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RESEARCH 102 SPRING2012 .pdf

Original filename: RESEARCH_102_SPRING2012.pdf
Author: Lin Roberts

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For this assignment you will research and create an annotated bibliography for the topic assigned to you
following the research writing process outlined on the other side of this sheet. You will need a minimum of 10
sources. Under each APA citation you create, briefly (2-3 sentences) summarize the source and how it is
relevant to your research.
For example:
Howells, C. A. (1998). Alice Munro. Contemporary World Writers. Manchester and New York: Manchester UP.
Book provides introduction to Munro’s fiction, chapters arranged by works; 1998 date means author does not
cover Munro’s recent fiction. I can use the bibliography to find more sources and the chapters on her works to
gain ideas of popular critical interpretations of her work.
You may only use resources found in our library or in our library’s electronic databases (no websites, no wikis!).
If you need help, please ask our Reference Librarians or the instructor!
You have a resource in the handout packet to help with this assignment: WRITING AN ANNOTATED
BIBLIOGRAPHY on page 43.

The final draft is due April 19, 2012 at the beginning of class. You will need to turn in A SIGNED RECEIPT OF
ASSIGNMENT with your bibliography; NO RECEIPT= NO GRADE. Please see our syllabus for rules about late

Writers include a header on the first page of each submission with the following information:
Your name
Yoda Chihuahua
Your teacher's name
Professor Roberts
The course number
English 030-650 (6:30p.m.)
The assignment title
Narrative Essay
The due date
June 15, 2012
The body of your essay should be double-spaced with one-inch margins all around the essay. On every page
including the first, insert the page number.









OVERVIEW1: We all have interests and curiosities that the school system rarely lets us examine. The
purpose of this assignment is to give you the chance to investigate a topic of your choosing
in depth over the course of a semester. PLEASE SEE OUR SYLLABUS FOR THE ASSIGNMENT
Each student must:

Investigate your subject using a minimum of 7 sources. It is recommended that you use books,
hard copies of resource materials (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.), professional journals,
and/or magazines. No more than 1/3 of your sources may be from the internet unless they are
accessed through a database to which the school subscribes.
Submit a written proposal that includes everything outlined below.
Write a typed, double-spaced essay of 10-15 full pages of text, not counting any separate Works
Cited or Resource page.
Submit at least one draft of the essay to me for submission to Grammarly, and then revise the
Submit at least one draft of the essay to your group for peer review (4 peer-reviewers).
Create a poster or PowerPoint presentation or poster presentation that presents your findings
to your classmates. This part of the assignment is required to receive a grade. (Bring your
finished posters/presentations and essays to our last class meeting.)
Turn in a typed annotated bibliography of sources that includes:
o An Introduction that clearly identifies the question you sought to answer this semester,
briefly explains why this subject interests you, and identifies (in bullets) the three main
conclusions you drew from your study of this topic through these sources.
o Complete and proper citation information for each source in APA format.
o Approximately 75 words that explain not only what the source material was about but
also how it related to your question.

Each student must submit a typed, one-page proposal by _______________________ (hard copy); it
should include the following:

The subject of your research (nature, relationships, self-image, Columbus, becoming a
comedian, etc.)
A guiding question (or questions) about this subject (e.g., What components make up my
A rationale for why you want to study this subject all semester
A summary of what you know about this subject at this time
A prediction about what you think you will discover during your investigation
The titles and authors of 3 sources you will use this semester
A discussion as to the importance of this subject (which answers the question, “So what?”)
Other possible sources (websites, publications, people, organizations, etc.) you might consult
to satisfy the resource requirement

NOTE: Students must read the sources listed on their proposal (Authors & Titles section); you may, if you
learn of new and more relevant titles, revise your proposal.

Adapted from an assignment by Jim Burke

Lyra Kitten
Professor Roberts
English 102-654 (11:00 a.m.)
Research Proposal
August 3, 2011

 the creation of Otherness/ orientalism
1. Why do history books never give fleshed-out portraits of non-white historical figures?
2. Why do history books leave out the bad deeds of our founding fathers or gloss over
3. What is the other side of colonization (point of view of those being colonized)?
4. Do history textbooks from other countries implement the same type of censorship?
 After reading part of Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen, I am interested in
exploring the experience of the peoples silenced by American history textbooks. I want
to know more about the Arawaks and what they suffered under Christopher Columbus in
Haiti. I want to know more about what merits, other than being white, the historical
figures in our books and mythology possessed. My interest and outrage and the scope
of my topic are enough to sustain me throughout the semester.
 I know about Edward Said‟s Orientalism- creating of an „us vs. them‟ mentality, an
exoticness that makes the Other different from us and somehow less than human.
 I know that the Arawaks suffered terribly under Columbus. They suffered from
malnutrition, abuse, colonist-borne illnesses, etc. Primary sources reveal information
about suicides, killing of their children, and other feats they sought to get away from
Columbus‟s men. Columbus bragged to a friend about his men‟s taste is 9 and 10-year
old girls to rape. The Arawaks‟ numbers were cut in half in a short time by what they
suffered under Columbus and by their attempts to escape him.
 I know that Columbus is idolized in history textbooks used in the U.S.
 I know that other American “heroes” have similar pasts that are hidden by the textbook
industry and the mythology of our country- Woodrow Wilson was a racist and KKK
supporter, Thomas Jefferson had slaves, etc.
 I think I will find many atrocities in our country‟s past. I also think I will find that the
events of world history connect in a way I have not seen before. I will find out if other
people have an ethnocentric view of history, or if we are in the minority. I will find out
what those being colonized and “settled” thought about the experiences and learn from
their voices a more complete view of history.
1. Orientalism by Edward Said
2. Patterns of Culture by Ruth Benedict
3. Race and Manifest Destiny by Reginald Horsman


The importance of this subject is reflected in our interactions with foreign peoples, now
and in the past. We are taught that a few great things happened before the rise of
Europe- Egypt had pyramids, Babylon had gardens, China had a big wall- but we are
mainly taught that the way the world is now is because of our white-European ancestors.
Everything that happened is draped in myth that obscures the truth of our origins. What
role do people who do not look like us play in our history? Are they always the ones
being enslaved, outdone, or cursed by “God”? The covering-up and re-writing of our past
to focus on our achievements while overlooking the achievements of others and our
faults creates a false sense of self and self-importance. For a people who abhor racism,
we are swimming in it. We will not always be in the position we are in now, a major world
power. We are lucky that the “universal language” is English. We should know how lucky
we are and what others experience and see when they encounter us.
Some may say that there is no good that comes from digging up the past. They may also
say that I am being unpatriotic by questioning the mythology of our country‟s origins …


Letters written by Christopher Columbus and his crew
Indian accounts of the “settling” and “discovering” of our country
history textbooks from other countries and cultures (do the Native Americans have
different textbooks in their schools?)
interview historians and Native Americans
read biographies of historical figures

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