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Think Board Intro Deck 100%

Whiteboard/Chalkboard Resurfacing Problem #1 – Whiteboards Don’t Last As Long As They Should Whiteboards, on average, last about 5 years in the classroom.


Untitleddocument (7) 82%

        Name __________________________    Kendra’s In Charge    Hi Children! Today I am in charge, so of course I’ll be making you guys do something  completely ridiculous (what a shock)! We will be splitting up into two separate groups. Each  group will be given a list of commands, they’re gonna be pretty bizarre. Your group’s job is to  assign two instructions per round to each member of the opposing group. The group members  cannot know which commands are given to their teammates, if you break this rule you are  disqualified and will be exiled (totally not joking). The duration of each round is five minutes. If you  have any questions, ask me and I’ll make up answers off the top of my head. You will be given  five minutes to prepare prior to acting out your instructions.      (me being a princess because i’m in charge)  Instructions for Group One    1. Sing the National Anthem while galloping up and down the aisle    2. Make lost dog signs with pictures of cats and tape them to the walls    3. Rub dark chocolate between your hands until it melts and go up to a teammate saying. “I  need help, I pooped my pants!”    4. Pretend to ride a tricycle around the room singing the chorus to “Handlebars” by Flobots    5. Sing the excerpt from “We Like Pizza” by Pizza Kids    6. Act out a mime trying to tell a police officer about a crime that was committed    7. Imitate Kim Kardashian    8. Tell your teammates to each grab a seat and pay attention, when they’re done grab a  seat and walk out of the room    9. Sing the excerpt from “Oops, I Did it Again” by Britney Spears over and over again    10. Pretend to be an insect and be a nuisance to a teammate following them around the  room as they act out their instruction    11. Have a male act out giving birth    12. Walk around asking all of your teammates to check you for boogers    13. Run around the room hysterically acting out a person who lost their wallet, accuse all of  your teammates of stealing it from you    14. Draw a dissected teddy bear on the whiteboard    15. Act out a dying beached whale    16. Jump up and down for five minutes    17. Act out being constipated    18. Carry around one of the plants as if it were your beloved child    19.  Interact with your teammates using extreme sarcasm    20. Sing “Dora the Explorer” in a high pitched voice while throwing confetti around the room  (you’re also lucky enough to be able to vacuum it all up)        Instructions for Group Two    1. Pretend to continuously trip over things saying, “Dang pebble, get out of my way! Why  are you following me? STOP IT!!!” (PLEASE DON’T FALL)    2. Yell at a spot at the wall, tell it how bad of a spot it is and insult it (keep it treatment  appropriate please)    3. Hold a whiteboard eraser and act like it’s a cellphone (must be in the same round as #4)    4. Take the whiteboard eraser from your teammate, dramatically throw it a wall, laugh in  their face saying, “CONGRATULATIONS, YOUR PHONE HAS BEEN INSTALLED WITH A  NEW PUZZLE GAME! HAVE FUN ASSEMBLING THE PIECES!” (must be in the same  round as #3)    5. Follow a teammate around the room singing the excerpt from “Oompa Loompa Song”  over and over  while doing an odd dance consisting of squatting motions (I don’t know the  name of the dance)    6. Randomly say “Piso mojado” repeatedly to your teammates    7. Preform “Single Ladies” by Beyonce (by perform I mean singing AND dancing)    8. Wrap a staff in toilet paper (ask their permission first)    9. Sing the excerpt “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction in a falsetto    10. Wiggle around like a fish out of water and say, “Please, please, please return me to the  water!” over and over again    11. Stand in a corner, nose to the wall    12. Run around the room every 30 seconds saying, “Thirty, thirty, thirty, AH, AH,  AHHHH!”    13.  Pretend to be a froggy    14. Ask all of your teammates if they’ve pooped today, if the have ask if it was satisfying    15. Sing the excerpt from “Spastic Hawk” by The Rubberbandits over and over again    16. Imitate Miley Cyrus while singing the excerpt from “Party In The USA”    17. Flail your arms around while walking in circles    18. Pretend to be a doggy    19. Pretend you are a car, drive yourself around and ask people if they want a ride, if they  say yes refuse to give them one,say sorry, and speed away    20. Imitate Morgan Freeman and narrate everything that is occurring in the room


Portfolio(20140912) 81%

PROJECT Kindergarten Classroom [3D Rendering] /Whiteboard/ Main Whiteboard Design \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Colorful Design \\\\\\\\\ LED Lightbelt under shelves \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Mainly Blue Color \\\\\\\ Space Ship Light


resume 81%

9810293291 SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATION    Have good experience in making web applications both frontend and backend Have skills for developing pc software in JavaScript (electron), c#(win forms), browser extensions(chrome) A firm believer of teamwork with good communication and interpersonal skill TECHNICAL EXPERTISE Programming language C, C++, JavaScript, Nodejs, PHP, Python, c# Web Html, JavaScript, jquery, Css, php, MySQL, angularjs, angular2, moongoDb, bootstrap, socketIO, express Operating system Windows, linux Development Environments(IDE) and text editors Visual Studio, Eclipse, Adobe brackets, Sublimetext, VScode, Atom Other Skills Arduino, some experience with photoshop and illustrator ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION SLC (2011)   Alpine Academy, Nayapati, Kathmandu Secured 80.88% in SLC Examination +2 in Science (2013)   Trinity International college, Dillibazar Kathmandu Secured 72.35% in aggregate Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BScCSIT) (Jan 2015 – till now)  St Xaviers College, Maitighar, Kathmandu FREETIME PROJECTS  Real-time whiteboard o Collaborative whiteboard in nodejs with


ccr nsoclopedia 2.3 81%

If you’re penalty tracking – try also having sole responsibility for the inside whiteboard.


