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Christmas Menu 2015 100%

CHRISTMAS MENU £35 per person Celeriac veloute Black truffle, quail and ham hock Scotch egg Game terrine Pickled girolles, port and raisin puree, toasted brioche Hansen and Lydersen smoked salmon Pickled cucumber, caperberries, buttered rye Goat’s cheese mousse Gingerbread, beetroot, cobnuts, raspberry and hazelnut dressing ***** Roast turkey Stuffing, honey glazed parsnips, cranberry sauce Braised Ox cheek Parisienne potatoes, pancetta, sprout tops, red wine jus Fillet of plaice Olive oil pomme puree, salted grapes, sauce Veronique Hay baked celeriac Braised pearl barley, spruce oil, wild mushroom tea ***** Christmas pudding Armagnac custard and redcurrants 12 Hay Hill yule log Sour cherries and eggnog ice cream Treacle tart Clotted cream ice cream and fresh raspberries Selection of Artisan cheese from Mons and Neal’s Yard (£5 supplement per person) A discretionary 13.5% service charge will be added to your bill



File: POZNER /Delpech/Haller/Duytschaever   Current Rev. (03.12.16) : Disclosure [N]   INTELLIGENCE NOT APPROVED FOR PUBLIC DISCLOSURE AS OF 03/12/2016    Veronique Haller [Pozner] (delpech)        HISTORY/ASSOCIATIONS    ● ● ● ● ● ● Rueben Vabner  Grove Hill Medical Center  Sandy Hook Elementary School  Sun Sentinel (S. Florida)  CNN (Turner/Time Warner)  Anderson Cooper interview(s)      LICENSE SEARCH [CT]: Registered Nurse (RN) LIC NUM:  073372 DISCIPLINE: No ACTIVE: No  LICENSE SEARCH [FL]: Registered Nurse (RN) LIC NUM:  RN9371523 DISCIPLINE: No ACTIVE: YES  LICENSE SEARCH [NY]: Registered Nurse (RN) LIC  NUM: 429861 DISCIPLINE: No ACTIVE: No                Alexis Haller / (Delpech)    Alexis Haller, CSB No. 201210  ahaller @ . LAW OFFICE OF ALEXIS  HALLER. 14241 NE Woodinville­Duvall Rd., #113.  Woodinville, WA 98072.    Education  Princeton University Bachelor of Arts Princeton, NJ  Graduated June 1995  Princeton University Bachelor of Arts Princeton, NJ  Graduated June 1995  Stanford Law School Juris doctor Palo Alto, CA  Graduated June 1998  Stanford Law School Juris doctor Palo Alto, CA  Graduated June 1998    Experience  Law Office of Alexis Haller Owner Aptos, CA  August 2009 - Present    Law Office of Alexis Haller Owner Aptos, CA  August 2009 - Present      Civil litigator and international law attorney Alexis Haller presently operates a solo practice in  Aptos, California. He maintains membership in the bar associations of California, Washington, and  the District of Columbia.     A graduate of Stanford Law School, Alexis Haller has also been admitted to practice before the U.S.  Supreme Court and the U.S. Courts of Appeal for the Sixth, Seventh, and Ninth Circuits. At his solo  practice, Mr. Haller represents clients in civil litigation and diplomatic and foreign sovereign  immunity cases. He also handles matters relating to treaties and international conventions, and  takes on civil and criminal appeals. Since establishing his solo practice in 2009, he has won multiple  dismissals for his clients under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976. Prior to founding  his current practice, Alexis Haller served as a partner at Swanson, McNamara & Haller LLP of  San Francisco for 10 years. Over the course of his career with this prestigious defense firm, he built  significant experience as a trial and appellate lawyer and successfully represented and defended  numerous corporations and foreign government entities.                CASE HISTORY  Case: John V. Doe v. Holy See  ● ● ● Alexis Haller’s area of expertise: International Law  Outcome: Dismissal of all claims against client  Description: Tort action against foreign sovereign   


Resultater 1200 m 97%

1 Verein Diederich Loïc Schiffels Marius Senn Alexandra Kettmann Mika Pimenta lucas Thomas Laterza Mica Kaps Lou Méh Zsuzsanna End Charlotte Ferreira Flavia Cerqueira Rafael Mahmudi Mohammad Kirsch Charleen Franssens Yann Schmitz Pit Podolan Julia Wolfuarius Emmanuelle Maniora Charlotte Hensbourg Jamie Skatulla Diego Puusepp Hedi Loore Khamet Haris Ecker Mara Guillen Lopes José Fer Barbosa Ana End Leni Martina Cunha Afonso Mansur Yasmin Micucci Mara Mohamad Jin Ernza Veronique Licina Dzejla Afrika Karina Maas Anina Pospisilova Zora Nikels Lindsay Reding Max Mansur Shams Alkag Sedra Nat StartNr Klasse GesamtZeit LG Langsur LUX Trispeed Mamer LUX LUX LUX RSG Saarburg LUX Peinture de l e LUX LUX LUX LUX LG Langsur RSG Saarburg LUX LUX LUX LUX SLO LUX 608 631 645 617 636 638 646 626 612 296 606 623 619 614 632 641 643 642 644 633 630 618 610 615 605 613 607 625 640 627 647 622 298 299 639 629 297 624 602 M M W M M M W W W W M M W M M W M W M M W M W M W W M W W W W W W W W W M W W 00:04:32 00:04:34 00:04:50 00:04:51 00:04:56 00:04:58 00:05:05 00:05:10 00:05:23 00:05:24 00:05:25 00:05:28 00:05:30 00:05:34 00:05:38 00:05:42 00:05:46 00:05:46 00:05:47 00:05:52 00:05:58 00:06:01 00:06:03 00:06:06 00:06:08 00:06:17 00:06:20 00:06:20 00:06:29 00:06:30 00:06:33 00:06:34 00:06:34 00:06:35 00:06:38 00:06:41 00:06:41 00:06:57 00:06:58 (00:04:32) (00:04:34) (00:04:50) (00:04:51) (00:04:56) (00:04:58) (00:05:05) (00:05:10) (00:05:23) (00:05:24) (00:05:25) (00:05:28) (00:05:30) (00:05:34) (00:05:38) (00:05:42) (00:05:46) (00:05:46) (00:05:47) (00:05:52) (00:05:58) (00:06:01) (00:06:03) (00:06:06) (00:06:08) (00:06:17) (00:06:20) (00:06:20) (00:06:29) (00:06:30) (00:06:33) (00:06:34) (00:06:34) (00:06:35) (00:06:38) (00:06:41) (00:06:41) (00:06:57) (00:06:58)


GAN HAOCHEN-2 (1) 73%

EMI Records scene Franco Citterio, assistenti alla scenografia Daniela Capelloni e Cecilia Di Marco, costumi Eugenio Monti Colla, consulente musicale Francesco Gigolo, direzione dell'allestimento Carlo III Colla, luci Franco Citterio, direzione tecnica Tiziano Marcolegio, regia Eugenio Monti Colla marionettisti Carlo III Colla, Eugenio Monti Colla, Veronique Andrin, Franco Citterio, Mariagrazia Citterio, Piero Corbella, Cecilia Di Marco, Mariapia Lanino, Tiziano Marcolegio, Sheila Perego, Giovanni Schiavolin, Petra Stoeber voci recitanti Loredana Alfieri, Marco Balbi, Roberto Carusi, Mariagrazia Citterio, Fabrizio De Giovanni, Lisa Mazzotti, Gianni Quillico, Franco Sangermano, Giovanni Schiavolin Superstizioni, timori ancestrali, visioni spaventose, tetre mura, vessilli guerrieri, dirupi e abituri, canti gitani, predizioni di sventura:


Résultats bruts 54%

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