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“9 Priceless Ways For You To
Discover The Untold Secrets Of
Attracting Beautiful Women To
Proudly sponsored by

Legal warning: Whilst each individual article is the property of the contributing
authors' this book in its whole is protected by international copyright © 2009 and is
the property is of www.the-players-guide.com.
Any reproduction, editing, alteration or copying without the written authority of the
publisher is strictly prohibited and will result in prosecution to the fullest extent of
the law.
That said as this is a FREE publication you can share it and give it away but it must
remain in its original state and not be edited or altered or copied in anyway.
The publisher of this book and the contributing article authors claim no responsibility
for any actions of the reader or any outcome that the reader encounters as a result of
applying the advice herein. Any use of the information provide is done so purely at
the risk of the reader.
Copyright © 2009


1. Introduction
2. 7 Reasons Why You Are Not Attracting Beautiful Women
3. Attract Women Using Personality
4. Can You Become The Kind Of Man That Attracts Women
With Ease
5. Ways To Attract Single Women
6. How To Make Women Desire You
7. Dating Advice For Single Men – What Not To Do
8. Great Tips To Get A girl To Like You
9. How To Attract Women – 6 Proven Strategies
10.How To Attract Beautiful Women 3 Tips You Need To Be
Aware Of

I am not going to fill out this introduction with fluff about attracting women. I shall let the
information speak for itself.
What I shall say is that the contributing authors are experts in their field that enjoy sharing their
knowledges with others such as you and I.
Yes I, started somewhere as I was once shy and frightened. I read up and applied what I read and
adapted it to my own personality as you must do. Now I am a man that turns ladies heads wherever
I go and no I am not handsome or athletic at all. AT least I don't think so.
Read through this book and if you like what you read good. It is my and the authors wish that you
enjoy this book.
Through out this book you see reference to 'The Player's Guide'. This is a no nonsense guide that
gets direct to the point on how you can be totally irresistible to ladies. In fact it so good that all of
my lady friends have banned me from using it!

7 Reasons Why You Are Not Attracting
Beautiful Women!”
Author: Chris Tyler
Article: Fellas, let's admit it. If we could have our way, we would be able to attract just about ANY
woman that we wanted to. And of course, we wouldn't be going after the ugly Betty types. No, not
at all. Like it or not, as men, we want to be with BEAUTIFUL women. Women with sexy curves
and pretty faces. Yet, for most guys, this seems to be an impossibility. There are a multitude of
reasons for why this is, but I have compiled a top SEVEN list that I am sure every man can relate
to. So, here it goes:
1. Lack of confidence. This has to be the number one reason. Think about it. If you had all of the
confidence in the world, wouldn't you approach any woman that you wanted? Sure, you would.
Lacking confidence is not just a turn off for most women, it's also the number one inhibitor between
you and the life that you REALLY want to live.
2. Poor conversation skills with women. If you cannot talk to a woman the right way, you are not
going to be able to get much further than a friendly and totally non-sexual conversation with her.
You have to be able to spice it up a little, unless you really BELIEVE that deep down, all women
want a boring and bland kind of guy. (They don't.)
3. Using pickup lines. Sure, there are some guys that claim this is the KEY to attracting beautiful
women, but in reality, this hardly ever works out all that well. Just think about it like this, a
beautiful woman gets hit on all of the time. And guess what most guys try to use on her? That's
right! Pickup lines. so, she naturally has learned how to shut them out of her head. In short, they
won't work on her at all.
4. Following the advice of your buddies. Unless your guy friends are out there picking up magazine
centerfold models, chances are pretty good they don't know much more than you already do. And
that's a GOOD reason NOT to listen to them. After all, why get advice from another guy who's no
better off than you are?
5. Poor hygiene. You don't have to turn into the pretty boy, almost feminine kind of guy to attract
women. You DO have to be able to look presentable and come across as being able to go out in
public and make a good impression. A little basic hygiene (cologne, clean hair, clean clothes) will
go a LONG way!
6. Using gimmicks and routines. This is along the same lines as dropping pick up lines on a woman.
With routines, not only do you have to learn them and memorize what to do, they also have to come
across natural and most of them do not. Try hypnotizing a woman in a loud nightclub with flashing
lights and people bumping into you. It's not going to work. And also, just as with a pick up line, a
routine or a gimmick can come across as CHEESY just as easily as it can be seen as cool.
7. Showing desperation. When you give off the vibe that you are desperate to hook up with a

woman or to get attention from her, that is like an instant turn off. Being desperate to get laid is
something that women usually see as PATHETIC and being desperate for her attention makes you
seem like less of a man. Pretty blunt, but also pretty true.
In a little while, I will be posting quite a few more, until then, tackle these 7 and you will be able to
improve YOUR success with women.
Copyright © 2009 Chris Tyler All Rights Reserved.
About the author: Want to learn more about attracting beautiful women?
Get Your FREE Report that Details HOW to Attract and Seduce Women. Click Here

“Attract Women Using Pure Personality!”
Author: Robert Buford
Unfortunately for them, more than 70% of men will never have the kind of success with women
that they should be having, do you realize why that is?
The main reason is that they have no clue about to attract women. They keep trying the same
techniques over and over that aren't working! This makes them think that attractive women are
never going to be interested in them and that they will never attract the kind of woman that they
think they want, so they settle for who ever will pay attention even if they're not really interested in
that particular person.
The other and most important reason is that they will do absolutely nothing about the main reason!
They just sit back and trust to luck and the law of averages! Look, I'm telling you, this is the wrong
attitude and will surely lead to a less fulfilling life and into the hands of a partner who is not as
emotionally strong and physically attractive as the kind of woman that I'm sure you want to have.
If you are now listening to advice from your friends, no matter how well meaning, they aren't only
preventing you from getting the results you should have from your time spent trying to meet and
attract women, They are also putting you at high risk of depression and lack of fulfilment that is the
final result of having a less than satisfactory love life. Not to mention the joy and satisfaction, and
the great life you'll receive by being with the right woman of your dreams!
Do you ask yourself, how does a semi-fat, balding, ugly jerk like me get a gorgeous girl to look at

him, much less date him?
Well, before you spend too much time being down on yourself, remember this. Everyone is aware
that there are big differences between men and women, but the main one is often over-looked, and
that is how women's and men's brains function differently.
Reading from the New England Journal of Medicine, they say that a women's brain is more attuned
to emotional responses than men's are. And, this is a because of the "maternal" instinct of women.
After a woman gives birth, she needs to be able to understand the needs of her children, so she is
then more attuned to emotions of everyone around her.
Without this ability to feel "empathy", she would not be able to properly care for her child.
Men, on the other hand, are more logical. This is the trait that helped men to provide for the home,
and to survive all the dangers they faced in doing so, and it also allowed them to be better at hunting
and providing protection.
This doesn't mean that women aren't logical and men aren't empathetic, but it does say that we
naturally lean one way or the other. Truth is most guys' do all they're not supposed to when it
comes to attracting women. Then, all they know what to say is "what's wrong"?
Does any of this sound like something you do?
There's looking attractive, and then there's BEING attractive.
These are two very different things. Besides your personal hygiene and the wardrobe you wear,
there's nothing you can do about your looks. Nature and your parents have decided if you're stuck
being short, bald, or whatever. That's not going to change any time soon.
But you DO have 100% control over how you act. You have complete control over what you do,
what you say, and how you perform in front of others!
Because women are more driven by their emotions than men, if you are able to evoke powerful, fun,
and exciting emotions in women, they WILL be attracted to you, no matter what you look like.
But you DO have everything to do with how you act. You have the last word over what you do,
what you say, and how you act in front of or treat others!
Since women are driven more by their emotions than men are, if you are one who is able to evoke
strong, enjoyable, and exciting emotions in women, they WILL be very much attracted to you, and
it makes no difference what you look like.
This is called "being attractive, and when you're "being attractive", your looks have absolutely no
bearing on the interaction. This is why we tell you to use your personality to attract women.
About the author:
If you are one of the countless thousands of men with the "can't meet
anyone" problem, the author has come across this site that he believes will
be of great help to you, and I am sure you will agree. The address is;