Sample Lesson Plan 73%

Which ‘sh’ words were  Interactive whiteboard 1 – introduce topic 10 mins *Inform class that today we will be looking at words with the ‘sh’ used in the video?


AudreyTechEvalForm 72%

Another thing that I like about this game is that it is good as both as an individual activity, but can become quite interactive when put on a whiteboard to get full class participation.


Operation Phoenix HDQ 64%

NUA) • Social Media Branding (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) • Full Audio/Video Studio • Video Production • DVD Duplication • Broadcasting • TV Commercials • Radio Commercials • Advisor Documentaries • WhiteBoard Animation • Video Editing • Studio Photography • Professional Headshots • Landing Pages • Pull Up Banners • Personalized &


Mangatawhiri School Flyer 2016 64%

chromebooks, iPad, PC, Promethean ActivInspire whiteboard • School sports co-ordinator • Assisting us with our annual rural tradition of calf club


EducationFinanceGroup A4 2pp 61%

• Low fixed Interest Rates, based on collective volume – from 1% APR • Flexibility to select the colleges optimum refresh strategy • Singular contract with predictable costs • Pay as you use structure • Predictable budget in a changing world • Off-balance sheet financing • Rental payments based on total investment • No financial penalty for late return • No hidden facility or document fee • Wide range of digital assets (hardware, software, smart devices, mobile, AV, interactive whiteboard, Wi-Fi etc.) • Flexible and certified web-based asset management tool to track your digital estate at any time Econocom Limited Registered Office:


Greatfold partition wall 61%

include Melamine Laminate, Veneer, Vinyl, Magnetic Dry Wipe Whiteboard or Painted, etc Surface material:


Michael Gu Resume LaTex 59%

UNITY, C#, VISUAL STUDIO, LATEX, MATHPIX • Built Augmented Reality app that allows for 3D graphing of math expressions written on a whiteboard — final project for Exploring Virtual Worlds w/ Henry Fuchs • Utilized voice-initiated image capture, detection of expression via Mathpix API integration, and dynamic Unity mesh generation for visual representation • Link:


review of the VEHAI by-laws Binder1 pdf file 59%

Screen Copying Machine or equivalent Computer or Laptop Wi-Fi Connection House Rules Recording device Whiteboard &


2016 2017 Catalogue 59%

Content Index Surfaces Cutting Tools Cutting Tools 29-30 Scissors 31 Board 9 3D Design and Modelling Canvas 10 Modelling Wire Pads 11-12 Casting/Mould Making 33 Graphic and Communication Sketching Pencils 13 Colouring Pencils 14 Colouring/Crayons/Charcoal 15 Pastels 16 Permanent Markers 17 Paint Paint 18 Artists’ Paint 19-20 Painting Sets 21 Brushes 22-23 Paint Accessories 24 Palettes 25 Portfolios 26 Drying Racks 26 Adhesives Adhesives 27-28 Air Drying Clay 32 34-35 Powertex 36 Fimo 37 3D Construction 38 Pottery Kiln Clay 39 Pottery Glazes 40 Pottery Tools 41 Pottery Equipment 42 Office Materials Office Materials 43 Whiteboard Accessories 44 Blackboard Accessories 44 Technical Drawing/DCG Technical Drawing 45-46 DCG 47-48 Content Index Crafts Continued Printing 49-50 Pyrography 67 Etching 49-50 Cane 68 Screen Printing Basket Weaving 68 Stool Weaving 69 Block Printing 51 Fabric and Textile Design Batik 52 Decopatch 70 Fabric Dyes/Painting Jewellery 71 53 Fabric Crayons/Markers 54 Fantasy Film Tapestry/Embroidery 55 Calligraphy 72-73 Fabric Material Marbling 74 55 Crafts Airfix Matchstick Sets 72 Bookbinding 74 56-57 57 Art and Craft Kits 58-59 Candle Making 60-61 Card Making 75 Quilling 76 Construction Crafts 76-77 Feathers 77 Encaustic Art 62 Craft Bits 78-79 Metal Work 62 Primary Schools 80-83 Gold Leaf 63 Art &


Private Group Events Copy 59%

Flat screen television, whiteboard, conference table, lounge seating !


Press Release 56%

Armed with a massive whiteboard and seven roommates, ideas began to fly.


Swenson Teaching Portfolio 55%

-Interactive Whiteboard experience -Document camera and ELMO education -iPad integration in the classroom -Grant writing experience/Donors Choose Recipient -Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator knowledge REFERENCES Dr.


Rundschreiben Januar 2018-1 51%

    Jedes  Jahr  benötigt  der  Kindergarten  mindestens  9.000  Euro  für  Material  (Heizöl,  Bücher,   Hefte,  Malstifte,  Kreide,  Whiteboard-­‐Stifte  etc.)  und  Kader-­‐Löhne.


NEW Partner Portal Introduction 49%

Grow Your Glove Sales Video - AMMEX has created a new whiteboard animated video showcasing the many ways we can help you grow your glove sales!


Zf exp workflow 47%

Feed each tank with meaured out feeds once a day (check whiteboard for feed rate).


01 28Dec15 2665-5028-1-SM revised 46%

After discussion, a student from each group writes their conclusions on the whiteboard and represents their answers to the other groups.


FullerEm Course Portfolio Essay 40%

The chart is a central technology of the show, where Alice (pictured above) maps the intimate connections of all the lesbians in her community on a giant whiteboard.


453571 Automating the Business of Multinational Insurance 38%

Generally, work is managed by excel or an access dB or a whiteboard.