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A slim Warden (male, 20's) paces behind them, eyeing them, spitting chewing tobacco.


Rise of the Wardens 94%

Warden Mage 6. Cleansing the Circle 7.


The Last Warden 87%

The Last Warden bamftastik (2015) Tags:


2016AnnualReportFinal 87%

 PAUL’S  EPISCOPAL  CHURCH     Contents   5   Annual  Meeting  Agenda     6     9     Rector’s  Report     Senior  Warden’s  Report   11   Candidates  for  Vestry       12     13   13   14   14   16   17     18   19   20   20   21   22   24   26   27   28   30   31   32   33   33   33     34     35     Clerk  and  Diocesan  Representatives   Reports   Altar  Guild   Arts  &


GBU Mountain News LXXIII - September 18, 2014 86%

Clair, as well as a Warden with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.


Fief GoT rules PBF3 86%

 Targaryen Nobles fit the  canon  as well and are mostly  Loyalists  that were  either exiled or remained in Westeros keeping a low profile. These are thematically  a much  better fit than  Daenerys’s current court in the canon, as freed slaves and Dothraki would hardly be married by any Westerosi Noble.  The  Titles not  only grant  the  Player’s House wealth and  power,  but  also the means to  influence which  Nobles become   the next King or Hand of the King!  Some Titles grant a Victory Point (VP). A Player wins the game if he has 3 VPs at the end of a round.  It is  difficult to  win  alone, so two  Players often enter into an alliance through marriage to win as  a team. ​ A team of  two Players needs only 4 VPs to win the game. (5 VPs if you use the Night’s Watch Expansion (NWE)).  Players   may   draw  a  new  Court  Event   card  each  round  which may allow  them to place  a new Noble  onto  the House  Board  or appoint a Warden to the Small  Council. They  may also draw from the  Fortune deck which contains helpful Bounty  cards, but also  baneful  Disaster  cards  that can cause Plagues, Famine, or Heavy  Rain. It also contains  other cards that  can  cause Uprisings, Assassinations, and other nasty events.  Players  receive income for  Villages and Mills they control. Some Titles also allow to levy additional taxes. These incomes  can then be used to purchase  additional Troops,  Mills,  Strongholds,  and Titles.


MasterofPyromancies 84%

Master of Pyromancies Master of Pyromancies Tomes Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome Carthus Pyromancy Tome Izalith Pyromancy Tome Quelana Pyromancy Tome Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome Pyromancies Fireball Fire Surge Great Combustion Flash Sweat Poison Mist Fire Orb Profuse Sweat Bursting Fireball Chaos Storm Great Chaos Fire Orb Acid Surge Carthus Beacon Carthus Flame Arc Fire Whip Fire Storm Rapport Black Flame Black Fire Orb Pyromancies Sacred Flame Profaned Flame Toxic Mist Iron Flesh Power Within Created by PSN GeekBaronRW (Tomes are needed to allow certain trainers to sell pyromancies) Road of Sacrifices, in the lake area by the giant crab, close to a tree by the wall.


Fief GoT rules V3 83%

 (5 VPs if you use the Night’s Watch Expansion (NWE) or  the  Wall   expansion).    Players  may  draw a new Court Event  card each round  which may allow them to place a new Noble  onto the House board  or  appoint  a  Warden to  the  Small Council.