“Can You Become the Kind of Man That
Attracts Women With Ease?”
Author: Chris Tyler Article:
For most guys that are reading this article, attracting beautiful women is FAR from easy. And that's
okay to feel this way. After all, most men are not exactly born to be the next Don Juan or Romeo,
are they? However, the art of attracting women is not a skill that you are born with, it is something
that you develop over time. So, if you get envious of other men that seem to be able to attract a
woman with ease, then it should be reassuring to know that you can enjoy the same success. This
does not come without it's price. You will have to take the time to learn what works to make a
woman feel that sense of attraction for a man.
Here are a couple of tips that should help:
1. When talking to a woman, you have to be able to get the focus off of you and put it on her. When
a man is nervous, or unsure of himself, quite often he will find himself doing most of the talking.
This is not exactly what you want to do. Dominating a conversation with a woman is NOT going to
make you that much more appealing in her eyes. Being able to include her and involve her in the
conversation WILL.
2. Flirting is NOT just about getting her phone number or a date. When you flirt with a woman, you
have to be able to create a "bond" with her. Generating rapport with a woman will allow you to
escalate her feelings for you and this will help you to get to a place where you can make her feel
swept off her feet by you.
Want to learn more about how to attract a woman?
About the author:
Get Your FREE Report that Details HOW to Attract and Seduce Women.
Flirting With Women.
Copyright © 2009 Chris Tyler All Rights Reserved.
Guy Gets Girl Review

“Ways to Attract Single Women!”
Author: Chris Tyler Article:
When you are a single man, one of the most important aspects of your life is your success with
women. After all, what's a better way to end a hard day at work than to go out with a beautiful
woman on your arms?
Yet, for many guys, this seems as if it were almost impossible. You might look at yourself and think
that there is NO way at all that you could ever become the kind of guy that can Attract Beautiful
But, you can.
You have to learn the ways to attract a woman. Here are a few helpful hints that should make YOU
more successful with women:

1. When you approach a woman, it should seem casual and not the least bit unusual for you.
Women can spot a man that is uncomfortable in approaching a woman from a mile away.
And when this happens, she knows exactly what to. And that will leave you out in the cold.
Being able to get comfortable in your own skin is very important when you approach a

2. You have to be able to know what to say to a woman. One of the worst experiences that any
man can have is to start a conversation with a woman, only to find that he doesn't know
what to say to her. From my experience, one of the easiest ways to get around this is to
become friends with women and learn what topics work with them. Then you know what to
say to a woman that you have just met.

3. You have to be able to know where to take a woman. And I don't mean what restaurant or
anything like that. I mean that you have to learn how to lead the direction of the
conversation and the interaction.

4. Otherwise, you are not going to get the results that you desire. Want to learn more ways to
attract a woman? About the author: Get Your FREE Report that Details HOW to Attract
and Seduce Women.
Attracting Beautiful Women

“How to Make a Woman Desire You!”
Author: Chris Tyler
Article: When it comes to dating and relationships, it seems as if most men are really on their own.
Knowing how to attract a woman and make her desire you is not exactly one of those lessons that
you will get taught. Instead, you are often left to figure these things out from trial and error and this
can lead to a lot of heartache, pain, and rejection. Of course, you can skip all of this by simply not
trying, but where's the fun in that? Instead, here are some tips that will help you make a woman
desire you:
1. Become scarce. One of the biggest mistakes that a man will make with a woman is to become her
"shadow" right away. Mostly, the reason for this is insecurity. And guess what? Women will pick up
on this insecurity right away and find themselves losing attraction for you. By allowing yourself to
be scarce from time to time, you are actually helping to set yourself up for future success with
2. Tantalize her. Most guys are afraid to push a woman's buttons a little. This usually comes from
the fear of rejection. You might be afraid that you will cross the line or do something to put her off,
but when done in small amounts, this will help you to increase her attraction and desire for you.
3. Captivate her. When you can captivate a woman, she will find herself drawn to you. Though this
is a skill that probably will not be developed overnight, this can be your most powerful asset when
attracting a woman.
Want to learn more about how to attract a woman? About the author: Get Your FREE Report that
Details HOW Attract and Seduce Women.
Seduce a Woman
Copyright ) 2009 Chris Tyler All Rights Reserved.
Guy Gets Girl Review

“Dating Advice For Single Men What Not to Do!”
Author: Chris Tyler
Article: When it comes to dating advice for single men, it seems like there are a HUGE amount of
people that claim to be experts in this category. Some are legit and others are nothing more than
marketers who just happen to want to make money in this market. So, some of the advice that you
get is genuine and some of it tends to be fluff that sounds good, but will not really boost your
success with women in any way. Here are a few dating tips for men, examples of what NOT to do:

1. Don't turn into a girlie man. What I mean by this is that there are a lot of guys out there that
try to become more successful with women by paying more attention to their clothes and
their shoes than anything else. One of the reasons why I have been so successful with
women is that I DON'T look like one of these guys. Come on fellas, imagine letting a girl
know that you take more time to get ready than she does. It's not exactly going to be a turn

2. Try to become her soul mate. This is where a lot of passive men get it all wrong with
women. They try to instantly become her everything. Not only do most women find this
suffocating and annoying, it's really not genuine at all. You have to let things run its course
and VERY rarely do two people meet and assume that they are soul mates. So, when you try
and act like this on the first or second date, you are really coming across as being needy or
even fake.


Adopt routines and gimmicks that go against your morals. Now, there are some guys that
have the mentality that they will do anything to try and get a girl. When you act like this, not
only are you being false with yourself, you are also really coming across as desperate. Think
about it, if you really had choice and selection with women, then you wouldn't have to try
and do anything to get a girl.
Want to learn what you SHOULD do to attract Beautiful Women? About the author: Get
Your FREE Report that Details HOW to Attract and Seduce Women. Seduce Beautiful

“Great Tips to Get a Girl to Like You!”
By Russel Turner
Thousands of tips to get a girl are written all over the planet. Here, we will summarize everything
you need to know in a few words. Getting girls should not be that hard for as long as you are
committed and you have the passion to execute and practice what you will learn. Let us begin your
journey to the world of pursuing women and get to know the most effective tips to get a girl.
Be Self-Aware
The first thing you need to do is to get to know yourself. Unless you know your strengths and
weaknesses, you will never know what to capitalize and bank on. If you know what you are good at,
you can use this character to impress the woman you like. One of the tips to get a girl is to let this
character surface. For example, if you have the ability to connect to empathize and connect to
someone's emotions, you can use this strength and build the foundation of a relationship from here.
Listen to what she says and give comments. You need to develop the ability to interact and feel
what she feels.
Be Social
Another one of the greatest tips to get a girl is to be a good conversationalist. You will get a girl
bored with flat stories and corny jokes. Learn how to strike conversations in a random order and
infuse humor. Jokes that are canned are bad. It would give the impression that you prepared for it.
Observe the things around you and talk about these things. Connect these observations to
meaningful and bright ideas that will let the girl realize that you have something between your ears.
Being dumb is a major turn off because you are likely to give them dumb off springs. Show interest
in the things that she talks about. If you do not have any idea about them, tell her honestly and ask
her to teach you more.
Now Pay Close Attention HereAre you looking to Make Wonderful Women Beg You To Date, There is a proven method that can
help you in dating with a girl - Click Here.

“How to Attract Women - 6 Proven
By Darius Greindl
Have you ever had a girl in your life you really liked, but unfortunately she didn't feel anything for
Or have you ever dated a woman you really liked, but for some reason she was losing more and
more interest in you and the only thing you could do is watch till everything is over?
Or maybe you knew a girl you really liked and always had a good time with and when you told her
about your real feelings for her she said that in her opinion it would be better if you just stay
friends. Perhaps you're in a relationship and can see how your girlfriend gets more and more distant
from you, to the point where you get afraid that she might cheat on you.
Or you're watching other couples walking around and can see how some complete idiots are
together with really beautiful women and you ask yourself how that can be, but just don't get it.
These are things that happen everyday to thousands of men all over the planet because there is one
thing they don't know much about and this is the powerful emotion called ATTRACTION and how
to trigger it inside of women.
Attraction is probably the most important thing if you want to be successful with women and
dating. In fact, it's so powerful that you can nearly do EVERYTHING else wrong and still be
HIGHLY successful with women if you know how to trigger it and how it works.
In this article I'm going to show you some common mistake guys make when they try to attract
women, and I'm going to show you 6 proven ways for how to attract women like a magnet that will
help to get the girl you want. Make sure you read it because you don't want to miss that.
How To Attract Women - Strategy #1:
One of the most powerful ways for how to attract women is to be confident.
CONFIDENCE IS THE MOTHER OF ATTRACTION if you want so and if you don't know how to
be confident NOTHING is probably working for you even if you know more techniques and
methods than any other guy. You need a solid foundation. When most guys talk to a woman they
feel attracted to they start to get nervous because they are afraid that she might not like them and
reject them.

