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PTL Appeal PoplaV2 100%

Picture from your Website, Shows Shops were Used and Unclear Signs.


oral pres rubric 92%

20 Visual Aids/Handouts 0 Speaker loses train of thought, does not Presentation shows little organization, stay with the the proposed outline, or unclear purpose, and/or unclear connections are attempted but not made relationships or transitions.


1838oo Thürmer 91%

unclear, deutsch-englisch, german-english 400.


Police drones with Tasers It could happen in North Dakota 89%

with drones. It's unclear how these two figures square, because neither operations or missions were defined.


Appendix Schuette Full Days 89%

Schuette Full Days Date 4/14/11 4/15/11 4/19/11 4/20/11 4/26/11 8/2/11 9/7/11 10/11/11 10/26/11 11/8/11 11/21/11 12/8/11 12/20/11 1/11/12 1/24/12 2/1/12 2/7/12 2/15/12 2/16/12 2/23/12 3/8/12 4/10/12 4/17/12 5/2/12 5/8/12 5/9/12 9/13/12 9/26/12 9/27/12 12/6/12 4/24/13 6/5/13 6/26/13 7/18/13 7/29/13 7/30/13 8/27/13 first event begin 7:38am 7:40am 6am 7am 8am 7:30am 6:30am 9am 9am 8:30am 8am 8am 8:30am 6:30am 8:30am 6am 9:30am 9am 8am 7:30am 8:30am 10:30am 8am 10am 6:30am 7:30am 7am 8am 8am 8am 10am 7:30am 11:30am 7:30am 7:10am 7:05am 8am last event end 5pm 4pm 3pm 4pm 5:30pm 3:30pm 4pm 4:30pm 5pm 4:30pm 4:30pm 4pm 5pm 6pm 4:30pm 5pm 5:30pm 5pm 8pm 6pm 4pm 7pm 5:30pm 6:30pm 6pm 3:30pm 3pm 4pm 5pm 6pm 7:30pm 4:45pm 7:30pm 4:30pm 5pm 5:15pm 4pm 1 10/7/13 11/6/13 11/20/13 11/21/13 12/11/13 1/16/14 1/23/14 2/5/14 5/5/14 6/16/14 6/25/14 8/11/14 10/16/14 10/22/14 12/8/14 1/15/15 2/3/15 2/12/15 4/22/15 4/29/15 4/30/15 5/14/15 7/9/15 7/21/15 9/17/15 9/29/15 10/1/15 10/27/15 1/14/16 1/21/16 2/4/16 4/13/16 4/18/16 4/26/16 5/10/16 5/12/16 5/18/16 6/6/16 1pm 9am 8:30am 9am 11am 8am 7:30am 10:30am 6:45am 10am 7:20am 10am 9am 9:30am 9:30am 10:30am 9am 7am 10am 7:15am 11am 8:20am 8am 10:30am 8:30am 8am 7:30am 8am 7:30am 9:15am 8am 10:30am 8:45am 7:40am 8:30am 11:30am 7:30am 10:30am 9pm 5pm 7:30pm 7:30pm 7:30pm 5:30pm 7pm 7pm 3:30pm 7:30pm 4pm 7:30pm 5pm 5:30pm 6:30pm 7pm 7pm 3:45pm 7:15pm 4:30pm 7:30pm 9pm 4pm 7pm 8pm 5pm 8pm 4pm 7pm 7:30pm 5pm 7:30pm 4:45pm 4pm 5pm 8pm 4:30pm 8pm 2 7/27/16 9/15/16 9/16/16 9/22/16 10/26/16 12/2/16 12/5/16 12/21/16 1/9/17 2/1/17 2/2/17 2/22/17 3/17/17 4/25/17 4/28/17 5/30/17 6/15/17 9/19/17 10/10/17 11/29/17 1/23/18 1/29/18 4/27/18 4/30/18 5/4/18 5/10/18 5/17/18 5/18/18 6/11/18 7:15am 9:30am 7:30am 7:20am 9am 9am 7am 7:45am 9am 7:20am 7:10am 9am 7:15am 11am 9am 9am 7:38am 9:10am 8:30am 9am 12pm 7:15am 9am 8:30am 8:30am 7:14am 7:30am 7:33am 8:30am 3:30pm 8pm 5pm 4:45pm 5:30pm 5:30pm 5pm 4pm 5pm 5pm 5pm 7pm 5pm 7pm 7:30pm 5:15pm 4:15pm 6:43pm 4:30pm 9:30pm 8pm 6pm 8:30pm 4:30pm 4:30pm 4:30pm 4:30pm 4:30pm 4:30pm 3 Notes Large gaps during day Large gaps during day Large gaps during day Large gaps during day Large gaps during day Large gaps during day Large gaps during day Large gaps during day Large gaps during day Large gaps during day Large gaps during day Large gaps during day Large gaps during day Nothing scheduled from 7am-2:30pm Nothing scheduled from 10:30-3:30 Large gaps during day Nothing scheduled from 1:00-6:00 Nothing scheduled from 8-2:30 Nothing scheduled from7:30-12:30 4 Large gaps during day Large gaps during day Large gaps during day Large gaps during day Nothing scheduled from 7-11 Nothing scheduled from 11:30-5:30 Nothing scheduled from 7:25-2 Large gaps during day Nothing scheduled from 10:30-5:18 Large gaps during day Large gaps during day Nothing scheduled from 1-6 Large gaps during day Last event is FYI - unclear if attended.


