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Game 278 gameRules 100%

It contains your resources, victory points, and the things you can do.


9 12 12 DWS Cabin John Royal Scott 95% Paid for by Obama Victory Fund 2012, a joint fundraising committee authorized by Obama for America, the Democratic National Committee, and the State Democratic Parties in the following states:


Victory Insider #1 - Gulf Strike 91%

Once the Iranian forces are ready they launch a Jihad against the olher Gulf "4 New from Victory Games for Spring 1984!


Antifascist Resolution 8-9th May 2015 91%

70th anniversary of people's victory against Nazi-fascism:


division703 90%



KOREA IS ONEissue 1 88%

KOREA IS ONE Official Publication of the Ireland Juche-Songun Ideas Study Group Issue 1 July 2013 Juche 102 DPRK CELEBRATES 60TH ANNIVERSARY OF VICTORY IN THE GREAT FATHERLAND LIBERATION WAR On a bright July day in Pyongyang a feeling of great pride and responsibility filled the air.


Victory Insider #2 - Hells Highway 88%

43 West 33rd Street New York, NY 10001 VICTORY INSIDER 3 'NATO:


Victory Insider #8 - Last Issue 87%

GERMANS REDS and the NLF Dear Victory Insider Readership, Getting right to the point, this is the last issue of the VICTORY INSIDER.


Common Announcement MECYO 2015 87%

Common announcement of the 11th MECYO During the 7th and 8th of March 2015, in Frankfurt/Main the 11th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations took place under the title “70 years after the Antifascist Victory of the Peoples:


ENG ITS2015 0806 86%

FORMAT OF THE EVENT If two or more players are tied for the same position, they are ranked according to their total Victory Points score.


Victory at Ostagar 85%

Victory at Ostagar Arsinoe de Blassenville (2015) Tags:


KillTeamTournament V1 85%

VICTORY CONDITIONS PRIMARY OBJECTIVES At the end of the game, the Primary Objective is worth 5 Victory Points to the player controlling it.


KillTeamTournament V2 85%

VICTORY CONDITIONS PRIMARY OBJECTIVES At the end of the game, the Primary Objective is worth 5 Victory Points to the player controlling it.


KillTeamTournament V3 84%

VICTORY CONDITIONS PRIMARY OBJECTIVES At the end of the game, the Primary Objective is worth 5 Victory Points to the player controlling it.


SoWLeaguerules 84%

Game results should be submitted via email to or they will not be added to the rankings nor will they gain victory points for their Alliance.


OM140618 - reasons for resignation - Copy 82%

Despite the clear failure of the party in achieving the victory, a matter that should make us reevaluate our work from the foundations, the official leaflets from the party continue to claim that we are on the brink of victory.


rulespack 82%

2 punten Aan het einde van elke ronde telt elke speler zijn victory points zoals deze beschreven staan in het scenario.


Scenario 9 82%

Victory Conditions The player with the largest paychest at the end of the battle is the winner.


