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If the values in the new co-ordinate system vi0 can be written vi0 = Lij vj 3 (16) then the vi are said to be the components of a rank one tensor.


Theory of Planck Spacetime 95%

 xa (τ ) And tensor which after multiplied by vector gives distance squared:


Overview of Mathematics 94%

GENERAL RELATIVITY LORENTZ GROUP QUANTUM FIELD THEORY (Operator-valued fields on R 4obeying certain Lorentzinvariant PDE’s and commutation relationships, acting on an abstract Hilbert space) (3+1-dimensional pseudo-Riemannian manifolds with tensor fields obeying PDE’s of, say, Einstein-Maxwell theory with perfect fluid component) SU(2) Specialize LIE GROUPS LIE ALGEBRAS DIFFERENTIAL OPERATORS ALGEBRAS LINEAR OPERATORS Define linear vector mappings TRIPLE FIELDS Add 4th binary op.


Helbig and Thomsen, 2005, historical review anisotropy 1 87%

With these tools, he could describe the elastic tensor in coordinate-free form.


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tensor fasciae latae Spanner der Oberschenkelfaszie 17-19 Uhr M.


Physikalische Grundlagen einer Gravitationstheorie 84%

sie ersetzen das skalare Gravitationspotential ϕ der Newton’schen Gravitationstheorie und bilden den fundamentalen kovarianten Tensor zweiten Ranges des Gravitationsfeldes.


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Tensor-based morphometry shows lower volume of right mPFC in migraine patients (Blue:


Functors in Differential Geometry 76%

[5] His initial work was on analysis and spectral theory, but he made a lot of contributions to differential geometry too, motivated by the work of the Italian geometers, like Ricci and Levi-Civita, who had studied deeply the aspects of curvature and tensor calclus on Riemannian manifolds.



Λab dr a = ds2b (τ ) (9) ˆ Gdzie tensor ten można rozłożyć na iloczyn tensora energii oraz operatora R:


conformal standard model 70%

Here, we assume that the Lorentz connection can be expressed in terms of the vierbein in the usual way through the vanishing of the torsion tensor.



Temporal Evolution of MRI, Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Ultrasound ShearWaveTM Elastography Findings Christoph A.


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3 dMRI and mental disorders •  dMRI used to identify location of stroke •  Used in characterizing edema (Pasternak, 2009) •  High b-value data was very sensitive to disease load in MS patients in characterizing normal appearing white matter (Cohen 2002) •  Q-space sampling allows to characterize the fast and slow diffusing components which may belong to different tissue regions (AxCaliber – Assaf et al) •  Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging (DKI) has been shown to be more sensitive to tissue changes (neurodevelopmental and in mild TBI) 4 Background - dMRI •  Typically, diffusion tensor imaging is used in clinical settings (requires only 7 gradient directions).


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n spin-orbit term W0 n tensor terms Infinite matter calculations Application to astrophysics LYVA1 Application to spherical nuclei First results Conclusion and perspectives Linear response formalism Infinite matter:


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ENVELHECIMENTO - ANTI-RUGAS ▸ 75€ (60 min.) Óleos essenciais e activos marinhos têm uma especial acção, com efeito tensor, que promove o rejuvenescimento do tecido cutâneo.


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20 ml FSC312 +30 COLLÁGEN SERUM___ SERUM FACIAL ACTIVO ANTIEDAD ESPECIALES +35 SUERO REGENERADOR + TENSOR FACIAL 2 Suero regenerador con alto concentrado de colágeno y elastina, indicado para pieles maduras, sensibles, desvitalizadas y deshidratadas, puede ser utilizado por mujeres y por hombres.


Blohintsev Dmitri Quantum Theory 48%

To make their equations compact, Blokhintsev and Nordheim introduced a new notion, the tensor of reciprocal effective masses.


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Example 6.4 (Tensor product and Hom).


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In a similar vein, certain categories will admit constructions such as the direct sum or tensor product which will “feel” monoidal.


CV Shiban 29-03-2017 43%

Diffusion tensor imaging fiber tracking using navigated brain stimulation--a feasibility study.


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The potential energy is rank 0 (a scalar), the gradient is rank 1 (a [3N ] vector, usually shown as a [N, 3] or [3, N ] matrix), the Hessian is rank 2 (a [3N, 3N ] matrix), the cubic force constants are a rank 3 (a [3N, 3N, 3N ] tensor), and so on.


Kurt Gödel. Rotating Universes In General Relativity Theory 43%

ωi = iklm aklm 12 (−g)1/2 where the skew-symmetric tensor aklm is defined by:


CHAS - Prof. Chiriano - English 40%

The “tensor agents” or key intervals that together with the octave express a particular tension are: