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Firstly I would like to thank Dan Plesch, Sophie Elgood and everyone at the
Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy at the School of Oriental and
African studies for accepting and having me on the MA International Studies
and Diplomacy and for the centres immense guidance and learning experience
it has given me.
I would very much like to thank Helen Macnaughtan for supervising my
dissertation, accepting me onto her course, and guiding me through the system
of management in Japan. Stephanie Blankenberg has been a huge help in
teaching me about International Economics and in therefore influencing me to
write this dissertation as well as opening my eyes to the world. She has also
been so kind as to help with additional guidance through writing it and
pointing me in the right direction.
A big thank you to all the students on my course for always being there for me
and helping me out, you truly make me feel special and were always there
when I needed you most. Thomas Richter, being the only person to proofread
this dissertation and thereby giving me confidence. Nkosazana Zuma for
pushing me to finish. Thank you to all my friends for their support and always
being there for me.
Two great economists Jerry Jones for his pamphlet on Britain’s declining
manufacturing industry and Shigehisa “Cape” Kasahara of UNCTAD for his
great report on outsourcing, both of which helped me more than almost any
other documents for this dissertation.
Thank you to everyone who agreed to be interviewed and even were so kind as
to give me tours of production facilities at short notice. This includes:
Wynyard T. Wilkinson for introducing me to the world of Silverware and
guiding me through British History, Stefan Daniel of Leica for showing me
the production facilities and opening my eyes to just how much attention to
detail can be paid to quality, Martin Schmidt at Leica for explaining all the
technical bits, Leica Camera CEO for making things happen (remember if you
want to get things done email the CEO), Ake Wassen for granting me an
interview and factory tour at Hasselblad at such short notice, Christian H.
Nielsen for being such an outgoing and friendly CEO at Ortofon, Nina
Koutibashvili for guiding me through differences in quality and jewellery
making, Hideaki Ibuki and Shinya Kato of the Japanese Embassy in London
for their guidance and friendship, Yasushi Amada for his and for always being
there when I needed him most, Ingjerd Hanveold a jewellery maker and Jan P.