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sanctions 100%

 Entity  UKRAINE­EO13662  RUSSIAN AGRICULTURAL BANK  3, Gagarinsky Pereulok  Entity  UKRAINE­EO13662  VNESHECONOMBANK  9 Akademika Sakharova prospekt  Entity  UKRAINE­EO13662  GAZPROMBANK OAO  16, Building 1, Nametkina St.


johnsaf 96%

In 1954, by decree of Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev, Crimea was officially transferred from the control of the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic to that of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.1 The move transferred over a million ethnic Russians and nearly 250-300,000 Ukrainians to Ukraine.


UkraineCrisis 95%

ESSAY September/October 2014 Issue Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault The Liberal Delusions That Provoked Putin By John J.


GBU Mountain News LVIII - May 8, 2014 94%

The Ukraine How and why did today’s situation in the Ukraine develop and escalate?


CV iudashkin oleksandr 2015 94%

1985 058 456–50–80 CV Since graduating National Technical University of Ukraine I have gained both national and international experience within the design industry.


WC vs EC rosters 93%

Country World Championships Rosters European Championships Rosters Austria Andreas BABSCH (Austria) Andreas BABSCH (Austria) Wolfgang BIEDER (Austria) Torbjorn JONSSON (Austria) Arno LINDERMANN (Austria) Arno LINDERMANN (Austria) Josef SIMON (Austria) Gunther PURKARTHOFER (Aust Christian TERRANEO (Austria) Josef SIMON (Austria) Franz TERRANEO (Austria) Christian TERRANEO (Austria) Jean Marie BACKES (Belgium) Sam BAHBOUT (Belgium) Sam BAHBOUT (Belgium) Philippe COENRAETS (Belgium) Patrick BOCKEN (Belgium) Steven DE DONDER (Belgium) Philippe COENRAETS (Belgium) Steve DE ROOS (Belgium) Zvi ENGEL (Belgium) Zvi ENGEL (Belgium) Mike VANDERVORST (Belgium) Mike VANDERVORST (Belgium) Belgium Bosnia No roster listed for European Championships Denmark Michael ASKGAARD (Denmark) Dennis BILDE (Denmark) Dennis BILDE (Denmark) Morten BILDE (Denmark) Morten BILDE (Denmark) Knut BLAKSET (Denmark) Poul CLEMMENSEN (Denmark) Mathias BRUUN (Denmark) Hans Christian GRAVERSEN (Denmark) Soren CHRISTIANSEN (Denmar Kasper KONOW (Denmark) Martin SCHALTZ (Denmark) David BAKHSHI (England) David BAKHSHI (England) Tony FORRESTER (England) Tony FORRESTER (England) David GOLD (England) David GOLD (England) Frances HINDEN (England) Jason HACKETT (England) Graham OSBORNE (England) Justin HACKETT (England) Andrew ROBSON (England) Andrew ROBSON (England) Jyri AAVA (Estonia) Maksim KARPOV (Estonia) Vahur KURIG (Estonia) Tiit LAANEMAE (Estonia) Teno LUTTER (Estonia) Vassili LEVENKO (Estonia) Jaanus MARIPUU (Estonia) Leo LUKS (Estonia) Olavi OJA (Estonia) Lauri NABER (Estonia) Vilmar VAHE (Estonia) Sven SESTER (Estonia) Kauko KOISTINEN (Finland) Vesa FAGERLUND (Finland) Vesa LESKELA (Finland) Kauko KOISTINEN (Finland) Seppo NIEMI (Finland) Vesa LESKELA (Finland) Jussi Pekka TAMMINEN (Finland) Clas NYBERG (Finland) England Estonia Finland France Same roster in both events Germany Sabine AUKEN (Germany) Sabine AUKEN (Germany) Joerg FRITSCHE (Germany) Michael GROMOELLER (German Michael GROMOELLER (Germany) Julius LINDE (Germany) Julius LINDE (Germany) Martin REHDER (Germany) Christian SCHWERDT (Germany) Christian SCHWERDT (Germany Roy WELLAND (Germany) Roy WELLAND (Germany) Nikos DELIMPALTADAKIS (Greece) Konstantinos DOXIADIS (Greec Michel EIDI (Greece) Aris FILIOS (Greece) Panagiotis KANNAVOS (Greece) Konstantinos KONTOMITROS ( Yankos PAPAKYRIAKOPOULOS (Greece) Tassos KOUKOUSELIS (Greece) Greece Theodoros TRIANDAPHYLLOPOULOS (Gree Thanassis MATZIARIS (Greece) Hungary Iceland Vassilis VROUSTIS (Greece) Petros ROUSSOS (Greece) Daniel GULYAS (Hungary) Miklos DUMBOVICH (Hungary) Gal HEGEDUS (Hungary) Gal HEGEDUS (Hungary) Balazs KOTANYI (Hungary) Gyorgy KEMENY (Hungary) Gabor MACSKASY (Hungary) Tamas SZALKA (Hungary) Balazs SZEGEDI (Hungary) Laszlo SZILAGYI (Hungary) Laszlo SZILAGYI (Hungary) Gabor WINKLER (Hungary) Sveinn Runar EIRIKSSON (Iceland) Sveinn Runar EIRIKSSON (Icel Throstur INGIMARSSON (Iceland) Throstur INGIMARSSON (Icelan Birkir JONSSON (Iceland) Birkir JONSSON (Iceland) Adalsteinn JORGENSEN (Iceland) Thorlakur JONSSON (Iceland) Snorri KARLSSON (Iceland) Adalsteinn JORGENSEN (Icelan Karl SIGURHJARTARSON (Iceland) Magnus Eidur MAGNUSSON (Ic Ireland Same roster in both events Israel Michael BAREL (Israel) Ilan BAREKET (Israel) Alon BIRMAN (Israel) Michael BAREL (Israel) Ilan HERBST (Israel) Assaf LENGY (Israel) Ophir HERBST (Israel) Amir LEVIN (Israel) Dror PADON (Israel) Josef ROLL (Israel) Yaniv ZACK (Israel) Yaniv ZACK (Israel) Mario D' AVOSSA (Italy) Massimiliano DI FRANCO (Italy) Stelio DI BELLO (Italy) Giovanni DONATI (Italy) Massimiliano DI FRANCO (Italy) Alessandro GANDOGLIA (Italy) Italy Latvia Lorenzo LAURIA (Italy) Lorenzo LAURIA (Italy) Andrea MANNO (Italy) Andrea MANNO (Italy) Alfredo VERSACE (Italy) Alfredo VERSACE (Italy) Aigars GERMANIS (Latvia) Nauris ARMANIS (Latvia) Ugis JANSONS (Latvia) Martins LORENCS (Latvia) Martins LORENCS (Latvia) Janis NEIMANIS (Latvia) Maija ROMANOVSKA (Latvia) Bruno RUBENIS (Latvia) Ivars RUBENIS (Latvia) Ivars RUBENIS (Latvia) Karlis RUBINS (Latvia) Karlis RUBINS (Latvia) Lebanon