One hint for their nervousness is the movement of their eyes. Instead of looking the woman in her
eyes they scan the area around them while they're talking or look at certain parts of her body (if you
know what I mean) that are definitively NOT her eyes.
What I've found out is that the eyes of a person are actually the windows into the inner world of that
person and when we look into someone's eyes for a longer period of time we're actually able to
create a very powerful and intimate bond.
So a way to attract women is to look them deeply in the eyes while you're talking to them. Besides
that you will be able to create a powerful bond between the both of you, you will also stand out of
the crowd because only a few guys are comfortable with doing it, and you will communicate to her
that you're a confident guy which is again HIGHLY attractive to women.
After you've created some attraction with this or the following techniques you can take this idea
even to the next level and touch her while you're talking and looking her in the eyes.
I personally often take her hand after I've created some attraction and when she's flaking out I say
that I just wanted to check if she has warm hands (this excuse works of course best in winter).
Creating body contact while you're looking her in the eyes will emphasize the connection you build
with her.
How To Attract Women - Strategy #2:
One of the things I've figured during the last several years is that WOMEN DON'T LIKE
AVERAGE GUYS. Average guys are like average cars for beautiful women. They are everywhere,
and nothing special. What they're looking for is the FERRARI which is rare and hard to get if not
impossible if you don't have a lot of money.
The same happens at a party for example: When a really beautiful woman comes to a party most of
the guys are just staying where they are and stare at her with open mouths. They are overwhelmed
by her beauty and would be willing to do everything she wants from them and of course she knows
Since there are countless of these guys she meets everywhere and all the time wherever she goes
they are nothing special to her and so she's not interested in them. What she's looking for is THE
ONE GUY, the guy who's above average.
But how do you do that? How do you become an above average guy and what do you have to do?
I'm glad you asked. The answer is quite simple:
Guys who are successful with women and dating have a lot of options and therefore aren't really
impressed when they see a beautiful woman. They know a lot of beautiful women and she's just
another one.
No big deal. Nothing special. Just normal.
Women notice when something like this happens, and what they're thinking then, is that this guy has
a lot of options he's not like all the other ones who faint when I just look at them and is therefore
rare and something special. He might even be hard to get. So if you want to attract women you
know what you have to do the next time. Don't be impressed by their beauty.

How To Attract Women - Strategy #3:
Another way for how to attract women is to simply don't give them a lot of attention. Beautiful
women know how men are working and what they have to do to get what they want from them.
They're used to be surrounded by guys who are overwhelmed by their beauty and willing to fulfil all
of their wishes.
But if a beautiful woman meets someone like you now, who's not overwhelmed by her beauty and
don't gives her a lot of attention she'll be definitively CONFUSED and will ask herself WHY you
are NOT acting like all the other guys. You're again communicating that you're not an average guy
and she will get more and more interested in you because of the fact that she's not able to look right
through you.
How To Attract Women - Strategy #4:
You can take the concept of confusion even one step further and bring it up to the next level in order
to attract women and make them interested in you...
That's right, I said bring it up the next level and the way you do this is by BEING A CHALLENGE
TO THEM. You're not only giving her nearly no attention and stay totally unimpressed by her
beauty, but also bust on her, tease her or even make some fun of her which is the VERY OPPOSITE
of what all the other guys do. They would never dare and even think about busting, teasing or
making fun of her.
But what you'll do with that is that you show her that you're confident and simply don't care. She'll
be again very confused because very few people have ever done this with her before. She won't
maybe even know if you like her now or not, and will therefore try to win you over which means
that you're not any more the pursuer but the pursued one.
ATTENTION: If you want to attract women make sure you always do this concept of being a
challenge in a playful and funny way. Don't insult or hurt her if you don't want to get slapped or
have her drink in your face.
Some beautiful women are also sometimes very shy and insecure. I know this sounds crazy but
that's the truth. So if that's the case you also want to slow down you're teasing and busting because
in such a case it would be counterproductive.
How To Attract Women - Strategy #5:
So remember, when we first said that we feel pulled to things that are limited or a lot of people are
competing for. You can use these principles to attract women by showing her that you are
preselected, which means, showing her that other women like and want you and that you have a lot
of options.
When she will see that there are a lot of other women (high competition) who think that you are the
real deal, she will AUTOMATICALLY assume that you're something special and will be more
likely to be attracted to you.
But how do you do that if you're just starting out and don't have a lot of other women?

