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S&D new draft 100%

whereas the 2013-2014 initiative of US Secretary of State John Kerry and the 2014 summer war in the Gaza Strip have been followed by another stalemate in the Middle East Peace Process between Israelis and Palestinians;


Right 2 Water votesreport 99%

whereas ‘Right2Water’ is the first European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) to have met the requirements set out in Regulation (EU) No 211/2011 on the citizens’ initiative and to have been heard by Parliament after receiving the support of almost 1.9 million citizens;


EU Parliament resolution on Honduras 98%

whereas according to several United Nations reports on human rights defenders, environmental activists, indigenous rights defenders, journalists, legal practitioners, trade unionists, peasants, women's rights activists and LGBTI peoples among other activists 2 continue to be subject to abuses, violence, arbitrary detentions, threats, and killings in Honduras;


Order of Permanent Revocation of Notary Public Leslie Danielle Harrison 94%

2009-NP-0306 LESLIE DANIELLE HARRISON WHEREAS, LESLIE DANIELLEHARRlSQN of-Mecklenburg County, NorthCarolina was commissioned to act as a notary public on March 1,2009 and presently continues to hold such commission;


Resolution denouncing White Nationalism 93%

Dan Fellars RESOLUTION DENOUNCING NEO-NAZI AND WHITE SUPREMACIST ACTIONS IN WINNEBAGO COUNTY WHEREAS,​ Neo-Nazi and White Nationalist literature has recently been distributed among our immigrant and minority communities;


City Counicil Regular Meeting Agenda - September 26, 2017 93%

Description Proclamation Type Backup Material Upload Date 9/21/2017 PROCLAMATION WHEREAS, the character education movement reinforces the social, emotional and ethical development of students;


Islamic Charity Festival 2013 93%

Islamic Medical Association of North America Tampa Bay Chapter • 1 2 Islamic Medical Association of North America Tampa Bay Chapter • WHEREAS, the Tampa Bay Islamic community is a vibrant part of the diverse and multiethnic society that comprises the citizens of the Tampa, Florida area;


Rio Grande International Trade Day - Concurrent Resolution 90%

__ CONCURRENT RESOLUTION WHEREAS, Trade between Texas and Mexico plays a vital role in the economic prosperity of the Lone Star State;


Agreement between TDC and ProgramMC - Google Docs 89%

From Desk of the People’s Collective of  Tierra de Conciencia (TdC)  Whereas ProgramMC gri efed TdC consider ably on the al t account “ManicMineman”, Whereas ProgramMC’s actions resul ted in multiple hours of cleanup work by TdC and its alli es, Whereas ProgramMC murde red mult iple members of Td C during t he con lict.


TEPWEWIN Revised v1 Feb 2013 85%



Caucusres 84%

RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF THE CERTIFICATION OF A SUSTAINABLE FOOD AND AGRICULTURE  CAUCUS IN THE CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATIC PARTY  WHEREAS, California is the number one agriculture state in the United States, feeding California, the  country, and the world; the California Democratic Party has a Business & Professional Caucus, a Labor  Caucus, and a Computer & Internet Caucus, but does not have a Food and Agriculture Caucus; and over  400 members of the Democratic State Central Committee applied for the certification of a Sustainable  Food & Agriculture Caucus in July of 2009, an application which is still pending in the Rules Committee;  WHEREAS, persons who practice sustainable food and agriculture, including farmers (rural, urban, and  suburban), ranchers, farm workers, nutritionists, food preparers, food processors, food distributors, and  food servers, and persons seeking to support sustainable food and agriculture, are an underrepresented  demographic in the Democratic State Central Committee of the California Democratic Party, and without  a Caucus;  WHEREAS, a Sustainable Food and Agriculture Caucus would greatly benefit the California Democratic  Party by assisting the Party in outreach to this demographic, and energizing participation in, allegiance  to, and enthusiasm for, the California Democratic Party and its candidates;  THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: That the Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee urges the  California Democratic Party to promptly certify a Sustainable Food & Agriculture Caucus.  BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That the Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee urges other DCCs to  join the Sonoma County Democratic Central Committee in urging the California Democratic Party to  promptly certify a Sustainable Food & Agriculture Caucus.     Offered by Paul Apffel on January 6th, 2011 to the Marin Democratic Central Committee ‐ passed.  Offered by Yannick A. Phillips on January 11th, 2011 to the Sonoma County Democratic Central  Committee ‐ Chair Stephen Gale calls for vote ‐ passed.


