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Let Us Not Grow Weary 100%

Let Us Not Grow Weary Dedicated to:


Easter 3- Jubilate (Final) 85%

He does not faint or grow weary;


w E 18940115 78%

“Weary are we of empty creeds, Of deafening calls to fruitless deeds;


SWIS LARP Arthur and Launcelot 78%

The horses are weary and must rest for at least a day.


ResortBrochure 75%

This exclusive earthly paradise will offer the world-weary connoisseur an opportunity to relax and indulge, to rest and revive.



63 of the public do not believe that professional legal advice is an affordable option for ordinary people Further to this, 56% of people think that the introduction of fees in employment tribunals has obstructed access to justice The British public are weary of the changes imposed on the courts by the government 66 think changes to court fees are making it harder for people to bring cases to court Trust and transparency in the legal system is incredibly low 81% 87% 67% 75% 87% Who is accountable?


3 - O Holy Night 75%

O Holy Night Chris Tomlin [Intro] C G Am CG C Oh holy night F C The stars are brightly shining F G C It is the night of our dear Savior's birth C F C Now long lay the world in sin and error pining Em B7 Em Till he appeared and the soul felt it's worth G Dm G C The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices G C For yonder breaks, a new and glorious morn Am Em Fall on your knees Dm Am G Oh hear the angel voices C G C F Oh night divine C G C Oh night when Christ was born G C F C G C Oh night divine, oh night, oh night divine C G Am CG C F C Truly He taught us to love one another F G C His law is love, and His gospel is peace C G F Am Chains shall He break for the slave is our brother Em B7 Em And in His name all oppression shall cease G C Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we G C Let all within us praise His holy name Am Em Christ is the Lord Dm Am G O praise His name forever C G Am F His power and glory C G C Ever more proclaim G F C F His power and glory C G C Ever more proclaim Am Em Fall on your knees Dm Am G Oh hear the angel voices C G Am F Oh night divine C G C Oh night when Christ was born G F C Am F C G C Oh night divine, oh night, oh night divine


Lost Winter Notes 75%

Chaos of the Winter In the sky the bolt of the lighting scolded flooded with sore heavy storm and the weary clouds shed a tear.


2018-12-30 Peoria Sermon Guide 75%

• What are some truths and promises to call to mind when we’re feeling weary in kingdom work?


Agape 74%

Will you let me be near you when words fail, let me hold and lift and support you, touch your grieved face with my hands, rest your weary wild head on my breast, harbor you in the cradle of my arms, accepting only what you choose to give?


2014 Program 73%

Yet with a steady beat, Have not our weary feet and Awards Ceremony Come to the place for which our fathers sighed?


