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transition to yet another paper system. One we must have, requested and will use.
Just as everyone used the old one to their own private advantage, we will indeed
grasp the next one. Just as you point out Aristotle, fiat exists more so because it
does "what societies economic function wants", not because it's a function of "what
society is forced to do"! Still, some will bark against this in a effort to stop people
from following human destiny. Fortunately, relative to our lifetimes the world evolves
quickly, with or without our agreement.
In this period however, we will return back in time much further than many can see.
This time gold will be pulled away from it's strained attachment with "fiat contracts
of currency" and again take it's place as the ages old "wealth money holding" it
always was. It will occupy it's rightful place on the shelf with all our other "wealth
things". And here it will, "for the first time in modern context" show it's true value in
relation to modern paper settlement money. A value no one today will believe!
Should one risk financial assets based on this series (Aristotle's) alone? Never! On
the contrary, no one should believe what he has written. Rather, we as a society
should "study" his fine work and seek to understand it's meaning. Once fully
understood, I think most would then agree with it's inevitable outcome. Indeed, a
"free gold market", based only on physical holdings would impact the world economic
system unlike anything seen before it. And Yes, it's impact on the relative value of
gold will make that metal the monetary wealth investment for the next thousand
This my friends is why so many today, "Walk In The Footsteps Of Giants". They walk
a trail that takes them further and further from derivatives of gold and the present
currency it's (gold) priced in.
From Yesterday, through Today and onward into Tomorrow" ,,,,, we say buy Physical
Gold for your future ,,,,,,, doing so will write your personal history in the palm of
your hand!
"Soon, we will all hike the "Gold Trails" and see all there is to see ,,,,,,, over the
mountains and through the valleys ,,,,,,, across rivers and plains ,,,, looking near
and far as we stop along the way ,,,,,,, Truly, we will view the value of gold as
modern mankind has never seen it before ,,,,, join in, it will be a journey in life,
that's well worth taking.
thank you again Aristotle ,,, Trail Guide
Note to all: please study these fine works
Aristotle (2/7/2000; 7:15:24MDT - Msg ID:24589)
Aristotle (2/7/2000; 8:10:15MDT - Msg ID:24593)
Aristotle (02/07/00; 10:52:39MDT - Msg ID:24602)
Aristotle (02/07/00; 13:14:18MDT - Msg ID:24610)
Aristotle (2/10/2000; 3:37:44MDT - Msg ID:24877)

(2/7/2000; 7:15:24MDT - Msg ID:24589)

It begins! -----* Executive Summary--an Outline of Observations *----The harsh slap of reality and the soothing touch of Gold:
*** Any monetary system that attempts to coin gold, or otherwise use gold as