Your personal and corporate archive

PDF Archive offers a simple and reliable solution to easily and safely archive and organize your important documents:

Personal documents

Birth certificate
Marriage certificate
All types of current or expired cards
Rental Agreements
Health checkups results
Tax accounts
Prenuptianl agreements
Postnuptial agreements
Divorce Settlement Agreement
Last Will and Testament

Corporate documents

Memorandum of association
Articles of Incorporation
Certificate of incorporation
Shareholders' agreements
Side letters
Annual accounts
Contracts and invoices
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Business Contracts
Partnership agreements
Copyright transfer agreements
Letter of intent
Liability waiver
Model releases


Private by default

Only you can access your archived documents, through your account on

AES encryption

Protect further your documents with state-of-the-art encryption standard. Don't lose your encryption key!

Custom expiration time

Store your files forever or delete them automatically after a selected number of years, or at a specific date.

No alterations

Once your file sent on PDF Archive, it cannot be altered or modified.

1 GB of storage

Designed for personal use, the free account includes 1 GB of storage. Premium accounts get up to 1 TB.

Easy classification

Organize your archives with libraries and keywords and find your documents in a second!

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