RestfortheWeary 71%

  Rest for the Weary  In D&D 5e certain classes are designed to regain their powers after a long rest while others  regain powers after a short rest or do not require rests at all. This can lead to a dynamic where  players of characters whose power resets on long rests set the pace of the game as they  quickly use all of their powers and then have little else to add to the adventure until they  complete a long rest again. This dynamic can create a feedback loop where classes built  around regaining their powers less often are setting the pace of resting negating what is  ostensibly supposed to be a limiting factor to their power.    The DM’s Guide offers an interesting rule that has the potential to change this dynamic simply  by changing the length of short and long rests. In the Player’s Handbook the length of a short  rest is at least one hour and a long rest is 8 hours (with a few caveats). The “Gritty Realism”  resting variant presented in the DM’s Guide (pg. 267) changes the time required for rests,  making a short rest take 8 hours and a long rest takes 1 week. While this change does work to  disrupt the dynamic of taking a long rest after every combat or three it adds additional balance  concerns as classes that require short and long rests get those opportunities significantly less  frequently than their class design assumes they will.    The rules presented here, Rest for the Weary, are intended to patch that consequence allowing  the “Gritty Realism” resting variant to be used with a less dramatic effect on class balance by  adding in a system of Idle Talents.  Gritty Realism  Using the Gritty Realism resting variant presented in the Dungeon Master’s Guide short rests  require 8 hours of light activity and long rests require 7 days of light activity.  Idle Talents  Idle Talents are a new set of abilities that player characters acquire that improves their ability to  take advantage of short rests. During each short rest each player character announces which of  their Idle Talents they are using that rest. A character can only use one Idle Talent per short  rest.    Player characters get their first Idle Talent at 1st level and gain an additional Idle Talent at 2nd  and 4th level. A character can only learn an Idle Talent that is available to a class they have at  least 1 level in or a race they belong to. Each Idle Talent can only be learned once.    Some Idle Talents break the rules described above. When an Idle Talent’s description defies a  rule defined above, use the rule as described in the Idle Talent.      Dark Communion  Available to Warlocks  You perform a dark ritual to appease your Otherworldly power and they gift you with additional  power. Once before your next short or long rest you can cast a spell you know from your  Otherworldly Patron’s expanded spell list without expending a spell slot.  Deep Sleeper  Available to all classes  You recover a level of exhaustion. You may use this idle talent again after you complete a long  rest.  Deeper Sleeper  Available to Barbarians and Pugilists  You recover a level of exhaustion. You may use this idle talent again after you complete a long  rest.  Divine Favor  Available to Clerics, Monks, and Paladins  You spend your time resting in prayer and moral reflection, appeasing your higher power. Once  before your next short or long rest after you make a saving throw but before the DM declares  whether or not it is a success you can choose to reroll and keep the second result.  Earth’s Bounty  Available to Druids  You may only use this skill if you take a rest in wilderness. Beasts will not interrupt you and your  allies’ rest unless magically compelled to do so and at the end of the rest you can cast the spell  goodberry without using a spell slot.  Eldritch Rote Rehearsal  Available to Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizards  You spend your rest mentally rehearsing the arcane details of your attack spells. Once before  the next time you take a short or long rest, after you make a spell attack roll but before the DM  declares whether or not it was successful you can choose to reroll the attack and use the  second result.  Fitful Rest  Available to Barbarians    You regain one use of Rage.  Inner Strength  Available to Fighters, Paladins, and Warlocks  Whether it comes from a lifetime of fighting, a deep commitment to ideals, or an uncomfortable  familiarity with suffering, you use your rest to shore up your own inner strength. Once before  your next long or short rest when you take damage from an attack you take only half that  amount of damage. You choose to apply this effect after damage has been rolled.  Maestro of Rest  Available to Bards  When you use your Song of Rest feature, roll the extra healing die twice and use the higher  result.  Make Merry  Available to Dwarves, Barbarians, Bards, and Pugilists  You and your companions drink and swap tales of heroism to forget your worries and awake the  next day renewed. You and each of your companions can spend and roll a hit die. Add your  Constitution modifier and gain that many temporary hit points.  Meditation  Available to Monks  You spend your rest in deep concentration. At the conclusion of the rest you may cast the spell  lesser restoration on yourself without expending a spell slot.  Night’s Watch  Available to Elves, Fighters, Rangers, and Rogues  You and your companions gain advantage on all rolls to perceive enemy creatures as they  approach this short rest. If enemy creatures approach without being detected, neither you nor  your companions are surprised.  Pick Pockets  Available to Rogues  When you are in a settlement you can use part of your time resting to steal from the guileless  chumps who work for their gold. Make a Dexterity or Charisma (Sleight of Hand) ability check  and gain half the result in gold pieces. You may use this idle talent during a long rest and, when  you do, you gain the result of the ability check rather than half.    Practice Skill  Available to Bards and Rogues  Once before the next time you take a short or long rest when you fail an ability check on a roll  you added your proficiency bonus to, you may reroll that ability check and use the second result  instead.  Restorative Aura  Available to Clerics, Druids, and Paladins  After this rest, you and your companions regain 1 spent hit die. A creature can only benefit from  this skill once per rest. You can use this idle talent again after you complete a long rest.  Self Care  Available to all classes  The first time during a rest you spend a hit die to regain hit points you regain that hit die.  Sharpen the Knife  Available to Rogues  You spend part of your time resting sharpening your dagger or other otherwise preparing a  weapon for battle. Choose one weapon you possess. Once before your next short or long rest  when you deal damage with a weapon attack using this weapon you can choose to reroll the  damage dice after you see the result. You must use the second result. You may use this idle  talent during a long rest.  Sorcerous Renewal  Available to Sorcerers  You regain up to half your sorcerer levels in sorcerer points. You cannot use this idle talent  again until you complete a long rest.  Sparring  Available to Fighters, Monks, and Pugilists  You use some of your time resting to spar with your companions or run drills. Once before the  next time you take a short or long rest, after you make a weapon attack roll but before the DM  declares whether or not it was successful you can choose to reroll the attack and use the  second result.  Spell Preparation  Available to Wizards    When you complete a short rest you can change your list of prepared spells as if you had  completed a long rest.  Spellcaster’s Recovery  Available to Bards, Clerics, Druids, Sorcerers, and Wizards  When you finish a short rest you can choose expended spell slots to recover. The spell slots  can have a combined level that is equal to or less than half of your cleric, druid, sorcerer, and  wizard (combined) levels (rounded up), and none of the slots can be 6th level or higher. You  may use this idle talent again after you complete a long rest.  Survivalist  Available to Rangers  When you take a short rest you can use two idle talents instead of one.  Well­Traveled  Available to Rangers  Choose an idle talent available to rangers and any other idle talent. You gain those idle talents.                                    ART    This is a good one: ​http://ioana­­Party­583836296    As is this: ​­friends­in­Tavern­479769862    As is this: ​­336813636


Introduction 71%

After two world-wars in Europe, people were weary of war, and there was a consciousness growing, a consciousness that wanted to end all wars.


SOULCON - General Orders - Updated 69%

• Rev 2:3 “and you have persevered and have patience, and have labored for My name’s sake and have not become weary.


Genesis @thahomieibrahim 68%

Genesis @ThaHomieIbrahim Wake No one is obligated to understand your eyes that mask the demise Of the death of the former child who became numb and was drugged and robbed and for a long while was lost in a Metropolis' concrete jungle in the midst of the child's trial With weary eyes looking upon the sky No one is obligated to figure out why or what or how you think the way you think and move as you do as a matter of fact they will never believe you it's sad, but humble and true no one is obligated so seek true love that you'll never lose this is the adaptation of stolen youth This is the radiance of shining anew Identity It feels safer and less of a burden to deny your mission to find reasons why you're not capable to prevent yourself from hurting To remain stable rather than missing Ironically, that itself is the worst mindset even if you don't know where you may go what is your life's purpose if you decide to live lifeless?


feedback jinah 67%

Heesan A DMISSIONS September 19, 2016 Expectation weighed on weary shoulders, like a beast clinging on her back with it’s talons aimed for her jugular.


2015 newsletter 66%

We provided assistance to many adoptive families, fed hundreds of orphans in Uganda, and ministered to weary missionaries in China.


All things forgotten 65%

He rushed forward dropping the colossal gratesword on the shore as he waded waist deep in to the crystal clear waters, cupping his hands he drank down gulp after gulp of the cool liquid every mouth full revitalising his weary body.


Theology of Christmas Carols Part 3 – O Holy Night 64%

  A  thrill  of  hope  the  weary  world  rejoices   For  yonder  breaks  a  new  and  glorious  morn!


poetry portfolio 62%

Frustrated I overslept this morning Maybe I was dreaming of a place where things mattered to me and were always beautiful I got stuck there, and when I woke up I needed advil to smooth the transition Before I could feel guilty about skipping class the night came and covered me like a blanket And I know you hate the violent and passionate music I bathe myself in And the way smoke pours from my lips and rises into the air like a ghost, weary and jaded But please understand I need these things The way I treat myself is a reflection of the way I treat other people And if I could snap my fingers and exorcise all my demons And bring life to the ashes of all the bridges I’ve burnt to the ground I would 2.



She pretends to be shocked, she sounds weary of his advances.


Battle of Kreighardts Peak 60%

The putrid stench of necrosis hung in the air, and the Knights felt weary over the coming battle.