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TurnCounterHowto 100%

Setting up the turn counter    Analog triggers  Analog triggers convert analog signals into digital signals using the cRIO’s FPGA. In order to  make the turn counter work, we use an analog trigger to create a digital signal when the  potentiometer “wraps around” from 0° to 360° or 360° to 0°.     Code sample (creating an analog trigger):     AnalogTrigger​  _analogTrigger ​ =​  ​ new​  ​ AnalogTrigger​ (​ channel​ );    Analog trigger outputs  The analog trigger can send outputs in a number of different modes. The two most useful to us  here are Rising Pulse and Falling Pulse. Rising Pulse sends a pulse of digital signal when the  analog signal changes from a value below the minimum voltage you’ve set (hereafter called the  “lower threshold”) to a value above the maximum voltage you’ve set (the “upper threshold”).  Falling Pulse sends a pulse when the signal changes from a value above the upper threshold to  one below the lower threshold. One of these should pulse whenever you hit the potentiometer’s  discontinuity; which one indicates the direction the wheel pod is turning.    Code sample (creating analog trigger outputs):    AnalogTriggerOutput​  _analogTriggerFalling ​ =​  ​ new​  ​ AnalogTriggerOutput​ (​ _analogTrigger​ ,  AnalogTriggerOutput​ .​ Type​ .​ kFallingPulse​ );    AnalogTriggerOutput​  _analogTriggerRising ​ =​  ​ new​  ​ AnalogTriggerOutput​ (​ _analogTrigger​ ,  AnalogTriggerOutput​ .​ Type​ .​ kRisingPulse​ );    Creating the counter  To create a turn counter, we need to count the digital pulses of the analog trigger outputs. When  one pulses, we should increment the counter; when the other pulses, we should decrement it.  Which is which depends on your setup.     Code sample (creating the turn counter):    Counter​  _turnCounter ​ =​  ​ new​  ​ Counter​ ();  _turnCounter​ .​ setUpDownCounterMode​ ();  _turnCounter​ .​ setUpSource​ (​ _analogTriggerRising​ );  _turnCounter​ .​ setDownSource​ (​ _analogTriggerFalling​ );  _turnCounter​ .​ start​ ();    The filter, setting the sample rate and threshold voltages  Although the potentiometer’s discontinuity normally looks like a straight vertical line of voltage, it  isn’t; it’s a very steep, not­quite­vertical line. Thus, when crossing it, there’s a chance that one of  the voltages sampled by the analog trigger will be on that line, which really messes things up.  Luckily, you can enable a filter on the analog trigger’s input that samples three points and  rejects the one closest to average. In this way, so long as no more than one sampled point in a  row lies on the discontinuity and the surrounding points are below / above the lower / upper  threshold voltages, the crossing will still be detected. We need to set the sample rate low  enough that no more than one point can lie on the line.     This graph shows a closeup of the potentiometer’s discontinuity. In theory, so long as the  sample rate is slower than the 520 Hz displayed, no more than one point should lie along the  line. In practice, I found a huge margin of error beneficial; I went with 50 Hz. However, set the  sample rate too low and you run into another problem: the time between samples may be so  great that the times when the signal is above the upper threshold or below the lower threshold  are missed completely. When you lower the sample rate, you need to lower your upper  threshold and raise your lower threshold; doing this too much can result in false positives from  things like signal noise. In order to ensure that the value above the upper threshold isn’t missed,  the difference between the potentiometer’s real maximum voltage and the upper threshold must  be at least equal to the time between samples (in my case, 0.02 seconds) times the maximum  rate of change of the voltage. The same must be true of the difference between the  potentiometer’s real minimum voltage and the lower threshold. I wound up using a  “real­threshold” voltage difference of 0.6V. To get false positives, the two thresholds have to be  pretty close; once again, big safety margins are your friend.    