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Slaying the Dragon (partner's past) 100%

This isn’t all original thought, but rather my own thoughts mixed with bits and pieces that I learned along the way from some smart people who I really appreciate.


Four Keys to Hearing God’s Voice 98%

Key #1 - God’s voice in our hearts sounds like a flow of spontaneous thoughts.


clienthistory 95%

Substance Abuse/Dependence Addiction (Internet, porn, shopping, exercise, gaming, gambling, etc.) Depression/Sad/Down Feelings High/Low Energy Level Angry/Irritable Loss of Interest in Activities Difficulty Enjoying Things Crying Spells Decreased Motivation Withdrawing from People/Isolation Mood Swings Black and White Thinking/All or Nothing Thinking Negative Thinking Change in Weight or Appetite Change in Sleeping Pattern Suicidal Thoughts or Plans/Thoughts of Hurting Yourself Self-Harm/Cutting/Burning Yourself Homicidal Thoughts or Plans/Thoughts of Hurting Others Poor Concentration/Difficulty Focusing Feelings of Hopelessness/Worthlessness Feelings of Shame or Guilt Feelings of Inadequacy/Low Self-Esteem Anxious/Nervous/Tense Feelings Panic Attacks Racing or Scrambled Thoughts Bad or Unwanted Thoughts Flashbacks/Nightmares Muscle Tensions, Aches, Etc.


The Idea of Life 94%

What is this relationship between these notions and thoughts that have defined life and how life has defined these conceptions and perceptions?


thesis Morse ThinkingParticularityScotusHeidegger& 93%

Wesleyan University The Honors College Thinking Particularity:


SxHF 93%

Chapter 1:


10-DAY-FINAL 91%

3 “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford Father of Modern Transportation • 1 can GR3EN • 1 cup frozen mango • 1 small chopped carrot • 1 tbsp fresh ginger • 1 frozen banana • Handful of ice BLEND UNTIL SMOOTH CHALLENGE Filter out negative thoughts and energy today.


DrThesisGullan-Whur SpinozasMind-BodyProblem 91%

I argue that by characterising our thoughts as fractions of the adequate and true ideas "in God", that is, by claiming them (i) to express in some measure immediate judgement;


Suicide Prevention Intervention Postvention Poster 90%

We redefine suicide prevention as the initiatives undertaken to reduce the number of individuals who develop suicidal thoughts and behaviors.


Regret 90%

Locked up in her despair as she was, it wasn't hard to notice the change of her thoughts.


Suicide Prevention Intervention Postvention Poster 90%

Targeted Suicide Intervention Provide intensive treatment for moderate to severe mental health disorders including inpatient treatment for substance dependence, depression, conduct disorder, and anorexia.11,14 Decrease phenomenon directly related to the development of suicidal thoughts and behaviors including depression, anxiety, aggression, microaggressions, impulsivity, substance dependence, conduct disorder, and social conflict through outpatient individual and/or group treatment.11,14,15,16,17,18 About 90% of those who die by suicide suffer from a mental illness.


Fidelity On Air case study 90%

Preparing for pension freedoms workshop IN ASSOCIATION WITH...


mael morto 89%

TRINKETS Charisma +5 13 N/A SPELLCASTING ABILITY SPELL ATTACK BONUS SAVING THROW DC SPELLS TO PREPARE Sorcerer, Shadow Magic Chill Touch CANTRIPS Mending 1ST LEVEL Fire Bolt Message 4 SPELL SLOTS Chromatic Orb Mage Armor 2 SPELL SLOTS Darkness Mirror Image Shield 2ND LEVEL SPELLCASTING ABILITY SPELL ATTACK BONUS SAVING THROW DC SPELLS TO PREPARE Other Spells CANTRIPS Encode Thoughts (Additional Spell) Mage Hand (Additional Spell) 1ST LEVEL Disguise Self (Additional Spell) Sleep (Additional Spell) 2ND LEVEL Detect Thoughts (Additional Spell) Pass without Trace (Additional Spell) Chill Touch Encode Thoughts Necromancy Cantrip Enchantment Cantrip CASTING TIME 1 action RANGE 120 feet RANGE DURATION 1 round DURATION COMPONENTS Fire Bolt CASTING TIME COMPONENTS V, S Evocation Cantrip 1 action Self CASTING TIME 1 action RANGE 120 feet DURATION Up to 8 hours COMPONENTS S Instantaneous V, S You create a ghostly, skeletal hand in the space of a creature within range.


Emotion Regulation 89%

Mindful breathing is simply a calm, non-judging awareness, allowing thoughts and feelings to come and go without getting caught up in them.


zehn 89%

It regulates and coordinates movements, thoughts and emotions ‫ذهن به ادراک شخص از اشیا و آگاهی از خود و فرایند اندیشیدن مربوط میشود‬ Mind is where one’s perceptions of objects and self awareness and thought processes emanate from.


mental-status-exam (1) (1) 89%

THOUGHTS Process &


improve 89%

Emotional intelligence is necessary when attempting to manage one’s thoughts and feelings.


Improvement Doesn’t Stop Here 89%

Emotional intelligence is necessary when attempting to manage one’s thoughts and feelings.


Enhance Your Goal Setting Skills 89%

Emotional intelligence is necessary when attempting to manage one’s thoughts and feelings.


PenpalNikki 89%

My perspective is probably a little less usual as I elected to forego sex before marriage and I've maintained that, so my thoughts on sex are hypothetical but my thoughts on celibacy in adulthood are fairly well-formed.