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Spontaneous Aortic Thrombosis i6 100%

Spontaneous Aortic Thrombosis i6 a Neonate Presenting as Coarctation By Dr.


Camden Poster (4) 80%

PE most often is a complication of a condition called deep vein thrombosis (DVT).


curriculum 007927 (1) 80%

Thrombosis and Haemostasis 1981;46:572.


curriculum 007927 (7) 79%

Research Fellow, Centre for Thrombosis and Vascular Research (Dirett.:


#1 Surgical Management of Congenital Heart Disease 71%

Small VSD because it will close spontaneously in some cases Need not be restricted in physical activities Discourage competitive sports Routine immunization should be given To prevent superimposed bacterial infection because they are more prone to develop bacterial endocarditis Childbearing and on use of contraceptives and tubal ligation be encouraged Specially in cyanotic congenital heart disease Bacterial infections should be treated vigorously (because of the danger of septic shock) Treatment of iron deficiency anemia (IDA) Hemodynamic changes is more pronounced when there is IDA or polycythemia Careful observation for polycythemia for danger of thrombosis Avoid sudden changes in temperature Careful monitoring during surgery and anesthesia Counseling on risks associated with pregnancy PERIOPERATIVE CARE OF THE INFANT AND CHILD PREOPERATIVE CONSIDERATIONS • • • Be familiar with both the patient and the family Knowledge of the intended surgery, expected outcome, potential complications Physical examination, review of catheterization and other physiologic data Cardiac Catheterization (determine the oxygen pressure and saturation):


first term exam foundation yr 64%

Cardiovascular system _ respiratory system _ angina _ coronary thrombosis (1) Chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to the heart muscle.


LabWeek 2017 Flyer 61%

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine When patients taking direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) are admitted into the hospital, there may be a need for bridging parenteral anticoagulation especially for those at high risk of thrombosis recurrence.


310812900-Final-Announcement-ROICAM-4 55%

Immunotherapy on Cancer Management, problems in health service on The National Health Insurance (JKN) era, Bone Marrow Transplantation, Stem Cells, also advancement in cancer supportive treatment, such as blood component transfusion, anemia, thrombosis, cancer pain, and updates on systemic therapy, including newest medications on the treatment of most frequent cancers;


iraq final 54%

Fayadh, Amira Shubber Imaging in steatohepatitis Sarwat Hussain (USA) Portal vein thrombosis in CLO Raghad Jawad (Iraq) Challenges in the treatment of hepatitis Band C in the GIT hospital Nawal Mahdi (Iraq) Ultrasound Elastography Sarwat Hussain (USA) New advances in the management of hepatitis C virus Haithum Al Otaify (Egypt) Epidimiology and transmission of hepatitis C virus in Iraq Khalid Al Khazragi Maximizing the value of cure in GTl and GT4:


Confidential Intake Form 54%

( ) contagious skin condition ( ) phlebitis ( ) easy bruising ( ) joint disorder/rheumatoid arthritis/osteoarthritis/tendonitis ( ) open sores or wounds ( ) recent accident or injury ( ) recent fracture ( ) recent surgery ( ) artificial joint ( ) sprains/strains ( ) current fever ( ) swollen glands ( ) allergies/sensitivity ( ) heart condition ( ) high or low blood pressure ( ) circulatory disorder ( ) varicose veins ( ) atherosclerosis ( ) deep vein thrombosis/blood clots ( ) osteoporosis ( ) epilepsy ( ) headaches/migraines ( ) cancer ( ) diabetes ( ) decreased sensation ( ) back/neck problems ( ) Fibromyalgia ( ) TMJ ( ) carpal tunnel syndrome ( ) tennis elbow ( ) pregnancy If yes, how many months?


Subacromial Impingement 53%

There is a small chance of deep venous thrombosis (blood clots in your legs) or pulmonary embolus (blood clots in your lungs), but these are uncommon in upper limb surgery and we will place compression devices on your calves during surgery to reduce this risk still furthur.


New Client Intake Form - MASSAGE ONLY 43%

Heart Disease Surgery Immunity Related Disorder High Blood Pressure Herpes Simplex Insomnia Hospitalization Whiplash Hypertension Hepatitis Asthma Migraines Carpel Tunnel Angina Contagious Disease Sciatica Phlebitis/Thrombosis Pregnancy Stroke Fibromyalgia Repetitive Strain Injury Varicose Veins Disc Problems Other:


Patient Information 40%

_______________________________________________________ 5) Current and previous medical conditions (please tick relevant boxes)  Heart attack  Angina   Asthma  Lung problems   Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) High blood pressure  Stroke Anaesthetic problems  Diabetes  Pulmonary embolism  Blood clots Others ______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 6) Previous operations  Gastric banding  Other bariatric / obesity surgery _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ 7) Have you been an in-patient in hospital outside of WA in last 12 months?


Patient Intake 35%

□ Anemia □ Regular anti-inflammatory use (Motrin/Ibuprofen/Naproxen/Naprosyn/Aleve) □ HIV positive □ Abnormal bleeding/bruising □ Sickle-cell anemia □ Enlarged lymph nodes □ Hemophilia □ Hypercoagulation or deep venous thrombosis/history of blood clots □ Anticoagulant therapy □ Regular aspirin use □ Other _______________ □ None of the above Have you had any of the following dermatological (skin-related) issues?


1054.full 30%

There are several clinical settings in which the myocardium is exposed to transient ischaemia including evolving myocardial infarction, myocardial stunning and coronary thrombosis.


ASVS 2017 - Poster List 18%

Category Of Abstract Name Country Paper Title AUSTRALIA Penumbra Indigoâ„¢ aspiration thrombectomy versus catheter directed  thrombolysis for treatment of acute limb ischaemia: a retrospective  Yuehong Zheng, Duan Liu review of a single unit's experience Author Affilication of Author 1 Department of Vascular surgery, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, No.1  Shuaifuyuan Wangfujing Dongcheng District, Beijing,China 100730  PP01-01 01-01  058 Acute Limb Ischaemia SCOTT FLEMING PP01-02 01-02  308 Acute Limb Ischaemia MOHAMMAD MOYNUL  Bangladesh ISLAM In Acute Limb Ischaemia, Late Presentation Is The Major Impedance :  2 M M Islam1  ,  S Jamil National Institute Of Cardiovascular Diseases, Dhaka Perspective 1  Registrar, Department of Vascular Surgery, NICVD, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh 2  Assistant Registrar, Department of Vascular Surgery, NICVD, Dhaka-1207,  Bangladesh SARITPHAT ORRAPIN Endovascular treatment for Rheumatoid arthritis induced Acute aortic  thrombosis Saritphat Orrapin1, Tunyarat Wattanasatesiri2, Thoetphum  Benyakorn1, Kanoklada Srikuea1, Boonying Siribumrungwong1 1Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Department of Surgery, Faculty of  Medicine, Thammasat University, Pathumthani, 12120, Thailand.