gtta-network-map 82%

Elgin Mills C Mount Joy Richvale 7 B Doncrest Unionville 6 Vaughan Centre Milton Centre 6 Vinegar Hill East Thornhill Northwest Gate Beechwood Milliken York University South Bramalea Shoreham Sir Lou Drewry 3 Ray Lawson FinchKeele Norfinch FinchAlbion Highway 407-10 Emery Don Valley Village Finch 8 Derry Humber College North MaltonAirport Meadowvale Kipling Heights L’Amoreaux Brock Road Yorkwoods Thistletown North York Centre Bakersfield 3 JaneWilson 2 Bristol Nahini Centennial Park Eglinton-10 Elia Erindale Tomken North Mississauga Centre Robert Speck Royal York Heights Kipling Manor 3 RenforthAirport Martin Grove Islington Gardens Etobicoke Centre Cawthra 2 Paisley Mount Dennis Jane Burlington Centre Bronte 9 Elizabeth L 10 1 HurontarioLakeshore Cawthra South Dixie South Forest Hill Avenue Rd Leslie Gardens Bayview Park 4 Scarborough Centre 2 Woburn-Progress Victoria Village Birchmount Park Underhill Warden Heights Don MillsEglinton Laird YongeEglinton Bayview 1 St Clair Leslie Park Victoria Square Bermondsey Garden Dufferin BloorKeele Summerhill Whitby Harbour Ajax Centre Oshawa South Centennial Highland Creek WoburnGolf Club McCowan Cedarmark Galloway North West Hill Manse Morningside Port Union 7 Bellamy Brimley Jog Ionview 3 11 BloorDundas Christie Ossington Lansdowne Bathurst Bay Sherbourne BloorYonge St George Museum DanforthBroadview Pape Rouge Port Guildwood Saunders Scarborough Village 1 2 Castle Frank Chester 3 4 Cliffside 5 DanforthVictoria Park Greenwood Coxwell Woodbine Donlands Main StDanforth 6 5 7 Gerrard 8 9 Humber Loop Windermere Royal York South Kipling-Humber Long Branch Village Islington-Lakeshore Superior Jameson North Jameson South Carlton Dovercourt DufferinParkdale Fort York Exhibition Dundas St Patrick BathurstQueen Spadina Spadina- St Andrew Front Bathurst Quay Spadina Quay Broadview Village Queen-Yonge Osgoode Bellwoods Kingston Union York 9 Quay King A B C D Moss Park Corktown Riverdale Leslieville QueenPape 11 Lake Ontario Lawrence East Wilson-Albion Lakeshore Hurontario-Main Kingston-Highway 2 REX lines L T X A B C D Kew Beach Ashbridges Bay Yonge-University-Allen Dundas-Bloor-Danforth Eglinton Sheppard Queen Jane-Don Mills SEX lines 10 Queen’s Park Oshawa Central Park Rd Subway lines Cosburn Rosedale Annex Thorton 11 X Warden Casa Loma Thickson Flemingdon Park Thorncliffe Park Garrard Stevenson Galloway South Birchmount Golden Mile Whites Cochrane Hopkins Rouge Hill Bendale- Bellamy Thomson Ossuary Dorset Park T Brock Street Rougemount Bellamy Corporate Green Belt Mt Pleasant Chaplin Brockton Long Branch West Ogden 2 Don MillsLawrence Blythwood Wells Hill 5 Wenonah Midland Woodlands Rosebank Salem McQuay Howard Park Mineola Clarkson York Mills WardenNortonville Westney Liverpool Dunbarton-Dixie DunbartonPickering Fairport Centre Burrows Hall Agincourt Pickering Village Harwood Wellesley Applewood Port Credit Windfields Davisville Roncesvalles X Consumers 6 Tam O’Shanter Ellesmere Honeydale Pinetree Appleby WilsonYonge 7 AllenEglinton Caledonia High Park Runnymede Mimico Aldershot Bayview Village LawrenceYonge The Junction Old Mill Sherobee Oakville Centre LeslieSheppard Armour Heights DufferinFairbank Keelesdale Royal York Kipling Wharton Dixie AllenWilson Ancaster Glencairn Jane Flats Scarlett 8 Lawrence Heights Earlscourt Fairview DundasHurontario Victoria Park North Don MillsSheppard Bessarion Yorkdale Harwood Elm Winston Park Dufferin Downs Denison Dixie North Tomken Bathurst Heights Lawrence West Weston Burnhamthorpe CooksvilleJohn St Cliff SheppardYonge BathurstBales Maple Leaf Terminal 1 Square T One Keele Downs Terminal 3 Matheson Erin Mills DownsviewMurray Highview Brockport Humberlea Churchill Meadows AllenSheppard Willowdale in K Beverly Hills LIN Viscount Streetsville Senlac Tr a Britannia 4 SheppardOakdale Elmhurst Wilmington Valley Farm Malvern Courtneypark Streetsville Junction N Box Grove Steeles Steeles-Main Dempsey 4 Clark Charolais Lisgar Milne Park 1 Nanwood A Warden-407 Concord Wellington 4 Beaver Creek John 10 5 Markham Centre Buttonville Royal Orchard Brampton Centre Markham Village Centennial 1 Mount Pleasant 5 D Langstaff Gateway Rosemount 6 Old Richmond Hill Balmy Beach St.


From Humble Beginnings 79%

StoryMaster, FanFiction.Net From the hills of the Redcliffe, a young farmboy turned Grey Warden will endeavor to save his homeland from destruction.


Episcopal Church of the Resurrection 2017 Annual Report 77%

2017 Annual Report January 21st, 2018 The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection Bishop's Warden’s Report 2017 was a busy and productive year for The Episcopal Church of the Resurrection.


shawshank 77%

Rebecca Daly   Development of Film  Research Paper  5/1/14     Shawshank Redemption: A Reflection of its Time    Shawshank Redemption ​ is a 1994 prison drama directed by Frank Darabont. The film was  adapted from a novella written by Stephen King called ​ Rita Hayworth and Shawshank  Redemption.​  The story was published in his 1982 from King’s collection ​ Different Seasons,  subtitled ​ Hope Springs Eternal. Shawshank ​ stars Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, Bob Gunton,  and many other talented actors. This film is a reflection of its period in two ways; it perfectly  exemplifies what effect the rise of cable TV and videos had on the film industry, and is a mirror  to social issues at the time revolving around religion and prison systems.  Shawshank ​ takes place in 1947 Maine and follows the story of a banker named Andy  Dufresne who is wrongfully accused of murdering his wife and her lover. He is given two life  sentences and sent to off to Shawshank Prison. Although he has trouble when he first arrives  because of his cold and standoffish demeanor, he begins to make friends with an inmate named  Red who runs a “business” in Shawshank where he smuggles certain items from the  outside­cigarettes, alcohol, magazines, etc. Andy asks Red to get him a rock hammer so he can  practice his hobby of rock sculpting. Over the first few years in Shawshank, Andy becomes good  friends with Red and a few other men, although he also runs into some serious trouble with some  other inmates called “The Sisters” who rape, beat, and harass him regularly. However, Andy’s  luck changes after the chief guard Byron Hadley discovers that Andy is an extremely intelligent  and talented banker. Andy starts to give financial help to the Warden and the guards and he  begins to become very favored in Shawshank.​  ​ To help Andy out, Hadley and some other guards  beat up the leader of The Sisters so badly he is left paralyzed and has to transfer to a different  prison. Andy continues to work for the Warden as well as significantly improve the prison’s  library. Over the years, he witnesses an enormous amount of cruelty and corruption among the  guards and the Warden especially. Eventually, Andy decides to escape Shawshank by crawling  through a tunnel hidden by his Rita Hayworth poster that he had been carving in the wall with his  rock hammer for the past fifteen years. He brings the Warden’s paperwork and clothes in a bag,  and the next morning goes to a bank to take out money under a false identity. Andy sends a letter  to the newspaper exposing the corrupt practices of Shawshank and leaves for Mexico where Red  meets him after he finally gets paroled.  Starting in 1975 with the release of ​ Jaws​ , the film industry began to move away from the  New Hollywood age and onto the high grossing films of the Blockbuster. Blockbusters were all  about the theme of good vs. evil and heroes (who were always white) and villains (who were  almost always of some other ethnic background). Blockbusters strived to put on a huge spectacle  and be something that the whole family could enjoy. These films were vastly different than the  previous ones of New Hollywood which were more complex and required more engagement  than just sitting in front of a screen watching a bunch of special effects and lavish spectacles.  People began to figure out that through synergy, films can bring in huge amounts of revenue.  Studios began to be integrated with media conglomerates so the number of companies that  controlled the media became smaller and smaller. According to author of The Media Monopoly  Ben H. Bagdikian:  “In 1983, fifty corporations dominated most of every mass medium and the biggest media  merger in history was a $340 million deal. … [I]n 1987, the fifty companies had shrunk to  twenty­nine. … [I]n 1990, the twenty­nine had shrunk to twenty three. … [I]n 1997, the biggest  firms numbered ten and involved the $19 billion Disney­ABC deal, at the time the biggest media  merger ever”  The film industry was becoming more of an industry than ever, and less of an outlet for creative  expression and innovation. As the 90’s began, high budget blockbusters were still extremely  prominent in the film industry, although indie films were also gaining notoriety. Directors like  Quentin Tarantino