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Social Media a Love-Hate Story - Google Forms 100%

Facebook Facebook Events Instagram Snapchat Twitter Linkedin Google+ Pinterest Reddit YouTube Tinder Which social media platforms you feel affect your decisions the most (what to do, buy, read etc.)?


xo weekly digest - issue 1 89%

Azn Tinder Slut Saga In a multi-thread saga—centered on a 280-poast RSF thread—xo has spent the week categorically captivated by not only the depths of azn girls’ demonstrated depravity in pursuit of white man cock.


Interview 1 84%

I also use Tinder but one has gotten gross, I use hinge and that's it.


TheWorkOfVanessaFord 78%

In true Tinder fashion we brought the notion of swiping to our Facebook page and devised a quick hashtag contest entry mechanic.


slow-dance-press-kit 78%

When they first met on Tinder, and after realizing they both had an equal passion for music, they originally weren’t sure what form the music they would end up making together would take or how serious the project would be;


Land, B. attempted murder in paper 2 78%

1 TiIECENThALRcORDL YEdBLANCASTER 1403zvaaiai3 c j J lOU21TEENTII KY FRIDAY JUNE l I = Refrigerators t ice Boxes ifl tii lIr local Interest Of I == j In r See premium list of Kirksvllle this issue Fair Monday was about the dullest court QKo stock sales were made Monday day of the year A small wowfd was here but didnt tarryjong Cherries are here So are many pains apron under the We hear Judge Saufley made the City Council clean upthe Stanford Lets shoot the wag who said the Ice town from eend to eend He will be man should be brought to see the er here soon ror of his weighs The Records special premium at Ron R C Warren of Stanford says he will be a candidate for Congress the Kirksville Fair is for the best gal He says hG is going in to win this lon of ice cream 35 Remember the dates July 1718 time Most all those to whom we sent The Gerlorilous Fourth will pass unnoticed in Lancaster save by the statements have responded A few post office and banks who will close in have ignored the request and their memory of the Paof his country names will be sent to the Chicago Collecting Agency Why not have a Fourth of July cele Many Colored People bration in Lancaster Lets have bur For the past two weeks the town oratory a big pa goo skyscraping rade and paint the town as red as Bob has been crowded with colored men and women Last week they attend Kinnairds neck tie ed the Baptist Association and this Hats off to Judge Sauflejr week the Methodists are in session Judge Saufley has determined to They are all wellbehaved people attwake up the city and county officials end to their own business and seem in his district in regard to keeping to be having a big time ¬ Coolers ¬ Ice Cream ¬ Freezers i Ice Tongs and turnpikesIin Ice Picks If you think all of Lancasters mer chants are asleep take a peep at our advertising columns and you will change our opinion There are many live wires amongour business men who believe ih letting their shine instead of hiding it under a bushel ¬ complete line A of screen doors and windows We can please you in prices and quality of i goods JR KcUglouB DlMCiiHfiioil One o f our Stanford subscribers wishes to get papers containing the discussion between Jno Woodcock and Rev Humphries which was published in 1888 possibly That was before The Record was established Judge M D Hughes printing the Central News in which the articles appeared A Novel Horse Trade Sheriff Bannon got stuck on a fine horse and offered the owner enough of 5 and 810 bills to encircle him for the animal The offer was accepted the bills pinned together and the horse brought 65 The owner walked off cussing while the Sheriff rode away smiling Hawesville Plaindeal er Era Tinder Preaches Rev F M Tinder who was recently called to the local Christian church preached his first sermon Sundayhav ing been delayed a few weeks by reason of the severe burns received at the big tire in his old home Carlisle Ills face is about well but his hands are still sore and must be kept bandaged Mr Tinder has made a tine impression upon our people and many compli ments have been passed upon his ser¬ HASELDEN mons WIU 6IoaranGo Salei- I HaDr Waat Him to Many of the friends of John M Duncan are urging him to make the race for Circuit CourtClerk on repub lican ticket at the approaching elec- ¬ tion Mr Duncan was county clerk for some years and is a splendid offi cial J W Hamilton the present in cumbent has been oininated by the ¬ ¬ democrifsi i Holier tell Wjistgd5 P1 No J f N The Elkton ProgresSj wl lteVfor the past seven years hasten publYshed as a semiweekly h S gone back to its original weekly form Editor Gaines has doubtless discovered that the pea pIe had rather have all the local news once a weekthan to get it in allopathic doses diluted with boiler plate stale reprint or any old thing to Jill Come moa let us dress you up wy 2 2 you will ¬ KEEP up Good Congressional Timber ¬ ¬ 26 I COOL- Hon liarve Helm of Stanford was in town Monday and received much encouragement from our people in re- ¬ See our gard to his candidacy tor the demo ¬ cratic nomination for congress Mr Helm is one of the bestposted men In the district a good speaker and an H honest honorable gentleman in every H respect He has done noble service Grand Ball for his party and has a wide circle of The opening ball at famous old Crab friends in the district who will make Orchard Springs attracted a large a hot fight for him crowd of people from all over the Remember This state and was a most pleasant event Manager Willis has the property in When The Records collector comes good shape this season and Indica ¬ around and you are the kind of fellow tions point toward a most prosperous that gets mad when asked for what summer There is no more delight- you owe please be kind enough to ful place to spend your vacation and tell him that you dont like it We We can show you a great line of hot better waters cannot be found make this request so your name can be off our list We need mon- ¬ scratched weather Shirts nice live of Cool Hard On The laterUrban ey its true but we dont want to have Cars will be running on the Inter dealings with any man who is so big a Underwear a beautiful live Urban by September first The track fool as to get mad when asked to pay is about completed hut the electrical what he should have brought to this of thin socks for hot weath part is causing delay The big Davis office himself There are many differ¬ syndicate which was going to girdle kind of men but the blankdest ent ere See our straw hats the bluegrass region is no more When one is the fool who gets mad when 7t came time to show down it was asked to pay an account If a fellow found the Davis people didnt have hasnt the money he should say so in enough money to start a peanut roast ¬ a gentlemanly manner and make a erParis Gazette pretense at having some sense wheth- ¬ er he has any or not Doing Great Good This office turned out a big job of Called The Wrong Man printing for the Keeley Institute at De Ole Price Clltmer A short time ago a Topeka young Crab Orchard this week There is lady was troubled with a boil on her no institution in the state which ac knee which grew so bad that she complishes more good for mankind thought necessary to call a physi it than does the Keelev treatment If cian She badformed a dislike for the it only saved one drunkard in every family physician so her father sug- ¬ o ten that would be remarkable butI gested several others and finally said when every man taken there comes he would call inthe physician with the away free from alcohol settles downIhomeopathic case who passed the and makes a good citizen we believe house every day They kept a sharp the good work of the institution lookout for him and when he came ashould be heralded by those people long he was called in The young lady who want to help suffering humanity modestly showed him the disabled member The littlejnan looked at it Wants Ten Thousand Dollars and said Why that is pretty bad Mrs M C Walter who was injured Well she said what must I do by falling in a ditch near her home If I were you he answered I The little boys base ball team delast winter has brought suit against would big crowd will go on the 8L50 exsend for a physician I am a feated the Danville kids in that citVJ cursion to Cincinnati Sunday the town for 10000 damages by rea piano The city son of injuries sustained Special meeting IL50 to Cincinnati Sunday Train had dug a ditch alongside the street most Praiseworthy The Rev 0 M Huey of Stanford leaves Lancaster at 5 a m Many atMrs was night Walter during the and is advised that our Lancaster will assist the It Rev J E Wolford in a tractions in the city compelled to go to a neighbors to tel pastors and church Boards are favora ¬ ephone for a doctor to come to see her ble to union or all the church services series of meetings at the Baptist Show Postponed husband who was ill In her hurry on Sunday night for months of July church beginning Sunday Mr Huey Miss Dove Harrisrequests The Bee is kindliest remembered here with the she ran into the excavation receiving and August of present summer the ord to say the entertainment District a sprain and internal injuries The first Union service being suggested for feelings for his works sake And the School has been postponed the date confidence during Inspired visit last his case will come up at the next term of first Sunday night in July It has al ¬ decided upon to be duly given circuit court R H Tomlinson and so been favorably suggested that this should give him the sympathy and community cooperation of the entire BEAZLEY W I Williams brought the suit union service be represented in one or Especially are all the members of the The Ladies Aid Society most cordi ¬ more Open Air service held in the Baptist church earnestly requested to ally invite friends and members of the Handsome Improvement part of tie rally to these meetings and help to several churches to meet their pastor The contract for erecting the new Town Square with a full song ser ¬ make them profitable to souls and Mr Tinder and his family Friday FUNERAL DIRECTORS entrance to the Graded School grounds occasion given to devotional good features of new songs by honorable to God evening eight oclock at Christian has been let to the Garrard County vice and ¬ church James E Wolford pastor Marble Works whose ad appears in selected choir from different church- ¬ ArtHial art itj EifcalnMg possibly orchestral accompani es this paper The design Is an exceed Prof Mannix of the Graded Schools Confederate Veterate ingly beautiful one the gates being of ment Both these features are herein ¬ Kenan before address the heartily endorsed by The Record for At a stated meeting of Camp M D delivered iron the pillars of handsome stone more Christian fellowship may ev Logan Confederate Veterans the lol tucky Educational Association at On either side are pretty single gates the The of worship spirit and lowing proceedings were had Present Lexington Tuesday subject for pedestrians being made on the dence unity Use of Outside Educational Influ ¬ selfclosing plan Mr Harwood is to work against united forces of vice and J H Arnold Commander The Lexington papers speak We have the most more its mission to help Resolved that on motion of Com ¬ ences be congratulated on the nandsome crime the complete line ofwill be owned and honored mander Arnold it is ordered that a highly of the address design which has been complimented humanity by all who have seen it The trus The Record will gladly give notice etICamp of Daughters of the Confederacy County Lost tees are due a vote