The Sydney Skirmish 2017v4 82%

  Hi Everyone!  The Sydney Skirmish Events are designed to do a couple of things:  a) Get some Kings of War events happening in Sydney  b) Give an entry point for all the new or casual players out there who would like to take the  next step and enter an event and play some games against some new players  c) Give other regular tourney goers a place to play  d) Create a little bit of rivalry in the Sydney scene  e) Promote Kings of War in some of the local stores in Sydney  So, we are hoping to run a series of casual, cheap events, one day 4 game setup, using the current  Mantic books as the complete rules and details for events. The East vs West dynamic is just to give a  bit of fun to the ongoing events, and encourage people to make events, invested in the outcome. If  you are a regular Kings of War player, or a new player looking to play more, please sign up and come  along to an event!  ‐Ken Ferris, Nick Legrand & Duncan Gill, Sydney Skirmish TO’s  These events are thanks to:  Hall of Hero’s Campbelltown  60 Queen Street Campbelltown    Good Games Town Hall   222 Clarence Street Sydney  Good Games Top Ryde   Level 3 (near fitness first)  Devlin Street & Blaxland Road Ryde    The Sydney Skirmish 2017                 Page 1 of 3  All Events are 2000 point events, using force lists from the Kings of War, 2nd edition rules book or the  uncharted empires book. All rules, as per the Clash of Kings Organised Play Supplement Book, 2017  pages 39‐47 are to be implemented for the events.  Venue  Hall of Hero’s  Campbelltown  Carnage  Good Games   Town Hall Sydney  Kings of Win  Good Games   Top Ryde   Rampage  Hall of Hero’s  Campbelltown  Carnage 2  Good Games   Top Ryde   Rampage 2  Date  nd Sunday 2   April   Saturday 6th  May   Sunday 25th   June  Sunday 23rd  July  Saturday 16th   September  Details  Tournament Organiser  Player cap: 24  Rounds: 4  Cost: $10  Player cap: 24  Rounds: 4  Cost: $20  Player cap: 16  Rounds: 4  Cost: $10  Player cap: 24  Rounds: 4  Cost: $10  Player cap: 20  Rounds: 4  Cost: FREE  Ken Ferris  Nick Legrand Duncan Gill   Ken Ferris  Duncan Gill     Cost: The cost we are aiming to keep as small as possible. The whole amount will be used for store  credit as prizes for players on the day.  Time: Starting at 9:45 – dice roll at 10am. Four rounds will be played over the day. Games will use  Chess clocks but please do not panic – the clocks are there to keep the day on time, and need not be  something to be feared!  Round 1  10:00am – 12:00pm  Round 2 12:10am – 2:00‐pm  Round 3  2:30pm – 4:20pm  Round 4 4:30‐pm – 6:20pm  Scenarios will be randomly determined on the day, from the 12 scenarios in the Clash of Kings  Organised Play book.  Will be done using the TTT software. Simply register on the site, and the TO will enter you into the  event. You can then enter game scores and track the event smoothly! all  draws will be determined through this software.  Each player will be asked to designate themselves as either East, or West. Whilst each event will be  its own stand‐alone event, every player will contribute to an overall tally from across the 6 events.  This tally, will simply be the inverse of your place in each event – i.e. if you came second out of 20  players, you would contribute 19 points to your nominated side. The aim being to see which side can  triumph after all six events are completed, and encourage you all to keep coming back to events!    The Sydney Skirmish 2017                 Page 2 of 3  Look us up on Facebook, in the Kings of War Australia group, or head over to for  the appropriate thread. Or email any or all of us organisers for any questions you have.    If you are new to Kings of War, haven’t entered an event beyond your garage previously, want to get  into the game, don’t have a full army etc, don’t be put off. Contact the event TO, and we will do  what we can to help. Lending models, writing lists, setting you up with a “mentor” experienced  player – we are happy to do anything we can to help you enjoy the day.    Play the designated Scenario, and work out the Winner of each game as per said scenario rules:  Result Tournament Points (TP)   Victory 15 TPs   Draw 10 TPs   Loss 5 TPs     Margin of Victory:   This is the difference between the total number of points the players have Routed of each other’s  army (attrition points). This difference in totals adjusts the Tournament Points by a positive or  negative amount. This means that you may score a victory, but should your army be decimated by  your opponent, that victory will be a hollow one.       Once the difference in points is known, consult the table below for the adjustment to both  players’ scores: VPs adjusts their TP score by   Game has a Winner/Loser    Game is a Draw  Points Difference  Modifier  Points Difference  Modifier  (Winner – Loser)  (Winner/Loser)  (Higher/Lower)  1601 (or more)  +5 / ‐5  0‐100  +0 / ‐0  1201 to 1600  +4 / ‐4  101‐300  +1 / ‐1  801 to 1200  +3 / ‐3  301‐500  +2 / ‐2  401 to 800  +2 / ‐2  501‐800  +3 / ‐3  201 to 400  +1 / ‐1  801 (or more)  +4 / ‐4  0 to 200  0 / 0    ‐1 to ‐100  ‐1 / +1  ‐101 to ‐300  ‐2 / ‐2  ‐301 to ‐500  ‐3 / +3  ‐501 (or more)  ‐4 / +4      The Sydney Skirmish 2017                 Page 3 of 3


SCBLUEHEAT06172017Final 81%

on June 18th, the Aces dealt the Blue Heat their only home loss, a thrilling come-from-behind 4-3 victory that kept them in the title race.


EvangelistaMedia-2016 81%

She walked out of every one of those experiences with victory and gained a new strength and purpose in God.


Pre-Competitive Info 2013 81%

Youth Victory–Ages 9-11 Youth Victory will practice on Fridays from 5:30pm-6:15pm, at Central Kings High School.


Victory Insider #5 - Vietnam Part 2 80%

2 VICTORY INSIDER Turning Words Into Games, Part Two The Lineup SEAD comprises half of Victory Games.


Fascist Economics and Socialism of Duty 80%

Comparatively speaking one could argue that Collectivists get more shit done than Individualists because the victory of a collective influences the outcome for every participant of the collective and they are all somewhat elevated, whereas in Individualism all victories are...