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Lumishore - 2014 Catalog LUMISHORE LTD 100%

UNDERWATER BRILLIANCE 2014 Product Guide UNDERWATER LED LIGHTING UNDERWATER BRILLIANCE Brighter Farther Wider INNOVATION LEADER IN UNDERWATER LIGHTING Lumishore manufactures the brightest and most technologically advanced underwater lighting systems on the market, with a product lineup that offers lighting options for all boats from small runabouts to the largest mega-yacht.


D&D 5e Modified Weapon List Ver.1.0 94%

You do not have disadvantage on ranged weapon attack rolls with a light crossbow against a target within normal range for being underwater.


1569926793 90%

Uncooperative Localization Improves Attack Performance in Underwater Acoustic Networks Xiaoyan Lu, Michael Zuba, Jun-Hong Cui and Zhijie Shi Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut 06269 Abstract—Underwater Acoustic Networks (UANs) have become a focus of interest for emerging scientific research and military applications.


Morotai 2012 final 87%

Underwater Photography Competition In Morotai Island, North Maluku, September 4 - 6, 2012 1 Underwater Photography Competition In Morotai Island, North Maluku, September 4 - 6, 2012 Background Morotai  is  one  of   the  islands  that  lies  in  North   side  of   the  Mollucas  in   East  Indonesia.


STAR DWARF [11.09.15 - SECOND DRAFT] 87%

UNDERWATER Hugo is submerged beneath his tire.


matternetCoverLetter 85%

● Extensive Linux OS experience ● Extensive C++ and object oriented programming experience ● Hobby and work experience with BeagleBone Black microcontroller ● 3 years of research and development experience ● Several years of hardware/software Integration in a hobby and work environment ● Hobby and work experience with embedded systems ● Experience with multi-threaded and multi-process programming ● Built several DIY UAV platforms using Arduino and ArduPilot ● Experience with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles using Nvidia TX2, Raspberry Pi and Pixhawk Some of my notable professional projects include:


1 Underwater Festival 85%

UNDERWATER NATURE RESERVE FESTIVAL RESERVA NATURAL DO GARAJAU – CANIÇO DE BAIXO MADEIRA ISLAND – PORTUGAL PROGRAMA / PROGRAM / PROGRAMM 03 - 08.06.2013 Todos os Dias / Every Day / Jeden Tag 09:00 - 17:00 Mergulho com Manta Diving @ Lido Galomar Scuba Diving with Manta Diving / Tauchen mit Manta Diving @ Lido Galomar 09:00 - 13:00 Mergulho acompanhado com Biologo Marinho Dr.Prof.Wirtz Guided Dive Tours with Marine Biologist Dr.Prof.Wirtz / Meeresbiologische Tauchgänge mit Dr.Prof.Wirtz (12€ por pessoa / per person / Pro person - max.


Samuel Brown Waterhoppers reference 83%

 In  2013  and  2014  Samuel  also  trained  to  become  a  professional  level  underwater  videographer.


StuffIveMade 81%

Helen the Underwater Drone ~ August 2016 Project Goal:


HTHSTechnicalReport2016 (6) 79%

    Pennsylvania Regional Challenge   May 7, 2016   Villanova University     MATE ROV 2016  Ranger Class    Robotics Club   High Technology High School   765 Newman Springs Rd.   Lincroft, NJ 07738   ___________________________________________    Linda Grunthaner​ , ​ Advisor    Tien-Sheng Wang​ ,​  President of Electronics  Matthew Ramina​ , ​ Vice President of Electronics  Christine Ku​ , ​ President of Mechanics  Roger Chen​ , ​ Vice President of Mechanics  Raymond Tse​ , ​ Secretary  Victoria Lin​ , ​ Assistant Secretary  Eunice Cheng​ , ​ Treasurer    Adithya Paramasivam  Jean Paul Calin  Alisa Lai  Kaishawn Williams  Alice Lai  Karl Roush  Alissa Tsai  Kelly Hughes  Bryan Yao  Maya Ravichandran  Chen Hao Liu  Nick Ciulla  Darren Schachter  Orion Kelly  Emily Liu  Patrick Meng  Evan Ciok  Sanjay Goyal  Jared Allanigue  Sreya Das  Jaden Weiss                ______________________________________________________________________  Table of Contents 1 Abstract 3 2 Design Rationale 2.1 Structure (Frame) ……………………………………………………… 2.2 Underwater Electronics Tube ………………………………………… 2.3 Propulsion (Motors) …………………………………………………… 2.4 Control System ………………………………………………………… 2.5 Ballast System ………………………………………………………… 2.6 Camera Sensors ………………………………………………………… 2.7 Payload Tools …………………………………………………………… 2.7.1 Pulley Claw ……………………………………………… 2.7.2 Temperature Sensor……………………………………… 2.7.3 GY-88……………………………………………………….


