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Sponsor Proposal 100%

OVERVI EW Aboutt heEvent NameandLogo Pr opos edName i l haam Bas i cDet ai l s Tent at i veDat e 5, 6May Dur at i on 2Days( Sat ur day,Sunday) Venue NI TSr i nagar ,Hazr at bal No.ofevent s 81 2 Par t i c i pat i on St udentf r om l oc als c hool s /c ol l eges EVENTS Mus i c alPer f or manc es Var i ousmus i c alper f or manc eshavebeeni nc l udedi nt hef es t .Theswi l li nc l udevar i ous s ongs ,i ns t r ument alpi ec es ,et c .Theper f or manc eswi l lbegi venbypr of es s i onalar t i s t s / mus i c i ans ,aswel lasbys t udent sf r om var i ouss c hool sandc ol l eges .


Leaflet 300dpi 99%

Leader s hi pExper i enc e 英语学习与首要经验 • 针对915岁年龄学生的两周英国夏令营 • 两周共30小时的英文学习 • 包含签证,旅游,保险,食宿的费用 • 游览伦敦,牛津,温莎和朴茨茅斯四大城市 • 具资格的中文老师和英国老师全程陪同 • 每天3小时的夏令营户外活动 每晚都安排有趣的室内活动 • Engl i s hCl as s es Advent ur eandLeader s hi pAc t i vi t i es OurEngl i s hL anguagec our s esf oc usoni mpr ovi ngs peaki ng andl i s t eni ng,c ombi nedwi t hwr i t t enwor kt ok eepar ec or dof s t udent s ’ ac hi ev ement .St udent sr ec ei v e15hour soft eac hi ng eac hweeki nenj oy abl e,i nt er ac t i v ec l as s eswi t hnomor et han 12c hi l dr enperc l as s .


ChE 433a Rev1(1) 92%

Showdedi cat i onandi ni t i at i vei nengi neer i ngr esear chandi nnovat i on, orent r epr eneur i alvent ur es, and pr of essi onaldevel opment St udentOut comesandRel at i onshi pst oPr ogr am Educat i onalObj ect i ves STUDENTOUTCOMES( SO) Upon compl et i on of t he pr ogr am,t he Uni ver si t y of Mi ndanao Chemi calEngi neer i ng st udent s wi l l demonst r at e:


IF Brochure Combined 87%

TheI nt e r c ul t ur al Fac i l i t at o rPr o gr am Loy ol aMar ymountUni ver si t y I nt er cul t ur alFaci l i t at orPr ogr am Loyol aMar ymountUni ver si t y' sMi ssi oni st he encour agementofl ear ni ng,t heeducat i onoft he whol eper sonandt heser vi ceoff ai t handt he pr omot i onofj ust i ce.TheI nt er cul t ur alFaci l i t at or( I F) pr ogr am i sgr oundedbyLMU' si nt er cul t ur alval ues andser vesasar esour cef oral lst udent sast hey pr epar ef ort hechal l engesandr ewar dsofl i vi ngi na di ver sesoci et y.Thi suni quepr ogr am of f er sa const r uct ed,i nt ent i onalpr ocessf ordi al oguesand di scussi onscampuswi de,f ocusi ngonavar i et yof cul t ur ali ssuesandconcer ns.


Stefan Niculae CV 2 86%

EDUCATI ON Bachel orofComput erSci ence I thasspar kedmyi nt er esti nmanyt opi csIdi dn’ tknowIenj oyedbef or e:mat hemat i cs, Uni x, comput ernet wor ks,assembl y.Bei ngamongt het op3% st udent s( 9.


ASL 101 Syllabus 86%

T hi sc our s ei s des i gnedf ors t udent swi t hnos i gnl a ngua ges k i l l st odev el opba s i cs k i l l si nus eofAS La ndk nowl edge ofDea fc ul t ur e .


ASL 102 Syllabus 86%

T hi sc our s ei s des i gnedf ors t udent swi t hmi ni ma l s i gnl a ngua ges k i l l st odev el opba s i cs k i l l si nus eofAS La nd k nowl edgeofDea fc ul t ur e .


invitation en 81%

- Engi neer i ng management and st udent educaon i nvol vedi nmi cr o/nanosat el l i t edevel opment s,andsoon.


3.Parent Letter Lesson 2 77%

”I nt hi sl es s on, wehel peds t udent sl ear nt hatJes uswant sHi sf ol l ower st obecount er cul t ur ali nt hei rhumi l i t y , l i vi ngi nt hewor l dass er vant sofot her s .


IdrisAlton-Resume-ExperiencedTeacher (1) 75%

c om Mi ddl eS c hool T ea c her Summar y Wor kExper i enc e At t ent i v e , y oung, s t udent f oc us edE ngl i s ht ea c her , s k i l l edi n ev a l ua t i ngneeds, a swel l a sdev el opi ngt ea c hi ngs t r a t egi es , t ea c hi nga i ds , ma t er i a l s , a ndl es s onpl a ns .


Dear parents and patrons of the district (1) 75%

      Dear pare ents and patro ons of the disstrict,     The Lakeland Joint Sch hool District w would like to o thank you foor your unrellenting suppo ort of our stu udents.   As many  of you know,, this is my first year as Su uperintendennt in the Lakeeland Joint Scchool Districtt.  I am  happy to  partner with Lisa Sexton,  Assistant Superintendentt, who has beeen part of th his great district for  the  paast  26  years.    Her  historiical  knowledgge  of  our  disstrict  is  an  in ntegral  asset.    I  have  been n  thoroughly  impressed  w with  the  level  of  dedicatio on  and  comm mitment our sstaff and com mmunity displlay for the yo outh in  our d district.  This  district  d has  bu uilt  a  K‐12  eeducational  syystem  that  m makes  our  paatrons,  staff, p parents, and  students prooud.  Students who have ggraduated fro om our  high  schools  have  gone  on  to  pprestigious  u universities,  the  military,  ccareer‐ techniical colleges, and trade schhools.  We arre proud of our graduates  – they  are maaking a differrence here annd throughou ut the world. In fact, manyy of the  teache ers and staff  members cuurrently employed by the  Lakeland Jt.  School  Districct are former  students andd work here b because theyy want to raisse their  childre en in this disttrict!    Historically, the comm munity has sho own strong support for ouur levies. Botth the Plant‐FFacility levy and the  Suppleme ental  Instructtional/Extra‐C Curricular  levvy  expire  thi s  year.    To  continue  thee  district’s  p path  of  academic  excellence  and  a student  success,  we  are  asking  foor  your  support.  It  “Quuality Schools has  been  important  to o  our  parentss  and  patrons  that  our  diistrict  continu ues  to  ensuure Quality focus on ssmall neighbo orhood schoo ols. Financiallyy, it would bee more efficieent for  Com mmunities… us  to  have  fewer  schools  with  large  l enrollm ments  at  eacch.   However,  the  support our districct March 14th.” research  clearly  indicaates  that  stu udent  successs  is  strongly  linked  to  po ositive  on M relationsh hips  with  adults.   We  kn now  that  fee eling  connectted  to  schoo ol  and  -Keevin Miller, having  a  sense  of  saafety  and  se ecurity  is  crittical  for  ourr  students  ‐ small  Bussiness Owner &


EMBA in Energy Overview June 2016 69%

ALL Energy, ONLY Energy EMBA in Energy At a Gl ance - 15 Mont h Program 22 Courses/ 36 Credit Hours Del ivered primaril y onl ine Two week-l ong residencies in Norman One week-l ong residency in London 2 Cohort St art s/ Year 20-22 St udent s/ Cohort AACSB Accredit ed This program was created in partnership with energy company executives interested in developing the energy leaders of tomorrow by offering the number one leadership and learning program for ambitious, forward-thinking energy executives worldwide.



3DSMAX VRAY ARCHI CAD AUTOCAD PHOTOSHOP MARVELOUS EDUCATI ON UNFU Nat i onalFor est r yUni ver si t yofUkr ai ne LandscapeAr chi t ect ur e/Ur banPl anni ng Bachel or ' sDegr ee2011-2015( St udent ) GI ZMO 3dsmax&Vr ayCour ses 3d.


