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Tables 100%

Table 1 Overview of CSA, OMA and LCA career-typologies and univariate distribution OMA % Stable entrant Less stable entrant 7.71 7.43 Job hopper CSA % N LCA % n 329 317 Starters Traditional career 15.61 7.79 615 307 Standard career 28.74 1280 4.12 176 Stable full-time career 10.84 427 Early retirement Redundancy 26.78 1193 8.10 Stable full-time 19.99 853 Transitional full-time career 3.30 130 361 Homemaker 6.96 Transitional full-time 11.86 506 Job hopper 2.41 310 95 The bridge 6.15 Stable part-time 2.18 93 Hopping career 274 1.47 58 Part-time career 6.10 Unstable part-time 9.44 91 272 Hopping unstable career 5.33 210 Stable nonparticipation 9.44 403 Career of unemployment 4.80 214 Active combination career 19.22 757 Merry widow 4.32 Unstable nonparticipation 1.41 192 60 Combination career 10.54 415 Midlife career 3.29 Unemployment 147 1.19 51 Career of unpaid activity 7.26 286 Sickness or handicap Atypical career 1.71 4.40 73 188 Atypical career Completed traditional career 0.53 3.02 21 119 Burn-out Multi-tasking 2.41 2.34 107 104 Insecure career (unemployment) 2.04 87 Completed stable full-time career 6.22 245 10.10 431 Completed transitional full-time career 6.45 254 Transitional full-time career – retirement 5.65 241 Atypical longer career - retirement 0.94 40 Total 100 3939 Total 100 3939 Standard career N Total 100 4453 Table 2 OMA career typology:


1927 lab 05-06 88%

sort 0.12 0.13 0.12 0.48 0.48 0.45 3 3 2.9 5.7 5.7 5.5 11.7 11.6 11.2 The sort was found to be unstable, as duplicate keys in the input array appeared in the output in a different order.


Picking A Distro.01 82%

It supports and runs services prototypes that can be considered unstable.


tESOchar 80%

Unstable Flame:


AIRR Executive Bulletin SAMPLE ISSUE 78%

CRITICAL QUESTIONS FOR LAWYERS (1) (3) The “Is it true that the rates of recidivism published in the SORAG manual have been found to be unstable?” (2) “Is it true that the percentile rankings published in the SORAG manual have been found to be unstable?” (4) The percentiles published in the SORAG manual to help professionals determine how many offenders have higher or lower SORAG scores were not accurate.


Kingmill20160314-mergedNOV 76%

Sediment from rilled/eroding road shoulders, unstable land surfaces, and truck traffic has resulted in stormwater, sediment and waste spoil being deposited into the stream side area and into the stream at this location.


selection 72%

Most processes require the use of environmentally harmful products and result in the generation of unstable and potentially harmful by-products.


07 13Oct15 522-961-1-ED 67%

It was found that for a step input, on increasing the value of KP, the system response became more and more oscillatory and hence the system became unstable.


80211 66%

Jackson investigated a similar Results Building a system as unstable as our would be for naught without a generous performance analysis.


To Cut or not to cut.ppt 64% Case Report Initial Presentation – Day 1 Injuries Plan of Action Stage I Stage II – Day 30 Stage III – Day 40 Stage IV – Day 50 Results Conclusion Initial Presentation  March 2014 – Motorvehicular Accident  Healthy 23 year old male  2 legs crushed by the truck  Brought to the ER within 1 hour  Vitals Unstable  Hypovolemic Shock  Tachypnea  Consequent Blood Loss  Multiple ribs fracture  Pulmonary contusion  AND ALSO……..


