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(2) 1.5 RATP Fleurant (Gif) -- Duteil (Antony) (44 mins) 100%

bus, métro, tramway, RER Itinéraires Départ 61, Rue de la Fèverie, 91190, Gif-surYvette Arrivée 26, Rue Céline, 92160, Antony Heure Date Départ à 10 h 30 Mode Ferré (Métro, RER, SNCF, Tramway) 15/07/13 Critères Le plus rapide Le plus rapide Départ :


(4) RATP Gomes (Orsay) -- Lourenceau (Orsay) (36 mins) 98%

bus, métro, tramway, RER Itinéraires Départ 26, Rue Aristide Briand, 91400, Orsay Arrivée 29, Avenue des Pierrots, 91400, Orsay Heure Date Mode Départ à 13 h 30 Tous 15/07/13 Critères Le plus rapide Le plus rapide Départ :


(5) RATP Lourenceau -- Thierry (33 mins) 98%

bus, métro, tramway, RER Itinéraires Départ 29, Avenue des Pierrots, 91400, Orsay Arrivée 32, Rue Léon Croc, 91400, Orsay Heure Date Mode Départ à 13 h 30 Tous 15/07/13 Critères Le plus rapide Le plus rapide Départ :


(3) 1 RATP Antony RER -- Gomes (Orsay) (44 mins) 98%

bus, métro, tramway, RER Itinéraires Départ Antony (RER), Antony Arrivée 26, Rue Aristide Briand, 91400, Orsay Heure Date Mode Départ à 13 h 30 Tous 15/07/13 Critères Le plus rapide Le plus rapide Départ :


Witness Statement 67%

and 'provisional guidance on bus lane(including tramway) enforcement in England outside London' published November 2005 by Department for Transport;


Sample Portfolio Théophile Ray 63%

With the tramway line planned for 2019, these activities will gather student as well as Lund inhabitants all year round.


best places to visit in1375 58%

To begin with is the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, which is a "must-see"


Elizabeth Dinner 48%

Carpet / Floor-Cleaner Sales & Rentals 1428 Tramway Rd.


Feedback suspensie Duster 45%

Plan 1. Introduction 2. Data after replacement 3.


TPOT Broadsheet volII 25 04 16 reprint 42%

Elida looked to the future by FIONA JARDINE THE PERSISTENCE OF TYPE was presented as an exhibition and broadsheet at Tramway in the summer of last year, coinciding with the Glasgow run of the National Theatre of Scotland’s adaptation of Muriel Spark’s novel The Driver’s Seat in the same venue.


Notre Dame des Landes OUI ou NON 29%

Le tramway a volontairement été stoppé avant l'aéroport car s'il avait été prolongé, il aurait constitué un argument fort pour ne pas construire le nouvel aéroport.


subway amsterdam 23%

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ST SON HUD H OU S Sq n • io • • 5 n U W •W 23 St LAFAY ET ST 9 St er St toph Sq Chrisheridan 1 S PATH EG ST IJK Christopher St GREENWICH VILLAGE 6 14 ST PATH ENW RS 14 St F•M GRE KE R •W 28 St EN A ST 90 St–Elmhurst Av J 69 Hunters Point Av 7 QUEENS MIDTOWN TUNNEL 6 14 St 1 •2 •3 BL E W WE 14 St A•C•E E 1 14 St PARK AV S 18 St ED Av 23 St 23 St F•M 1 R •W BR 8 23 St 23 St 28 St 33 St Av 6 L 9 AV 10 AV 11 AV C •E S•4•5•6•7•Metro-North 5 AV CHELSEA 23 St 23 ST SEVEN T H AV 1•2•3•LIRR G Vernon Blvd Jackson Av 33 St B•D•F•M 28 St N•Q•R•W 1 • Lin R M 65 vd ay 112 7 Q72 LGA Airport ia • R Bl K I SS Q UE E NS KISSENA PARK FLUSHING MEADOWS CORONA PARK ST Junction Blvd ard • St 36 M• EG 7 A•C•E•LIRR 42 ST EA RV 148 St– IE W Sq/42 Times EX PW Y 2017 EX P M 7 M 21 St CL Local service QUEENS VILLAGE Mets–Willets Point 103 St–Corona Plaza JACKSON HEIGHTS – 36 • No serviceuse N PI St BROAD WAY G7 7 UNITED NATIONS Grand Central except S 42 St B•D•F•M 34 St Herald Sq 34 St Penn Station EI GH TH AV 34 St Penn Station • • 5 Av 42 St Bryant Pk 7 N•Q•R•S•W•1•2•3•7 except S 34 St Hudson Yards NJTransit• Amtrak BDFM Times Sq-42 St JAVITS CENTER 6 47–50 Sts Rockefeller Ctr • 1 AV W northbound A•C•E LINCOLN TUNNEL E•M SIXTH AV N •R •W E 1 42 St/Port Authority Bus Terminal 5 Av/53 St 49 St ED 50 St C •E N •R •W 53 ST Great Neck © 2016 Metropolitan Transportation Authority 111 St R BR southbound 50 St F • VD Whitehall St95 St LO CORONA VD Ja 74 ua ck rdi St so aL –B No ink n r Q rth H oa 70 SB er dw ts S n M M 46 ay N •W N • Av W Bayside LIRR Mets–Willets Point 11 82 M St BL RN 7•Q48 LGA Airport ST Gu nw Vlissingen 7 7•Q48 LGA Airport 1 La ei Broadway 21 St Queensbridge Auburndale N Myrtle Av– No serviceMetropolitan Av Little use 7 Neck Shuttle Douglaston TO SBS G La St N •W AST BL ORI A E E 53 ST • Vlissingen Main St 2 82 STEINW AY ST 36 ST 30 Av LONG ISLAND CITY Local in Brooklyn U 3 1 ST 21 ST 30 AV No serviceuse A D Q WY ASTORIA M60 R E TH Vlissingen Q7 Q47 DITM ARS BLVD M60 SBSN•W LGA 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Rockaway.