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15 April 2015  Dr. Kemper and Midwestern University,       As   future  physicians  in  the  Osteopathic  Community,  we  pride  ourselves  on  one  day  becoming  a  part  of  the  healthcare  system  in  America.  The  Osteopathic   Community  prides  itself  on  training  physicians  to   serve  in  the  underserved  populations  primarily   in  the  means  of  Primary  Care  and  Osteopathic  Manipulative  Medicine.  As  a  student  body, complaints will always arise, and most will  come  with  the  questions  of  whether  our  school  is  living  up  to   the  ideals  of  the  osteopathic  community   and   are  we  getting  the  education  we   need  to  best  serve  our  future  patients.  As  Midwestern  University  states in  its  mission  statement,  that  it  strives  to  “Promote  and Maintain the  Osteopathic  Philosophy”,  we  as  a  student  body  write  this  letter  to  ensure  that  the  University  has  not steered off course.    We  understand that your  office does  not  directly  deal  with  tuition or  the finances of the university,   but  we  write this letter to you, as our Dean, Mentor, and Colleague to best represent our voice and  ensure  that  our  questions  are  answered.  We  understand  that  historically  tuition  has  increased   roughly  5%,  since  2002,  and  every  year  students  are  upset and do  not  know  how  to  handle  the  situation.  We   understand that last  year  we  held  a  Town  Hall  Meeting  with Dr. Goeppinger,  which  very  few  students  attended  ­  due  to  this  concern,  we  feel  it  is  best  to  address  our  questions  and  concerns  in   this  manner  instead.  As  a  student  body,  we  collected  all  of  the  information  that  has  been  passed  between  students.  We  collected  every  question  students  may  have  and  also   collected  every  rumor  they  may  have  heard.  Throughout   the  information below,  we  will  highlight  those  rumors  and  we will  also  highlight  out  the  facts  and  the  questions  we  have  about  our tuition  and  the  financial situation of Midwestern University. We have tried to lay everything out as concise  as  possible  ­  we  primarily  hope  for two  things:  An itemized breakdown of the MWU expenses and  where  our  tuition dollars  go. We  would  like  to  hear  from  MWU  with  answers  to  our  questions in 1  month’s time.      The Facts: ​ All resources are provided at the end of this letter.     ­The Mean 2014­2015 COM Tuition and Fees $42,953  ­The Mean 2014­2015 COM Tuition and Fees Increase       3.7%  ­The Mean Private COM Tuition and Fees $45,622  ­The Mean Private COM Tuition and Fees Increase        3.5%    ­The Cost 2014­2015 AZCOM Tuition and Fees $58,630  ­The Cost 2014­2015 CCOM Tuition and Fees $60,446  ­The Cost 2014­2015 MWU Tuition and Fees Increase       5.0%    AZCOM  and  CCOM  are  the   top  1st  and  2nd  in  the  nation  for  tuition.  The  next  school  tuition  is  NYITCOM  at  $53,760  roughly  $5000  less  than AZCOM and $7000 less than CCOM. NYITCOM is  in  the  Heart  of  NYC, NY  ­  currently  the  most  expensive  city  in  the  US.  And  note  that the only For  Profit DO school in the country has tuition set at $48,938.    Last  year  at  the  Town Hall  Meeting we were told our tuition was higher because our tuition was all  inclusive  and other  programs  had  more out of pocket fees by their students. Things we pay for out  of   pocket:  Health  Insurance,  Room  &  Board,  Board   Examination  Review  material,  Clickers  for  Mandatory  Attendance,  all  Books,  Anatomy  Dissection  Kits,  Anatomy   Lab Gloves,  Anatomy  Lab  apron,   Micro  Lab  Apron,  White  Coat  embroidery,  Ipad/Computer,  On  campus club  membership,  Vaccinations,  Annual  Flu  shots,  Stethoscopes,  Otoscopes,  Ophthalmoscopes,  Reflex  hammer,  Eye  chart,  Blood  Pressure  Cuff,  Licensure  Exams  2­5  totally  between  $3000­$7000,  Conference  Travel, etc..     Things  other  schools get that we do not: (all results collected from published minutes on AACOM’s  website  of  university  representatives  ­  out  of  36  COMs).  17  schools   give  their  students  free  vaccines,  17  schools  provide  health  insurance  in  their  tuitions,  20  schools  have access to a 24/hr   library,  29  schools have all electronic/computer/tablet exams, 17 schools have doctoral graduation   bonnets/tudor caps at graduation and not the traditional MortarBoard Undergraduation caps, Video  Recording  ­  CCOM  remains   to  be  one  of  4  schools  in  the  Country   without  Video  Recording,  AZCOM  had  to  abstain  from  that  vote  seeing  as  only  part  of  the  curriculum  is  recorded  while the  rest of the schools have full video recording.     The  other  comment  we  heard  from  last year  is that  it  is  not  fair  to  assess  tuition  rates  due  to  the  lack  of  equality  in living  expenses  and the urban landscape of each school. To better assess this ­  another  individual  survey  was  collected  from  35  of  the   36  schools.  The  data  that  was  collected  was  the  average  amount  taken  out  by  a  student  in  federal  loans,  to  be  fully  supported  on  federal  aid.  To  throw  out  all  outliers,  only  single,  non  married  students  were  asked  who  did  not have any  children.  For  example,  our  tuition  is  $58K  ­  when  we  apply   for  loans  it  gives  a  maximum  award  based  on  living  expenses  in  the  area,  extra  fees,   living/personal  expenses,  etc  ­  AZCOM’s  average  is  between  $85­$90K.  This  amount  is  a   better  comparator  between  schools  when  it  comes  to  true  loan  debt  ­  an  MWU  student  will  leave  school  with $360,000 in debt assuming they  have  to  take  out  roughly  $90K  in  debt  each  year.  The  survey  results  ­  these  are  rough  estimates  from collection of students at each of the schools:     ­Average COM Yearly fees $67,340  ­Median & Mode $70,000  ­ Low & High ($41,000 & $90,000)  ­Standard Deviation $14,000  ­95% Confidence Interval ($53,160 & $81,530)    Which  means  both  AZCOM  and  MWU  are  two  of  the  three  schools  outside  the  95%  confidence  interval  for  yearly  fees.  After  next  year’s  Tuition  increase,  the  school   will  now  collect  an  extra  $2.7M from AZCOM students and $2.8M from CCOM students.     As  students,  we do  understand  the  value  of  good  education  and  we understand that with a tuition  raise   we  should  expect  increased  benefits  and  increased  educational  opportunities.


