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MORI Veracity Index November 2016 - Charts 100%

Veracity Index 2016 Ipsos MORI December 2016 © 2016 Ipsos.


MORI Veracity Index November 2016 - Tables 82%

Page 1 J15063333-41-03 14-OCT - 01-NOV 2016 INTERNAL VERACITY INDEX 2016 7 Nov 2016 Table 1 VE01 - Now I will read you a list of different types of people.


operationveracitycom 2017-07-23 80%

2017 | 4/9 Search 40.63% Of traffic is from Search 100% Organic Top 5 Organic keywords Out of 4 32.70% operation veracity truth (~philosophy… 28.84% svb branch russia 28.84% "operation veracity"


Sahih-Muslim-english-translation (1) 57%

Each report in his collection was checked and the veracity of the chain of reporters was painstakingly established.


IMP Breaking Agema LG 55%

While many GOP activists and candidates support traditional marriage, the tone, tenor and veracity of how this issue is pursued is very important to how this is issue is approached.” In other news, a Facebook community page, “Draft Dave Agema for Lieutenant Governor,” has been launched, which currently has 24 “likes.” This comes as Tea Party leader Wes Nakagiri’s challenge to Lt.


Where Religion Went Wrong 52%

Some believe it is wrong – heresy, even – to question our religion or our church in this manner, as if this were somehow tantamount to questioning YHWH Himself or the veracity and infallibility of scripture.


Active Measures CND Integrity Initiative visit to Oslo 50%

Norwegian journalists tend to give Russian information the same weight as western information, not testing its veracity.


SNBS1 43%

I have no objections in case Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad were to investigate the veracity of details supplied by me in this form and such an investigation, which is the basis of the Special Need-based Scholarship being availed by me, would not amount to infringement of my privacy.


Mortals1 (copy) 42%

Hearst entered the publishing business in 1887 after taking control of The San Francisco  Examiner from his father. He soon acquired The New York Journal and fought a bitter  circulation war with Joseph Pulitzer's New York World. Many claim this led to the creation of  “yellow journalism” in which saw the rise of sensational stories with only vague and dubious  veracity.


addition,to,the,application 41%

(Note that this advice may include a disclaimer to make clear that SSSI are providing no opinion as to the veracity of the claims being offered.) This advice regarding qualifications and/or work experience will be a relevant consideration for delegated DIAC officers in determining whether or not to award points for qualifications and/or work experience under the Points Test.


ToRaiseaManItTakesaVillageofChildren 40%

I returned home a short while ago to attend the funeral of a childhood friend.  While there and exchanging pleasantries, I was told a tale so peculiar I decided  immediately to determine its veracity myself. A man whom I had known as a boy that  had (last I had heard) succumbed early in life to some kind of madness was rumored to  be living as an ascetic recluse deep in the woods west of town. For some reason, I was  filled with curiosity as to his fate and state of mental clarity, and I decided to pay him  a visit before leaving town.     The road heading to his cottage degenerated slowly from asphalt to gravel and  then overly vegetative dirt in its thirty mile deviation from civilization, culminating  finally in a unkempt game trail, under the soft soil of which I could occasionally feel  what may have once been an inviting trail of stepping stones. There was no flickering  fire coming from the windows, no rocking chair, no clothesline. In fact, besides a  small herbal garden, the residence looked rather moder, although unmistakably rural. I  knocked.     The door opened almost immediately, but deliberately, which seemed somehow  more dramatic. No bearde oldd face met me, but instead one that was unmistakably  that of an old friend: intelligence and calm behind kind, familiar eyes. He embraced  me.     “What a pleasant surprise!” was his genuine greeting, laughing just as sincerely  as he once had with that laugh I remembered from the schoolyard so long ago; I  marveled that such a laugh had ever broken bread with insanity.     “Well I was in town, and heard that you were and I came to…”    “See if I was crazy, naturally. Please come in.”     The interior was just as efficient as I had noted before, and I made note that the  man did not seem to purposefully live uncomfortably as I had been led to believe. I  made myself comfortable on one of a pair of chairs in the corner of his open space that  seemed to serve as his living room, and he brought over a fresh cup of coffee. Decaf,  he assured me. He seemed to anticipate my curiosity, and as he sat down he began to  tell his story.     “When you discuss madness, people speak of hearing voices in their heads that  tell them to do things. Foreign voices. This isn’t entirely true, or rather, it’s an  analogy. Unless its a particular manifestation of the madness, those people you and I  call insane hear voices no less often than do you — which is to say, you don’t narrate  your entire life in your head but are still engaged in an internal dialogue. When we do  hear this as a voice, it is a voice we identify with and call our own.     “In the case of madness, we begin to witness identities that don’t fit the idea we  have embraced of ourselves contributing to this dialogue, alien voices expressing alien  ideas. When the person in question is not fearful and paranoid of these voices, he  sometimes channels them vocally to others, to whom the ideas sound equally strange  and alien: qualities they then attribute to the individual in question, who still also  regards them as foreign and external. This creates a disparity between the idea of a  persona that is now giving birth to these things seen as foreign, and the inclusive  perception others now have of the chorus of voices they witness spouting from a  relatively static physical body. The emotional impact this has on the insane person  further alienates him, as the emotions which he now feels are not things the majority  of his peers can empathize with. This dual sense of a self divided from within and  disconnected to the without is the best sense I can give you of what it is like to be  mad.”    He paused to sip his beverage, and I spoke up:    “But there are good medications for this type of thing these days, correct? Have  you tried them, or do you take them..if you don’t mind me asking?”    “Oh yes, silence can always be induced by force, because it is a form of  obedience, and we must all obey some master or another — whether or not we  exercise the freedom to choose whom it might be. There’s just something  disconcerting about living in a prefabricated home, having your permanent  environment be the product of someone else’s imagination. I thought about saying  ‘prison,’ but decided against it. I will say this though, the difference between a home  and a prison, and I’m not necessarily talking about houses here, is a lot harder to find  than you might imagine. A prison is ineffective if it does not keep the world out as  well as it does its inhabitants ​ in​ , but a home is only a​  dwellin​ g if it does not draw us  and what we want in as well as it does keep what and those we fear ​ out​ . The only  difference between the two is the purpose of their architects: we build the one for  ourselves, but the other is built for us. To sit is one a source for pride, and the other,  shame. Although, there is a lot to be said for ignorance and its role in mitigating these  contrary perspectives of mine.”    I sat silently, so he continued on.    “I decided to build then, but to do that I needed to clear myself a space to work,  and that took time. But, I’m sentimental, and I kept some trinkets of the old place to  decorate with, my name for instance.”    He laughed.    “But in any case, I’ve found sweat equity to be a reliable investment, and I do  not believe I will die harboring the idea of regret, and so I will die at peace.”    “But what about your ‘voices?’” I interjected at this point, feeling a bit left  behind.     “Surely it’s not a matter of simply destroying them, willing them into oblivion?”    I was greeted with a smile.    “Of course not, there is no oblivion that one thing might meet and not the other,  but just as all things change form and state by the rearrangement of their constituents,  so it is with the contents of our consciousness. Mass is added and subtracted more or  less gradually, and we become larger and smaller, more or less suited to different  modes of existence. We exercise control of these contents inasmuch as we recognize  them to be impersonal and transmutable, our being a configuration of clay that  threatens to harden and become obsolete without constant use and care. So I took those  foreign bits within my awareness, those ‘voices,’ and trained myself to reshape and  repurpose them, learning along the way just how foreign that thing, that ego that had  called the voices foreign, was in itself a stranger to the rest of existence, an unnatural  projection filled with a hodgepodge of other people’s bad ideas that created this ball of  existential tension — the feeling that ​ being​  made no sense and that there needed to be  some meaning in all of it to explain all of the senseless arbitrary pieces it was made  of.”    “But how did you repurpose them, not in regards to how you began to question  your ego, but how exactly did you figure out how to so drastically alter the structure of  your mind?” I asked, maybe a bit too doubtfully.     “Well first, let me tell you that I didn’t figure it out, and it wasn’t any one  person or school of thought out there; but yet, it’s something each man must figure out  for himself: where it is his own answers lie. The best I can do for your question is to  offer you an analogy... a rough sketch of the process. In a sense, you could say I  gradually replaced those voices with that of an awestruck child, and then gradually  trained that child to ask only ‘why.’ Over time, this child gave birth to another, and so  on, until my mind became an endless oscillation between question and answer — and  it’s in the middle I now find contentment. You see, meaning is not something we find  in an engaging question or in a clever answer, but in the relationship between the two  — just as beauty is not to be found in the eye or the canvas, but in their union.  Goodness lies between good and evil, just as we find evil wherever there is good, and  goodness in everything. To be good is to be just one thing, and to be one thing is not to  be something in particular, but something in the present, and to be in the present is to  be everything there is.”    Suddenly, I felt myself infected with the same mirth he had shown me before,  and I raised my glass beaming. “Here’s to soft clay and sweat equity,” I gushed.     His glass met mine. “‘Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom  of God like a child shall not enter it’.”


august ias express final 40%

Though our team has taken much care to ensure the veracity and currency of the information presented in this version, our team does not bear any sort of responsibility for the absolute accuracy of the contents presented herein and also bear no responsibility for any damage arising from any omissions or negligence or inaccuracies of any nature that may have found their way into this book inadvertently.



This blurring of fact and fiction - a key feature of the Lovecraft’s literary methodology - has led some occultists to assume, erroneously, that the atheist Lovecraft actually believed in the veracity of the Cthulhu mythos.


a twilit severance of vessel & thought, a work in progress 39%

The belief in the essential role of creation in everything, and in its central place in all processes as that of the most important, relieves it of any pompous claim to veracity, and so exposes this product to all scrutiny and refutation by anyone.


file 36%

While, Pioneer has made every reasonable effort to ensure the veracity of the information presented they cannot expressly guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the estimates, forecasts and conclusions contained herein.


IoT for the Automotive Industry 35%

Car manufacturers have been dealing with information from multiple internal and external sources as transactions, enterprise content and micro sensors with characteristics as volume, variety, velocity and veracity for a long time.


French Tech Berlin ESCP Trend report 1 Final1402 33%

  it   is   also   defined  by  its  velocity  (or  speed),  its  variety  (or  different  sources),  its   veracity   (or   completeness   and   accuracy)   and   its   value:


Senior Seminar Final Paper - Revised Ed 2 - Dalton Black 29%

Another hypothesis is the Aggressive Spillover hypothesis, which attributes sexual cannibalism to excess veracity in females, making 1 it non-adaptive in mating (Arnqvist &


Theophilus Lash 28%

He decided to take her back to his home in Farholde, and attempted to judge the veracity of her story.


Business Insurance Explanation 28%

Assessing the veracity or severity of a claim is something that should be done by an insurance professional.


The Dartmouth Review 6.10.2007 Volume 27, Issue 13 15%

Professor creates photoverifying software Computer Science professor Hany Farid recently completed the development of software that could help determine the veracity of digital photographs.