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HIOKI U8793 ENG 100%

Combine recording and generating functions Generate analog output of recorded waveforms Arbitrary Waveform Generator Unit U8793 Compatible Memory HiCorders MR8740/MR8741 Max.


HIOKI 9335 ENG 99%

WAVE PROCESSOR 9335 Recorders Display, Convert, Calculate, and Print Waveforms with a PC Use Windows application software to display, convert, calculate and print large volumes of waveform data on a PC 8855 The WAVE PROCESSOR 9335 is application software for Windows that enables users to display, print, convert, and calculate on large volumes of waveform data that has been recorded and collected by instruments in the MEMORY HiCORDER Series.



iPad App for Memory HiCorder HMR Terminal Recorders Analyze Memory HiCorder Waveforms Right on Your iPad Free WiFi App Software (Exclusively for iPad) Download from the App Store For MR8740/41, MR8827, MR8847 Change settings from a remote location via the network waveforms in real time Connectable Monitor and acquire data via FTP Multi- Channel Support Smooth Operations Up to 32 Channels (With MR8740, MR8827) of waveform data at your fingertip Effortlessly Analyze measurement data Any Way You Like with iPad-unique gestures YouTube Video For more information, please go to:


HIOKI MR8870 ENG 97%

n Measure safely, with isolated input for all channels Test commercial power lines with ease of mind thanks to isolated input for both channels n Monitor instantaneous waveforms on-site High-speed waveform observation/recording with 1 M sampling, despite compact size n Monitor fluctuations in commercial power lines Real-time recording of data to CF card with 1 ms/sampling recording interval in a compact package n Synchronize two HiCORDERs together to measure three-phase lines and other channels needing three or more channels Bundled PC application enables integration/observation of synchronized data from two HiCORDERs on a single screen 2 Memory Recorder An oscilloscope in the palm of your hand Capture unpredictable phenomena using waveforms !


HIOKI 8860-50 ENG 97%

The Memory function monitors fast waveforms as easily as an oscilloscope while the Logger function records trend graphs in real time.


HIOKI LR8431 ENG 96%

10 ms scanning of all channels provides rapid sampling capabilities Track waveforms to meet demands for measuring sudden changes in loads Widescreen, bright LCD gives excellent viewability The beautiful, wide QVGA-TFT display is ideal for waveform monitoring.


HIOKI PW6001 ENG 95%

High-speed sampling of 5 MS/s for true frequency analysis Measurements based on sampling theorem are required to perform an accurate power analysis of PWM waveforms.


HIOKI 9333 ENG 95%

3 Acquire waveform data from the PC screen Waveforms measured by the MEMORY HiCORDER are acquired by the PC from the LAN COMMUNICATOR window.


HIOKI PW3198 ENG 95%

4 PW3198 Never Misses the Moment a Power Supply Failure Occurs The PW3198 can measure all waveforms of power, harmonic, and error events simultaneously.


HIOKI MR8740 ENG 94%

±0.0025% f.s., the MR8990 can capture minute voltage fluctuations as waveforms.


HIOKI 3290 ENG 94%

EN61326:1997+A1:1998+A2:2001 ■ Comprehensive Basic Current Measurement Functions of the 3290 All functions needed for measuring DC and AC current and distortion waveforms in a single instrument Current range table (common to 3290 and 3290-10) Sensor Used 9691 Frequency Range Rated Input Measurement Range DC to 100 Arms 10 kHz (-3 dB) 150 Apeak 9692 DC to 200 Arms 20 kHz (-3 dB) 300 Apeak 9693 DC to 2000 Arms 15 kHz (-3 dB) 2840 Apeak 20.00 A Optional Model 9400 CARRYING CASE stores everything together Max.


HIOKI 9624-50 ENG 94%

Status Window Transient Waveform Window Analysis Capabilities Event list TIME PLOT screens EVENT screens Display PW3198 RMS (Voltage, Current, others) Voltage Harmonic and inter-harmonic fluctuations Voltage waveforms Current waveforms Transient over voltage waveforms High-order Harmonic Voltage waveforms Vector, DMM, Harmonic Graph, Harmonic List 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3197 4 4 — 4 — — — Inrush Current Event Graph Window 3196 4 4 4 4 4 — 4 Report Creation Functions Automatically and effortlessly create rich reports for compliance and record management.


