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Conor Doyle - Music and Mediumship 100%

To what extent is music and trance an integral part of African religious practices?


GAIA concept BDY20 f3 97%

 Maintenant  légendaires,  les  GAIA  rassemblent   les  meilleurs  ar;stes  de  la  scène  techno-­‐transe  et  sont  les  plus  belles  et  les  plus  grandes  soirées  trance  de   l'hexagone.


Mushi Family Catalogue (October 2010) 95%

5 • VA - Stardust EP • Tulk - Bass Belly EP • VA - Goa Trance Vol.


A&B.1 95%

2000) + Members Labels Discography Jono Grant Tony McGuinness Paavo Siljamaki Tri-State (2006) Group Therapy (2011) Acoustic (2014) We Are All We Need (2015) Anjunabeats Anjunadeep Associated Genres Trance Acts Vocal Trance OceanLab Richard Bedford Zoë Johnston Alex Vargas Annie Drury Progressive Trance Awards DJ Mag Top 100 DJs (2008-2014) Essential Mix of the Year (2004 &


plur 3 94%

nam donose oni mali sitni Od svojeg nastanka, trance glazba zauzimala je posebno mjesto unutar rave kulture.


DEF Giornalino SMALL 81%

€ Bonduelle 1, 62 al Kg Pz 4 al kg Smeriglio a trance cong.


Silaqui 80%

169 35 115 4 17 5d8 14 +4 +1 0 +3 +14 ✔ DEX ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ DEX ✔ Piercing Damage Rapier ✔ 3 5 1H ✔ ✔ DEX 4 +7 1d8 0 ✔ ✔ Piercing Damage Dagger ✔ 3 20/60 1H Theives Rapier Dagger ShortBow LeatherArmor Elusive Bracer SneakAttack | Assassinate CunningAction | Trance UncannyDodge | DarkVision TheivesCant | MaskofWild FeyAncestory | ✔ DEX 4 +7 1d4 3d6 0 Piercing Damage Short Bow ✔ 3 +7 +1 +1 +4 +3 +1 +1 0 +4 +1 +1 +4 0 0 +1 +7 +7 +1 80/320 2H ✔ DEX 4 1d6 5.0 CRs - Character Sheet - RRH-fillable - Rev6 +7 0 Sneak Attack - once per turn deal extra dmg - If AV on attack roll (AR) --No AV needed if another target <


Juandnd 78%

Trance. Trance 4 hrs. instead of sleep 8.


Juandnd 78%

Trance. Trance 4 hrs. instead of sleep 8.


Juan 78%

Trance. Trance 4 hrs. instead of sleep 8.


High Elf Fighter 1 76%

Elf trait Trance. ... Trance. You don’t require sleep.


download 75%

level BackgrouNd Player Name Elf/Wood Elf Lawful Neutral 0 race aligNmeNt exPerieNce PoiNts inspiratiOn strEngth 11 +2 prOficiEncy bOnus 13 +3 35 armOr class initiativE spEEd 0 PersoNality traits dExtErity 17 * * hit Point maximum +2 strength +5 dexterity +2 constitution +3 intelligence +3 12 0 Wisdom 0 charisma cOnstitutiOn saving thrOws currEnt hit pOints ideals tEmpOrary hit pOints BoNds 14 total +3 acrobatics (dex) +2 intElligEncE 16 * * wisdOm * death saves deception (cha) Name atk BoNus damage/tyPe insight (Wis) * * * FlaWs Trance.


Bruised Apples Final Draft 73%

JILL is in a trance, working.


Comunicato stampa finale 71%

nato come raduno gotico più di vent’anni or sono, si è evoluto in un festival unico in Italia, dedicato alla musica oscura di matrice anglo europea che trae le sue origini negli sperimentalismi nati nel periodo post punk (new wave, future pop, darkwave, …), all’elettronica (ebm, industrial, psy, trance, schranz, …) e dalle avanguardie metal (heavy, death, trash, black, grind, viking, folk, …).


Brdredr Writings 69%

I personally favor the idea of self-hypnosis either by going in a trance and dealing with the problem(s) at the subconscious level instead of trying to deal with it consciously.


