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IJEEE-10-14-Hand Vein Structure Authentication 100%

2) Veins are located underneath the skin surface and are not prone to external distortion the way fingerprints are.


Petrology of Shocked Clasts in an Anorthositic Lunar Breccia 91%

In some unequilibrated pyroxene-rich clasts, this was evident as augite exsolution lamellae, but largely appeared in the form of dark shock veins.


Hons project FINAL DRAFT Nov 21 88%

Associated with the granophyre and as a result thereof, veins of mobilised sediment occur in a variety of forms, namely rheomorphic vein, schlieren and closed joints.


Camden Poster (4) 86%

In DVT, blood clots form in the deep veins of the body, most often in the legs.


Service Menu Price List 82%

GLOWING SKIN REGULAR PRICE Gluta IV P2,000 Gluta Drip P6,500 Ultrapeel Prgram - Face P5,000 Ultrapeel Underarms P8,000 Ultrapeel Arms P10,000 Ultrapeel Back P15,000 Ultrapeel Buttocks P10,000 Ultrapeel Lower Legs P10,000 Ultrapeel Upper Legs P12,000 Ultrapeel Whole Legs P20,000 Ultrapeel Whole Body P45,00 VIP OFFER PRICE Gluta IV P1,800 Gluta Drip P6,500 Ultrapeel Prgram - Face P5,000 Ultrapeel Underarms P8,000 Ultrapeel Arms P10,000 Ultrapeel Back P15,000 Ultrapeel Buttocks P10,000 Ultrapeel Lower Legs P10,000 Ultrapeel Upper Legs P12,000 Ultrapeel Whole Legs P20,000 Ultrapeel Whole Body P45,000 REGULAR PRICE Botox P350/unit Microbotox - Facial Rejuvenation P20,000 Juvederm XC 1 syringe P25,000 Restylane 1 syringe P25,000 Dermbooster - Vital P10,900 Dermbooster - Vital Light P9,800 CO2 + Supreme Therapy (Face)/session P19,000 V-Lift 50 Threads P35,000 V-Lift 100 Threads P65,000 VIP OFFER PRICE Botox P350/unit Microbotox - Facial Rejuvenation P10,000 Juvederm XC 1 syringe P20,000 Restylane 1 syringe P20,000 Dermbooster - Vital 1 syringe P10,900 Dermbooster - Vital Light 1 syringe P9,800 CO2 + Supreme Therapy (Face)/session P19,000 V-Lift 50 Threads P30,000 V-Lift 100 Threads P60,000 SLIMMING REGULAR PRICE Thermaviv 1 session P3,500 NuShape 1 session P5,000 Mesotheraphy Silicio + Lipotrofin P7,500 Mesotherapy Silicio + Muscle Big P7,500 Mesotherapy Metabolites + Silicio P6,500 VIP OFFER PRICE Thermaviv 1 session P750 NuShape 1 session P750 Mesotheraphy Silicio + Lipotrofin P5,000 Mesotherapy Silicio + Muscle Big P5,000 Mesotherapy Metabolites + Silicio P5,000 STRETCH MARKS / SPIDER VEINS REGULAR PRICE CO2 Laser Stretchmarks/session/area (except Abdomen) P15,000 CO2 Laser Stretchmarks Full Abdomen P20,000 Sclerotherapy 1 session P3,500 Nulight Spider Veins / palm size P3,500 *Prices may change without furthur notice