Code sample (enabling input filtering):    _analogTrigger​ .​ setFiltered​ (​ true​ );    Code sample (setting the thresholds):    double​  _sensingVoltageDifference ​ =​  ​ 0.6;  _analogTrigger​ .​ setLimitsVoltage​ (​ minVoltage ​ +​  _sensingVoltageDifference​ ,​  maxVoltage ​ ­  _sensingVoltageDifference​ );    Code sample (setting the sample rate):    int​  DEFAULT_ANALOG_MODULE ​ =​  ​ 1;  int​  ANALOG_SAMPLE_RATE ​ =​  ​ 50​ ;​  ​ //Hz  AnalogModule​  ​ module​  ​ =​  ​ (​ AnalogModule​ )​  ​ Module​ .​ getModule​ (​ ModulePresence​ .​ ModuleType​ .​ kAnalog​ ,  DEFAULT_ANALOG_MODULE​ );  module​ .​ setSampleRate​ (​ ANALOG_SAMPLE_RATE​ );    Computing the new degree measurement  The end goal of this is to create a potentiometer that reads beyond 360°. To get this reading,  simply multiply the turn count by 360° and add the wheel’s current heading.    Code sample (reading the new degree measurement):    double​  heading ​ =​  ​ (((​ voltage ​ ­​  _minVoltage​ )​  ​ *​  ​ (​ 360.0​  ​ /​  _maxVoltage​ )))​  ​ %​  ​ 360.0;  double​  degrees ​ =​  heading ​ +​  ​ (​ _turnCounter​ .​ get​ ()​  ​ *​  ​ 360.0​ );      Putting it all together  Here’s my final code. I don’t know if things need to be in this order (as opposed to the order  presented above) but it certainly works for me.         // Constants //  private​  ​ static​  ​ final​  ​ int​  ANALOG_SAMPLE_RATE ​ =​  ​ 50;  private​  ​ static​  ​ final​  ​ int​  DEFAULT_ANALOG_MODULE ​ =​  ​ 1​ ;    private​  ​ static​  ​ final​  ​ double​  _sensingVoltageDifference ​ =​  ​ 0.6;    // Global fields //  private​  ​ AnalogTrigger​  _analogTrigger;  private​  ​ Counter​  _turnCounter;  private​  ​ AnalogTriggerOutput​  _analogTriggerFalling;  private​  ​ AnalogTriggerOutput​  _analogTriggerRising;    // In potentiometer's constructor //  _analogTrigger ​ =​  ​ new​  ​ AnalogTrigger​ (​ channel​ );  _analogTrigger​ .​ setFiltered​ (​ true​ );  _analogTrigger​ .​ setLimitsVoltage​ (​ minVoltage ​ +​  _sensingVoltageDifference​ ,​  maxVoltage ​ ­  _sensingVoltageDifference​ );  _analogTriggerFalling ​ =​  ​ new​  ​ AnalogTriggerOutput​ (​ _analogTrigger​ ,  AnalogTriggerOutput​ .​ Type​ .​ kFallingPulse​ );  _analogTriggerRising ​ =​  ​ new​  ​ AnalogTriggerOutput​ (​ _analogTrigger​ ,  AnalogTriggerOutput​ .​ Type​ .​ kRisingPulse​ );    AnalogModule​  ​ module​  ​ =​  ​ (​ AnalogModule​ )​  ​ Module​ .​ getModule​ (​ ModulePresence​ .​ ModuleType​ .​ kAnalog​ ,  DEFAULT_ANALOG_MODULE​ );  module​ .​ setSampleRate​ (​ ANALOG_SAMPLE_RATE​ );      _turnCounter ​ =​  ​ new​  ​ Counter​ ();  _turnCounter​ .​ setUpDownCounterMode​ ();  _turnCounter​ .​ setUpSource​ (​ _analogTriggerRising​ );  _turnCounter​ .​ setDownSource​ (​ _analogTriggerFalling​ );  _turnCounter​ .​ start​ ();    // getDegrees() function //  double​  heading ​ =​  ​ (((​ voltage ​ ­​  _minVoltage​ )​  ​ *​  ​ (​ 360.0​  ​ /​  _maxVoltage​ )))​  ​ %​  ​ 360.0;  double​  degrees ​ =​  heading ​ +​  _offsetDegrees ​ +​  ​ (​ _turnCounter​ .​ get​ ()​  ​ *​  ​ 360.0​ );​  ​ //I have an  "offset" that allows me to compensate for potentiometers that aren't installed exactly  straight