RedditHelp 64%

and unstable if 5 5 1 0<h<


dream realm 64%

As you slowly wake up in the insides of the dubious unknown dream Freeing yourself from the stress-filled strains of the ever haunting reality You witness a scene befitting of nameless beasts, a rotten garden of souls Whose decayed stench your nose can barely stand Look past the unnerving flowers for the forgotten spot where Presence lies To know how to see in this unstable reef means for you to close your eyes As the light whose existence the dream depends upon fades, you kneel And you whisper with me, Presence, grant us eyes, grant us eyes You wake up from your eternal slumber to the voice of your new listener The soot black of your flesh contrasts beautifully with the pale moon And the mind of the listener is yours and only yours to take You hear the wish of the heart and feel the Arcane will You come back to your senses greeted by a foul smell As you realize your existence is ephemeral the dream starts to captivate Ruins of great civilizations and their atmosphere of a distant past engulf you For your destiny is that of greatness but your end lies in here Your trance is heightened, the fulfilled soul moisturises the bier And as you go back to sleep your dream realm fades yet again To realign in the mind of another of your listeners with insight Presence is your name, Wishes you fulfil and souls are for you to take You let your children dream and so they vow to you and yours You, the god of the rivers of consciousness, who lives inside your head You, who dominates insight, grant us eyes, grant us eyes.


Petrov 64%

lots of prospects Quantum stabilization idea U ( x , y )=−α x 2 +(Ω2 +ϵ x 2 ) y 2 Stable for sufficiently large ϵ/ α y x Classically unstable degree of freedom stabilized by quantum fluctuations in another degree of freedom!



Have you ever been accused of being mentally or emotionally unstable?


Eurobit Whitepaper 63%

This is further shown by multiple merchants such as the digital video game platform Steam dropping Bitcoin as a form of payment due to it’s fees, transaction times and unstable price.


Introduction 63%

  The second, that of the bankrupted left, unstable and ephemeral, merely makes opposition while espousing a long lost social democratic period.


03152016 Chopin-Prelude-Paper-Midterm FINAL-COPY 63%

Beginning on the naturally unstable i6 in E minor, a motion toward stability found only in a root position chord is immediately generated.


Athens School 62%

These patterns might be either “perpetrators” contributing to the triggering the extreme event, or “witnesses” merely signaling that the system has become unstable, ripe for such an event.


BeYOU2fulChallenge 61%

#BeYOU2ful Challenge  by Tamara Levinson­Campos (@cuchira on IG)  edited and compiled by @_palindromia_    Instructions    ATTENTION ALL​  ​ #BeYOU2ful​  WARRIORS! Tomorrow morning you will start your month long  journey by reading your first challenge, which you will post about the morning after. Some  challenges require a daily activity, which you then journal about at night & VLOG about the  following morning as you discover the next challenge for the day. Yes, this is a commitment! It's  not gonna be easy but I promise it will be healing. It took lots of time to create these blocks in  our lives, it's only fair we commit time, work and patience to UNblock. You deserve to do this for  yourself & move forward refreshed & reminded what a badass you are. If you haven't already  made your PROMISE TO YOURSELF that you will see this Movement through NO MATTER  WHAT, then there is no time like RIGHT NOW! COMMIT TO SELF LOVE! Tag​  ​ @cuchira  #BeYOU2ful​  in your posts. To see more details about the​  ​ #BeYOU2ful​  Movement, click the  hashtag & read the caption, Or go to my YouTube channel, which you can access via FOR ALL THOSE PARTICIPATING, HERE IS YOUR WARM­UP  QUESTION. What does BeYOUtiful mean to you? Post a picture of yourself and answer in the  caption below so we can all start meeting each other.    YouTube:​  ​    DAY 1    Welcome Warriors! Promise yourself no matter how hard this gets, how much you do NOT want  to do a challenge,YOU WON'T BACK DOWN TO YOUR FEARS! Don't let them win yet again!  Everything you need to get through this is inside of you,TRUST IT! I'll always be a post ahead of  you. I'll post in the mornings or late nights. Make sure to check in because some challenges  require the day to execute. Sometimes I'll do the challenge along with you & other times I'll  guide you through them. There's good reason for that, I wouldn't ask you to do anything I  haven't already done. When journaling EXTREME HONESTY IS CRUCIAL! DO NOT SKIP THE  JOURNALING! if you skip it you won't be able to complete the challenge. Allow every single  thought on the page! No editing yourself!READ MY CAPTIONS CAREFULLY as they're all  different.Tag​  ​ @cuchira​ #BeYOU2ful​  , building a community is a HUGE part of this movement. If  you don't tag,we can't support each other.    VIDEO/PHOTO: ​ For this particular challenge VIDEO yourself (TODAY at some point) BEFORE  YOU JOURNAL TONIGHT, then post it in the morning. Flip the camera so it's facing you (most  challenges will be done speaking into camera unless otherwise specified). Stare INTO CAMERA  for a LONG WHILE, as long as it takes to feel calm. No words,no sound,NO MAKE UP,NO  FILTERS! Consider this a silent,raw, introduction to your fellow warriors & yourself. All barriers  down. Allow whatever comes up,to come up. Post 15 secs of that clip in the morning after  journaling. Look back at the full video before journaling tonight(you must film yourself BEFORE  you journal for this particular challenge).    JOURNAL & CAPTION: ​ When you look at yourself what do you see?How does it make you  feel?What do you see in your eyes?BE HONEST!When you post in the morning,your caption  can be on your experience &/or quoting impactful parts of your journaling.Be true to YOU  ONLY!Hope everyone will be kind but if negative comments arise,that's part of the self love  journey.When you love you,nothing can break you!The world isn't always kind,we need to learn  how to brush things off.My mantra is always available...​  ​ #FUCKit    IG:​  ​­tvu­YLTUn/      DAY 2    IG has a reputation for being fake,only choosing to show the glamorized versions of ourselves  but behind those good looking pics,there's REAL people that might appear 'perfect' from the  outside but inside,WE ALL FEEL!​ #WeAreOne​  Thanks to all for being unapologetically YOU!It's  refreshing & profoundly inspiring to see & read true, raw, real beauty as you warriors  demonstrated with such grace.I'm overwhelmed with love for all of you!I hope you understand  how powerful & needed your voice is! Some of you have expressed fear about relating an  "unstable" version of you,to the people that know/follow you. Just look at all our faces,there's  nothing unstable about us,we're just fucking BRAVE & REAL!Unstable is the person who hides  behind lies & stuffs up all their fears until they blow up. Showing your unapologetic truth is  stability in its most courageous form.YOU are an inspiration to others that are still too afraid to  face themselves.You're choosing to look fear in the face & fight for a better you!That's  admirable.     CHALLENGE: ​ PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Click on our hashtag  #BeYOU2ful​  & look through our gallery .REPOST A VIDEO of a fellow warrior in our tribe that  speaks most to you(repost app is free)    JOURNAL:​  Write about what sparked in you as you saw the faces of your fellow Warriors &  read their words?What do you see in their eyes?What do you feel from their words?How do you  relate?What does it inspire in you?    #cuchithoughts​ : I chose​ @sototarot​  cause he was so damn raw/honest! PLEASE GO TO HIS  PAGE & READ HIS CAPTION. Many of us can relate to his thoughts. Seems so violent & mean  yet many abuse ourselves daily in this nature. You wouldn't even say those things to your worst  enemy yet we choose to believe it of ourselves. The way we speak to ourselves can change  everything. Time to choose love.    CAPTION: ​ Why did you choose to repost that particular warrior?    IG:​  ​­wilJNrTZT/    DAY 3    Many of you wrote in Challenge1 that you saw age take its course,time wasted,a tired soul,  sadness, hate,flaws.Some wrote that even within all that shit you could see potential or your  true essence within.Some of you asked "I wonder what other people see when they look at  me?", & THAT warriors, is Challenge 3. VERY IMPORTANT: Write in your journal BEFORE  YOU POST! I try to post a day ahead in the mornings (even though there's obvious time  differences) to give you guys ample time to reflect, in writing, at night & read it back to  yourselves with a fresh brain that following morning before you post. A lot of healing happens in  this process.Write even if you think you have nothing to say. You must vomit your unedited  thoughts on the page, even if they are evil or make no sense. Only after this cleanse has been  done & marinaded with some good ol sleep, reread in the morning with a fresh brain, should you  post.     JOURNAL:​  "What do you think people see when they look at you?" BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY  HONEST!    CAPTION: ​ Quote your journal,write about revelations that have arisen OR simply answer the  question    VIDEO/PHOTO: ​ Picture of you in a bathing suit or naked like Mama Cuchira cause why the fuck  not. EVERYBODY RELAX! (cue everyone freaking out & quitting day 3 lol). I can hear it  now,"Butt naked on day 3, damn Cuchi!" It’s important to accept ALL OF US, body, mind & soul.  It's all connected. You can't love one without the other. It all makes up YOU. You came into this  world naked. Your body has seen you through to this point.It’s gone through things, maybe  brought another life, transformed,been judged, punished, told it's not worthy or maybe you can  accept it has served you well & done its deed. Wherever you are, like it or not, your body ain't  going's attached to your head. The body is the most exceptional work of art to ever  exist. Nudity goes WAY beyond sexuality, it's YOU in your purest form, so I ask, what's so  wrong with you? What's so shameful about you? I'll answer that, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!     #cuchithoughts​ : When I was younger I was PAINFULLY shy. I wore turtlenecks so I could hide.  I'd sit in the back corner of class, shaking, terrified the teacher would ask me a question & I  would be 'seen'. I have dyslexia, I feared l'd be called upon & my peers would think I'm stupid.  Truth is, no one was thinking anything, these were my own fears I was manifesting. Eventually I  couldn't deal with it anymore. I felt like I had so much to offer, if didn't take that turtleneck off it  would suffocate me to death before I got a chance to shine my light. So I got naked, literally.  The turtleneck came off, I burned it. NEVER AGAIN! I'm naked ALL THE DAMN TIME! In every  sense of that word: NAKED! It feels free. I don't care who sees me or what they think, IT’S ME &  there's no shame in being ME! Remember, it doesn't matter what shape or size you are, what  differences we have, what changes our bodies have taken on through our journey, it's all  perspective. So I ask you to take off your turtlenecks. Use your body as the masterpiece it is &  create art with it! I TRUST THAT YOU WILL DO WHATS RIGHT FOR YOU, "you" is the key  word. This journey is for YOU. "SELF" love. Remember, you knew it would be hard, you knew  you would be challenged, you signed up cause you want to look at yourself in EVERY WAY,  free YOUrself, ​ #fuckit​ ! I look forward to reading your thoughts on what you think people see  when they look at you, as we admire your beauty shining in your most BeYOUtiful outfit you'll  ever wear... YOUR SKIN.​ #BeYOU2ful​  PS: I just love looking through our gallery. OH  ANNNND.... For some seriously amazing inspiration of self love after surviving difficulty in her  life AND inspiration for beautiful nude postures check out my girl ​ @heidiwilliams89​  on  Instagram.    IG:​  ​­y3JqRLTcE/       ​  ​­y3FxJLTb8/    DAY 4    Bravo to all of you for hanging in there through the Nudey Challenge (that's usually where I lose  everyone).Keep em coming & keep shining!It's pretty safe to say we're a hot ass tribe!I  understand deep emotions are coming up,but that's why we're here together.To drop the  baggage,so can we stop infesting our insides & weighing ourselves down with negativity.This is  how we heal & quickly realize we are not alone. Thank you to our fellow warriors expressing  love & support through the journey.You guys are wonderful. We've explored bit of the inside & a  lot of the outside, yet a formal introduction hasn't even been made...typical. I've always found  formal introductions to be fake & boring.We say "Hi, I'm (insert your name here),it's nice to meet  you"(Cue fake smile).We introduce ourselves w/ our names, that don't define us or say anything  about who we are,followed by small talk that is based off no substance, "what do you do",  "where do you live"... Blah,blah...We've "met" each other but we didn't connect & connection is  the root of love. Today's challenge is Mama Cuchira's No Shiz introduction    JOURNAL: ​ Do you feel differently inside then the way you present yourself to others?  Why?Explore this topic. Also allow the things that have come up in the past few days to enter or  leave your thoughts as needed on the page    CAPTION:​  Write want you discovered from your journaling &/or quote directly from your journal.    VIDEO/PHOTO: ​ Introduce yourself to our​  ​ #BeYOU2ful​  tribe as such:"I am(noun or adjective  that introduces you, NOT your name).I may appear _____ but I am _____.Do not ____ for I will  be forced to _____ and ____.I come forth with ____. Do NOT to watch any other posts from  your fellow warriors until you have posted your own.It's easy to unconsciously formulate an idea  of what you think you should say based on the other videos, instead of staying true to  YOU.Keep this in mind from now on as we start speaking more into camera.It all must come  from YOU. Post 1st,then have fun exploring the minds of your fellow warriors. Remember to  ALWAYS JOURNAL 1st!Be honest, stay true to YOU, get creative, explore,release,be  unapologetic,have fun​  ​ #FUCKit    IG:​  ​­1h1JCrTVY/    DAY 5    Humans are widely complex! Scroll down our​  ​ #BeYOU2ful​  feed & it's evident how multifaceted  we are.We're limitless.There's no beginning or end to who we are & what we can  accomplish!Everyday we wake up,we have something new to offer.We are as ever changing as  our planet.To define ourselves in just 1 way (i.e. I'm nice,I'm pretty,I'm shy)is incredibly false &  limiting.Unfortunately,as life goes by we/others place labels on us​ #labelssuck​  which enables 1  personality to become prominent.We convince ourselves that's who we are & paint only within  those lines.In doing so we forget all the other characters that lie within us that make us colorful!    JOURNAL: ​ Breakdown all the characters that live inside of you.Who are they?What are their  characteristics?What purpose do they serve?    CAPTION: ​ Name your characters,explain who they are,where they live in you & how they serve  you.     VIDEO/PHOTO: ​ Take pics of you as your inner characters    #cuchithoughts​ : My Character breakdowns:1) BAGGY:Colorful comfort is the name of her  game.She chooses her wardrobe by closing her eyes & picking the 1st thing she grabs.She's  being alone in the comfort of her own thoughts.A quiet mind.She hides away not cause fears  anything but because she indulges her own company.Her favorite thing is going to the movies  alone. 2) ELVA:She's fascinated w/ life after death (not in a dark sense).Other worlds,other  possibilities intrigue her,why we do what we do & never seem to be satisfied with what we  have.She's contemplating the dark side of human nature.Although she may appear 'dark',  there's a lightness in her that contradicts her outer appearance. 3) POWER:Power is pure  strength in every sense of the word,determined,focused.She never gives up,no matter  what!Excuses piss her off.She's hardcore! Eye on the prize,no looking back.Consistency is her  best friend.She thrives off accomplishing feats others deem as impossible.She gets shit done!  4) PETUÑIA: (pictured in first post) Shakti power present. A feminine force that can't be fucked  with.Don’t confuse her seductress ways w/ submissiveness for there's nothing submissive about  her.She's in control,strong,FEMALE & drives her badass ride solely powered up from her Mula  Bhanda. 5) DR. CUCHI:Not man nor woman,no color or culture,no religion or spiritual belief,  undefined by unnecessary labels.Doc is a neutral force,a humanitarian.A freedom fighter who's  only purpose in earth is to fight for equal rights of everything living, so I guess humananimalrian  would be a more appropriate term.One love 6⃣ WILD CHI:Saucy little thing.Doesn't hold back a  thing.Speaks her mind,spicy, saucy,sassy,sexy,just Ssssssizzling!She's hilarious!People say  she's wild but she only does crazy Shiz it to make you laugh,although secretly,she likes being


ElroyPaper 60%

This work generalizes Kahl's approach and shows conclusively that it is entirely possible to describe vapor-liquid equilibria without lending credence to the thermodynamic properties of unstable states.


Project thesis Anders Jørgen 60%

high integrity but unstable information reliability.


poster 60%

significant to revenue  1+¯ y 1−¯ y      References We create an ensemble of many unstable models to form a stable model.


LSA extraction and conversion to LSH 58%

LSH is very unstable which makes it impossible to form a solid material or even make blotters/tabs.


2014 Tour 1 58%

X and Y are rather unstable and decompose higher than 90°С.


Decoupling Sensor Networks from Rasterization 57%

Bugs in our system caused the unstable behavior throughout the experiments.