031124175720 81%

WHEREAS, on August 25, 2016, the Parties attended mediation and were able to reach a settlement;


Mutant Registration Act 80%

Whereas the recent attack on the Golden Gate Bridge was perpetrated by a mutant terrorist identifying herself as "The Herald;"


Improved Pdf 79%

___________________________________________________________ Signature of participant ______________________ Dated Leadership Summit 2015 Release and Indemnification Agreement WHEREAS, the undersigned is a student at Abilene Christian University (“ACU”) who has voluntarily applied for acceptance to attend and participate in the Leadership Summit at the Frontier Ranch located in Buena Vista, Colorado, January 3, 2015 through January 9, 2015 (hereinafter referred to as the SUMMIT);


SAP BI 7 Security 76%

Whereas in BW/BI, the security is focused on data itself as almost all the activities revolve around the data.


contracerycii00 74%

CONCISE SUMMARY  of the Soteriological Heresies of Bp. Kirykos Kontogiannis      Bp. Kirykos tells his followers that those who have reacted against his  policy  regarding  the  issue  of  Holy  Communion,  supposedly  teach  that  believers should eat meat and dairy products in preparation for Communion.  But this slander is most ludicrous. He spreads this slander solely in order to  cover up his two heretical letters to Fr. Pedro. The aforesaid letters were sent  during  Great  Lent,  during  which  not  only  is  there  no  consumption  of  meat,  but even oil and wine are not partaken save for Saturdays and Sundays only.  Therefore,  since  the  scandal  occurred  on  the  Sunday  of  Orthodoxy  and  continued further on the Sunday of the Veneration of the Cross (both of which  fall  in  Great  Lent),  and  since  Fr.  Pedro  denounced  Bp.  Kirykos  prior  to  the  commencement  of  Holy  Week,  how  can  Bp.  Kirykos’  slander  be  believed,  regarding  meat‐eating?  In  reality,  it  is  Bp.  Kirykos  himself  who  blasphemes  and preaches heresies without the slightest sign of repentance.      Heretical  is  the  theory  of  Bp.  Kirykos  that  Christians  should  not  commune  on  Sundays,  but  only  on  Saturdays.  He  destroys  the  Christian  Soteriological meaning of Sunday as the day of Salvation and of Eternal Life,  and he replaces it with the Saturday of the Jews! (Heresy = Sabbatianism)      Heretical is the theory of Bp. Kirykos that fasting without oil makes a  Christian  “worthy”  of  Communion  without  any  reference  to  the  Mystery  of  Confession and the teaching of the Church that only God makes man worthy,  because without God, no one is worthy. (Heresy = Pelagianism).      Heretical  is  the  theory  of  Bp.  Kirykos  that  continuous  Holy  Communion  was  permitted  to  the  early  Christians  supposedly  because  they  were  all  ascetics  and  fasters,  and  that  it  was  this  fasting  that  made  them  “worthy to commune,” when in  reality the early Christians lived  among the  world, and even the bishops were married, and they only knew of the fasts of  Great  Lent  and  of  every  Wednesday  and  Friday,  whereas  today’s  Orthodox  Christians  have  several  more  fasts  (Dormition,  Nativity,  Apostles,  etc).  The  Holy  Apostles  in  their  Canons  forbid  us  to  fast  on  Saturdays.  The  Synod  of  Gangra anathematizes those who call meat or marriage unclean or a reason of  unworthiness  to  commune,  as  is  written  in  the  1st  and  2nd  canons  of  that  Synod. (Heresy of Bp. Kirykos = Manichaeanism).      Heretical is the theory of Bp. Kirykos that if “by economy” he permits  someone  “lucky”  to  commune  on  a  Sunday  during  Great  Lent,  that  such  a  person must fast  strictly  on  the  Saturday prior,  without oil,  whereas the 64th  Apostolic  Canon  forbids  this,  and  the  55th  Canon  of  the  Quinisext  Council  admonishes  the  Church  of  Old  Rome,  in  order  for  this  cacodoxy  and  cacopraxy to cease. Additionally, St. Photius the Great in his “Encyclical to the  Eastern  Patriarchs”  calls  the  act  of  fasting  strictly  on  the  Saturdays  of  Great  Lent “the first heresy of the Westerners” (Heresy of Bp. Kirykos = Frankism).      Heretical is the theory of Bp. Kirykos that laymen are unworthy due to  the  fact  they  are  laymen,  and  that  outside  of  the  fasting  periods  they  must  prepare  for  Communion by  fasting  for  7  days without meat,  5 days without  dairy, 3 days without oil or wine, 1 day without olives and sesame products.  He  demands this fast  upon all laymen, whether married or virgins,  whether  old  or  young,  and  without  allowing  the  spiritual  father  to  judge  those  who  confess to him with either a stricter or easier fast, according to one’s sins. In  other  words, their only sin causing the necessity for this long fast  is the fact  that  they  are  laymen!  Paradoxically,  Bp.  Kirykos  himself  eats  eggs,  cheese,  milk,  etc,  as  late  as  midnight  on  a  Saturday  night  and  then  he  serves  the  Liturgy and Communes on Sunday without feeling “unworthy.” He justifies  his hypocrisy by saying “I am permitted to eat whatever I want because I am  a Bishop!” Phew! In other words, he believes that his Episcopal dignity makes  him  “worthy”  of  communion  without  having  the  need  to  fast  even  for  one  day, whereas laymen need to fast for an entire week simply because they are  laymen! This system was kept by the Pharisees, and they were condemned by  the Lord because they placed heavy burdens on the shoulders of men, while  they would not lift the weight of even a single finger. (Heresy = Pharisaism).      Heretical  is  the  theory  of  Bp.  Kirykos  that  the  Holy  Canons  do  not  apply  in  our  times  but  that  they  are  only  for  the  Apostolic  era.  He  preaches  that back then the Church was “worthy” to commune but that now we are all  fallen  and  because  of  this  the  Holy  Canons  must  be  interpreted  differently,  and not in the same context as they were interpreted by the Holy Fathers. In  other words, Bp. Kirykos preaches that of one kind was the Apostolic Church,  and of another kind are we today, and that “we must return.” In so saying, he  forgets  that  the  Lord’s  promise  that  “the  gates  of  hell  shall  not  prevail”  against  the Church, and he blasphemes the verse in the Symbol of the Faith in which  we  confess  that  also  we  today,  by  God’s  mercy,  belong  to  the  “One,  Holy,  Catholic and APOSTOLIC Church,” and that there is no such thing as another  Church  of  the  Apostolic  times  and  a  different  Church  today,  but  that  there  exists ONLY THE ONE CHURCH OF CHRIST, both then and now, with the  same requirement to abide by the Holy Canons and to interpret them exactly  how the Holy Fathers interpreted them. The only ones who believe in a first  “Apostolic Church” and a later fall, and that “we must return,” are the Chiliasts  and  Ecumenists,  these  very  heretics  that  Bp.  Kirykos  supposedly  battles,  yet  he preaches their cacodoxies (Heresies = Chiliasm and Ecumenism).


