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Passport Studio Schematics-Diagrams 100%

1 OF 2 A 8 7 R24 R27 R28 R25 C110 15k 2.7k 2.7k 4.7k T 2 VRR_IN 3 GNDA 4 HP_L 5 HP_R 6 HP_S L_L L_R GNDA R_L R_R GNDA 4.7k S2-D SW845P-002 R42 18k 2.7k SW845P-002 SW845P-002 R141 100k 3 10k 1% U5-A TL072 R2 10k 1% 1 39k 5 C107 10uF U1-B 6 5 10uF 10k 1% 6 TL072 7 R69 10uF R37 C61 10k 1% 27pF 100pF R12 10k R101 VR1-A B10k TP7 9 1 J8 L_L L_R GNDA R_L R_R C56 100uF 25V R107 3k 6 5 4560 R22 7 J9 J6 CONNECT TO J5 ON 1/4"


laney cub-12r 2010 sch (1) 83%

-15V 2K2 SM G G PIR4501 6 PIVR20BOT G PIV208 PIV204 PIV209 PIV205 PIVR40TOP ~3V1 ~3V2 COR48 R48 PIR4902COR49 G PIR4901 PIHD6001 PIHD6002 COR47 R47 33K SM PIR4702 PIR3001 PID1 0k COD11 D11 PID1 0a 3V9 500mW PIC3501 PIR3002 +250V SO642 PIR402 COR15 R15 PIR1501 CORLY1B RLY1B COR4 R4 2P2W2A12V 47nF 400V COC21 C21 PIR3901 G PIHD802 G PIHD801 COHD8 HD8 220pF 1KV PIV306 6 PIV301 PIC501 PIC502 PIR4401 ECC83 +15V COC7 C7 -15V 4N7 50V SM 4N7 50V SM COC23 C23 COC28 C28 7 PIV307 PIRLY10NO2 PIRLY10CO2 PIRLY10NC2 CORLY1C RLY1C 1V PIC2302 PIR3101 220K SM COR40 R40 COR51 R51 PIR4002 PIR5101 10R SM PIR5102 PIP100 PIP200 COP2 P2 10R SM COR32 R32 PIR3201 1K5 SM PIR3 02 PIR3 01 COR33 R33 1M SM SK3 R8 220R 2W5 COSP1 SP1 PISP101 G INTERNAL LOUDSPEAKER COSP3 PISP601 COSP2 SP2 G OUTPUT TX = 6093 COSP6 PISP201 + - COV5 V5 EL84 PIV504 2 PIR2902 PIV502 4K7 SM COR20 R20 2K2 SM GND G PIV503PIV505 COR29 R29 8OHMS 1 1 PIV404 G R28 220K SM 2 COSK1 SK1 Mjack G 4 PIR20 2 G PIRC207 12 PID60a D6 COD6 PIV507 COC27 C27 PIC2701 2u2F 16V SM COHD6 HD6 9482-2 9 PIV509 PIC1202 100N 50V SM 2 PISK201 1 PISK202 4 PISK203 3 PISK204 2 PIV402 PIV403PIV405 PISK10GND 2 ~3V1 ~3V2 PIR2802 COR28 5 9 4 8 PIR3202 PIR3501 ~3V1 PIR1301 COVR3 VR3 220KB6S PIVR30TOP COC12 C12 PIR3502COR35 COP1 P1 PIVR30WIPER PIR2901 PIC1201 COR31 R31 PIVR30BOT 47nF 400V 2P2W2A12V PIR1002 4K7 SM COR13 R13 220K SM PIR2801 ~3V1 ~3V2 +45V PIR3102 PIR1302 PIV305 PIV309 PIV304 PIV308 3 PIV303 PIR4001 PIC2301 PIC2801 PIC2802 2 PIV302 PIC701 PIC702 PIR1101 PIR1102 COR11 R11 220K SM G COR10 R10 PIR1001 GT PISK10SWGND PISK10TIP COSK2 SK2 9 PIV409 COHD90 HD90 PI1HD90 1 2PIHD90 2 PIH3D90 3 PIR4301 PIR4402 150K SM COV3A V3A COD5 D5 PID50a 1N5408 PIHD901 PIHD902 PIHD903 COHD9 HD9 1 2 3 PISK10SWTIP TONE PID50k COV4 V4 EL84 PIV407 7 PIC1902 7 1 2 3 4 PIHD804 PIHD803 PIC2101 PIC2102 1 COV3B V3B ECC83 B EXTERNAL SPEAKER G 47nF 400V +200V +300V FP PIR202 1K Fusible FP PIC10P COC1 C1 PIC10N 22uF 450V PIC801 PIC802 COR39 150K SM R39 PIR3902 PIR4201 COR42 R42 68K SM PIR4202 G PIR4302 47nF 400V 68K SM COC5 C5 COR43 COR44 R44 R43 PIC1901 G NO INPUT JACK = LOW MODE JACK IN 'HI' = HI MODE JACK IN 'LO' = LO MODE ~3V2 PIR201 10K Fusible FP COC8 C8 PIRLY10NO1 PIRLY10CO1 PIRLY10NC1 100K 0.5W 350V 100K 0.5W 350V PIR401 FP PIR802 COC19 C19 G 100pF 50V SM PIR702 COR7 R7 10K SM PIR701 COR12 R12 PIR1201 FP PIR1202 1K Fusible FP COR2 R2 +290V COR8 R8 PIR1502 COTS1 TS1 PITS101 R16 12K SM C11 G 2P2W2A12V PITS102 PIHD8001 TL072 -15V CUB-12 ONLY SEE 9494 FOR CUB-12R AND CUB-HEAD PIC3502 CORLY1A RLY1A PITS103 1K SM PIHD8003 PIHD8002 COHD80 HD80 G PIR801 COR30 R30 D3 BAS16 22nF 400V PIRLY10COIL2 10K SM 100N 50V SM PIR602 COR6 R6 R29 100K SM PIR601 100K SM G 3 5 PIR2401 B 10u 10V SM G 1M Log BASS COC35 C35 PIVR60BOT G 9486_3 PIRLY10COIL1 COR24 R24 PIU100IPA PIU10OPA G PIHD8004 +15V -15V COU1A U1A PIU10OPB PIU100IPB 9487_1 COD8 D8 PID80a 3V9 500mW PID10 k COD10 D10 1A 1KV PID10 a +15V C15 9485_2 PID80k PIR2402 TL072 10N 50V SM +15V +15V C14 COU1B U1B PIR2102 COVR6 VR6 PIVR60WIPER PIR4701 PIR2101 R27 1K SM G PIVR60TOP G PIC5501 PIC5502 22KB6S MIDDLE G G PIHD701 PIHD702 R23 1K SM BAS16 D2 1M SM COR21 R21 COC55 C55 G PIC3402 COVR4 VR4 PIVR40BOT COHD60 HD60 R49 G 100K 0.5W 350V PIC3401 COHD7 HD7 PIHD7001 PIHD7002 PIVR20 BOT 22nFCOC34 400V C34 PIVR40WIPER HD6 820R SM PIR4801 1M Log COHD70 HD70 PIVR200WIPER PIV203 PIR4802 PIVR20 TOP TREBLE 1 2 3 4 COVR20 VR20 PIVR20WIPER 470K SM COR17 R17 PIR1701 PIR1702 220K SM VOLUME VR2 PIVR20TOP COVR2 220K Lin COR45 R45 1MA PIC1 01 COC11 C11 680N 50V SM PIC1 02 PIC3202 FP COR19 R19 PIR1901 PIC3201 7 PIV207 2 PIR1902 PIR4502 1 COVR1B VR1B +15V PIC1002 4 1M SM G 2 PIV202 PIV106 330K SM COV1A V1A PIR501 PIC302 100pF 50V SM ECC83 COC3 C3 PIVR10TOP2 PIC301 COHD30 22N 50V SM COHD3 HD30 HD3 COC20 C20 7 PIVR10WIPER2 PIHD3001 PIHD301PIC2001 PIC2002 PIV107 PIR2602 PIHD3002 PIHD302 COR26 R26 PIVR10BOT2 PIHD3003 PIHD303 PIR102 1M SM G COR1 R1 G PIR2601 2K2 SM PIV108 PIV104 PIV109 PIV105 PIR101 G ~3V1 COC22 C22 ~3V2 G 220N 50V SM PIC2202 PIC2201 PIVR10TOP1 COC6 C6 PIR2702 2u2F 16V SM COR27 PIVR10WIPER1PIC601 PIC602 R27 10K SM PIVR10BOT1 PIR2701 G GCOVR1A G VR1A 3 5 PIR1401 GAIN G 47pF 50V SM PIC1001 4 COR14 R14 PIR4101 COR5 R5 PIV206 COV2A V2A ECC83 R41 470K SM ECC83 22nF 400V PIR1801 PIV201 COV2B V2B 8 4 9 5 G 100KC G PIV103 3 PIR1402 PIR4102COR41 COC10 C10 470pF 1KV COC32 C32 2 1 1 G PISK30RING PISK30GND PIC1801 PIC1802 PIR502 68K SM COU1C U1C TL072 A COC18 C18 2 1 1 PISK30SWTIP PISK30SWRING 220K SM +210V 800mV G 2 PIR902 PIV102 PIR901 PIU10 V +155V 30mV COHD20 HD20 PIR1802 2 1 1 COR9 R9 PIHD1003 COHD10 HD10 G C45 100N 50V SM PIC5101 COC51 C51 PIC5102 100N 50V SM +15V 6 PIHD1002 PIHD103 G 2 1 1 ECC83 3 2 1 3 2 1 PIHD1001 PIHD102 PISK30TIP COR18 R18 G 8 4 9 5 1 PIV101 COV1B V1B PIHD101 G HI PIHD20 1 PIHD20 2 1 1 2 PIR2501 3 +155V 30mV COHD1 HD1 PIR1601 G 1 1 2 COHD2 HD2 G COR25 R25 100K 0.5W 350V PIC4502 -15V PIC40P COC4 C4 PIC40N 22uF 450V PIR2502 1 PIHD201 PIHD202 2n2 400V 3 2 1 A COC17 COC29 C17 C29 2n2 400V PIC1701 PIC1702 PIC2901 PIC2902 PIR302 COC2 C2 22uF 450V PIC20N G 3 2 1 PIC20P LO PIC4501 COC45 PIR2302 10K Fusible FP COR16 R16 100K 0.5W 350V R3 CHASSIS GND FP PIR1602 100K 0.5W 350V PIR301COR3 PCB 9445_3 SK2 +250V COR23 R23 PIR2301 COSK3 SK3 8 FX RETURN SK1 +220V SK2 7 PIM102 PIM101 NOT CUB-HEAD, SEE 9495 G PIHD6 01 PIHD6 02 1 1 2 PIR2201 PCB-MB COHD66 HD66 G COR22 R22 PID60k 1N5408 COM1 M1 PIHD601 PIHD602 1 1 2 PIR2202 47K SM R35 47K SM G G POWER (6V BULB) Cub-12 470R 3W ADJUST TO -12.5V WITH TR1 C Cub-12R 100R 3W Cub-Head 100R 3W C 115V OPERATION MAINS FUSE = T500mA L TRANSFORMER = 6094 PRIMARY SECONDARY F1, F2 = RXEF030 POLYSWITCH BIAS ADJUST COTR1 TR1 COD7 D7 COR38 R38 PIR3702 PIR3801 4K7 SM 22KH PIR3802 PIC250P PIR3601 PIC260P COC30 C30 100N 50V SM COC26 C26 47uF 25V G PID90a G PIF301 G PID120a PIC90P FP PIR3402 PID130k COC9 C9 PIC90N 1000uF 25V 470R 3W PIC310P C31 COC31 PIC310N 1000uF 25V 15V 1W PID160k PIC240P COC24 C24 PIC240N 47uF 25V COD13 D13 15V 1W