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Changn SH Notes 100%

• • • • • • Blood Semen Pre-seminal fluid Vaginal secretions Rectal secretions Breast milk Containing sufficient viral load comes into contact with:


nhsr036 99%

1 Includes female partners with whom he had any type of sexual contact (vaginal, oral, or anal sex).



IUD KIT a IUD KIT dengan Sterilisator Listrik ◦ Iodine Cup ◦ Forceps Schroder Tenacullum ◦ Forceps IUD Removal, Alligator Jaws ◦ Forceps Songe Foster Straight (Klem Pemegang Kasa) ◦ Scissor Operating Mayo ◦ Forceps Fixation ◦ Clamp ◦ Non Allergenic Surgical Tape ◦ Auto Disable Syringe ◦ Duk Steril Disposible ◦ Absotbent Gauze ◦ Cat Gut Chromic ◦ Tensimeter ◦ Stethoscope ◦ Tas untuk peralatan ◦ Handscone (sarung tangan) ◦ IUD String Retriver ◦ Sonde Uterine Sims ◦ Speculum Vaginal Graves ◦ Hanscone Steril ◦ Utility Tray With Cover ◦ Stethoscope My Lab IUD 15L 7.600.000 My Lab IUD 15U 7.500.000 ◦ Spghymomanometer ◦ Sterilisator with steamer ◦ Spot Lamp ◦ Tas untuk peralatan b IUD KIT dengan Sterilisator Non Listrik ◦ Iodine Cup ◦ Forceps Schroder Tenacullum ◦ Forceps IUD Removal, Alligator Jaws ◦ Forceps Songe Foster Straight (Klem Pemegang Kasa) ◦ Scissor Operating Mayo ◦ IUD String Retriver ◦ Sonde Uterine Sims ◦ Speculum Vaginal Graves ◦ Hanscone Steril ◦ Utility Tray With Cover ◦ Stethoscope ◦ Spghymomanometer ◦ Sterilisator uap ◦ Spot Lamp ◦ Tas untuk peralatan 5.


Sayed Amin Dadsepah - HIV Comprehensive Review 92%

Transmission HIV virus can be transmitted through exchange of bodily fluids (blood, semen, vaginal discharge, milk and pre-ejaculate fluid).


lec3 87%

For humans, one classic mutualistic association is that of the lactic acid bacteria that live on the vaginal epithelium of a woman.


story of my eye - a chapbook 85%

Vaginal farts (some call them "queefs"


ANESTHESIA for Labor and Delivery 81%

o Fibrinogen (Factor I) o Factor VII o Factor VIII o Factor X famotidine) Metoclopramide o increases gastric motility and lower esophageal sphincter tone, and has central antiemetic effects ANATOMY OF LABOR PAIN Pain Pathways During Labor Pain in the 1st stage of labor o from uterine contractions and cervical dilatation o Visceral pain – dull, diffuse, periodic o Pain intensity is related to the strength of uterine contraction T11 – T12 (latent 2nd stage – somatic pain o well-localized, sharp, constant o Pain results from distention of birth canal, vulva and perineum by the fetal head o Pain is mediated by the Posterior roots of S2 – S4 nerves Anesthetic Implications • Effectiveness of Pudendal Nerve • Epidural coverage of S2-S4 Pain Pathways Factors that may influence the perception of labor pain  duration of labor  maternal pelvic anatomy and fetal size  use of oxytocin  parity  participation in childbirth preparation classes  fear and anxiety about childbirth  attitudes and experiences of pain  coping mechanisms Anesthesia Goals  Satisfactory pain relief  Non-interference with labor  Minimal risk to either mother of fetus  Provision of satisfactory conditions for delivery  Early interaction between mother and newborn Anesthesia for Labor and Vaginal Delivery     Psychologic and Non -pharmacologic techniques Parenteral agents Inhalational Regional anesthetic techniques Non-Pharmacologic Techniques Labor Analgesia            Lamaze Hypnosis Biofeedback Muscle therapy TENS Sterile water blocks Acupuncture Therapeutic touch Massage therapy Muscle tension release Reflexology     Accupressure Hydrotherapy Herbal cocktails Aromatherapy Parenteral Agents • Opioids o Meperidine (Demerol) o Fentanyl o Morphine o Nalbuphine • Sedatives / Tranquilizers o Phenothiazines o Benzodiazepines o Dissociative medications (Ketamine) • Intravenous Anesthetics o Barbiturates o Propofol Inhalational Analgesia Pudendal Block o o o o o o Provides adequate analgesia for spontaneous delivery and outlet forceps delivery injection of local anesthetic on both sides of the vagina.