Charte1975 74%

WHEREAS every human being possesses intrinsic rights and freedoms designed to ensure his protection and development;


protocollo clinical trial c v 20092017 73%

In Italy, it has been recently estimated that up to 4.8% of subjects between the ages of 15-64 have assumed cocaine at least once, whereas 1.3% subjects currently have a diagnosis of CUD.


Hiring Agent Agreement 72%

WHEREAS, the Company provides temporary real estate services to licensed real estate professionals, including showing properties to clients of licensed real estate professionals, h o l d i n g o p e n h o u s e s , a n d listing activities (“Real Estate Services”);


FINALHiringAgentAgmt3-7-2016(JC)(3)WEBSITE5.12.16 (1) (1) 72%

WHEREAS, the Company provides temporary real estate services to licensed real estate professionals, including showing properties to clients of licensed real estate professionals, h o l d i n g o p e n h o u s e s , a n d listing activities (“Real Estate Services”);


crowdsale recovered 72%

  Whereas,  in  order  to  finance  further  development  of  the  Mycelium  Wallet  Project  managed  by   Mycelium  SIA  (“SIA”),  a  Latvian  limited  liability  company,  having  its  registered  office  at  Rigas  gatve  8,   Adazi,  Adazu  novads,  LV2164,  Riga,  Latvia,  Mycelium  Holding  Ltd.


vital words 71%

For YDS 1 although -e rağmen 2 though -e rağmen 3 even though -e rağmen 4 despite the fact that -e rağmen 5 while -iken, oysa 6 whereas -e rağmen, oysa 7 but fakat, ama, ancak 8 yet fakat, ama, ancak 9 however fakat 10 on the other hand öte yandan 11 nevertheless yine de 12 nonetheless yine de,buna rağmen 13 still yine de 14 in contrast aksine 15 on the contrary aksine 16 conversely aksine 17 as -dığı için,çünkü, -dıkça,-iken,gibi 18 since -dığı için, çünkü, -den beri 19 because -dığı için, çünkü 20 so bu yüzden 21 thus bu yüzden 22 hence bu yüzden 23 therefore bu yüzden 24 as a result sonuç olarak 25 as a consequence sonuç olarak 26 and so ve böylece, bu nedenle 27 consequently bu yüzden 28 that is why bu yüzden 29 which is why işte bu yüzden 30 if eğer, -se/sa 31 as long as -dığı sürece 32 so long as -dığı sürece 33 provided koşuluyla 1 VITAL WORS FOR YDS 34 providing koşuluyla 35 on condition that koşuluyla 36 unless -mezse, mazsa 37 even if -se bile 38 only if koşuluyla 39 if only keşke 40 suppose that varsayki 41 as if -mış gibi 42 as though -mış gibi 43 when -dığı zaman 44 until -e kadar 45 before -den önce 46 after -den sonra 47 by the time -dığı zaman, -dığı zamana kadar 48 as soon as yapar yapmaz 49 once -den sonra 50 moreover dahası,ayrıca 51 what is more ayrıca 52 in addition ayrıca 53 furthermore ayrıca 54 also ayrıca, -de,-da 55 additionally ayrıca 56 besides -e ilaveten, ayrıca 57 otherwise aksi takdirde 58 or ya da,aksi takdirde 59 or else aksi takdirde 60 that is yani 61 by no means hiçbir şekilde 62 indeed gerçekten 63 in fact aslında, gerçekten 64 actually aslında, gerçekten 65 as such bu bağlamda 66 then o zaman,öyleyse,ondan sonra 67 thereby böylece, bu nedenle 2 VITAL WORS FOR YDS 68 meanwhile bu arada 69 by the way bu arada 70 in the meantime bu arada, bu süre içinde 71 instead yerine 72 by all means elbette,kuşkusuz 73 similarly benzer şekilde 74 accordingly bu doğrultuda, buna göre 75 even so öyle olsa bile 76 likewise aynı biçimde,benzer şekilde 77 afterwards ardından 78 as a matter of fact aslında, gerçekte 79 as far as kadar 80 no matter ne olursa olsun 81 whatsoever hiç mi hiç 82 lest -mesin diye 83 even after -den sonra bile 84 even before -den önce bile 85 even then o zaman bile 86 even when -dığı zaman bile 87 in order that -sın diye 88 so that -sın diye 89 in that çünkü 90 nor ne, ne de 91 except hariç 92 just as tıpkı 93 on the grounds that -e dayanarak 94 now that -dığı için 3 VITAL WORS FOR YDS KONTROL LİSTESİ Bu listeden bilip bilmediğinizi kontrol ediniz.


Basic Math - 2014 - F2 71%

Jane requires a piece of cloth of 1.8 meters long to make her dress; whereas Mary requires a piece  of a cloth which is one and a half times as long as Jane’s. How long is Mary's piece of cloth?                    11.