began producing extremely successful indie flicks such as ​ Pulp Fiction,  which was nominated for Best Picture along with S​ hawshank​  at the 1995 Academy Awards  (although both films lost to ​ Forrest Gump​ ). ​ Shawshank ​ did not in any way resemble the  blockbuster; it presents itself in a slower, quieter fashion and is a very clever film with a lot of  underlying messages. It requires a higher level of attention and one may need to watch it more  than once to pick up on all of its undertones. It was a low budget film that cost around 25 million  dollars, and was directed by a relatively new director. The film did not seem very appealing­ who  would want to go to the theaters and sit through a 2 ½ hour prison drama? There were virtually  no women in the entire cast, no huge Hollywood actors, no exciting special effects or intense  action scenes.​  Shawshank ​ failed to even make back its budget, grossing around 18 million at the  box office initially. Although it was nominated for seven Academy Awards, it was completely  overshadowed by ​ Forrest Gump​  and ​ Pulp Fiction.​  ​ Shawshank​  was a true underdog. However,  word of mouth began to create buzz for the film, and thanks to a shift in the media industry  Shawshank ​ made a triumphant comeback.  It is because of the rise of cable TV, videos, and the internet that ​ Shawshank ​ eventually  gained enormous popularity years after it was released. In the 80’s, the number of cable networks  began to steadily increase until the 90’s where they suddenly rose at an enormous rate. Cable  technology improved and direct broadcast satellite television provided viewers with more  channels. By the late 90’s, 98% of homes in the U.S. had one or more television sets that were  usually on for several hours a day. Ted Turner sold the rights to ​ Shawshank​  to his own network,  TNT, for a considerably lower price. Because of this, the station was able to play the film very  often, and made​  Shawshank ​ part of its “New Classics” campaign. Thanks to IMDB and other  websites that emerged dedicated to spreading the word about ​ Shawshank​ , its popularity  continued to grow. Warner Brothers shipped 320,000 rental copies of the film to video stores all  over the U.S., and it became the most rented film of 1995. In​  ​ 1999, The Wall Street Journal  Published an article called ​ Shawshank’s Redemption, How a Movie Found an Afterlife. ​ The story  explained that even though ​ Shawshank ​ won no Oscars and initially received mixed reviews and  little hype, many people regard it as one of the best movies ever made. In an IMDB survey of  thousands of people, ​ Shawshank ​ was voted the #1 movie of all time. It is pretty astounding that a  movie that did not do terribly well at the box office would even make it in the top ten movies, let  alone land at the top of the list. One answer to this can be summed up well by Tim Robbins  (Andy Dufresne):  “Why has it endured? ... The reason why it’s had a profound impact on people has a lot to do, I  think, with its spirit, and the hope within it. The idea that over a long period of time, someone’s  ambitions can come true, that resilience and persistence pay off.”   The plight of the film and its success can be compared to Andy’s plight throughout the entirety  of ​ Shawshank​ . One of the strongest messages of the film is the idea that through hope and  perseverance, one can prevail. Andy comes into Shawshank a quiet, unimpressive man who has  to endure the harshness of prison life until the day he dies. However, he continues to have hope  that he will one day be free despite many setbacks and his friends telling him that hope is a  dangerous thing. In the end, Andy finds a way to escape prison and lives out the rest of his life in  beautiful​  Zihuatenejo, Mexico. Just like Andy, ​ Shawshank’s ​ beginnings seemed rather dismal  and hopeless, however throughout the years the “little film that could” slowly gained popularity  and is now regarded as one of the greatest movies of all time.  Since ​ Shawshank Redemption ​ was released in 1994, it is important to have a basic  understanding of society and culture in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The 80’s were largely  influenced by the policies brought about by President Ronald Reagan who was in favor of tax


Calliope - Google Docs 77%

From a small shack glowing with stove-light strutted a paunchy, spectacled man - Sibley’s Post Warden.


jur 73%

Ïåðâîå èíòåðâüþ íàì ñîãëàñèëñÿ äàòü Neir Warden.


skins 70%

750 Nautilus Warden Nautilus 17/02/2015 19:00:00 Still available.


darksouls3any% 67%

Grab Grave Warden’s Ashes.


worldserverjobs 66%

Security Officer - Police Officer/ Warden - Warden/Prison Guard Detective - Detective/Private Investigator Internal Affairs - CIA?


