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PDF Archive is an independent file hosting provider delivering, since 2010, a professional document archiving and sharing service designed to help you efficiently and securely store, send, receive, and manage all kinds of documents.

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PDF Archive core services

Secure archive

Store and safely access your important documents. Classify, organize, and quickly find your archived documents.

Easily receive files

Simply share the address of the upload form with your contacts to easily receive any type of file.

Share your files

With public sharings, easily share any type of document, temporarily or permanently.

Private social network

Securely exchange documents and information such as notices and newsletters with your employees, clients, or members

Permanent QR Codes

Editable at any time, permanent QR codes are designed for your offline communication: menus, posters, business cards..

Practical use cases of PDF Archive

Company management

Whether you are a sole trader, an SME, or a publicly listed company, PDF Archive offers a solution to securely store all types of documents, such as business plans, articles of association, employment contracts, invoices and quotes, sales contracts, annual accounts, quarterly or semi-annual reports, meeting minutes, audit reports, regulatory documents...

Manufacturing and production

Communicate essential informations with your team, coordinate processes, and ensure the quality and efficiency of operations by archiving and sharing vital documents such as technical specifications, production plans, instruction manuals, quality control reports, purchase orders, and inventory sheets.

IT and Telecommunications

Ensure communication, documentation, and security of projects and systems by storing technical specifications, security analysis reports, service contracts, specifications, business continuity plans, backups, test or audit reports, network architecture diagrams, license agreements, and migration plans.

Real Estate and Architecture

Securely archive lease contracts, financial statements, invoices and receipts, architectural plans, real estate market studies, property purchase and sale agreements, inspection reports, property management files, and interior design plans.

Education and Research

Easily publish and transmit research articles and reports, theses and dissertations, educational guides, white papers, evaluation reports, course outlines, books and manuals, diagrams, graphs or infographics, case study reports, etc.

Advertising Agencies and Photography

Store service contracts, confidentiality or copyright transfer agreements, quotes and invoices, media plans, project proposals, technical specifications, audit reports, portfolios, and high-resolution images.

Transportation and Logistics

Easily send and receive itineraries, delivery notes, loading manifests, transportation invoices, loading plans, logistics or freight contracts, inventory reports, transportation incident or vehicle inspection reports, flight schedules, rosters, etc.

Tourism, Leisure, Hospitality and Catering

Publish and share tourist brochures, restaurant menus, travel information, reservation contracts, tourist maps and guides, visa application forms, Airbnb welcome booklets.. directly or via QR code.

Personal Accounting

Record bank statements, receipts and invoices, personal budgets, income statements and tax assessments, track expenses and investments, or take photos of your assets for insurance purposes in case of theft or natural disasters.

Our infrastructure

To guarantee the confidentiality of your data, and backed by more than 20 years of expertise, PDF Archive has set up a scalable and redundant platform, designed to withstand all types of incidents.

Servers in Europe

Your data is replicated in real time in at least two different data centers, in different countries.

Cold storage

Every day, we generate an encrypted snapshot of the data entrusted to us on the previous day, for cold storage on a separate site.

Continuity of service

Our services are supervised 24 hours a day and designed to achieve high levels of availability. And should a catastrophic event occur, our disaster recovery plan is ready and tested.

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