Joseph Hobbs CV uncompressed 64%

Bes i desi mpec c abl eEngl i s h, demons t r at edflexi bi l i t y , or gani z a onandgenui nel yf ant as ci nt er per s onal s ki l l st o ac c ommodat emull evel l eds t udent s , bot hadul t s&c hi l dr en.


EssayContestV3 64%

E s s a y C o n t e s t KometUSA KometUSA’ sEs s ayCont es tf orDent al St udent s Pr i z es 1s tPl ac e:


chapter 4 - dc machine Dristi 62%

Dri s ti Da tta L e c t u re r, VU In t ro duc t io n t o DC Mac h in e Cont ent s u Overview of Direct Current Machines u Const ruct ion u Principle of Operat ion u Types of DC Machine u Power Flow Diagram u Speed Cont rol LEARNING OBJECTIVES uUpon complet ion of t he chapt er t he st udent should be able t o:


brochure 61%

c o m Spi r i t ual For mat i onOppor t uni t i es Adul t s , St udent s&Chi l dr en Januar y2018 Cl assesar eopent oj oi natanyt i me


Mihut-Bogdan(Resume)-EN 58%

EDUCATI ON 2013 20012013 “ BABES BOL YAI ”UNI VERSI TY Comput erSc i enc e Cl uj Napoc a, Romani a “ LI VI UREBREANU”HI GHSCHOOL Mat hmat i c sandComput erSc i enc e Bi s t r i t a, Romani a OTHERS 2013 HERMESSOCI ETY Comput erSc i enc eF ac ul t yNGO Or gani z i ngpr oj ec tandev ent sf ors t udent sf r om ourf ac ul t yas aCoor di nat oroft heEv ent sDepar t ment .


resumeupdated copy 57%

• Ai dedadvi sor swi t hst udent s, andhel pedmai nt ai nsc hedul es.


resume 56%

• Assi st edadvi sor swi t hst udent s, andhel pedmai nt ai nsc hedul es.


WentzellJosh-20130218-000 55%



Kate Lynch Resume 54%

As s i s t edi nt hedev el opmentandex ec ut i onofev ent si nc l udi ng s eas onal f es t i v al s ,weddi ngsandc or por at ef unc t i ons Fur t heres t abl i s hedbr andawar enes st hr oughmont hl y publ i s hedf l y er s ,pr es sr el eas es ,s oc i al medi aandbl ogpos t s Educat i on Geor gi aCol l ege&St at eUni v er s i t y Bac hel orofAr t si nMas sCommuni c at i on Emphas i si nSt r at egi cCommuni c at i on Mi nor :Mar k et i ng Dec ember2015 WhatIUse Mar ket i ngChai r|Soundsoft heSout hMusi cFest i val Mi l l edgev i l l e,GA|J anuar y2014-May2015 Leadaf ul l ys t udent r unv ol unt eeror gani z at i onwi t ht he c ommi t mentt ous emar k et i ngandpubl i cr el at i onss k i l l sf ort he gr owt handpr omot i onofat wodaymus i cf es t i v al .


Semester 1 Newsletter 52%

c om/ EWBSal f or d) andal s obegunwor konour T ankTr am pr oj ec tandr ec ent l y hos t edt heUKSt udent sf or t heEx pl or at i onand Dev el opmentofSpac e ( UKSEDS)r oc k et r ywor k s hop.


ResumeFinal 51%

a e/ l i f es t y l e/ per s ona l fina nc e/ a t ouc hof c l a s s AWARDS Appl eWWDCSt udent Sc hol a r s hi p2014


Case Competition 2016 50%

TheCol umbi aSoci alEnt r epr eneur shi pGr oup( CSEG)i sdedi cat edt ot hei deat hatst udent scan pr ovi der ealconsul t i ngsol ut i onst osoci alent er pr i sesi nt heNew Yor kar eaandt hewor l d.Vi si t .