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squelette 100%

Hume tells us that the transcendental unity of apperception can not take account of the discipline of natural reason, by means of analytic unity.


Aiken Aristotle&Heidegger 1991 99%

In contrast to the earlier Greek and Plato, philosophers change Aristotle of material after the problem considering reached the conclusion is an or ousia, phenomena, immanent and quality that forms the identity of each particular Aristotle's which however, ousia realism, concept, phenomenal constitutes is not of being that the essential inseparable Aristotle, Following the theme of this present of essence nature and that Aristotle whose sophical transcendental.


CFP META 2019 82%

Iulian Apostolescu (University of Bucharest) TOPICS  Husserl’s Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics  The Concept of Intentionality in Mathematics  Husserlian Phenomenological Grounding of the Sciences Presented in Ideas  Oskar Becker’s Mantic Version of Phenomenology  Becker’s Transcendental-Phenomenological Grounding of the Geometry of Space  Weyl’s Symbolic Construction of the World  Finitism and Intuitionism  Phenomenological Foundation of Mathematics and Science  Kurt Gödel’s Foundational Project of Mathematics on Transcendental Phenomenology TIMETABLE Deadline for abstract submissions (max.


Squaring Pi 67%

The number Pi can't be a transcendental number, but a simple and easy to obtain number, also function of the inscribed and circumscribed squares to the circumference, as well of its diameter, like it is seen geometrically.



Viagens | surf | beleza atividades físicas | moda | design New wave | fotografia | corpo Oldschool | vida noturna | praia música eletrônica minimalista e transcendental | cultura cosmopolita | gastronomia Arquitetura | cultura sudesteoriental


CS Chakra Matrix 25252012 60%

BASE Muladhara SACRAL Svadisthana SOLAR Manipura HEART Anahata THROAT Vishuddha BROW Ajna CROWN Sahasrara Red Orange Yellow Green (and Pink) Blue Indigo Violet 4 6 10 12 16 2 1000 Garnet, Jasper, Ruby Fire Opal, Carnelian, Citrine Topaz, Yellow Tourmaline, Citrine, Tigers Eye, Amber Jade, Peridot, Emerald, Watermelon Tourmaline, Rose Quartz Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Turquoise Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst Celestite, Charoite, Sugilite/Luvulite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Gold Myrrh, Cedarwood, Patchouli Sandalwood, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose Geranium, Clary Sage, Juniper Rose, Neroli, Melissa Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage Frankincense, Basil Rosewood, Lotus or Water Lily Moon Mars Sun Venus Mercury Jupiter Saturn C D E F G A B Mantra LAM VAM RAM YAM HAM OM OM Sounds like Larm Varm Rarm Yarm Harm Omm Omm Direction South North East Up Down West Centre Angel Gabriel Samael Raphael Anatheal Michael Kaptziel Tzidkiel Deities Brahma, Dakini Vishnu, Rakini Rudra, Lakini Ishvara, Kakini Sadasiva, Sakini Shiva, Shakti Hakini Shiva, Shakti Area North America South America Europe Africa Asia Australia Antarctica Seas North Atlantic South Atlantic Northern Pacific South Pacific Indian Ocean Arctic Ocean Antarctic Ocean Ages 0-7 and 50-56 8-14 and 57-63 15-21 and 64-70 22-28 and 71-77 29-35 and 78-84 36-42 and 85-91 43-49 and 92-98 Endocrine Gland Testes/Ovaries Adrenals Pancreas Thymus Thyroid Pituitary Pineal THE CHAKRAS Lotus Petals Crystals Essential Oils Planet Note Physical action Sexual Reproduction Digestion Circulation Communication Intuition Meditation Mental Action Stability Creativity Power Passion Fluent Thought Trust Universal Consciousness Sensuality Joy Expansiveness Love Independence Clarity Beingness Security Enthusiasm Growth Devotion Security Imagination Unity through transcendental consciousness Life-force energy, Survival in the Body, Connection to the Earth, Grounding, Security, Stability Emotionality, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Clairsentience Energy Distribution, Wisdom, Personal Power, Opinions, Fear, Anxiety Love, Selflessness, Compassion, Ability to Validate and Be at Peace, Unconditional Love Communication, Self Expression, Independence, Inspiration, Speaking ones Truth Clearseeing, Intuition, Clairvoyance Wisdom, Knowingness, Unity, Enlightenment, Contemplation, Mediation and Higher Spiritual Information Issues Lust, Obsession Relationships, Addiction, Violence Expansiveness Passion, Tenderness, InnerChild Issues, Rejection Listening, Truthfulness Balancing Higher/Lower selves and Trusting Inner Guidance.