Tuition & Fees Info Sheet 15-16 99%

Tuition if Enrolled by March 2nd $975 $1,450 $2,650 $4,800 $5,370 $6,350 $6,750 $7,950 $995 $1,480 $2,700 $4,900 $5,475 $6,475 $6,885 $8,100 $9,950 (Enrollment Forms &


Fees and Scholarships 95%

Staff | Alumni Search this site About UOS Admissions Academics Administration Research Libraries | Job Oppor tunitie…  Life on Campus Media 2nd International 3rd Sharjah International Conference Conference on Arab’son and Islamic Muslim’s Economy History of Science More » » Home » Admissions » Fees and Scholarships » Tuition And Housing Fees FEES AND SCHOLARSHIPS Tuition And Housing Fees Financial Aid University Services Fees Payment of Tuition Fees Discounts Financial Policies And Regulation For Student Transactions Student Services provided by Finance TUITION AND HOUSING FEES 1.


2017 Summer Single Page Flyer Arcadia 95%

9TH GRADES) (10TH GRADE ONLY) Weekday Programs (June 12 – August 3) Monday - Thursday 9:00am-12:00pm Weekday Program (June 12 – August 3) Monday - Thursday 9:00am–1:00pm Tuition $1200 / 8 weeks No class on Monday, July 3rd and Tuesday, July 4th.


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Nickname Child Lives With L Family Information Social Security # Relationship to Child Address City Zip Home Phone Cell Phone Employer Last Name First Name Drivers License # Relationship to Child Address City Home Phone Cell Phone Employer Work Phone Social Security # Zip Work Phone Custody • Mother Father Both Other C Medical Information Phone Number Child’s Dentist Address Phone Number Hospital Preferences Allergies, special medical or dietary needs or other areas of concern Tuition:


School Schedule 15-16 90%



Cost of College Education 89%

    Global Campaign for Education    Higher Education is the broadest sense in act or experience that has a formative  effect of the mind, character, and physical ability of an individual. It is the way society  transmits accumulated knowledge and skills from generation to generation. The cost of  college education in America is high and rising. From at this point, unless inflation is  halted their is no choice in the matter except for the raise of college tuition. Today, the  average cost for a university was around 31, 000. That has brought immense pressure  from social media and the general public on the worth of college education. College  Enrollment peaked in 2011, with millions of debt­burdened college students still  unemployed with one of the worst recessions on record, and families wondering why  college tuition is on the rise and how much higher it will get.Families are forced deeper  into debt to make up the difference. Many different forces are coming into play when it  comes to driving the cost of college tuition up.The cost of maintaining college facilities,  the rise of college sports and coaching salaries. Higher education pay rolls have also  added many non­teaching jobs in recent years.Many schools have off­set spending  increases by relying heavily on part­time instructors. A big reason the price of education  keeps rising is because deep budget cuts in state funding for public and higher  education and shrinking subsidies have pushed a greater share of costs onto students  and families. College education is important for future success. Their is a bright glare on  higher education in this political campaign. There are different approaches for finding a  solution, including making college cheaper as well as the need for more innovation and  efficiency. Many college students agree on the importance of financial aid, and the  growing number of parents concerned with having enough money to pay for parents  tuition. Amongst many Americans, this is one of the greatest financial concerns.   Tuition sticker prices, adjusted for inflation, have tripled for four­year colleges and more  than doubled for private ones in the last three decades­helping push higher education to the  forefront. The nation collects $1.2 trillion in student loan debt. The fear amongst many  Americans is the the thought of their children being shut out for the opportunity of having higher  education. The GOP will have to go beyond criticizing higher establishment to make solutions  on this scale.  College enrollments are down and even as most states have been restoring recession  cuts, higher education funding in states remains below recession­levels. The average state is  spending 23 percent less per student than before the recession. The encouragement of the  “expansion of income share agreements” a form of student aid allowing private investors to pay  students college costs in an exchange for college students’ future earnings. “Risk Sharing” in  colleges involves a small stake in which whether graduates pay back these loans. The question  of free college is who is going to pay for it? Where are they going to get the money from?


12:4 CULockIn Press Release 89%

Yesterday, an anonymous source shared a report with us detailing the results of a committee convened to analyze the feasibility of implementing undergraduate tuition in the School of Engineering.



paid studies undergraduates job prospects tuition fee postgraduates field of study enrolment thesis reviewers British Council survey finds that 37% of _______________ and _______________ consider overseas study.


Matthew J. Carufel verification for Northwestern 09.11.17 89%

Matthew John Carufel Student ID # mjc3207 Please be advised that Matthew John Carufel has been a full-time employee of PRADCO Outdoor Brands, a division of EBSCO Industries, Inc., since January 5, 2011, and has been approved for EBSCO’s Tuition Reimbursement Program to receive a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.



Student Tuition London Docklands We at SIRM recognise that children of today are the leaders of tomorrow ENROL NOW!


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We at SIRM recognise that children of today are the leaders of tomorrow 4-11 KS1-KS2 11-16 KS3/KS4 GCSE 16-18 A LEVEL SIRM Tuition London Docklands If you want the best for your child, SIRM Tuition Centre is the one for you ENGLISH MATHS SCIENCE Please contact us to book your FREE ASSESSMENT today!


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§ Provide tuition by qualified tutors at a reasonable price.


Price list 89%

Tuition Fees UCLan Cyprus provides a unique opportunity to receive a prestigious British education at Cypriot prices and without the financial costs of living and spending in the UK.


Greater London Tutors Brochure 88%

Greater London Tutors Tuition &


TheStateofCU0315 88%

Under the new plan (the Financial Sustainability Plan), all admitted undergraduates receive a half-tuition scholarship.


Platform 88%

Tuition is a major part of being a student;


Senior Thesis Planning 87%

With students having access to more money to pay for college, colleges may continue to increase tuition prices.


72-2560AfterSchoolClasses 84%

• Classes are from Mondays to Fridays at 3:30 to 4:30 pm • School bus services are available • Students are provided with a snack and drink every afternoon • Tuition Fee:


KC 2015-2016, Registration Form 83%

____________________________________________________________ (Primary contact for billing and other information) I will pay tuition by the … Semester Month Drop-In Name:


Baton Rouge AIC 83%



SPNS Application 82%



The Jason Cunningham Financial Aid Award 82%

Grants are awarded to assist with expenses associated with pre-school tuition, equipment, and other expenses.


The Jason Cunningham Financial Aid Award 82%

Grants are awarded to assist with expenses associated with pre-school tuition, equipment, and other expenses.