Broschüre Crystal Sachsen 79%

Bestandsaufnahme DREI Meth Inhalt 6 Crystal – 12 Bestandsaufnahme DREI C – Konsumformen, Dauer 28 Notfall 30 Nach dem C-Konsum und Risiken 12 sneefen 8 C – Substanz 13 inhalieren 8 Name 14 spritzen / intravenös 31 Das Besondere am C 9 C – chemisch gesehen 15 oral 32 C und subjektives Gefühl, 10 Historisches 16 anal / vaginal 11 Aussehen Konsummotive 32 C und Leistungssteigerung 18 Wirkung 33 C und Quatschen 19 Wirkungsspektrum 33 C und Szene 20 Neben- und Langzeitwirkung 34 C und Männer 23 Konsummenge 35 C und Frauen 24 Wechselwirkungen mit anderen Substanzen Sucht- oder Drogenberatungsstellen 37 C und Risiken 37 C und Abhängigkeit 38 C und Gehirn 39 C und Jugend Entzugsbehandlung – psychische 40 C und Schwangerschaft und physische Stabilisierung in einem 42 C und Baby psychiatrischen Fachkrankenhaus 43 C und Familie 48 menten in der Suchtberatung 50 51 Entwöhnungs­­be­handlung – lang fristige Abstinenz und ganzheitliche Verbesserung 42 C und Rechtslage 43 BtMG 53 Selbsthilfegruppen 45 C und Führerschein 53 … was noch?



*Alat Peraga Pendidikan *Elektrikal Mekanikal *Komputer *Laboratorium *Percetakan RENCANA ANGGARAN BIAYA DAN SPESIFIKASI PENGADAAN IUD KIT TAHUN 2017 CV.ASAKA PRIMA|DUTA MEDIA GROUP NO 1 NAMA ALAT Kebutuhan alat kesehatan (yang memiliki NIE) Bak instrumen tertutup yang dapat menyimpan seluruh alat pemasangan dan pencabutan IUD (disesuaikan dengan besar alat) SATUAN HARGA SATUAN 1 buah 955.000 955.000 JUMLAH 2 3 Speculum Vaginal Graves ukuran medium Forcep Sponge Foster Straight (Klem Pemegang Kasa) panjang 250-270 mm / 9-11"


TP d'exos SV2 - 1, 2, 3 77%

Pierre Cnockaert 2017-2018 TP n°1 :


self care -leaflet 75%

sickness ■■ Varicose veins ■■ Vaginal thrush Benefits of self care Expert advice to support you Pharmacists can offer expert advice on a wide range of illnesses and you don’t need to make an appointment.


hystero newsletter eng 71%

Septated uterus with cervical duplication and vaginal septum.


SV2 chap.1 70%

Pierre Cnockaert 2017-2018 Chapitre 1 :


Welt-Aids-Tag Information Sheet 69%

Typische Übertragungswege sind Geschlechtsverkehr (Vaginal, Anal, Oral), Kontakt mit infiziertem Blut, z.B.


PC list 69%


Medina Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture New Patient Forms 65%

# Deliveries before 37 weeks: # Vaginal deliveries: # C-section deliveries:


Secrets-to-Getting-Pregnant-Naturally-and-Easily 65%

Cervical Fluid Your cervical mucus or vaginal discharge varies throughout the month and the mucus is an indicator of fertility.


Condom Guide 60%

Suitable for vaginal, anal or oral sex.


Permenkes-No.-21-Tahun-2013-Penanggulangan-HIVAIDS 60%

Infeksi Menular Seksual yang selanjutnya disingkat IMS adalah infeksi yang ditularkan melalui hubungan seksual secara vaginal, anal/lewat anus dan oral/dengan mulut.


Wasserstoffperoxid - 2017 03 02 14 32 25 53%

Gonorrhö (Tripper), chronischer Tripper, Hamwegentzündungen, Paraphimosen, Ausfluss, Entzündungen der Vulva und der Vagina, Muttennund-, Gebärmutter- und Gebärmutterschleimhautentzündungen, Gebärmutterkrebs, Vaginalabszesse, Vaginal fisteln, Geschwüre, Blasenentzündungen, Nieren- und Nierenbeckenentzündungen, Sprays in die Nase gespritzt.


HPV survey HEDS-IMPACT - protocol CEER 48%

During the study, each woman will perform a vaginal swab sampling by auto to 49 research HPV.


Herbal Medicinals 47%

Ginseng’s adverse effect profile includes hypertension, insomnia, vomiting, headache, and epistaxis.66,67 Stevens-Johnson syndrome was noted in a 27-year-old law student from China following use of 2 tablets (unspecified milligram amount) of ginseng for 3 days, resulting in moderate infiltration of the dermis by mononuclear cells.68 Oral administration of 200 mg of ginseng for an unspecified time to a 72year-old woman resulted in vaginal bleeding attributed to a moderate estrogen effect.69 Vaginal bleeding has also been reported following use of ginseng face cream for 1 month when an endometrial biopsy specimen demonstrated a disordered proliferative pattern.70 Mastalgia with diffuse breast nodularity has been reported in a 70-year-old woman after 3 weeks of use of a ginseng powder;