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HIOKI U8793 ENG 100%

ARBITRARY WAVEFORM GENERATOR UNIT U8793 Recorders Memory HiCorders make testing and experimentation convenient.


HIOKI 9335 ENG 99%

WAVE PROCESSOR 9335 Recorders Display, Convert, Calculate, and Print Waveforms with a PC Use Windows application software to display, convert, calculate and print large volumes of waveform data on a PC 8855 The WAVE PROCESSOR 9335 is application software for Windows that enables users to display, print, convert, and calculate on large volumes of waveform data that has been recorded and collected by instruments in the MEMORY HiCORDER Series.



iPad App for Memory HiCorder HMR Terminal Recorders Analyze Memory HiCorder Waveforms Right on Your iPad Free WiFi App Software (Exclusively for iPad) Download from the App Store For MR8740/41, MR8827, MR8847 Change settings from a remote location via the network waveforms in real time Connectable Monitor and acquire data via FTP Multi- Channel Support Smooth Operations Up to 32 Channels (With MR8740, MR8827) of waveform data at your fingertip Effortlessly Analyze measurement data Any Way You Like with iPad-unique gestures YouTube Video For more information, please go to:


HIOKI MR8870 ENG 97%

MEMORY HiCORDER MR8870 Recorders Oscilloscope-like Waveform Observation, Plus Recording of RMS Variations - In a Single Device!


HIOKI 8860-50 ENG 97%

See page 5 l New LCD with wider viewing angle for easier waveform observation.


HIOKI LR8431 ENG 96%

10 ms scanning of all channels provides rapid sampling capabilities Track waveforms to meet demands for measuring sudden changes in loads Widescreen, bright LCD gives excellent viewability The beautiful, wide QVGA-TFT display is ideal for waveform monitoring.


HIOKI PW6001 ENG 95%

All measurements, including period detection, wideband power analysis, harmonic analysis, and waveform analysis, are digitally processed independently and with no effect on each other.


HIOKI 9333 ENG 95%

Using the MEMORY HiCORDER as the data collection tool, waveform data can also be transferred to the PC via the highspeed LAN connection.


HIOKI PW3198 ENG 95%

+ Clamp-on sensor accuracy Waveform example World’s highest level of basic measurement a c c u r a c y.


HIOKI MR8740 ENG 94%

3 Application Function testing of ECUs and EV inverter motors The MR8740/MR8741 can be used to perform a range of waveform measurements of inverter output.


HIOKI 3290 ENG 94%

RMS, waveform, frequency and integral value Choice of Response Times:


HIOKI 9624-50 ENG 94%

Event Waveform Window Display the waveform of an event that occurred, plus the vector, harmonic, DMM, and instantaneous harmonic values.


HIOKI MR8847 ENG 93%

FFT analysis and other functions FFT, waveform calculation and memory segmentation functionality.


HIOKI 9725 ENG 93%

• Functions identical to those of the 8860 Series, such as waveform processing calculation, run on the computer.


HIOKI 3390 ENG 92%

1% to 110% • High accuracy, wide band, and wide dynamic range • Also measure the secondary side of DC inverters in conjunction with a variety of HIOKI current sensors All data updated at 50ms* • 50ms data refresh rate for all measurements unaffected by settings restraints • Synchronize the measurements of multiple 3390s Automatic update rate eliminates the need of switching for low-frequency measurements * 50ms data refresh rate does not apply to waveform and noise analysis 3 Meet the Needs of Alternative Energy and Inverter or Motor Evaluations 4-channel isolated input Measure the primary and secondary sides of inverters simultaneously Ideal for Motor Evaluation and Analysis • Choose wiring from single-phase two-wire to three-phase four-wire • Synchronize the measurements of multiple 3390s • Use of the MOTOR TESTING OPTION 9791 (or 9793) allows torque meter output and rotation input, and facilitates motor power measurement For motor evaluation and analysis specifications, please go to pages 8 &


HIOKI MR8827 ENG 92%

Welcome to the next generation of Hioki Memory HiCorders that deliver multichannel waveform recording of a diverse array of signals to meet complex and demanding applications.


experiment 05 2 91%

It will also reduce the harmonic contents of the rectified waveform and reduce the requirement on the smoothing filter needed to reduce the ripple in the rectified waveform.


HIOKI PW3335 ENG 91%

DC, 0.1Hz to 100kHz frequency bandwidth With built-in harmonic measurement for detailed analysis Measure the standby power of AC adapters, both primary-side AC and secondary-side DC Measure power supply conversion devices such as inverters and thyristors Measured power parameters Voltage Current Effective power Apparent power Reactive power Power factor Phase angle Frequency Integral current Effective integral power Waveform peak value Crest factor Maximum current ratio Time-averaged current Time-averaged effective power Ripple rate Harmonic measurement parameters Harmonic effective Harmonic effective value power Measures solar panels and power converters, max.


Proposal Example 90%



HIOKI 3193-10 ENG 90%

Graph Display of Harmonics Waveform Display List Display of Harmonics Vector Display of Harmonics Voltage, current and power can be analyzed and displayed by bargraphs of harmonic amplitude, content and phase angle.Voltage, current and power can be displayed simultaneously for a single channel, or a single parameter can be displayed simultaneously for each of three channels.


1481236074-DM Workbook v4 107 89%

occurs when one waveform alters a parameter of another—usually either the pitch, the volume, or the action of the filter.


HIOKI 3197 ENG 89%

View RMS data for every half cycle over a 30 second period on a large graph display All items are recorded as events so that a quick understanding can be obtained just by viewing the waveform 3 3 3 3 3 Power &


HIOKI 3333 ENG 88%

Rear Panel Design of Model 3334-01 with built-in GP-IB Interface ■ Analog Output on All 4 Channels •Simultaneously ouput the voltage, current and active power values (DC ±2 V f.s., data refreshed 5 times/second) •Output the apparent power, power factor, or integrated current/active power over an additional 1 channel ■ Waveform Voltage Current Make a secure connection with the screw-type terminals *Use a No.3 Phillips screwdriver Actual Size Active power Integrated active power Output over 3 Channels Instantaneous waveforms of Waveform of a motor startup the measured voltage, current and active power can be simultaneously output •Output:


HIOKI MR8880 ENG 88%

(Settings can be configured while checking the measurement waveform.) Select the settings file to load from a list of settings stored on the selected source and press the “Load” key.


HIOKI 3291-50 ENG 86%

Averaging True RMS response (the 3291-50 and 3293-50 work this way) High-frequency waveform components are included in the calculated RMS display value.