect and be a nuisance to a teammate following them around the  room as they act out their instruction    11. Have a male act out giving birth    12. Walk around asking all of your teammates to check you for boogers    13. Run around the room hysterically acting out a person who lost their wallet, accuse all of  your teammates of stealing it from you    14. Draw a dissected teddy bear on the whiteboard    15. Act out a dying beached whale    16. Jump up and down for five minutes    17. Act out being constipated    18. Carry around one of the plants as if it were your beloved child    19.  Interact with your teammates using extreme sarcasm    20. Sing “Dora the Explorer” in a high pitched voice while throwing confetti around the room  (you’re also lucky enough to be able to vacuum it all up)        Instructions for Group Two    1. Pretend to continuously trip over things saying, “Dang pebble, get out of my way! Why  are you following me? STOP IT!!!” (PLEASE DON’T FALL)    2. Yell at a spot at the wall, tell it how bad of a spot it is and insult it (keep it treatment  appropriate please)    3. Hold a whiteboard eraser and act like it’s a cellphone (must be in the same round as #4)    4. Take the whiteboard eraser from your teammate, dramatically throw it a wall, laugh in  their face saying, “CONGRATULATIONS, YOUR PHONE HAS BEEN INSTALLED WITH A  NEW PUZZLE GAME! HAVE FUN ASSEMBLING THE PIECES!” (must be in the same  round as #3)    5. Follow a teammate around the room singing the excerpt from “Oompa Loompa Song”  over and over  while doing an odd dance consisting of squatting motions (I don’t know the  name of the dance)    6. Randomly say “Piso mojado” repeatedly to your teammates    7. Preform “Single Ladies” by Beyonce (by perform I mean singing AND dancing)    8. Wrap a staff in toilet paper (ask their permission first)    9. Sing the excerpt “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction in a falsetto    10. Wiggle around like a fish out of water and say, “Please, please, please return me to the  water!” over and over again    11. Stand in a corner, nose to the wall    12. Run around the room every 30 seconds saying, “Thirty, thirty, thirty, AH, AH,  AHHHH!”    13.  Pretend to be a froggy    14. Ask all of your teammates if they’ve pooped today, if the have ask if it was satisfying    15. Sing the excerpt from “Spastic Hawk” by The Rubberbandits over and over again    16. Imitate Miley Cyrus while singing the excerpt from “Party In The USA”    17. Flail your arms around while walking in circles    18. Pretend to be a doggy    19. Pretend you are a car, drive yourself around and ask people if they want a ride, if they  say yes refuse to give them one,say sorry, and speed away    20. Imitate Morgan Freeman and narrate everything that is occurring in the room


A girl says her short hair got her soccer team disqualified 93%

The young girls cut their hair to support their short-haired teammate Mili Hernandez, who drew attention after her team was disqualified from a weekend soccer tournament.


66AH Blacklist - Sheet1 85%

AUssenseiter 5/16/2014 obnoxious Autologus 5/16/2014 Terrible teammate, cried like a bitch, never suggested a strategy but bitched about ours axe64 5/16/2014 KDR warrior dragged the match out until the timer ended BananaNutMuffins 5/16/2014 obnoxious Bangineer 5/16/2014 obnoxious Barold403 5/16/2014 teamkilled 66AH Beik Ross Norst 5/16/2014 obnoxious beld 5/16/2014 possible NKVA alt account?


MGO Improvement 12-21-15 84%

For example, Eloc Marking gives you too many points along with the assist points if a teammate takes out a marked enemy.


Basketball 82%

That doesn’t diminish the role of teammate Ashley Miller, nursing a knee injury from a previous game and facing possible surgery.


Sawbones healer Guide PDF 82%

you are out of situations you would want to stacks of Upper Hand or your teammate just ate 25% or more in the span use this skill;


Tuesday Soccer 78%

Tuesday Soccer Elected Committee Members 1.