VIP OFFER PRICE CO2 Laser Stretchmarks 1 session/area (except Abdomen) P9,500 CO2 Laser Stretchmarks Full Abdomen P15,000 Sclerotherapy 1 session P3,000 Nulight Spider Veins / palm size P3,500 PRICE LIST AGE DEFYING AND FACIAL CONTOURS SERVICE MENU HAIR REMOVAL REGULAR PRICE IPL Underarm P3,500 IPL Upper Lip/chin (for male) P4,200 IPL Mustache Full P4,200 IPL Full arms P25,000 IPL Fore arms P8,000 IPL Lower Leg P13,500 IPL Upper Leg P13,500 IPL Full leg P25,000 IPL Bikini Line P3,300 IPL Brazillian P10,000 IPL Back P13,500 IPL Chest P13,500 IPL Butt P13,500 IPL Face P5,500 IPL Nipples P3,500 VIP OFFER PRICE IPL Underarm P1,200 IPL Upper Lip/chin (for male) P750 IPL Mustache Full P1,800 IPL Full arms P3,000 IPL Fore arms P1,500 IPL Lower Leg P4,000 Upper Leg P3,500 IPL Full leg P7,000 IPL Bikini Line P1,700 IPL Brazillian P3,300 IPL Back P4,500 IPL Chest P4,500 IPL Butt P4,500 IPL Face P1,500 IPL Nipples P1,200 REGULAR PRICE CO2 Laser Syringoma Starts at P7,000 CO2 Laser Verruca Vulgaris P3,000/pc Wart Clear P10,000 Wart Clear (per piece) P3,000/pc ID 50:50 - Keloid, Psoriasis, Alopecia • 1 Syringe P950 • Suceeding syringe P600 Pure Steroid • 1 Syringe P1,550 • Succeeding syringe P1,200 Dermal Cyst Excission P5,000 Biopsy P1,500 KOH P200 VIP OFFER PRICE CO2 Laser Syringoma Starts at P7,000 CO2 Laser Verruca Vulgaris P3,000/pc Wart Clear Starts at P5,000 Wart Clear (per piece) P3,000/pc ID 50:50 - Keloid, Psoriasis, Alopecia • 1 Syringe P950 • Suceeding syringe P600 Pure Steroid • 1 Syringe P1,550 • Succeeding syringe P1,200 Dermal Cyst Excission P5,000 Biopsy P1,500 KOH P200 HAIR TREATMENTS REGULAR PRICE Medical Haircial P750 Hair Supreme Therapy/session P15,000 Intradermal Hair Injection P950 *Prices may change without furthur notice VIP OFFER PRICE Medical Haircial P750 Hair Supreme Therapy/session P15,000 Intradermal Hair Injection P600 PRICE LIST PATHOLOGICAL SERVICE MENU HAIR TRANSPLANT ALAR TRIMMING BLEPHAROPLASTY-LOWER BLEPHAROPLASTY-UPPER BREAST AUGMENTATION BREAST REDUCTION BUST LIFT BUTT AUGMENTATION CHIN AUGMENTATION CHIN REDUCTION CLEFT CHIN CREATION DIMPLE CREATION FACE LIFT-FULL FACE LIFT-MINI FACE LIFT-TEMPORAL LIP REDUCTION LIPOSUCTION-ARMS LIPOSUCTION-AXILLARY LIPOSUCTION-ABDOMEN (UPPER) LIPOSUCTION-ABDOMEN (LOWER) LIPOSUCTION-ABDOMEN (UPPER/LOWER) LIPOSUCTION-THIGH MOLE REMOVAL/EXCISION OTOPLASTY RHINOPLASTY (IMPLANT ONLY) RHINOPLASTY (IMPLANT W/ ALAR TRIMMING) EXCISION ABDOMINOPLASTY SCAR REVISION FAT TRANSPLANT CHIN LIPOSUCTION TIP PLASTY VEIN STRIPPING SCLEROTHERAPY – SURGEON *Prices for Cosmetic Surgical procedures vary depending on the patient’s case.