PID130a G PIC3001 F3 COF3 PITR10BOT 2 White PIR3401 PID90k COD9 PID120k COD12 D9 D12 PIC3002 +15V COR34 R34 1A 1KV PIF202 PolySW0.3 PIR3602 1A 1KV 2K2 SM PIC260N COC25 C25 47uF 25V PIF201 COR36 R36 PID70a PID70k 4K7 SM PIC250N PITR10WIPER 115V 7 Red COR37 R37 PIR3701 PITR10TOP +20V COF2 F2 PID140k PID150k COD14 D14 COD15 D15 PID140a PID150a PIF302 COR46 R46 PIR4601 PolySW0.3 FP PID160a PIR4602 470R 3W -20V PIC3 0P C33 COC33 PIC3 0N 47uF 25V COD16 D16 -15V 1 Black T500mA L 250V Live Brown WIRE LINK (DOUBLE INSULATED) Live Brown Green/Yellow 5 Red +300V 115V 6 Grey 8 Grey Neutral - Blue Neutral - Blue COP4 P4 PIP30 PIP400 PIC140P PIC140N COC14 C14 100uF 450V PID10k PID10a PIC1602 PIC1502 7 8 PISK407PISK408 PIC1501 COC15 C15 4n7 2KV PISK405PISK406 3 4 PISK403PISK404 5 6 1 2 230V OPERATION MAINS FUSE = T250mA L TRANSFORMER = 6094 115V 7 Red 2 White F2 1 Black PISK401PISK402 PIC1601 4 White COC16 C16 4n7 2KV GND 100V OPERATION MAINS FUSE = T500mA L TRANSFORMER = 6150 PRIMARY SECONDARY G COSK4 SK4 PID20k PID20a COD2 D2 1A 1KV PID30k PID30a PID40k PID40a COD3 COD4 D3 D4 PIP500 G 0V T250mA L 250V SP5 Live Brown PITR20WIPER ~3V1 ~3V2 115V G COF1 F1 COTR2 TR2 1KH PIF101 Live Brown Green/Yellow 5 Red SP7 115V PITR20TOP PTC6.0 PIF102 LANEY PN = 007390 PITR20BOT 6 Grey 8 Grey Neutral - Blue Neutral - Blue 0V Mains In Mains Switch HUM ADJUST 2 White D PIC1301 COD1 D1 G P5 COP5 7 Red 4n7 2KV PIC1302 COC13 C13 Mains In Mains Switch 0V COP3 P3 PRIMARY 0V SECONDARY 4 White D 1 Black 4 White T500mA L 250V Live Brown Indicates safety critical component Must only be replaced with approved type Live Brown Green/Yellow 5 Red FP 1 6 Grey 8 Grey Neutral - Blue Neutral - Blue 0V COT1 PIT101 G PCB-12-M4 2 3 4 ADJUST BIAS ON JUNCTION OF R13/R28 TO -12.5V USING TR1 ADJUST HEATER BALANCE USING TR2 5 COSPC4 MAE-7T MAE-7T COSPC2 COSPC1 MAE-7T MAE-7T Title:


Preamps-public-doc 50%

The dual OpAmp must be compatible with TL072.


Modular-Mixer-public-doc 49%

The dual OpAmp must be compatible with TL072.


Expandable-Modular-Mixer-public-doc 48%

The dual OpAmp must be compatible with TL072.



It is then low pass filtered to 15 kHz by active filter U1, a TL072 FET op amp.