No problem dude.
Just talk with a lot of other women in the club or wherever you are and make sure that she can see
it. What I also like to do is to go out with some normal female friends (maybe you have one or two)
of mine.
The women you will see at the club for instance won't know that these girls you're out with are just
normal friends of you and so they will assume that you have a lot of options and are preselected.
This method works like a champ and if you want to attract women, a lot of beautiful women, then I
highly recommend you take advantage of it.
How To Attract Women - Strategy #6:
A big mistake that a lot of guys make is, that they go out with the aim of picking up women, getting
phone numbers, getting laid...
This is a bad thing because with setting yourself an outcome, you put yourself under unnecessary
pressure. The result will be that you are more likely to get nervous now when you're talking to
women because you don't want to mess up your chances and fail with reaching your outcome.
What you should do instead is to go out to have fun and good time and be OUTCOME
INDEPENDENT where you simply don't care if you get this one girl or not. This mindset of being
outcome independent will TAKE AWAY your insecurities you might have around women and will
help you to have a good time and when this happens guess what?
You will automatically attract women and pull them right to you because they will feel the good
energy you're spreading and want to join your company.
If you want to learn more secret strategies that aren't available anywhere else about how attract
women, be more confident around women, approach women without getting rejected, get a
woman's phone number or how to make them steaming hot then simply check the following site:
Thanks for your time and I wish you the best!
Your Friend,
Darius G.

“How To Attract Beautiful Women 3 Tips You
Need To Be Aware Of...”
All right, guys. We all know that for most men, a beautiful woman seems to be WAY out of their
reach. You see them on television, in magazines, and even in the streets from time to time. Yet, it
seems like they are miles away from where YOU are. All of this can weigh in heavy on your mind
and cause you to feel a bit insecure when it comes to attracting beautiful women. Them, what's
worse, is when you see a guy that is no more than average with a really attractive woman hanging
on his arm.
You start to wonder, what can it be? What is it about this guy that causes him to get a woman like
that and you, well, it causes you to just WISH that it would happen for you?
Here are four tips that can flip the situation around and put things squarely in your favor when it
comes to attracting beautiful women:
1. A sense of humor will get YOU a long way. If you are the kind of guy that makes women laugh,
that they truly enjoying being around, you will find that all other things seem to pale in comparison.
There is a reason why some average guys are able to attract beautiful women, and having a good
sense of humor is one of them.
2. When you can make a woman feel sexy about herself, then she will feel the same about you.
Being able to trigger a woman's attraction is very much a mental "game." When she feels good
about herself when she is around you, this will make her WANT to be around you more often. Don't
think that I mean that you should suddenly dish out compliments left and right to her. This is NOT
the case. But, you should be able to make her feel as though she is a sexy woman.
3. Don't worry about other men. One of the things that can easily hold you back from attracting
beautiful women is if you are insecure around other guys. You have to understand that an attractive
woman is going to get attention. And if you seem as though you cannot handle this, then she is not
going to see you as the kind of man that can handle being with her.
Attracting beautiful women is definitely NOT out of your reach. Being able to see yourself as the
kind of man that CAN attract a gorgeous girl is a good way to start.
Want to start attracting beautiful women?
Go ahead and get your FREE Report that details how to attract and seduce beautiful women.
Copyright © 2009 Chris Tyler All Rights Reserved.

First, I hope that you enjoyed reading the book? I know that it will have given you good solid,
expert written advice on how to attract ladies to you. There is a lot of ground covered above and if
I listed it all here then it would cover the the topics again.
I really do wish you luck and that you have learnt a lot about how you can attract women to you and
make them demand your attention.
If you have not already got a copy of 'The Player's Guide' then I must insist that you DO get a
copy now, today! It truly is a no messing about guide on how you can become a magnet to ladies
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Ian David
'The Player's Guide'

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