No roster listed for European Championships Lithuania No roster listed for European Championships Monaco Same roster in both events Netherlands Same roster in both events Norway Erik A EIDE (Norway) Erik BERG (Norway) Harald EIDE (Norway) Boye BROGELAND (Norway) Lars EIDE (Norway) Thomas CHARLSEN (Norway) Petter EIDE (Norway) Thor Erik HOFTANISKA (Norwa Kristian ELLINGSEN (Norway) Espen LINDQVIST (Norway) Baard Kaare GRAESLI (Norway) Steffen Fredrik SIMONSEN (Nor Poland Same roster in both events Russia Igor BAVCHINE (Russia) Igor KHAZANOV (Russia) Yury KHIUPPENEN (Russia) Maria LEBEDEVA (Russia) Vadim KHOLOMEEV (Russia) Sergei ORLOV (Russia) Ivan SEMENOV (Russia) Dmitri PROKHOROV (Russia) Vitold SLIVA (Russia) Vladmir TATARKIN (Russia) Pavel VOROBEI (Russia) Andrez VORONOV (Russia) San Marino No roster listed for European Championships Scotland Alex ADAMSON (Scotland) Alan GOODMAN (Scotland) Sandy DUNCAN (Scotland) Irving GORDON (Scotland) Danny KANE (Scotland) Danny KANE (Scotland) Stephen PETERKIN (Scotland) Stephen PETERKIN (Scotland) Derek SANDERS (Scotland) Brian SHORT (Scotland) Spain Sweden Switzerland Federico GODED (Spain) Gabriel CARRASCO (Spain) Gonzalo GODED MERINO (Spain) Gabriel FRACTMAN (Spain) Andres KNAP (Spain) Federico GODED (Spain) Luis LANTARON (Spain) Gonzalo GODED MERINO (Spai Jordi SABATE (Spain) Ramon GOMEZ HIERRO (Spain) Arturo WASIK (Spain) Pedro GONCALVES (Spain) Tommy BERGDAHL (Sweden) Fredrik NYSTROM (Sweden) Fredrik NYSTROM (Sweden) Mikael RIMSTEDT (Sweden) Johan SYLVAN (Sweden) Ola RIMSTEDT (Sweden) Johan UPMARK (Sweden) Johan SYLVAN (Sweden) Niklas WARNE (Sweden) Johan UPMARK (Sweden) Frederic WRANG (Sweden) Frederic WRANG (Sweden) Bachar ABOU CHANAB (Switzerland) Bachar ABOU CHANAB (Switzer Bartlomiej IGLA (Switzerland) Stephan MAGNUSSON (Switzerl Stephan MAGNUSSON (Switzerland) Dmitrij NIKOLENKOV (Switzerla Dmitrij NIKOLENKOV (Switzerland) Fernando PIEDRA (Switzerland) Fernando PIEDRA (Switzerland) Marco SASSELLI (Switzerland) Cedric THOMPSON (Switzerland Turkey Ukraine Emre KAYA (Turkey) Nuri CENGIZ (Turkey) Omer KIZILOK (Turkey) Orhan EKINCI (Turkey) Enver KOKSOY (Turkey) Yusuf KAHYAOGLOU (Turkey) Tolga OZBAY (Turkey) Enver KOKSOY (Turkey) Bircan OZTURK (Turkey) Ali UCAR (Turkey) Dogan UZUM (Turkey) Nafiz ZORLU (Turkey) Yuliy CHUMAK (Ukraine) Volodymyr DRAGAN (Ukraine) Volodymyr DRAGAN (Ukraine) Oleksandr NYEMTSEV (Ukraine) Volodymyr PORKHUN (Ukraine) Volodymyr PORKHUN (Ukraine) Oleg ROVYSHYN (Ukraine) Oleg ROVYSHYN (Ukraine) Gennadii RYBNIKOV (Ukraine) Gennadii RYBNIKOV (Ukraine) Borys SHUKHMEYSTER (Ukraine) Borys SHUKHMEYSTER (Ukrain