lot 365 75%

Lot 365—Robert Bosch Tool Company ##3/8"


Confidential Intake Form 71%

( ) contagious skin condition ( ) phlebitis ( ) easy bruising ( ) joint disorder/rheumatoid arthritis/osteoarthritis/tendonitis ( ) open sores or wounds ( ) recent accident or injury ( ) recent fracture ( ) recent surgery ( ) artificial joint ( ) sprains/strains ( ) current fever ( ) swollen glands ( ) allergies/sensitivity ( ) heart condition ( ) high or low blood pressure ( ) circulatory disorder ( ) varicose veins ( ) atherosclerosis ( ) deep vein thrombosis/blood clots ( ) osteoporosis ( ) epilepsy ( ) headaches/migraines ( ) cancer ( ) diabetes ( ) decreased sensation ( ) back/neck problems ( ) Fibromyalgia ( ) TMJ ( ) carpal tunnel syndrome ( ) tennis elbow ( ) pregnancy If yes, how many months?


The Fourth Black Cat Volume 1 70%

You've lost yourself to lovers who loose themselves to their love it's easy to find excuses when it's all you've ever done don't expect anyone to wait around while you pump poison in your veins Because someone is waiting for you and they don't want to be waiting long do they?


#1 Surgical Management of Congenital Heart Disease 69%

DEFECTS WHERE REPAIR IS THE ONLY OR BEST OPTION • • • • • • • Definitions from Schwartz 9th ed Atrial Septal Defect (should be closed) Aortic Stenosis Patent Ductus Arteriosus Aortic Coarctation Truncus Arteriosus Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection abnormal drainage of the pulmonary veins into the right heart Cor Triatriatum - presence of a fibromuscular diaphragm that partitions the left atrium into two chambers  Aortopulmonary Window - characterized by incomeplete development of the septum that normally divides the truncus into the aorta and the PA SHUNTING PROCEDURES Superior Vena Cava-Right Pulmonary Artery Shunt - first successful cavopulmonary anastomosis  Bidirectional Glenn - end-to-side RPA-to-SVC anastomosis  Classic Glenn shunt - end-to-side right pulmonary artery (RPA)-to-superior vena cava (SVC) anastomosis with ligation of SVC–right atrial junction Synthetic Interposition Grafts - “MODIFIED BLALOCK-TAUSSIG” - Use polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) graft from the subclavian artery to the pulmonary artery - Problems:


Gadi Fraiman 2017 Catalog 68%

The other dimension expressed and present in the block itself is the veins and tones inherent to the stone used to adorn the length and breadth of the sculpture all around.


Tenacious Intro-1 64%

Introduction Where are you from?


heaven-and-hell 64%

He feels like red, red wine running through his veins, veins, veins.


Client intake form Inner Harmony 62%

Contact Lenses?_______ Hearing Aids?_______ Dentures?_______ Please Indicate and List Any Medical Problems or Conditions Recent Head Injury -- Stroke, Aneurysm, Cerebral Hemorrhage, other Recent Injury – whiplash, sprain, bruise, other Skin Condition – acne, rash, allergies, skin cancer, other Lymphatic Condition – swollen glands, lymphoma, other Circulatory Condition – heart disease, varicose veins, phlebitis, arteriosclerosis, other Neurological Condition – sciatica, numbness/tingling, stroke, epilepsy, other Back Problems – pain or stiffness, sacroiliac problems, other Joint Problems – pain or stiffness, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, other Bone Conditions – osteoporosis, previous fractures, cancer, other Headaches – migraines, PMS, tension, sinus, other Emotional Difficulties – depression, anxiety, other Stress (explain) Previous surgery (type and date Other Current Medications Doctor/Therapist_____________________________________________ Phone _____________________________ You have my permission to contact my health care provider(s) if warranted.


BCAT 2016 Catalog 6x9 Electronic 62%

3 Detail of Canopy along Hoyt Lake at Dawn 30” x 48” Opening bid $300 Amidst of trees and green space, Sailing the currents of the wind, Embracing life, And sound, The laughter of children, Co-existing Peace, love, and positivity And now I am a substance running Through my own veins I am a positive though Like sunlight seeping through the cracks Of leaves and trees I am happiness.


Common Medical Abbreviation 62%

Collected , Prepared And Designed By :


Internal Thermosense In Vertebrates 62%

• Anterior Hypothalamus • Spinal Cord • Abdominal Viscera • Great Veins Internal Thermoreceptors • Anterior Hypothalamus • Predominantly found in Pre-Optic Area (POA) • Posterior Nuclei of Hypothalamus receives projections from the POA • Predominantly warm-sensitive, in opposition to external thermoreceptors • “Anterior senses, posterior acts” • Thought to integrate information about local brain temperature and other body temperatures and to control the level of output for thermoregulatory responses based on cues Internal Thermoreceptors Thermal sensitivity range of transient receptor potential ion channels in mammals.


BadAss Resume (3) 62%

  D. Jensen Thomas  4216 N. McDONALD RD.  Spokane Valley,  WA 99216  916-292-8262  JensenThomas21@GMAIL.COM  Mission Statement  My name is Jensen Thomas and sales get me hella juiced. I have tiger blood in my veins, as well as  organs from some of the more cunning apes.  I  am 110% committed to winning, ALL the time.  Technically still on the payroll  at a large tech company, but looking to jump ship on that dumpster  fire.  Experience  March 1991 - April  1993  Jammin’ Juice, San Luis Obispo, CA​ - Juice Jammer  ● Started in on the ground floor of my buddy’s juice company. I worked there for 3 years,  became vice-president, but after some accusations of insider trading came to light, we  liquidated the juice company, and made a cool half million  June 1995 - December 1999  Enron, Houston, TX​ - Junior Executive  ● Climbed the corporate ladder for a few years at Enron, but honestly I thought y2k was going  to be a way bigger deal.  Liquidated all my assets and converted them to precious metals,  bought a boat and spent a few years off the Somali Coast  May  2006 - PRESENT  Microsoft, Redmond, WA ​- R&D Specialist  ● After realizing the world hadn’t ended and deciding to get back into the corporate game, I  figured the ​Blade-Runner/Total Recall​ aesthetic was going to be at the height of popularity.  Was instrumental in the launching of the Zune ™ Didn’t catch on like I’d hoped,  People  found it, “monstrously large” and “off-putting” and “not user-friendly”  customers weren’t  ready for the sleek, dazzling interface that personified the early 90s alt future  Education  1993 - 1995  Super Classified NASA/Haliburton Joint Training Academy, Location Redacted​ -  Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet, Fig and Plumbs full member  Was specially chosen for elite business training.  Further information provided upon verification of  credentials  Awards  Intramural Karate Tournament Champion, 1982, sold life-rights to the ​Karate Kid​ franchise