Translating SB75 letters (for May 2016) (1) 98%

In order for the transition to go as smoothly as possible, we urge DHCS to translate the first letter sent to beneficiaries into all of the Medi-Cal threshold languages, consistent with the translation of the rest of the letters.


image processing and applications on Cryptography 97%

In order to extract the useful information from an image it needs to be divided into distinct components like foreground (where pixel value is ‘1’) and background (where pixel value is ‘0’) objects for further analysis where most often the gray level pixels of foreground components are quite different from that of background and in this context a very crucial and significant technique available in literature known as thresholding is applied which is the process of partitioning pixels in the images into object and background classes based upon the relationship between the gray level value of a pixel and the significant parameter threshold to separate the object from the background, finding the correct value of which to separate an image into desirable foreground and background remains a very crucial step in image processing domain [2].


JDIT-2015-0216-013 97%

The sphere volumes were determined applying the threshold value that minimizes the difference between the actual volume and the calculated volume.


TRC SC 95%

Spatiotemporal threshold The first step in defining a SC is selection of spatiotemporal thresholds (relative to a PC).


Widget Config 95%

Time Threshold. ... Upper Warning Threshold. ... Upper Warning Threshold.


PUB8822 01 18 1 93%

457(b) “Catch-up” Contribution Limit for Persons Over Age 50 at Year End $6,000 SIMPLE Plan Elective Deferral Limit $12,500 SIMPLE Plan “Catch-up” Contribution Limit for Persons Over Age 50 at Year End $3,000 SEP Minimum Compensation Amount $600 Key Employee “Top-Heavy” Plan Compensation Threshold $175,000 Highly Compensated Employee Compensation Threshold $120,000 Defined Benefit Plan Maximum Annual Benefit $220,000 Maximum Annual Compensation Taken into Account for Qualified Plans $275,000 ESOP Additional Year Threshold / 5 Year Distribution Threshold $220,000 / $1,105,000 IRA Contribution Limit (Traditional and Roth Combined) $5,500 IRA “Catch-up” Contribution Limit for Persons Over Age 50 at Year End (Traditional and Roth Combined) 20% 3.8% NET INVESTMENT INCOME TAX MAGI THRESHOLD &


HIOKI 3174 ENG 91%

The measured current (measured insulation value) exceeded the specified upper threshold.


ThresholdLauncherToolkit 2pg 90%

1 of 3 Threshold Launcher Toolkit:


ELEMENTS the PSYCHOPHYSICS-01-English-Gustav Theodor Fechner 90%

The fact of the threshold 1) Intensive threshold a) Threshold b) Difference threshold 2) Extensive Threshold 3) More general considerations concerning the threshold 4) Consequences of the existence of the threshold XI.


equinox 2014 training program 90%

Threshold Running Strength Training Speed or Hill Running Strength Training Long Distance Running Rest 5x 3 mins.


15 P 254-priyagupta Mar16 88%

10.11591/eei.v5i1.628  126 Leakage Immune 9T-SRAM Cell in Sub-threshold Region Priya Gupta1, Anu Gupta2, Abhijit Asati3 Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, Rajasthan, India e-mail:


ThresholdLauncherToolkit 88%

1 of 5 Threshold Launcher Toolkit:


MAP 87%

Amounts that have reached the threshold will no longer be mixed.


HCA Letter to Covered CA for May Board Mtg 87%

Institutions Code § 15926(k)(2), which requires that all Covered California forms and notices must be translated into all of the Medi-Cal threshold languages, at a minimum.1 Covered California’s duty to translate is not new.


CM6502S 86%

It has a customer programmable low threshold PGTHL.


11 553-937-1-SM 84%

[14] proposed morphological dilation, closing, filling, and threshold criteria for bright lesion detection.


Addendum Encyclopedia Project 84%

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ETIOLOGY - THRESHOLD SHIFT QUESTION Please review your response to the Permanent Positive Threshold Shift question in Section 3.


Report 82%

The transistors with channel lengths over 10µm showed typical MOSFET characteristics, be it with a negative threshold voltage, but the ones of 5µm did not work.


43063697.PDF 82%

C Date D D P46(2006) Page 1 M M Y Y Y Y HMRC 11/05 Section two To be completed by the employer Guidance on how to complete this form, including what to do if your employee has not entered their National Insurance number on page 1, is in your Employer Helpbook E13 Day to day payroll and at Employee’s details Please use capitals Date employment started D D M M Y Works/payroll number and Department or branch (if any) Y Y Y Job title Employer’s details Please use capitals Employer’s PAYE reference Address / Postcode Employer’s name Building number Rest of address Tax code used If you do not know the tax code to use or the current tax threshold, please go to Box A ticked Emergency code on a cumulative basis Box B ticked Emergency code on a non-cumulative Week 1/Month 1 basis Box C ticked Code BR A B C Tax code used Please send this form to your HM Revenue &


Shawn Wikoff CTR Method 81%

A customer is not directly told about the $10,000 threshold except in cases where they initiate the inquiry.


HIOKI 3555 ENG 80%

portable telephones and similar applications Instantaneous Check on Battery Deterioration [NOTE] * The comparison threshold values depend on the battery manufacturer, type, and capacity, and these must be established by the user.


WT7510 79%

Over Voltage Detection Parameter Over voltage threshold Condition V33 V5 Vcc / V12 ILEAKAGE Leakage current (FPL_N) VOL Low level output voltage (FPL_N) Min.


AoR Character Sheet Fillable 78%

Jan Kaad Char ac ter Character Name Species Duros Career Engineer Specialization Trees ® Soup Saboteur soak value wounds strain 13 Player defense 14 THRESHOLD Current THRESHOLD Current ranged melee CHARAC TERISTICS 2 3 3 2 2 2 BRAWN AGILITY INTELLECT Cunning WILLPOWER PRESENCE skills General Skills Career?


C0371015018 77%

Each MS maintains an active set where BSs are added when the RSS exceeds a given threshold and removed when RSS drops below another threshold value for a given amount of time specified by a timer.