Directions and Reference Material 83%

Very Unclear 2. Somewhat Unclear 3.


Preview 83%

Clients/Beneficiaries Global users of payment systems, Investors Team Invented by Satoshi Nakamoto (real identity unclear).


A closer look at the sugar tax - 1 Aug 2016 82%

YONATAN SHER Bowman Gilfillan Africa Group UGAR tax is set to be introduced in April 2017 and while the recently published policy paper provides far more detail than previously available ori how government envisions the sugar tax to work, there is still much that is unclear and uncertain.


Prospero propofol registration 74%

These events will be reported as an unclear outcome definition and will be the subject of a sensitivity analysis.


CFriel Obscurity 74%

The quality of being unclear or abstruse and hard to understand.


Written Assignments Rubric 73%

Needs Improvement 1-3 points 1 2 3 Thesis is unclear or weakly supported throughout the paper.


StuartsSelfEvaluationWeek3 72%

at end of presentation Average C 73-79 Below Avg/ Failing D/F 72-0 Story conveys Story conveyed only some brand facts, such as emotional “about us” page info, element but but did not convey connection the emotion behind with the brand what the brand is unclear.


ENGG1110 Assessment+Rubric+for+Final+Report (1) 71%

  Assessment Rubric for Final Report  Team:    Category/  Criteria  Formulation of  the challenge    Exemplary (5) Challenge is developed and  articulated in an excellent manner.  Effective thinking is clearly and  creatively expressed.  Develops logical and consistent plan  to meet the challenge, articulates the  Depth and  reasons. Develops clear connections  thoroughness of  between solutions and supporting  analysis  details. Excels at sophistication in  thought and thoroughness.  Actively seeks out and follows through  Innovativeness  in untested directions. Extends a  and feasibility  novel or unique idea to create a  of proposed  feasible new solution that is  solutions  technically creative.  Language  Wide variety of sentence structures.  Excellent word usage and precise  word choices, spelling, correct  grammar and punctuation, technically  accurate. Sources correctly cited.   Report is clearly structured around  the relevant theme. Each component  of the report is clear and relates to  Overall  others in a well‐planned framework.  presentation  Excellent integration of information.    Style of presentation is professional  and attractive.  Strengths of the report:    Competent (3)  Date:    Needs Work (1) Challenge is clearly developed  with  some supporting details and there is  evidence to support a central theme in  the challenge.  Challenge is poorly developed with  supporting details that are absent  or vague. Simple ideas and unclear  wording reflect a lack of  understanding of the challenge.  Considers various approaches and  develops a plan to solve the challenge.  Less acceptable approaches are rejected  with little consideration or justification.  Uses only a single approach to  consider and solve the challenge.   Presents the solution with  insufficient supporting details.  Experiments with creating a novel idea  to the challenge. Does not explore in  depth. Attempts to connect ideas and  solutions in novel ways.  Reformulates a collection of  available ideas without offering  new insights.  The solution is  unimaginative.  Some sentence variety; adequate usage  of wording, grammar and punctuation  with acceptable technical accuracy.  Some cited sources used.  Writing lacks sentence variety.  Significant deficiencies in wording,  spelling, grammar, or presentation.  Technical wording inaccurate.  Sources poorly cited    The structure of the report  demonstrates some form of organization  related to the relevant theme. Not all  components are logically presented, but  some theme is evident throughout.   Style of presentation is professional.  Report is unfocused and poorly  structured with the main theme  and details presented in a  disorganized and unrelated  manner.   Style of presentation is  unattractive.  Score     Areas for improvement:       


ACSchatresponseMay22014 71%

The amounts of nicotine and other substances a person gets from each cartridge are also unclear.


hopepoint2.0 71%

so the hopepoint instructions are a little unclear if you dont know how to navigate xcode iʼll add additional steps to their already established instructions, starting from step 1 step 1:


1880+ Friedrich Thürmer 71%

unclear deutsch-englisch, german-english Verstorbene im Jahre 1880 No 37 1) Vor = und Zuname, 2) Stand, Amt oder Gewerbe, 3) Alter des Verstorbenen.


1881 August Thürmer 70%

unclear deutsch-englisch, german-english Im Jahr 1881 No 1 Taufname des Kindes August Albert, 9.


Guide Britannica School1 70%

o click unclear all current history to open the Clear Recent History window o select to Accept cookies from sites, but then enter some Exceptions to prevent cookies from specific sites.


Guide Britannica School1 70%

o click unclear all current history to open the Clear Recent History window o select to Accept cookies from sites, but then enter some Exceptions to prevent cookies from specific sites.


hiller-Pac-APA-2017 69%

It may be unclear what our basic values from the idealized state would be.


2018 01 Decision European... 69%

In both cases it was unclear whether the Anti-Treaty Shopping rule of § 50d (3) EStG (2007) was applicable.


DNNT 15-11-30 68%

As of Sunday morn- said to be working on a Spreecast pro- tures included quitting Kermit and ing, Las Vegas oddsmakers were giv- gram to compete with Elisa Jordana’s Friends and claiming he was fired ing Corey a 30% chance of outliving popular program, but it is unclear if from it, cussing out Kermit host Elisa even Chris Dick, who once was most this project is still on the drawing Jordana, conspiring with Jordana’s widely seen as the KaF member most board, or if the current show is al- arch-nemesis Jimmy Linguini to bring likely to die.


just mturk consent 68%

If there is anything about the study or taking part in it that is unclear or that you do not understand, if you have questions or wish to report a research-related problem, you may contact the principal investigator, Alexa Hubbard, (203) 491-0321,, 6 Washington Pl., 4th floor;


Spring2016Resume 67%

RE MOT E — D E CE M B E R 2 0 1 5 -P RE SE N T • Proofreading various materials, including worksheets, textbooks, and marketing emails • Suggesting edits for any unclear or substandard wording W E EK E ND E D I TO R , P ONCH O ;


The Essence of Life By Divine N. Verkijika 67%

No mater how many esoteric communities or how much time one might devote to the study of the mysteries of life, despite the necessary milestones that have been made, the final conclusion is still almost unclear.