of thanks for re these services when matter is fully established in this Garrard County The case of Garrard county against FUBNITUEE CARPETS Ky Appointed to take charge ot the moving the old backwoods farm gate agreed upon a Boston school book publishing house Miss Sal Mrs Burnett Camp Dr were open with fencerail attachment for Sunday Killings tried in Stanford was knocked out on To be found in the Lou Myers Miss Fannie Doty Miss a technicality and will go to the court ing Thanks for your uptodateness At Harmons Lick meetinghouse lie Doty Fannie A daughter of Doty J town Prices low gentlemen for al near Dripping Springs in this county Is further ordered on motion tha It ¬ Rodgers James Sunday afternoon Meeting Great Success Duncan Goodloe deliver to the a ¬ ting the price of school books The free reading room and library shot and instantly killed Bud Ledford pointees above the books and all the was through head shot the spoken of in last issue of The Record Ledford DAVIDSON any kind that he has 2 A Hustler Among Hastier receiving the paraphranalia of is meeting with the hearty encourage- and never spoke after order to said belonging Attorney At Law 0 o was of Stanford C Walton Mr E ment and support of nearly every bus- wound Rodgers came to town imme- ¬ is further ordered on motion that Monday in the interest of his 6 Life Insurance policies bought iness man in town It is the desire of diately after the shooting and surren J W Hamilton be now appointed sec- here most excellent paper the Interior men The authorities the to dered for cash or loaned on for sums entire to the rent the W CT U retary to this Camp Said Hamilton Journal We believe Ed Walton knows the and from were brothersinlaw of 1500 and upward 0 Sweeney building thus getting the accepted said trust and appeared more people and has more true friends + use of both floors Almost enough best information obtainable had had Camp adjourn until Ordered that ¬ any young man in central Ken money has been secured and there is previous trouble over land matters next County Court day 4th Monday than tucky He certainly merits all tile contest in came to the church no doubt of the securing of the bal Sunday Ledford the Courier Journal was in good things said about him went to July1903J Arnold Commander Miss Elsie Zimmer of this city Masance The first floor will be devoted and finding Rodgers there ¬ shortly returning un Orchard Crab ter Lucian McKee Grant of this city to reading rooms writing rooms and Influence of liquor and advancalso sent a correct answer a large rest room for the public in gen der theRodgers ¬ makLICK PAINT same time the at on eral The rest room toilet and wri ¬ ed Richmond Register Mr B D Herna weap ¬ ting rooms for ladies will be arranged- ing an attempt as if to draw shot him Ledford Pies Henry had a nice heifer to die Mrs Mary Anderson left Monday to don of Lancaster passed through here on the second floor The tables will on when Rodgers yesterday enroute to Estill Springs years old and leaves a wife and with blackleg visit Mrs Baldwin of Louisville be kept supplied with all the best was 31 Miss Lizzie Hudson has returned to 37 Rev Chumbley preached at Paint Mrs Hamilton and children of Lancaster from a visit to Misses magazines and newspapers The Rec four small children Rodgers is a guests Eliza Mrs ord putting its entire exchange list years old and has wife and several Lick Sunday of Louisville are and Margaret there every morning something no childrenNear OL Terrill has gone to Frenchtrorg Eaton Speaking of the Contest at Stanford across in mill line the afford room can daysreading This other for a few Mrs Dove Colllngs of Lexington to the Interior Journal compliments is unquestionably the best move un- ¬ Madison county Sunday Fountain MlssBerthaBarnsldeis the guest of visiting the families of T L Broaddna Garrards entry Miss Lillian S Poor dertaken in Lancaster its many advan Land shot and inflicted what will no Miss Mayine Ramsey and Robert Quite this week and 118hJltss Cora Ward of Loa takes being readily seen There is abso ¬ doubt prove fatal wounds on his stepreturned Mrs Jennie Searcy has lutely no place in town where men can son BLandIt appears that B Land Margaret Shelton of Danville caster sang and was so liberally ap improved much go to read write or converse unless it come home Sunday morning under the her home and her friend Miss Florence Fallow and raised a guar ¬ Mrs Fannie Kaehlerhas returned of Opelika AUk were the guests of is on the goods boxes in front of the influence of Burnstadt Carr ofSoaenet visit Fast to a from men must remain eel with his mothershis stores The Mrs Mary Swope and mother at home after supper lounge in the interfered When Land made threats A pretty little stranger a daughter Little Misses Georgia Beckett of The reeeptloa of Mrs A H Bice park go to the Chute or join in the against him and securing an axe Margaret Blount arrived recently at Frankfort and Gladys Ceilings of Nashvttte la eoplinent t o Mte crap or poker game Of course there started backto the house armed with Mr and Mrs S H Btounti Lexington are spending the summer Katharine Boose was highly ea are some men who say the move Is not the axe and a knife his mother closed Jojed Lick is still on a boor a Mass wsfttoMtifBly Paint a good one You might getup a free tale door placing her husband behind Mr Ike Arnold baa twelve regal decorated IB Sweet peas and potted Land then boarders and would have more If ke excursion Into heavenand some would her out of pataML MIss BOBMT a charmingly Mlles XMffi 41tlere West W8B pretty aa attractive youif debtf kick and say it was no go but we be- came to a window and FountalnLand had to Winchester Tansy te west lieve these kicking mossbacks wiJl thinking he was trying to get in the l lank wore a toilet of white swlss ter BoM West fat WaflUagtoa >