SB Nation Who is Daniel Holtzclaw 77% N early six weeks before Holtzclaw was sentenced to 263 years in prison for committing the series of rapes and unthinkable sexual crimes while on duty as a police officer in Oklahoma City’s Springlake Patrol Division, Cortland Selman, a medical device salesman from the Detroit suburbs, sat on an unforgiving courtroom bench only seven feet away from his former Eastern Michigan teammate and attempted to fit the pieces of a confusing and disturbing puzzle together.


Gill Gurpreet 77%

• Foundation of Sequential Programs • Data Structures and Data Management • Operating Systems (in progress) • Introduction to Database Management (in progress) ARDUINO UNO | Personal INTERESTS UWATERLOO MONOPOLY | School-Work Dec 2015 – Dec 2015 • Implemented a command-line interactive version of Monopoly with my teammate using C++.



Next time one of your teammate gives up his bat (gets out) to move you over a base or to  help you score a run, thank him.  Also, when you get back in the dugout, pause and thank  God for sending Christ to die for you so that you could be safe in Him!      HOMEWORK – Work on memorizing ROMANS 5:8 ( printed at top of page ).


GraveDisturbanceII 73%

The Shire of Valiant Fields Presents...


fwc 3 72%

On the Fly Issue 4, Jan.


NUS 3on3 Basketball Challenge 2012(1) 71%

The player on the offensive team must pass the ball to a teammate after ‘checking’ before a shot can be taken.


Seth & D 69%

Don’t-- wait-Seth goes up for a shot, hesitates, tries to pass to his TEAMMATE in the corner and sails the ball out-of-bounds.


WelcomeToOurDebate 67%

“If one of the top debaters in the nation decides to sleep with you when you’re black out drunk… I mean, well, do you really wanna call that rape?” “During my first year of debate at our team Christmas party, one of the teammates had me stand in front of everyone while she presented me with a horribly graphic photoshopped picture of me performing head on another teammate.” “I (as many other people in debate who do not identify as traditionally masculine) belong to an extremely masculine/patriarchal team.


Fortnite Feedback 65%

I felt like stealing the fun out of my teammate when sending a grenade in the middle of a pack he was just going to wreck.


concealmentguidewreadabilityedits 64%

SWTOR 4.0 Concealment Operative &  Scrapper Scoundrel PVP Guide by Knin  and Dr­gf  Glossary of Terms  This guide is primarily written from the perspective of Concealment Operative but will double as  a Scrapper Scoundrel guide.  As such, here is a glossary of commonly used terms and  analogous abilities between the two specs.  These will be repeated periodically in the guide to  refresh your memory but not every single time for the sake of readability.  The same will be true  of terms not used often enough to bother including in this table.  Experienced players will likely  want to skip these terminology sections.    General MMO terminology​ :    AOE: ​ Stands for Area of Effect.  This refers to abilities and affect an area rather than a specific  target.  Also sometimes referred to as Cleave.    CC:​  Stands for Crowd Control.  This refers to abilities that stun an enemy but ​ break on damage.​   This is opposed to hard stuns which stun them regardless of damage taken afterwards.  CCs  are also known as mezzes.  Operative CCs are Flash Bang and Sleep Dart (also known as a  sap).    Hard stun​ : Hard stuns are stuns that do not break on damage.  Typically 4 seconds in SWTOR.  Your hard stun is Debilitate or Dirty Kick.    DOT: ​ Stands for Damage Over Time.  Refers to abilities that deal their damage over a given  duration rather than all at once.    HOT: ​ Stands for Heal Over Time.  Like a DOT, but it heals you or a teammate instead.    LOS: ​ Stands for Line Of Sight.  Refers to putting an environmental object between you and  enemies to prevent incoming damage.    GCD:​  Stands for Global Cooldown.  This refers to the 1.5 second (this is slightly modulated by  your alacrity rating) cooldown that triggers anytime you use an ability that is not specifically off  the global cooldown.  For example, if you use Laceration you will not be able to do it again for  the approximately 1.5 seconds that is the GCD.    DR: ​ Stands for Damage Reduction.  Refers to abilities and items (e.g. Warzone Adrenal) that  reduce incoming damage by a specific percentage.    Cleave:​  Same basic definition as AoE, but it is a more defined area than simple AoE.    Yellow Damage:​  When this is mentioned what is being talked about is anything that does Tech,  Kinetic, Force, Internal, Energy damage. So people claim that anything that does that type of  damage is considered “yellow” damage because the number that appears is yellow.    White Damage:​  When this is mentioned what is being talked about is anything that is Weapon  Damage, otherwise known as “white” damage because the number that appears is white.    ____ Window:​  Anytime a a word is followed by “window” all that is being said is the duration of  that effect. I.e. “flashbang window” means the window of opportunity to perform an ability or  multiple abilities for it’s duration.      Imperial  Republic  Tactical Advantage (TA)  Upper Hand (UH)  Tactical Opportunity (TO)  Round Two (RT)  Laceration  Sucker Punch  Veiled Strike (VS)  Bludgeon  Backstab (BS)  Backblast  Volatile Substance (Sub)  Blood Boiler  Corrosive Dart (CD)  Vital Shot  Debilitate  Dirty Kick  Crippling Slice (No­turn)  Shank Shot  Exfiltrate  Scamper  Shield Probe  Defense Screen  Evasion  Dodge  Stim Boost  Pugnacity  Flashbang   Flash Grenade  Countermeasures  Surrender  Holotraverse  Trick Move  Sleep Dart (Sap)  Tranquilizer  Kolto Probe (Probe)  Slow­release Medpac (Medpac)  Kolto Infusion (Infusion)  Kolto Pack      Introduction  Concealment Operative (Scrapper Scoundrel) is a high skill ceiling melee DPS spec that brings  a completely unique combination of utilities to SWTOR PVP. Concealment damage is  simultaneously bursty and very sustained, being able to string 10K+ hits together like no other  spec in the game. Concealment enjoys exceptional survivability thanks to resisting 100% of  attacks while using Exfiltrate (Scamper), allowing you to ruin enemy burst phases with timely  use in addition to high mobility. A 30 second hard stun and a 4 second, no­turn root with  Crippling Slice (Shank Shot) grant you some of the best control in PVP. Kolto probes  (Slow­release Medpac) provide low­maintenance off­heals both for yourself and your  teammates.  And last, but certainly not least, Concealment is the undisputed king of the 1v1 ­­  making you perfect for stealing and guarding off nodes in warzones, picking off lone enemies,  and winning duels.    Rating  • Single Target DPS:  • AoE DPS:


Paynter Daniel Resume 62%

Daniel Paynter P.O.


Rules 62%

Please play all the matches with the provided Tournament Code Feel free to take screenshots or record your games, in the case you see any behavior conflicting with the rules of this Tournament You and your teammate will have 15 minutes in order to check in for your next game.


CMDevResume1 (1) 62%

good morning will then make api calls to traffic and weather services every 5 minutes and, based on what time you need to be wherever it is you need to go,   it will generate a custom alarm for you, so that you can wake up in time to beat traffic, and get ahead of the weather  SKILLS AND TECHNOLOGIES User Experience Web content design Layout Design Photo Editing Copywriting Wordpress AngularJS Knockout NodeJS MySQL PHP Bootstrap AWARDS NASHVILLE SOFTWARE SCHOOL MOST VALUABLE TEAMMATE | AUGUST 2017


Chakib Hocine 62%

Name : Chakib Nazim Hocine Birth Date :


Director of Debating manifesto 61%

Dedicated Training Days - I promise to hold dedicated training sessions on a separate day from our weekly debate, to assist those who want to improve their argumentation and find a teammate that best compliments them.