Game 1 Report - A Song of Ice and Fief - House Arryn 65%

Edmure Tully marries Arya Stark Lannister blocks the election of Gerold Grafton or Edmure Tully as Warden of the East.


Ivar 62%

DONT USE Remove corruption:  Captain = Improved Blade of Elendil  Champion = Feral Strikes  Minstrel = Improved Herald's Strike  Guardian = Improved Sting  Hunter = Improved Dazing Blow + Merciful shot  Loremaster = Dispel Corruption  Runekeeper = Improved Final Word  Burglar =  Purge Corruption  Warden = Ranged Reversal    Ivar  Everybody must have tactical mitigation gear + the right virtues.  450k ‐ 330k:  Let tank build aggro. Steady DPS. Keep all debuffs up. DO NOT USE ANY BIG HEALING SKILLS! ~330k:  group will take a big hit    330k ‐ 220k:   Let tank build aggro. Steady DPS. Keep all debuffs up. DO NOT USE ANY BIG HEALING SKILLS! ~220:  group will take a big hit. Ivar makes bigger AoE.    220k ‐ 100k:  High DPS. Use hige damage skills. Keep group healing up. All use pots!  ~110k group will take a big hit. ‐50% incoming healing, which can stack to ‐100% for short periods.    After this go crazy DPS and use healing post and defence skills.


Truly Existing 62%

Includes OCs, non-canon party members, and non-Warden cameos of the other origins.


res2015 62%

Wanted Chanel 10 Simonds Homes Underbelly (Squizzy)CH9 Let Them Try The Assault One Shot The Nick CH31 Agoraphobia Mocktail The Killinging A Day In The Mind Rich Dad Poor Dad Requiem Of The Blue With Friends Like These Cassette The Ginger Bread Men Lost In Melbourne Teck Deck Competition Neighbor’s Ch11 Neighbor’s Knowing (Staring Nick Cage) Hyonday World Cup Commercial Rush CH10 City Homicide Ch7 City Homicide Ch7 City Homicide Ch7 City Homicide Ch7 The Wending Party (Staring Josh Lawson) Romulus My Son Killing Time You Are How You Play Music Video The Late Shift Knock About Crime reenactment TV commercial (Uncle) Prison Warden (credited) Lead - Abusive husband Lead - Asio operative Mafia mob boss Uniformed Police officer Lead - Agoraphobic man Bar patron Detective Café manager Hotel manager and high class pimp Business men House mate Drug addict Produces and reporter Drug addicted bag snatcher Prime minister (Dictator) Karate student Lasidas staff member Rioter Soccer fan Gaming arcade owner Boxing spectator Factory worker Protester Swinger at swingers party Punter Doctor Rollerblade Football spectator Bar tender Office worker Thug Taining Melbourne Acting Academy Screen Actors Lilly Dorson TAFE (Queensland) Voice Classes Fulltime Melbourne Melbourne Queensland Karla Francisco


Resume 62% .9619/ ------------------------------------------------ EXPERIENCE ------------------------------------------------ Police Officer (Jr Dep) A3L Lakeside City Lakeside, (3 Months) Warden Lakeside City Lakeside, (1 Month) CG Assistant Chief EMS Lakeside Lakeside, (2 Months) CG Chief EMS Lakeside Lakeside, (7 Months) CG EMS Command Advisor Lakeside Lakeside, (3 Months) CG State Trooper Officer Morrison Lakeside, (2 Months) CG ---------------------------------------------- QUALIFICATIONS ---------------------------------------------- Proficient in Excel, forms and word including Database construction.