crowdsale(1) 71%

Mycelium Token Sale Agreement   This  Agreement  is  made  on  _____________  (DD.MM.YYYY),  by  and  between  Mycelium  Holding  Ltd.,  a  Cyprus  limited  liability  company,  having its  registered office at Emmanouil Roidi,  Kirzis  Center,  2nd  floor,  Office  D25,  Agia  Zoni,  3031,  Limassol,  Cyprus,  (“Mycelium”),  and  _____________________________________________________________ (the “Participant”).  Whereas,  in  order  to  finance  further  development  of  the  Mycelium  Wallet  Project  managed  by   Mycelium  SIA   (“SIA”),  a  Latvian  limited  liability  company,  having  its  registered  office  at  Rigas  gatve  8,  Adazi,  Adazu  novads,  LV­2164,  Riga, Latvia,  Mycelium Holding Ltd. conducts the sale   of  Mycelium  Tokens  (“Tokens”),  which  grant  its  holder  a  right  to  participate  in  the  increase  of  the Mycelium Wallet​  ​  Value and become a stakeholder of Mycelium Wallet.   Whereas,  on  the  Sale  Event  site  term  “Mycelium”  refers  to  the  Mycelium  Wallet  Project  alone.  All  money  raised  through  Sale  Event  will  be  exclusively  used  for  development  and  marketing  purposes of Mycelium Wallet Project and related products and  activities.  st​ th Whereas,  the  Sale Event starts on May 1​ , 2016,  23.59 PST and ends on May 18​  2016, 23.59  PST.  Whereas,  the  Participant  is  a  valuable  Participant  of  Mycelium,  identifiable  by  his/her  email  address  and  able  to   prove  his  ownership  of  Mycelium  Tokens  by  sending  Mycelium  Tokens  over   the  blockchain,  and  Mycelium   considers  it  desirable  and   in  its  best  interest  that  the  Participant be given an added incentive to advance the interests of Mycelium.    Definitions.     Sale Event – a public sale of Tokens conducted by Mycelium Holding Ltd., starting on May 1st,  2016, 23.59 PST , ending May 18th 2016, 23.59 PST. The Sale Event is governed by the terms  and conditions described on the website and in this Agreement.    Participant – anyone, who purchased Mycelium Tokens, provided Mycelium a name or  nickname, an email address and Colored Coin Wallet public key (colored coin address) or  bitcoin address to receive the  Tokens. Participant must be the only person who has access to  provided email address and have total control over the private key of provided addresses; if  Participant passes  his/her Mycelium Tokens account’s  private key(s), he /she  does  that  at  his/her own risk. In case the private key is lost, or wallet is not backed up by Participant,  Mycelium has no control over the Mycelium Tokens and will not be liable for the loss.    Tokens – Mycelium Wallet Tokens are a software product created, stored, and distributed to the  Participant by means of the bitcoin blockchain as colored coins, granting the SARs related to  Mycelium SIA. Token is not a security, is not listed, authorized, issued or traded on any  regulated market. All rights derived from Tokens are subject to the terms of this Agreement.  The Nominal Value  of one  Token equals one BTC during  the Sale Event. Token is divisible  just as bitcoin is.     SARs – Stock Appreciation Rights to SIA stock, granted to Token owners. SARs is exercised to  profit from Stock Value increases due to Triggering Events.    Stock Value – the value of SIA’s stock.    Triggering Event – an event described in paragraph 5 of this Agreement.  Such event increases  the Stock Value and triggers SARs payment.    Now,  therefore,  in   consideration  of  the  mutual  promises  herein  contained,  the  parties  agree  as  follows:       1.  ​ Grant  of  Stock  appreciation  rights  (SARs)​ .  Mycelium  offers  SARs  to  SIA  stock through  Sale  Event  by  way  of  sale  of  Tokens.  A  total number of Tokens sold will be equal to  SARs for 5% of   total  stock  of  SIA.  After  the  closing  of  Sale  Event  for  the  SARs  conducted  by  Mycelium,  Participant will be assigned  SARs based on the number of Tokens purchased.  2.  ​ Term  of  SARs.  After  the   Sale  Event’s  closing   Participant  will  have  perpetual  SARs  with   no  expiration   date.  SARs  would  not  be  diluted  by  any  subsequent  grants  of  SARs  or  options  and  Tokens ​  ​ will represent the same number of SARs as determined after Sale Event’s closing.  3.  ​ Token  repurchase​ .  In  the  event  of  SIA’s  IPO  Mycelium  shall   have  a  right  to  repurchase   Participant’s  Tokens  and  corresponding  SARs  at  Tokens’  Nominal  Value  equal  to  the  Tokens’  purchase  price  during  Sale  Event  in  the  USD  based  on  BTC  to  USD  BitcoinAverage exchange  rate  at  the  time   of  the  Sale  Event  closing.  When  SIA   decides  to  start  paying  dividends,  Participant  will  have  a   right  to  sell  Tokens  to   Mycelium  for   the  Nominal  Value  or  convert  the  Tokens into class B non­voting preference shares of Mycelium SIA.   4. ​ SARs Triggering Events​ . Participants SARs shall be triggered​  ​  in the event of:  a)  sale of shares of SIA by Mycelium Holding Ltd​ . ​ ;  b) IPO and issuance of new SIA’s shares;  c) SIA’s capital increase;  d) sale, merger, or acquisition of the entire SIA company.     5. ​ Exercise​ . After any Triggering Event, described in paragraph 4 of this Agreement, occurs,  SARs shall be exercised automatically and Participant will receive an amount corresponding to  the SARs, assigned based on Participant’s Tokens, directly to Participant’s bitcoin account. Any  payment due to Participant shall be in bitcoins. No FIAT currency payments shall be made  under this Agreement. It is Participant’s duty to keep the information related to Tokens  ownership as well as preferred bitcoin account, and email address, that Mycelium has on file,  valid and updated. Participant must report any changes in Tokens ownership or bitcoin account  to Mycelium immediately.  6.  ​ Stock  Value​ .  The  term “value” is defined as the value of SIA’s stock. Initial value is calculated  as:


David Grodzki Implications of Polish Elections 71%

Whereas RP thus provided the biggest surprise of the rather dull and emotionless campaign, both the Law and Justice (PiS) party of Jarosław Kaczyński and the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) will have to re-evaluate their strategies as well as their leaders’ role in the defeat after failing to engage the minds of voters.