EvanGravelleResume 77%

Research Intern at SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific June 2016 - present • Researched underwater localization techniques for autonomous underwater vehicles using sparse single range measurements.


Cygnus Dive Mk2 77%

Cygnus Dive Mk2 - CYG-001-7210 Wrist-Mountable Underwater Thickness Gauge w/ Remote Probe                 o o o  o o                    Features:


Diploma in Professional Scuba Instruction (2) 70%

PADI Instructors are the most sought­after dive professionals around the world because they’ve completed the program that sets the standard for training dive professionals. You earn a PADI Instructor rating through hard work and commitment, but you’re rewarded with a job that lets you share incredible underwater adventures with others – transforming their lives for the better and enriching yours.  If you are serious about a career in diving, the Diploma qualification is for you. This groundbreaking programme has been designed to produce dive instructors with the qualifications and skills necessary in this dynamic industry. Graduates are registered internationally and immediately able to apply their knowledge and skills in the dive industry, both in New Zealand and overseas.


RNR Diver Branch Booklet V2 (Published Jan17) 69%

• Deliver a Homeland Defence underwater search capability in the UK, providing Maritime Explosive Ordnance Disposal Force Protection (MEOD-FP) divers to support harbour searches in strategic UK ports.


IMP breaking Tea Party poll 68%

The tea party is also underwater with men, with 47% holding an overall unfavorable opinion of it and just 33% holding a favorable opinion.


2019 February GCTC Newsletter 67%

Club Secretary John Burke has donated a Vibra-Tech underwater pinpointer.


SPA2016 WWW info 61%

What, Where, When Treat Yo’ Self   Spa and Party Info    Before the Spa  ● Hydrating this week is key.  Try to drink a little extra water each day this week as we prepare.  ● Sleep on Friday night.  Seems obvious but let’s get real we are fun people.  ● Please carpool. There is a rideshare page. If you are driving please arrange for a Designated  Driver.     What to Bring to the Spa  ❏ Bathing Suit  ❏  ​Flip Flops   ❏ Bathrobe (decorate yours to make sure it doesn’t get lost!)  ❏  ​Lock for your locker (Note: Women may want to consider sharing lockers)  ❏  ​BYOB (No Glass Containers)  ❏ Water Bottle (We are providing cups but they are moop­y and bad for the environment)  ❏  ​Other Toiletries (We will be providing soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and scrubs)    At the Spa — See Schedule for more details  ● Food  ○ Stop by the kitchen for complimentary gourmet snacks all night long.   ● Hydration Station  ○ Let us keep quench your thirst with many exciting hydration options  ● Roving Frozen Treats  ○ Are you keeping your potassium up? Our roving Frozen Fruit Treat ladies will make sure  you are keeping up experince refreshing and delicious.   ● Inward Outpost    ○ With both a workshop space, as well as a dedicated sanctuary, this is the area to come  to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the party.  Need to center yourself or  take a moment to gather your thoughts? This is the place.  ○ Inward Outpost will also be offering massages all night long, stop by for a mindful  rubdown.  Massages offered on a first­come first­serve basis  ● Pool Room Stage  ○ Sweet deep and sexy vibes will be curated around the main pool area by exceptional  Dj’s all night long.  ● Sweat Room Stage  ○ Need to get your dance on? Working on your bass face?  Check out the dancing and  sweating going on in the second floor dance area to get your body movin’ and grovin’.          Spa Facilities  ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Russian Bath  Turkish Bath  Sauna  Steam Room  Showers (Overhead and Swiss)  Cold Plunge Pool  2 Hots Tubs  Heated Swimming Pool    Spa Benefits  ● Russian/Turkish Baths  ○ Stress Reduction  ○ Detoxification  ○ Rejuvenation  ○ Immune System Stimulant  ○ Health and Wellness Promotion  ● Venik Platza is the massage of self or ​others with bunches of dried branches and leaves in  order to improve ​circulation. The dried branches are moistened with very hot water before use.   ○ The Southampton Spa utilizes oak branches for this purpose. The essential oils of the  Oak venik transform oily skin into smooth, supple skin and acts as a strong  anti­inflammatory agent.  The aroma from soft, fragrant oak leaves soothes the mind,  washing stress away.  ○ Venik is also known to improve circulation, strengthens metabolism, decrease the growth  of bodily pathogens, and prevent premature skin aging.  ● Cold Plunge Pool  ○ As the blood is detoxified, fresh blood is circulated, rich in valuable nutrients. The cold  water plunge returns these reinvigorated cells to the internal organs resulting in a  refreshed connection between body, mind and spirit.    Spa Etiquette  ● Valuables can be left up front with the attendant, while other belongings can be stored in a  locker (plan to share with a buddy!). Please bring your own lock!   ● It is common courtesy to at minimum rinse your body before entering the spa to remove topical  products such as lotions, oils, and sparkles, as well as to cleanse the skin before partaking in  the shared facilities.  ● Remember: Hot, cold, relax: Once you have spent time in the sauna heating up, you can to cool  off by sitting in room temperature, taking an ice shower, a cold plunge, or a swim in the pool.  ● Cold drinks slow down detoxification. Drink hot tea to keep your inner body temperature up.          Spa Safety Info    ○ Don’t “push” yo’ self; Treat yo’ Self!   ○ Listen to your body. In the hotter saunas it’s obvious but sometimes in the less hot places like  hot tubs and steam rooms we tend to forget to get out occasionally because we are having so  much fun.   ○  ​There are heating elements in each room that should be avoided.  The least obvious is the 3 on      the bottom of the wall in the steam room.  They are small half circles that come off the wall at  the bottom of the left hand wall in the steam room and are very hot.  Please do not over crowd  any of the rooms for this reason and mind the maximum capacity signs on the door of each  room.     ○ Typical stay  should not exceed 3­6 minutes  ○ Do not drink alcohol while bathing. Alcohol and heat combined put more stress on the heart.  ○ Do not eat too much; your blood will be too busy with your skin to help with digestion.        ○ Do not do vigorous exercises during your day in the spa.  ○ Different bodies handle heat and cold differently. Do only what feels right for your body,  not what seems to be right for others.   ○ WARNING: THE RUSSIAN/TURKISH BATH EXPOSES USERS TO ELEVATED  TEMPERATURES. IF USED IMPROPERLY OR BY PEOPLE WITH EXTREME  HEALTH ISSUES, EXPOSURE TO HEAT CAN BE HARMFUL TO HEALTH, CAUSING  OVERHEATING, HYPOTHERMIA, AND EVEN DEATH.  ■ THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINES MUST BE FOLLOWED:  ● LEAVE SAUNA IMMEDIATELY IF UNCOMFORTABLE, DIZZY OR  SLEEPY  ● STAYING TOO LONG IN SAUNA CAN CAUSE OVERHEATING AND  EVEN DEATH.  ● CHILDREN UNDER 10, THE ELDERLY AND THOSE TAKING  ALCOHOL, DRUGS AND MEDICINE ARE ESPECIALLY AT RISK  ● CHECK WITH DOCTOR IF PREGNANT, OR UNDER MEDICAL CARE        ○ IF YOU SUFFER FROM A SERIOUS ILLNESS OR HAVE AN ACUTE HEART,  CIRCULATORY OR RESPIRATORY PROBLEM, CONSULT A PHYSICIAN BEFORE  USING OUR FACILITIES.    (Information provided by ​​)      Schedule of Activities  ● Dj Linup  ○ ○ ● Main Room  ■ ■ ■ 12­1 — Jeff Omega   ■ 3:30­5 — Conway Jennings  1­2:30 — Who's Who   2:30­3:30 — Mambisa   Sweat Room  ■ 12­1:30 — Jesse Johns   ■ ■ 1:30­2:30 — Nate Dark  ■ 3:30­5 — Architect  2:30­3:30 — Michael Nighttime   Inward Outpost — Workshops   ○ 12:30­1:25 Protect Yo' Neck with  Ashley Stafford  ■ Learn partner and individual self care techniques for your shoulders and neck.  Convenient to do in your home or office, you can easily implement them into your  everyday life!  ○ 1:30­2:25 Meet Your Power Animal with Jeremy Friedman  ■ Shamanic Practice for Wellness and Growth: Who is your power animal, and  what inner wisdom are they keeping for you? Connect with these guides through  shamanic ritual practice, and learn take­home tools that you can easily use on  your own!  ○ 2:30­3:25 Body Empowerment Workshop with  Jess Koob  ■ Come take a few minutes and learn to love ourselves. To let go of the pain and  the self doubt, and embrace ourselves as is.  ○ 3:30­4:25 Crystal Mist Healing Workshop  ■ Join us for a workshop focused on integrated energy healing, where we will take  turns practicing on one another. Come with an open mind; leave with a revitalized  spirit.  ● Other Events  ○ 12:00 ­ 2:00 [Main Pool] Underwater Time Trial:  ■ Are you part mermaid? Is Aquaman your favorite hero? Or perhaps you just like  to get wet? Well it only takes a minute to show off your flippers, kicks, and  strokes with this underwater race.  Stop by the pool and we'll record your time as  you swim through our short course.  The player with the fastest run wins limited  edition Bangarang gear… or a bubble gun (for blasting at friends the rest of the  evening).  1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes awarded at 2am.  ○ 2:00 [Steam Room] Breathing workshop with Rob Potter


Brochure - THE HEART OF EUROPE 61%

Children’s waterpark, aviary, lazy river, infinity pool, adults only pool, main hotel restaurant, various F&B options, extravagant and unique retail options in the world’s only climate controlled streets, children’s activities in the world’s first rain and snow streets, adventurous underwater world, interaction with exotic wildlife such as feeding the fish, observing exotic birds, petting land turtles and tame island deer amongst many other exciting animals on show.


resume 61%

Teddy Smith, SOC 818-233-0482 Camera Operator Underwater 3D Stills Pawn Shop Chronicles (DP:


Point Blank SS17 Moodboards, Design & Development 61%

Inspired by the portrayal of objects and environments distorted by water in Hockney's many works, the designers continue Distorted bywith Water to experiment staging and have turned their runway into an underwater pool.


Jamaica Essay 61%

Jamaica has coral reefs and rainforests, and investing in facilities such as 'underwater safaris' and rainforest tours would improve the ecosystem.


Abigail 61%

NAME EVA Module EFFECT Space and underwater mobility.


TFTF Review 61%

In underwater environments, colors are largely washed out.


Bowstring Studios 59%

Y O U C A N H AV E I T A L L Branded Entertainment Brand Films Commercials Concept Development Animation Promotional Content Behind-the-Scenes Interactive Applications Virtual Reality Reality Television Experiential Recaps Live Broadcasts Aerial Cinematography Underwater Cinematography Commercial Photography Graphic Design Editorial Sound Design &


The Grant Group 2016 Mid-Year Report 58%

Adding more gusto to these positive trends, Southwest Florida’s share of seriously underwater homes shrank during the first quarter over the year while homes classified as equity-rich grew.