iOS Dmitriy T 77%

Customer Involvement Duration Project Role Responsibilities Application for datings, based on Tinder functionality USA Customer 6 month iOS Developer Refactoring and reskining an existing project, implementation of Facebook SDK, Instagram, Fabric Xcode, Swift, Core Location, Core Animation, Core Data, Auto Layout, Sketch, MVC, Source Tree(git) 6 Tools &




PNMichalakis Resume 2015 75%

Peter_Michalakis EXPERIENCE General Assembly September 2014-December 2014 Full Stack Web Developer • Learned the fundamentals of Full-Stack web development in an intensive 12-week program • Built a full scale web application for managing the orders of restaurant patrons using Ruby, Sinatra, PostgreSQL, HTML and CSS • Helped to construct a ‘sentiment mapper’ application which used Twitter’s API’s to quantify and demonstrate public sentiment about a variety of issues and topics, using Ruby on Rails, Javascript, jQuery, HTML and CSS • Constructed a Tinder-like application for fist-fighting, using Facebook’s API, Ruby, Sinatra, Skeleton, Javascript, jQuery, OAuth, HTML, CSS and PostgreSQL !


Lads Fines 72%

indirectly stealing money out of his bank 9/2/2015 14:08:55 Nunn Sex positions in the gym 9/2/2015 14:11:08 Cona Initiation 9/2/2015 14:11:33 David First fines meeting attendance 9/2/2015 14:12:26 Filer For having his chick (megan) cotch on the bar lady at boogies 9/2/2015 14:13:50 Daniel drunkenly crashing his car on a school night 9/2/2015 14:15:26 Luke chalupsky seldom to zero attendances 9/2/2015 14:15:44 Jip working at a gay bar 9/2/2015 14:15:58 Jip seldom to zero attendances 9/2/2015 14:23:52 Chucky For ass sweats 9/2/2015 15:35:44 Chucky Dating a fellow lads sister 9/2/2015 15:36:13 Chucky Replacing Dave in all the family photographs 9/2/2015 15:37:01 Chucky Claiming he is tired of golf cause he can't win a single game or beat any other fellow lad(ever) 9/2/2015 15:39:01 Chucky Lad with biggest turn around in jolling, from every weekend to William status 9/2/2015 15:40:02 Chucky For attempting to clean those gums without being a certified dentist 9/2/2015 15:40:59 Daniel Hiding out at his sisters nail salon when meant to be coming out with the lads 9/2/2015 15:41:54 Andrew Nunn Living up to - when the cats away the mouse will play 9/2/2015 15:42:22 Daniel Also - when the cats away the mouse will play 9/2/2015 15:43:07 Dave Tinder King 9/2/2015 15:44:02 Dave Allowing chucky to date your sister 9/2/2015 15:45:57 Conahrea Welcome to the lads 9/2/2015 15:46:26 Con-A Making friends with the UN at slug 9/2/2015 15:46:56 Dave Abducting poor drunk American girls drinking street 9/2/2015 15:47:32 Chucky Losing 20phones including Luke's 9/2/2015 16:02:31 Con-a Northwood student finally makes it Stellies wine farm.


hines showmeyourkitties 66%

The format will be similar to that of Tinder, but users will not be trying to hook up with cats, in that pictures will be uploaded and users will judge whether or not they find the cat cute by swiping left or right on the cat.


Movember Update1 62%

THE POWER OF THE MOUSTACHE By now you have likely noticed the unavoidable attention that you and your juvenile moustaches receive – strangers giving you double looks, lasting stares, a spike in your Tinder matches….


Stahlwerk Manual PLASMA 120 58%

Fire ·Welding spark may cause fire, make sure there is no tinder stuff around the welding area.


SexWeek2015 Booklet Final-copy 51%

(EMAIL TBA) MONDAY 2ND 4:30 PM Home Room International House 6:00 PM WHAT’S APP-ENING Tinder, Grindr, Skout, Tingle, MeetMe, Swoon, Bang With Friends, Pure.


sejda-HLL 50%

In Europe, the combination of steel, flint and tinder remained the main method of firelighting until the mid 19th century.


Land, B. attempted murder in paper 27%

ponies Ilving pease i7OO lAundny dorms tbe term j M cglnnlDJ 2d Mo Bonn 8 00 Beginning Id Mo Board 6 00 l8to 00 I Ocnl Deposit returned l Total Bspense II week W DO Room and fuel winter term cot ptenIA1In atlontricllymnadentlal UMttal f wo rooms for housekeeping with stoves eW An usually be rental for from ft toS6 a term LOUISVILLE A NASHVILLE RAILROAD a Time Tibia In Effect May 24 1903 11117Leave larin105a 3 f 2 a in tu- Arrive Heavy Expense Incurred In Saving Them From Lynching Mnysvlllc Ky Juno 20The atatfl troops left here at 430 Friday after N noon by special train over the L for Frankfort Sheriff Robertson with the three Negro burglars and wouldbe murderers Mann Morris and Sanders accompanying the soldiers Mann and Morris were given 15 years each on the two charges five for shooting and wounding and ten for burglary They were tried Friday on the latter charge the jury giving them the limit after being out ten minutes Sanders was not tried on the charge of burglary as he was used as a wit ness against the others The Negroes have cost the state a pretty penny asI over 100 guards have been on duty here since Tuesday morning It Is tho general opinion however that an at tempt to lynch them would have been made had the troops not been ordered here 125 p m S 18 p tn tt00 p m liereaJ Livingstnn205 Oiling South Train I Dally in P m- lip A icily 1124 p in m Livingetonl11x0n JOES TrniiiR No t anil No f makcon nection at Livingston for Jollico and tho Southwith No 24 and No 27 ¬ Select Grocer and Caterer J W Stephens Ticket Agent FREE TRIPS TO ST LOUIS WORLDS FAIR ALL EXPENSES OF THE 120 MOST POPULAR SCHOOL TEACHERS IN THE STATE PAID Scbool cblldren U4 pebiie invited to vote to popularin rents rack ten east at one time All money over sod above trip expenaea of teacb rKentucay voter position tbe aatufactlon of knowing a worthy cauae and important object have been aided at the same time a favorite teacher hu received recognition Contest con of ducted tinder Educational Exhibit Com Kxlilbit tnlttee of Assoclalion the organization formed to rise iouonn for a Kentucky Building and full ¬ IN A WINDING SHEET products hav1ogfelled Years Ago Martin Riley Was Wrapped In It For Burial ¬ Train Loave Korea Arrive ¬ Harrodsburg Ky June 23 Martin Riley n farmer died Sunday near lie was a na Shawnee Run church lye of Galway Ireland and came to this country when quite young with a ship load of emigrants Cholera broke out on ship board and 108 of the passengers died The bod lea were consigned to the deep Young Riley was thought to be dead and had been encased In a winding He was about to be thrown sheet overboard when a spark of life was He was In his body discovered placed back In his bunk recovered came to this state married and raised He was burled In a large family Lexington in lljLeave Leave Telephone to No 58 or call when in Richmond at Ma 7 the price of a big rnlr a little tantmrk Arrive Richmond or a few tiomaapnn bmlcotera will