HIOKI MR8847 ENG 93%

n Hard copy of the display screen, then and there Observed waveforms, setup parameters, processing values, AB cursor readouts and more--a simple push of a button and the high-speed thermal printer gives you a hard copy of the entire screen contents.


HIOKI 9725 ENG 93%

32 analog channels, 16 logic channels, 16 calculated waveforms, 8 X-Y-axis composite waveforms • Cursor function:


HIOKI 3390 ENG 92%

USB memory interface Automatically save interval measurement data to a CF card (When saving manually, measured data and waveform data can be saved directly to the CF card and USB memory) HTTP server function available with free dedicated PC software • HTTP server function through web browser enables easy remote operation • Free dedicated PC application can be downloaded from the HIOKI website Collect data and operate the 3390 remotely by connecting it to a PC via LAN or USB page 11 Waveform Output and 16 Channel D/A output • Use the D/A OUTPUT OPTION 9792 to update data every 50ms and output up to 16 items in analog format • Also output the voltage and current waveforms for each channel (using 1 to 8 channels) (Waveforms are output at 500 kS/s and sinusoidal waveforms can be represented accurately at up to 20 kHz) Measured waveform at 60Hz Waveform output D/A output waveform 4 Extra-Large Screen Expands Possibilities Capture measured data and waveforms at a glance utilizing a variety of display options The 9” color LCD can display up to 32 data parameters (Actual size of display showing 32 measured items) All measurements start with just a connection Display just the required data in an easy-to-read graphic interface on the Select screen Wiring check function prevents connection errors Screen displaying 32, 16, 8, or 4 items Display connection and vector diagrams on the Wiring screen Improve efficiency and reliability while saving time in wiring even for three-phase measurements Display items can be set individually for each selected screen Read data quickly and easily by just switching between the screens Check Vector Direction Intuitive Interface Switch screens at the touch of a button All data is processed in parallel simultaneously.


HIOKI MR8827 ENG 92%

Conventional transfer time 10.4 inch TFT 10.4 inch SVGA 640×480 800×600 Overlapping waveforms are easier to identify now with a new high resolution LCD.


experiment 05 2 91%

Full-wave rectifier output waveforms.


HIOKI PW3335 ENG 91%

Current waveforms in the switching power supply or at the primary-side of inverters become steep and often exceeds the fundamental range, preventing them from being accurately measured.


Proposal Example 90%



HIOKI 3193-10 ENG 90%

★ Connecting to a Recorder With 8 selectable D/A outputs and voltage, current and power analog/monitor output (current and voltage only) as standard features, the HiTESTER allows recording of changes and transient fluctuations in waveforms using a recording unit.


1481236074-DM Workbook v4 107 89%

Waveforms and Filters ▶▶ Using Envelopes and LFOs to Modulate Sound ▶▶ How to Build the Deadmau5 Pluck ▶▶ Your First Synth can Teach You Everything NOTES The basic components of a synthesizer are sound sources (oscillators) and modifiers (filters, envelopes etc).


HIOKI 3197 ENG 89%

EVE NT Type Select your clamp sensor l Pull Strap Through for Ultimate Portability l AC Adapter for Quick Recharge or Long Recordings Toggle between screens using VIEW key for instantaneous power data l USB Port for PC Compatibility l Power One-touch switching between graph and numerical data Switch RMS, Phase Angle and Lead and Lag Full-color waveforms and RMS readings l Convenient Stand for Hands-free Viewing l Rugged and Durable Casing to withstand even the toughest environments and uses 3 VECTOR Record and Inspect Auto-Data Compression Lets You Record for up to 125 Days Find the max, min and average values for any point using the cursor function (even while measuring) RMS DIP/SWELL Toggle between the trend graphs for a complete analysis of the power situation Get a detailed picture during voltage anomalies fluctuation range for all 3 channels are displayed 3 Consumed &


HIOKI 3333 ENG 88%

*Easily test for over-consumption even when testing distorted waveforms that are commonly found in switching power supplies and similar devices by monitoring for the [PEAK OVER] alarm, simply by setting for the alarm to activate and the display to light up when the input exceeds the range.


HIOKI MR8880 ENG 88%

Save pre-triggered waveforms.


HIOKI 3291-50 ENG 86%

Both display the same value for a sine wave, but can display very different values for distorted waveforms.