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Archipelago crib sheet 100%

Unoccupied buildings are disregarded when resolving events etc.


Grimes County As Builts 84%

Unoccupied Unoccupied Cooling Heating Occupied Cooling Occupied Heating TEMPERATURES Unit # Area Served Setpoint Setpoint Setpoint Setpoint CO2 Setpoint Heating Offset Specified Default Specified Default Specified Default Specified Default Unit Ventilators 74°F 70°F 1100 AHUs 74°F 70°F 1100 DX AHUs 74°F 70°F 1100 80°F 65°F Unoccupied Hours Occupied Hours Occupied Hours Saturday &


Bay Area Rebellion 66%

This means that 1 out of every 12 houses are unoccupied, a 70% increase from a decade ago, and by far the highest vacancy rate in the Bay Area.


KD remasteredSettlementSheet 61%

If they occupy the same space, place the knocked back survivor in the closest unoccupied space.


SMCR013495 60%

Deputy Ladwig and I entered the unoccupied residence and announced ourselves as law enforcement and asked for the defendant to come out.


londonitineary2 52%

It is an unoccupied royal residence and owned by the Crown Estate.


los santos city government 51%

Never leave your car unoccupied with the motor running or with children inside.


Amino Acids and Proteins Skillz 51%

Highest Occupied Molecular Orbital to Lowest Unoccupied Molecular Orbital.


TCC Newsletter - Spring 2017 45%

During the season, you’ll struggle to find a day where the club is unoccupied - the bar is always open!



12:44 Then it says, `I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order.


Character Record Sheet Anzu1 45%

• Summon a spirit that serves as a familiar, appearing in an unoccupied space within 10 ft It assumes a chosen form (can change at every casting):


Fief GoT rules V3 42%

 For  Court  Event and Fortune  cards  (brown and grey  backed),  the Player  draws the  card,  looks at it, and chooses  whether or not to  discard it. For Disaster cards (black backed),  the Player must choose whether  or not to discard it before looking at it.​  Initial Noble Ned Stark or Sansa Stark.  • Tully  (Riverlands  (blue)) ​ At each  income Phase, Tully’s Player receive  2  extra Gold Dragon. Tully’s initial Stronghold  has a Maester from the Citadel (4.3.4). Initial Noble Edmure Tully or Shella Whent  • ​ Tyrell (Reach (light green))  The Tyrell Player  may  once per turn  at  any  time  remove one Famine  Disaster  Card (or  copy) from any region. Initial Noble Mace Tyrell or Olenna Tyrell  •  Targaryen  (In  any   unoccupied  Fief).  ​ The  Targaryen  Player  chooses  his  starting  Village  last  and   starts  as initial  Player. He has freedom of initial placement  in any unoccupied  fiefdom on any coastal Village (a  Village  with  a maritime  road (fragment) starting from it). Targaryen starts with the Mother of Dragons card played on Daenerys.   Targaryen  also starts with 3 Unsullied Troops instead of the default initial Troops  and has  4 other Unsullied  (7 in total) in  the  reserve  instead  of   Men  At  Arms. Unsullied add 2 Strength Point  and have 2 Hit points  and  cost 2 Gold  Dragons.


Fredegar Tempus 40%

You summon a Medium wolf in an unoccupied square within range.


Graded1 38%

was ‘unoccupied,’ as long as Christians were not present.


草间弥深 37%

Kusama walks down unoccupied streets in an unknown quest.


mael morto 37%

The thought strand appears in an unoccupied space within 5 feet of you as a Tiny, weightless, semisolid object that can be held and carried like a ribbon.


BHH TraitorsTome 36%

The first room to collapse must be the Attic (or, if the Attic isn’t in the house, any unoccupied upper floor room).



12:44 Then it says, `I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order.


North Pole News 2014 30%

Barry had left the seat unoccupied but it was always snatched up by someone other than the intended recipient.


diff 5e - L4.1 - Rue (Megan) 27%

Briefly surrounded by silvery mist, you teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space that you can see.


Fief GoT rules PBF3 25%

 The Tyrell Player chooses which Famine(s) he wants to remove. He rolls for each Famine card and may  remove it on a 1D6 result of 4, 5 or 6. ​ Initial Noble Mace Tyrell or Olenna Tyrell  •  Targaryen  (In  any   unoccupied  Fief).  ​ The  Targaryen  player  chooses   his  starting  Village  last   and  starts   as  initial  player. He  has freedom of initial placement in  any coastal village  (a village with a maritime road (fragment)  starting  from  it). Targaryen starts with the Mother of Dragons card played on Daenerys.   Targaryen  also starts with 3 Unsullied Troops instead  of  the default initial Troops,  use the  Saracen Tokens from Vanilla  to mark  these.


w E 18940901 15%

He rep­ resented the state of the justified who backslide, by a man out of whom the devil had been cast and which, returning, found the heart swept and garnished, but unoccupied, and, entering in with others, made “ the last end of that man worse than the first.”— Matt.


7edRef V6 13%

- A claimed building is a unit in the player’s army and remains so, even if unoccupied.


Unish Dicitonary 9%

null neoficiala null aprilis mensis, aprilis 454 anoi v E,F annoy 성가시게하다 面倒をかける 给麻烦 extraoficial fastidiar aborrecer disturbare agacer ärgern dosazhdat' azsaja khizana null enochlo subligar 455 anoi n E annoyance 성가심 面倒 麻烦 enojo aborrecimiento, moléstia disturbo contrariété Ärger dosada sizsaj santadan null enochlese subligar 456 anokupa adj E,S,P,F unoccupied 임자 없는 null null desocupado desocupado libero inoccupé unbesetzt nezaniatyi ghayr mashughu:l khali null eleitheros ingenium 457 anomal adj E,Es,G,S,P,I,F abnormal 비정상적인 異常な anormal anormale anormal unnormal nenormal'nyi ghayr tabi:'i adrasam ensorc^o anomalos null 458 anomali n E,S,P,F,G,Es anomaly 변칙 変則 anormal 不规范 anomaliá anomalia anomalia anomalie Anomalie nepravil'nost' sudu:d niyama virodha kapturno anwmaliva aquatilis 459 anonim adj E,Es,G,S,P,I,F,R anonymous 익명의 匿名の anónimo anônimo anonimo anonyme anonym anonimnyi gair majhul anam kapturna anonumos aquae ductus 460 anons v E,Es,Gr,S,P,I,F announce 발표하다 発表する 匿名的 anunciar anunciar annunciare annoncer ankündigen ob'' iavliat' alana ghoshna karnaa kapturna anakoinono aquae ductus 461 anons n E,Es,S,P,I,F announcement 공고 告示 宣布 anuncio anúncio annuncio annonce Bekanntmachung ob'' iavlenie sillan succna dia anakoinose aquae ductus 462 anorgana adj E,S,P,I,F,G,R,Es,Gr inorganic 무기의 告示 宣布 inorgánico inorgânico inorganico inorganique anorganisch neorganicheskii la: