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Layered Mercurocuprates-Superconductivity Thermoelectricity 100%

Kuzemskayab a Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, 141980 DUBNA, Moscow Region, Russia †;



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Seri Adesina Resume 85%

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CV Final ENG 81%

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review-graphene-magnet 70%˜kuzemsky Abstract The detailed analysis of the problem of possible magnetic behavior of the carbon-based structures was fulfilled to elucidate and resolve (at least partially) some unclear issues.


Electron Transport in Metallic Systems 70%˜kuzemsky Abstract This paper reviews some selected approaches to the description of transport properties, mainly electroconductivity, in crystalline and disordered metallic systems.


Bogoliubov's Ideas and Methods 68%˜kuzemsky Abstract In the present interdisciplinary review we focus on the applications of the symmetry principles to quantum and statistical physics in connection with some other branches of science.


Statistical Mechanics and Many-B0dy Models 67%˜kuzemsky Abstract The development of methods of quantum statistical mechanics is considered in light of their applications to quantum solid-state theory.


arxkuzter13 64%;


nnbarxiv 62%

05.30.-d, 05.30.Fk, 74.20.-z, 75.10.-b ∗;


Blohintsev Dmitri Quantum Theory 61%

Kuzemsky arXiv:0808.2923v2 [physics.hist-ph] 25 Aug 2008 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia;


Coon Mountain and its Crater, Barringer, 1906 44%

Tilghman and I have collected an astounding arra}- of evidence in favor of the correctness of the above theor}^ of the causation of this great hole in the earth's surface, and in refutation of the theorj^ adopted by Mr.


Blickpunkt-Dresden 2015 30%

Seite 2 Seite 3 Seit mehr als 11 Jahren:


TeslaTrueWireless 27%

theor}' and the conception of the "guided wi.reless"