glee a Arrivo Paris term school which will change ones Arrive Cincinnati whole lire fur the better Ooliig South u the Yolkmuch Arrive Richmond the Arrive Arrivo Cincinnati one dollar more In In Je1 00 17 00 mike without charge I Mgtal tilr A handsomely Illnittiitnd weekly rotation of any rtentlflif jounMU pert four mouths II Sold brail neesdeslers Ott I 00 nandbonknulatenla Scientific American i8 2800 MaRaaIII DESIGNS COPYRIGHTS Ac tending a nkctrh and rtncrlMInn mar qnlcklr ascertain our opinion free w ether MI luvcntinn 14 prohnbly pAlrnliUile Cnnmanle- HAM W roifi 2 1I co A Ki B 00 II II EXPERIENCE Taaobg LADII f Par those brlowJA grammar deduct Ibo 12 for books sndll from Incidental fee making the otal only BSLBO When four girls room together each tares I 2 or more on room and fuel making the total only etaSO II vlawed krlow A Grammar ¬ 21 reallrtl the usefulness j Sleeper and Ladles Coach Went Over a 15Foot Embankment entire of Con Hr THE NEGROES CONVICTED WRECK pal the lint rtijr School Lancaster Ky June 22 Sunday afternoon at Harmons Lick school house nine miles east of here James Rogers shot and lnstnntlykllled his Rogers brother In law Hud Ledford states that Ledford drew a knife on him and advanced over a remark made by him Rogers Lcdford Is survived by a widow nnd four small children Rogers came to this city late Sunday evening and gave himself up to tho officers Fountain Land shot and killed his stepson M Land Sunday with a pistol The younger Land was under the In fluence of liquor and had been trying all day to provoke a difficulty with his stepfather It culminated In the kill lug of young Land who was advancing on his stepfather with An uplifted nx when he was killed The dead man was about 35 years old and single Ha bore tho reputation of being quarrel sonic Fountain Land Is a farmer nnd a good citizen The killing occurred In Madison just across the line from this city AS MESSENGERS IB I Perrooi who board thcmielvc cat ipcn 1 a mncti or little u theychooaeon living expense It pays to have a llltlo extra money orilled other tblngi But the necessary Ira books and ezpcokci Ire only si follows To Sixteen Cousins r 1 YtARS BO Twelve Weeks School 1 wA POUCH IPIGEONS Hitrnalvrly al Necessary Expenses for ty pubDc tlon Kt cry educator in tin theEduationalliroxbtbtt Venice of all achool feet ol a exhibit in ialaceofpduation The ExpositionIstotetheeresteslintcrodionslerectintheworldbhl 0 Tory ThetlotachersChosen will be Tbecountoutlldeor Jefferson own most second umber electatla of vute will be allowed to end two teachers the roost impular aud tbe popular riCH the Folate the- mesit DittOT lit be able to cart nt least one vote for all AtltnCentse4chneJrchoolcblldla or not be confined to school children IMRESTS OF rents on ANT OF THEIR FRIENDS MAT TOTE The purpose of the AMOCI tion being toelect the in out popular school teacher in each county ooocuutidereil by the public generally as well as by the school ten spaces to clubs of tru pupil JIllotl may be arranged and each giving ten cents be credited with hla or her vote If one person desires to cost ten vote It his or her name on one of the spaces and temit be ting one dollar It Is not required Ibattbe ltameot the perIOD voting be given stall All of the wees for Totert1 names tnay be left blank The Association wants however to enroll fn the Kentucky Building at SU outs next ur tbe name of every child who tat one or more votes la ibe contest Pupil are nsked thereforetosigntheir names plainlytollieballotsILL EXPOSES OF THE TEACHERS WILL UK PAID by the Association This wilt include ACTS OF VANDALISM railroad transportation from Louisville to 61 Louis and return board at one ol the best hotels lathe city for six day and admission to the exposition grounds for six days PASTIES WILL DE WADE UP FROX THE LOST POnTMU TEACHERS to mate the trip Unknown Miscreants Amuse Them moreTHREE pro lnhte and more enjoyable Each of these parties will eonsitt of forty >