manafort gates 93%

Between at least 2006 and 2015, MANAFORT and GATES acted as unregistered agents of the Government of Ukraine, the Party of Regions (a Ukrainian political party whose leader Victor Yanukovych was President from 201 O to 2014), Yanukovych, and the Opposition Bloc (a successor to the Patty of Regions that fo1med in 2014 when Yanukovych fled to Russia).


3Seas 92%

THE SECOND SUMMIT OF THE 3 SEAS INITIATIVE Internal report on the situation concerning national and sexual minorities in Ukraine for consideration of the Summit participants Warsaw 2017 Introduction A new nascent Federation is intended to unite a wider circle of states with common economic and political goals, than just the European Union membercountries invited to take part in this summit.


Der Krieg in der Ukraine und 'Grand Area' Konzept 91%

Der Krieg in der Ukraine und das „Grand Area“ Konzept – ein Appell an Frieden und Dialog Verfasser:


USA Pavilion at AGRO 2018 91%

JUNE 6-9, 2018 | KYIV, UKRAINE be part of Ukraine’s quest to feed the world U.S.


trku poa 2016 bw 90%

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Russian hand in Dutch referendum 90%

( Ukraine understands that scheduled for April, 6 2016 Dutch referendum pertaining to the foregoing association is not only about Ukraine.


2014-11-13-Tymoshenko-Et-Al-v-Firtash-Et-Al 89%

Firtash, who largely controls RUE, was able to secure profits from various corrupt Russia-Ukraine gas deals due to his close relationship with, and payment of illegal kickbacks to, Ukrainian government officials, including then Naftogaz Chairman Yuriy Boyko and Deputy Chairman Ihor Voronin, both of whom were nominated to RUE’s Coordination Committee after securing RUE’s initial brokerage contract.


Die Waisenknaben von Zion 87%

Kurzum, Schnapp dir die Ukraine? ... Die Ukraine?


NewsletterQ1 16 86%

Friends, Hope for Orphaned Refugees We thank God and you, His special servants, for partnering with Jesus Christ, to serve His interests Dear precious family and friends, in the world, along with us, in Ukraine.


2017 85%

Baris ÇAKIR Splash Meet Manager 11, 11.34686 Age 29 25 32 47 30 25 No Stars Swimming Club-Ukraine Galatasaray Atletico Fenerbahçe Marlin Sport Club-Ukraine Istanbul Teknik ÜNV.


ES dipl dispatch 84%

Russia-Ukraine-Hungary-Slovenia ( breakdown line between EU/ASIA ) V imenu E.S.


school boards kiev 1 84%

The fashion along with the progress in school appliances goes still further to bring a school board that was interactive, to each school in Kiev and all over Ukraine.


cv2 84%

“Lu” - all kinds of electric equipment installation Mykolaiv, Ukraine 2001 – 2002 Translator, simultaneous interpreter.


Jon Searle Ukr Hybrid Warfare notes 83%



Russian Lies and the Skripal Case 090318 v2 83%

One of the most blatant examples of this came in 2014, when Russia violated international agreements and the territory of a neighbouring sovereign state by seizing Crimea by force from Ukraine.


Wizz Air Hungary Kft 82%

Jeżeli numer lotu rozpoczyna się od „WU”, oznacza to, że jest on obsługiwany przez Wizz Air Ukraine Ltd.


IC YESS 2015 82%

Theoretical and methodological basis of research of the development of socio-economic systems Directions of ensuring the competitiveness of national economy within the current socio-economic conditions Development of the system of financial relations under the conditions of European integration and economic development of Ukraine Features of the development of mechanisms of management and transformation of the activities of enterprises under conditions of acceleration of the processes of European integration Peculiarities of the application of marketing tools considering the trends of the development of national economy The development of theory, methodology and improvement of the accounting practices, analysis and audit under modern conditions of the operation of socio-economic systems Mathematical methods, models and information technology in the economy as tools for social and economic development Development of tools and activation mechanism of international economic cooperation of Ukraine and its regions within the current conditions of European integration and challenges of globalization As part of the conference will be conducted 39 Summit of Social Entrepreneurship “SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP:


Forward Thinking Report - The potential relevance of the Ukrainian National Reform Council to the Tunisian Transition - ~1 81%

      Accordingly   between   the   19th   to   21st   December   we   brought   two   economic   experts   who   played   a   central   role   in   Ukrainian   reform   initiatives   after   the   2014   revolution   –   Erik   Berglof,   Director   of   the   London  School  of  Economics  Institute  for  Global  Affairs  and  former  Chief  Economist  at  the  European   Bank  for  Reconstruction  and  Development,  and  Vladyslav  Rashkovan,  former  Deputy  Governor  at  the   National  Bank  of  Ukraine  –  to  meet  with  key  Tunisian  interlocutors,  including: