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Testing Laboratory Name .........


HIOKI 3153 ENG 99%

Insulation/Voltage Withstand Test Instrument 3153, 3159, ST5520 series Safety Standards Measuring Instruments 3153 3159 Not CE Marked ST5520 This electrical safety test instrument series is designed for insulation resistance and voltage withstand testing of electrical devices and components according to various safety standards.


GUI Path oriented Test generation algorithms paper 99%

GUI Path Oriented Test Generation Algorithms Izzat Alsmadi Department of computer science North Dakota state university ABSTRACT Testing software manually is a labor intensive process.


ucit20101110 99%

Using effective techniques in regression testing is important to reduce the amount of required resources.


genetic algorithms paper 98%

the GUI control in our application or the software testing domain) and keeps adapting, adjusting and selecting others to the process.

08/09/2011 98%

AN OBJECT ORIENTED FRAMEWORK FOR USER INTERFACE TEST AUTOMATION Izzat Alsmadi and Kenneth Magel Department of Computer Science North Dakota State University Fargo, ND 58105 { izzat.alsmadi, kenneth.magel} ABSTRACT Software testing is an important stage in the software projects lifecycles.


npb in english russian federation firefighting rules and regulations 98%

Testing procedures NPB 63-97 in English - Automatic water and foam fire fighting systems.


# PL3369105P # NTEK-2016DC0121029S - UN38.3 - 2016-02-01 98%

Shenzhen Power Tech International Co., Ltd 签发日期: 2016-02-01 Date of issue: 深 圳 市 北 测 检 测 技 术 有 限 公 司 Shenzhen NTEK Testing Technology Co., Ltd.


UN38.3 # P29136158HV # TCT141110B019 - 2015-04-05 98%

P29136158HV Shenzhen TCT Testing Technology Co., Ltd.


Agile QA Tester - Smita Bhangre 98%

        Highly skilled Agile QA Tester has excellent technical ability and a sound understanding of software debugging and testing.


technical 98%

Customer centric approach provide complete technical solutions with full satisfaction meet complete Technical Testing Applications.


HIOKI 3174 ENG 98%

AC AUTOMATIC INSULATION/ WITHSTANDING HiTESTER 3174 Safety Standards Measuring Instruments Featuring contact check functionality The effects of test lead wire breaks, erroneous test results caused by faulty contact, and fluctuations in test voltage caused by variations in the instrument’s supply voltage on withstanding voltage and insulation resistance testing are well known.


# B25181 # TCT150424B004 - UN38.3 - 2015-05-07 unlocked 98%

33, 2nd Industrial Avenue, Tangxiachong, Songgang Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China 委托方地址 Samples Description 样品名称 Model/Type 型号规格 广东省深圳市宝安区松岗镇塘下涌第二工业大道 33 号华联科技园 Li-ion Polymer Battery 锂离子聚合物电池 B25181 Shenzhen TCT Testing Technology Co., Ltd.


GRE-Prep Instructions (READ SECOND) (1) 98%

Wilkerson Kennesaw State University     GRE® REVISED GENERAL TEST INSTRUCTIONS FOR KSU 2  Completing the Practice GRE® Revised General Test:  FIRST AND FOREMOST, MAKE CERTAIN that you allocate at least 3‐4 hours to complete the practice  GRE® revised General Test.     If you plan to take the practice GRE® revised General Test in the KSU Psychology Lab, make certain that  you check the lab hours beforehand, and check with the lab employees (upon your arrival to the lab) to  ensure the lab will remain open during the desired length of time.  If you start the test while in the lab,  and plan to keep your scored results, you must start and finish the test within the time restrictions of  the lab hours.  Psychology Lab employees cannot keep the lab open if you have not finished at the time  they need to close the lab.  The practice software will be loaded onto the computers in the Psychology  Lab by KSU employees.  DO NOT attempt to download the software onto the computers in the  Psychology Lab.  If you have questions while in the Psychology Lab, please ask the employee on duty.    Home Computer vs. Public Computer use of the GRE® Revised General Test Software:  If you plan to take the practice test at home, you will have the option to save your progress and resume  at a later time; however, this is not recommended because you will not experience testing conditions  similar to the official GRE (i.e., within a specified period of time).  Do not attempt to save and resume if  you plan to use a public computer (e.g., Psychology Lab); there is no guarantee your data will still be  accessible.    Downloading the Software for Home Use:  If you plan to complete the practice GRE® revised General Test at home, you can download the practice  software at the following website:   MAKE CERTAIN that you read the instructions on this ETS website before you download the  software!  There are specific system requirements and limitations (e.g., only available for  Windows®, not available for MAC®).    Starting the Test:   After you download the software, you will open POWERPREP® II (find the icon labeled Launch  POWERPREP® II).  After you launch, you will be directed to the following screen.  If you receive  the “Internet Explorer has restricted…” error message, left click on “Click here for options…”  and then left click on “Allow Blocked Content”.    Updated as of 10/5/2012  3  GRE® REVISED GENERAL TEST INSTRUCTIONS FOR KSU  If you receive the following error message, left click on Yes.      Read all instructions on the screen, and then left click on the Start Practicing Now button.  If you receive the following message, left click on Yes.     You will receive another screen of instructions.  Read through the instructions and left click on  the Continue button.     On the following screen, you will need to select the “Timed Practice Test 1” if you want to  ensure the software captures your scores.  You can take the “Untimed Practice Test” or review  the “Test Preview Tool”; however, neither of these options will record your scores.    Updated as of 10/5/2012  GRE® REVISED GENERAL TEST INSTRUCTIONS FOR KSU   4  (NOTE: You do not need to select anything under the Choose Accommodations button.  Please  note that the Resume Test and Review Answers buttons are greyed out before you begin the  test.  There are instructions at the end of this document to collect the scores after you have  finished the test.)  After you have selected Timed Practice Test 1, click on the “Start Test” button.  There will be a  brief delay before the test appears on the screen.  Read through all instructions in order to  proceed to the first part of the test.    SECTION 1 OF 5:  Analytical Writing Parts 1 & 2  Saving Your Essay Responses (taking screen shots):   If your professor requires you to capture a screenshot of your essay responses (see example below), you  will need to press (and hold) the Alt button on your keyboard while simultaneously pressing the Print  Screen button.  Open a Microsoft Word document and Paste (either by pressing the Ctrl and V buttons  simultaneously, or, by using the File/Paste feature in Word).      If you are required to provide the actual text of your essay response (i.e., not the screenshot, or in  addition to the screenshot), you will need to copy your entire essay response (i.e., all of your text) by  highlighting all of your text using your mouse, pressing the Ctrl and C buttons simultaneously on your  keyboard, and pasting it into a Word document.  You will also have the option to download your essay  response at the end of the test, which allows you to open a .txt file and then copy/paste the text into  Word at that time (instructions are at the end of this document).  Updated as of 10/5/2012  GRE® REVISED GENERAL TEST INSTRUCTIONS FOR KSU     SECTION 1 OF 5:  Analytical Writing Part 2  Saving Your Essay Responses (taking screen shots):   You will need to repeat the above instructions for the Analytical Writing Part 2 section of the test.    SECTION 2 OF 5:  Verbal Reasoning  You will answer all questions in this section and then proceed to Section 3 of the test.  Your scores for  this section will be available at the end of the test.    SECTION 3 OF 5:  Quantitative Reasoning  You will answer all questions in this section and then proceed to Section 4 of the test.  Your scores for  this section will be available at the end of the test.    SECTION 4 OF 5:  Verbal Reasoning  You will answer all questions in this section and then proceed to Section 5 of the test.  Your scores for  this section will be available at the end of the test.  (NOTE:  There are 2 separate Verbal Reasoning  sections of the test.)    SECTION 5 OF 5:  Quantitative Reasoning  You will answer all questions in this section.  This is the last section of the test.  Your scores for this  section will be available at the end of the test.  (NOTE:  There are 2 separate Quantitative Reasoning  sections of the test.)          Updated as of 10/5/2012  5


automated motor testing 98%



CRPITV102Nguyen 98%

33rd Australasian Computer Science Conference (ACSC 2010), Brisbane, Australia Automated Functionality Testing through GUIs Duc Hoai Nguyen, Paul Strooper, Jörn Guy Süß School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering The University of Queensland Queensland 4072, Australia {ducnh,pstroop,} Abstract Model-based GUI testing (MGT) is emerging as a promising approach for testing applications with a graphical user interface (GUI).

13/08/2011 98%

Proceedings of the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2008 Vol I IMECS 2008, 19-21 March, 2008, Hong Kong Using User Sessions for Test Case Generation and Execution Izzat Alsmadi, and Kenneth Magel Abstract—the goal of software testing is to detect bugs using the sources available to the project.


HIOKI FA1282 ENG 97%

FLYING PROBE TESTER FA1282 Automatic Testing Equipment Horizontal Double-sided Tester 2 probes on the top + 2 probes on the bottom High-precision probing Ideal for use with thin boards and device embedded substrates 2 Horizontal Double-sided Tester 2 probes on the top + 2 probes on the bottom Point 1 High-precision probing Point 2 Max.100 steps/s ultra-highspeed inspection Industry-leading precision (See benchmarks to experience it for yourself!) Industry-leading speed 1.



Testing laboratory Name ............... ... IT testing, phase-phase voltage (V) .........................