Poetry Samples 61%

SONNET OF: THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG MAN  I am electric blue on the tongues of the elderly.  I am the grin they wear when they smile my name  and drum up sales on autographed headshots.  I am shrift for the crusty julep drinkers, and candy  on the eyeballs of the has­beens and maybe­laters  that hate the labels but hang on the hope of having.  I am her “grin­and­bear­it.” I am his “heart medication.”  I am the graft on the zipper scar (over the pacemaker,  under the bra).  I coast on the poolside daydreams  of the socially secure and the terminally fatheaded.  There’s a word for me. Yes, I know it’s wunderkind.  I am a transplant of hair and worth and love and skin.  Summer sun will shine a­plenty:  Four years sober; five years twenty.              DAILY TIPS FOR LIVING PEOPLE  1.Exhale through your nostrils as people walk by. That way,  you’ll be free and clear of their grave­stink.    2.A combination of Ajax and table salt will obliterate those  pesky bathtub blood rings. That way, you may have company over  without fear of nasty rumors being spread.    3.After the passing of a loved one, carve their name into the  wood paneling above the television. That way, you will never  forget their name when the specter of Billy Mays quizzes you in  a surprise Lightning Round.           AT THE CARD TABLE  Hidden behind fans of whist and  the shakes, christened  in the harsh wisps that  dragontail off the butts  and lick the thick  cloud that hangs  like a head above the game table,  the silent folded faces,  the blue veins,  the crags,  all hush.  High heart trumps.     In an uneasy way  the silence  is punctured by the  sharp sucks of smoke,  and the women,  old enough to know worse,  curl their mouths while  hiding their teeth.          DIRTY LADY  Please don’t kiss me  after you’ve showered.  Your breath is  overpowered by the  minty mask of Scope,  and the fragrance on  your skin  is nothing more than  soap.                


savage garden gunning down romance spanish espanol ingles 61%

Gunning Down Romance Love and other moments Are just chemical reactions in your brain And feelings of aggression Are the absence of the love drug in your viens In your veins Love come quickly Because I feel my self esteem is caving in It's on the brink Love come quickly Because I don't think I can keep this monster in It's in my skin Love and other socially acceptable emotions are morphine They're morphine Cleverly concealing primal urges often felt but rarely seen Rarely seen Love I beg you Lift me up into that privileged point of view The world of two Love don't leave me Because I console myself that Hallmark cards are true I really do I'm gunning down romance It never did a thing for me But heartache and misery Ain't nothing but a tragedy Love don't leave me Take these broken wings I'm going to take these broken wings And learn to fly And learn to fly away And learn to fly away I'm gunning down romance Estoy Matando al Amor El amor y otros momentos Son sólo reacciones químicas en el cerebro, en tu cerebro Y los sentimientos de agresión Son la ausencia de la droga del amor en sus venas En sus venas Amor llega pronto Porque siento mi autoestima está callendo Está en el borde Amor llegar rápidamente Porque no creo que pueda mantener este monstruo adentro Está en mi piel El amor y otras emociones socialmente aceptables son morfina Son morfina Impusos salvages que los sientes, pero rara vez los ensenas Raramente vistos Amor te pido Me levante en ese punto de vista privilegiado El mundo de dos El amor no me dejes porque me consuelo en pensar Que la tarjetas de Hallmark son verdad Realmente lo creo Estoy matar a tiros el romance Nunca se hizo nada para mi solo angustias y la miserias nada más que una tragedia Amor no me dejes Llévate estas alas rotas Voy a tomar estas alas rotas Y aprender a volar Y aprender a volar Y aprender a volar Estoy matando al amor


New Client Intake Form - MASSAGE ONLY 61%

Heart Disease Surgery Immunity Related Disorder High Blood Pressure Herpes Simplex Insomnia Hospitalization Whiplash Hypertension Hepatitis Asthma Migraines Carpel Tunnel Angina Contagious Disease Sciatica Phlebitis/Thrombosis Pregnancy Stroke Fibromyalgia Repetitive Strain Injury Varicose Veins Disc Problems Other: