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FT60Manual 99%



21/02/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

3D Brows Training Agreement (Students) 98%

ACADEMY 3D Brows Academy TrainingAgreement STUDENTS FULL NAME:


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mas 98%

Training with a mean intensity of 60% of one repetition maximum elicits maximal gains in untrained individuals, whereas 80% is most effective in those who are trained.


13/07/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

Hidalgo et al., (2014) 98%

Human capital investments are embodied in individual workers, so once a worker is trained, firms will benefit from this knowledge or 6 In Appendix A of this paper we discuss this issue in more detail and report estimation results that show that being misinformed about the actual treatment status is significantly correlated with gender, level of formal education, training participation prior to treatment, risk tolerance and firm size.


29/10/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

IDC Infographic 2037 98%

Realize Technology Value with Training An IDC Infographic sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Training Matters 24% HIGHER PROFIT MARGIN at companies with comprehensive training 1 hour 5 hours S E V SA of lost productivity of training 50% LESS SUPPORT NEEDED for trained users 21% LESS TIME NEEDED by support teams to fix problems 80% of IT managers say TRAINING CRITICAL to project success Ongoing Training Matters Skills and performance degrade over time without ongoing training 60% of YEAR 3:


20/01/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

Ezra Feedback - Experticitiy Case Studies - Google Docs 98%

Experticity Case Studies  Summary of contents ­ 7/11/2015        Summary:  Experticity  seems  to  offer  online  services  that  combine  inventory  software  with  a  rewards­based  online  training  platform.  The  latter  half  is  an  example of e­learning that parallels  what  we do at BrandLX. In these case study documents, each company’s products and services  are  outlined,  followed  by  testimonies  about  the  benefits  of  using  Experticity  to  provide  associates with online training.     These  companies  utilize  a   rewards­based  training  platform  to  streamline  their  outreach  to  sales  associates  and  store  representatives.  They  offer   rewards  for  the  completion  of a training  module,  which  improves  the  company/associate  relationship,  leading  to  improved  brand  advocacy   and  sales  growth.   Clients  also  enjoy   increased  market  visibility   because  sales  representatives  from  new  store  outlets  can  easily  reach  out  to  participating  brands  via  the  training  software.  Experticity  allows  retailers  to  view  brands’  inventory  and  wholesale  cost  sheets, as well as participate in e­training modules that reward them with discount codes.     Incentivized  e­learning  is  a  winning  solution  to  the  high  costs  of  training  sales  representatives,  or  in  the  case  of   aviation  and  cyber  security,  to  the  need  to  efficiently  train  a  higher  volume  of  accredited technicians with or without the aid of brick­and­mortar educational institutions.              5.11 Law Enforcement / Military / Firefighter Apparel    This is a California based company that  “creates superior products that enhance the safety,  accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals.”    The company was having a hard time because they were expanding fast and struggling to keep  up with training. They are using the Experticity training platform to train their sales associates  and reporting positive results, and mention the added perk of being contacted by  5.11  brand  advocates at stores where they had no previous contact. The use of a training platform therefore  has the added benefit of generating additional clientele. Sales are up $50,000 since they made  the switch.     Training platforms are also presented as a valuable marketing tool.  5.11  created training  modules for forty new items and debuted them at a conference in Las Vegas, successfully  training associates on site to know about each product so they would be prepared when the  products arrived at their own outlet.     5.11  is expanding their relationship with Experticity and calls the platform indispensable to their  training and marketing strategy. They go so far as to say that use of Experticity increases your  credibility as a company.       Ariat ­ English Western Footwear and Apparel    A major California company that makes shoes for horseback riders, Ariat wanted to streamline  branded messages, education, and incentives to hundreds of stores and be able to provide  meaningful training to market reps from all levels of expertise. They also wanted to track usage  and user engagement in order to adapt and increase their metrics.     Ariat’s training protocol is based on educational games and rewards, targeting retail associates,  field managers, and sales reps. They report increased sales and outreach as the result of using  this program.         Diamondback Bicycles    Washington­based company that makes motorcycles and sought to streamline its employee  purchase program, deliver product training and “pro­shop” access to dealers, technicians, and  brand advocates.     The company used to do face­to­face training but it was time consuming and expensive. Their  first move was to update their inventory system, which had become outdated and an obstacle to  building positive relationships with associates. After making this improvement, Diamondback  signed up for Experticity and began utilizing the training module as a strategy for improving  product awareness and customer satisfaction. They are currently exploring the creation of a  secondary, private incentive site for brand advocates and cycle teams.       Goal Zero Power Solutions    Utah company makes portable solar power systems for small and medium sized electronic  items (cell phones through refrigerators), use Experticity to train experts in retail stores. They  cite the following results:     Use of training platform helped Goal Zero to create experts on the sales floor and provide  firsthand knowledge of products ( presumably through rewards­based education modules ).     identify retailers who were not selling its product but whose staff had interest. Also identify pros  and products users in specific category, who could be contacted for outreach programs.                     GoPro Cameras    California based industry leaders in image capture technology. Initially, the company had  focused on marketing to consumers rather than training salespeople. In 2011, GoPro had tens  of thousands of salespeople around the world who were in need of training and the company  had no effective means of providing that training. They turned to offering rewards­based online  training to sales associates as an effective business solution.     GoPro offers three basic training modules, available in multiple languages, including English,  Canadian, French, Italian, German and Spanish. As employees move through the program, a  minimum score on that module’s educational game (“Edu­game”) is required in order to advance  to the next module. Successful completion of each module is rewarded by the availability of  steeply discounted products. Employees armed with product knowledge are more effective  salespeople and will often train all of their co­workers, providing local, grassroots training.     In the first year and a half, some 41,000 retail associates signed up for the on­demand training  platform and 125,000 training modules were completed, increasing outreach to 4,900 retail  locations. The high number of pro­deal discounts generated a high volume of additional revenue  for the company, which they had not previously anticipated.     The training platform makes it easier to track the number of employees logging in and their  training frequency, emphasizing the value of being able to perform the training at any time of  day, on­demand from one’s own personal computer.       Helly Hansen Outdoor Gear and Apparel    Identifies as Norwegian but technically based in California, makes sportswear and footwear for  professional who spend time working outdoors, on mountains and in the ocean.   Helly Hansen wanted to develop an automated method of educating retail associates, to  improve brand awareness and customer experience. Automation takes a load off the customer  service department and increases overall outreach.  Rewards­based online education designed  for retail professionals attracts additional retailers that do not currently carry the brand’s  products.       Icebreaker Merino (New Zealand)    Wool company that sources from the Alps, similar complaints about having no real­time visibility  of inventory and the negative impact of that upon retail associate relations. They upgraded to  Experticity and put 100 times more product out into the hands of what they call “ the ultimate  customer and biggest sales­expert audience ”, the retail associates themselves. Interesting to  note that Icebreaker uses Experticity as a supplement to clinics and in store trainings. Benefits  once again included the freeing up of customer service to focus on servicing retailers in other  areas.       Pradco Outdoor Brands    Based in Alabama, Pradco is the largest manufacturer of hunting and fishing products. Like the  other brands, they were faced with the high cost and logistics of trying to arrange in­person  trainings at the scale that they needed. Lack of training meant that customers who turned to  retail associates for advice would not able to get the insights that they needed.     Pradco set up their conditions so that associates must complete all five modules in order to gain  access to the discount codes. They reached 2,500 associates in 805 retail locations in their first  year. The software also gives them valuable insights into the buying habits of associates,  including a rank of most popular items purchased, leading to improved merchandise strategies.      StriVectin Skincare     New  York  City  based  skincare  company.  They  needed  a  scalable  and  engaging  way  to  train  retail  associates  and  keep  product  knowledge  current  year­round, already had a dedicated field  team  on  the  road  doing  training,  but  turned  to  Experticity  for  improved  outreach  and  market  impact. Successfully trained 10,000 sales associates, moved product training manuals online for  improved  messaging  and  updates,  created  resource  library  of  educational  videos  and  printable  training materials.  


05/08/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

SPBC Mailer9x12-ENGLISH.PDF 97%

and stay off train tracks.


19/01/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

Hara (2014) 97%

Economies 34 (2014) 336–359 an incentive to provide general training if there is a possibility that the trained workers will not quit after training, as shown by Acemoglu and Pischke (1999a).


29/10/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

strength training guide 97%

The Minimalist Guide to Strength Training:


22/04/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

isometric handgrip effects on hypertension 97%

In the first protocol, participants with high-normal DBP trained 3d.wk-1 for 8-weeks, completing four 2-minute contractions at 30% MVC, separated by 3minute rest periods.


11/01/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

Belan and Cheron (2012) 97%

The theoretical analysis is begun by considering exogenous contact rates between unemployed workers and firms, assuming that high skilled workers, who are likely to be trained, have higher probability to be matched with a job than low skilled ones, who have no chance to be trained.


29/10/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

5-DogTrainingMyths 97%

Kingdom of Pets proudly presents:


08/01/2014 www.pdf-archive.com