thing 54%

Lecture 1 Problems 1*.


CJL-SubmissionLetter 53%

as I'm easy to work with and extremely chill and focused (owed in part to 4 years of doing transcendental meditation) and so organized, detailed and dedicated to conscious creativity that after 2 years of training I am now a regular lucid dreamer with the ability to purposefully interact with and change my dream environment at least once a week.


Immortality is Material 52%

Transcendental planes, as we picture them as ghostly, appear to be semireal and weird.


the-observer-of-genesis-alberto-canen 49%

THE SACRED WRITER 7 THE OBSERVER Contemplating the creation 8 MESSAGE AND TEACHING 9 TRANSCENDENTAL CONTENT 10 EDEN 10 a Human nature in a controlled environment.


BLAP 49%

INDIGO Of course! It will be transcendental.


Leonard Mantle case and Iso Khan 48%

Not only is it a one-shot that doesn't have an outer-limits ending, but it's also a one-shot that has what I'd consider more of an uplifting ending, reminding me more of transcendental psychedelia, then of the other more cynical endings that the one-shots have had (which give more of an impression that the writer didn't know how to write an ending) Source:


The Book of Life 47%

Dreams and thoughts and reality is transcendental in accordance.


The World as Will and Idea Schopenhauer Book 1 46%

that existence and perceptibility are convertible terms.” These words adequately express the compatibility of empirical reality and transcendental ideality.


CJLenhartResume2018 44%

The experience and engagement of consciousness as life is so important to me that not only have I been a practicer of transcendental meditation for nearly 4 years and study neuroscience and quantum physics as a pastime, but I have also had the opportunity over the last few years to train myself to lucid dream - being aware and awake during REM with the regular ability to interact with and manipulate the environment of my dreams purposefully.


cpaper 44%

The Transcendental Whitepaper will be released once the Foundation is in Existance and able to assure the needed legal arrangements.



Com o protrair do tempo, tanto o Direito como o Estado, tomaram uma dimensão universal, secular e transcendental, passando a ser alvos de constantes questionamentos, e em certa medida, até “desnaturalizado”, pois, costuma-se cogitar que suas (re)estruturações, teriam como intento subsidiário, diversas outras finalidades.


2120 BOC+MEMO Fall+2016 v1 40%

APMA 2120 – Multivariable Calculus Fall 2016 INSTRUCTOR:


Fuck Neoliberalism 39%

To prefigure is to embrace the conviviality and joy that comes with being together as radical equals, not as vanguards and proletariat on the path towards the transcendental empty promise of utopia or ‘no place’, but as the grounded immanence of the here and now of actually making a new world ‘in the shell of the old’ and the perpetual hard work and reaffirmation that this requires (Ince 2012).


Chronical Guide VtM PGs 76-80.indd 36%

Kathakanas The Nagaraja traveled west with the Alexandrian Empire, and there they found more priests of the Wheel, a Greek cult of ascetic transcendental mystics- Orphics.


Communism with the Mask Off 36%

It recognizes religion only as an “opium for the people.” National Socialism absolutely places in the foreground of its program a belief in the spiritual and that transcendental idealism which has been destined by Nature to bring to expression the racial soul of a nation.


RAO Edition 35%

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