Summary of Findings 69%

The Living Gods of Haiti), or shamanic trance, found in other cultures.


perfect beat - eBay auction 68%

All styles of Dance including Trance, House, Deep House, Commercial Dance, Circuit, Progressive, etc....


download 68%

You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed and magic can't put you to sleep Nature (int) Trance.


2013.1 Fairview Music Schedule 64%

Melissa Mitchell ESPN/Fur Rondy Poker Qualifier Tournament - 7 pm The Wildcat Trio End of the Month Superfun Quiz Night SALEM - Rap/Trance/Club music from Michigan MARCH


Upcoming Fairview Events 64%

The Wildcat Trio End of the Month Superfun Quiz Night SALEM - Rap/Trance/Club music from Michigan MARCH FEBRUARY NER JANUARY ESPN/Fur Rondy Poker Qualifier Tournament - 7 pm Quiz Night Trivia with Cortni Surprise Band!


dream realm 64%

As you slowly wake up in the insides of the dubious unknown dream Freeing yourself from the stress-filled strains of the ever haunting reality You witness a scene befitting of nameless beasts, a rotten garden of souls Whose decayed stench your nose can barely stand Look past the unnerving flowers for the forgotten spot where Presence lies To know how to see in this unstable reef means for you to close your eyes As the light whose existence the dream depends upon fades, you kneel And you whisper with me, Presence, grant us eyes, grant us eyes You wake up from your eternal slumber to the voice of your new listener The soot black of your flesh contrasts beautifully with the pale moon And the mind of the listener is yours and only yours to take You hear the wish of the heart and feel the Arcane will You come back to your senses greeted by a foul smell As you realize your existence is ephemeral the dream starts to captivate Ruins of great civilizations and their atmosphere of a distant past engulf you For your destiny is that of greatness but your end lies in here Your trance is heightened, the fulfilled soul moisturises the bier And as you go back to sleep your dream realm fades yet again To realign in the mind of another of your listeners with insight Presence is your name, Wishes you fulfil and souls are for you to take You let your children dream and so they vow to you and yours You, the god of the rivers of consciousness, who lives inside your head You, who dominates insight, grant us eyes, grant us eyes.


Jay Bird Press Release- Here With You 64%

The song compliments the powerful vocal work of Trisch by combining colorful trance textures with uplifting, tropical melodies.


Gayl 64%

SPELLCASTING PASSIVE WISDOM (PERCEPTION) CP -Rides a Drake -Staffs -Crossbows -Shortbows -Longswords -Shortswords -Daggers -Proficient in Dragon (Writing, speaking and reading) -Nightvision -Fae acenstry -Trance (Doesn't sleep, just meditates) -Officer OTHER PROFICIENCIES &


erdan 64%

LEVEL Erdan CHARACTER NAME Will BACKGROUND Wood elf C/N RACE ALIGNMENT PLAYER NAME EXPERIENCE POINTS INSPIRATION STRENGTH -1 13 2 ARMOR CLASS PROFICIENCY BONUS 3 35 INITIATIVE SPEED rather make new friends than enemies PERSONALITY TRAITS 8 DEXTERITY ● +3 ● 16 -1 Strength +5 Dexterity +2 Constitution +3 Intelligence +2 Wisdom +1 Charisma CONSTITUTION Hit Point Maximum 17 Freedom CURRENT HIT POINTS I've got a large debt to repay SAVING THROWS TEMPORARY HIT POINTS +2 ● 14 INTELLIGENCE +1 ● 12 ● WISDOM ● +2 ● 14 CHARISMA +1 ● ● 12 +5 Acrobatics (Dex) +2 Animal Handling (Wis) +1 Arcana (Int) -1 Athletics (Str) +5 Deception (Cha) +1 History (Int) +4 Insight (Wis) +1 Intimidation (Cha) +3 Investigation (Int) +2 Medicine (Wis) +1 Nature (Int) +4 Perception (Wis) +1 Performance (Cha) +1 Persuasion (Cha) +1 Religion (Int) +5 Sleight of Hand (Dex) +7 Stealth (Dex) +2 Survival (Wis) Total 2d8 HIT DICE NAME I'm wanted for a crime DEATH SAVES FLAWS ATK BONUS DAMAGE/TYPE rapier +5 1d8 pie short bow +5 1d6 pie dark vision fey ancestory trance mask of the wild sneak attack expertise: