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Sustainable Facilities Management and the Triple Bottom Line
June 20th -21st, 2012

Why Senior Executives Attend! What’s in it for them?
The 65 plus Senior Sustainability Executives from billion plus dollar Companies that we prequalify and invite to
join us, attend to specifically meet with solution providers like you, network with their peers, as well as Learn
& exchange ideas in peer driven conference/knowledge sessions. We collect information on their immediate
successfully transitioning to the Cloud
projects & buying requirements for you to review. At that point is it then up to you to position yourselves to
address these needs during the 1on1 meetings and also during the informal networking events built into the

Our Mind Set and how we view our Sponsors
What is the point of spending your marketing dollars Sponsoring an event? Stupid question on the face of
it…but a very simple one to answer. You want to sell your Products and/or services…right? That means
getting in front of the right people as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. We are here to help you
succeed in this endeavor and that means doing everything we can to help you write new business. With our
Direct Sales Team, Direct Mail Campaigns, Industry Media Partners, Press-Releases and Relationships built
from previous events like the Green Initiatives Conference (, we have
the Team, the Strength and the Resources to marshal BUYERS that can make a difference to your business.
Think for a moment how much it would cost you in time, lost productivity and money to fly or drive to 5,
Face to Face appointment/meetingss with Senior Execs from Global Companies and then wine and dine
them? As you well know these Execs are hard to pin down and are geographically dispersed…airfare, time,
What you Get with Your Package
1) We guarantee you a minimum of 5 (1-On-1) meetings with your prospects.
(Platinum gets 12 meetings and Gold 7 meetings respectively).
A week prior to the Forum you will receive a login to the Corporate Sustainability Forum Scheduler. This will
allow you to build your itinerary around the Buyers you’d like to meet with as well as those that have
specifically requested to meet with you. Each meeting is 20 minutes long. You will be designated a private
meeting area at the venue free of distractions. “No need to ship booths or collateral”- Just you and your
prospects for 20 minutes. Think of it as speed dating for Business.
2) Forum Networking App
All attendees will be required to download the Forum Networking App to their Smart phones/Ipads/Androids/Blackberrys or whatever flavor of mobile device they use. A menu of your products/ services
and contact details will be listed therein as well.
3) Event Brochure
You will have a full page ad in the Event Brochure listing your offerings and contact details. All attendees will
receive a copy of this via email and a physical copy on the day of the Forum.
4) Onsite signage
Your logo will be on all event signage and will rotate periodically on jumbo screens during the event
5) Breakfast, Coffee Breaks and Networking Luncheon.
These breaks will allow you to chat with your prospects in an informal relaxed setting, learn about their puppy,
their kids and forge real relationships.
6) Gala Networking Dinner
To facilitate your networking, we will have a Dinner featuring live entertainment to make the event truly
memorable, because people still do business with people. This shared experience at the Gala Dinner goes a
long way towards solidifying the new relationships made at the 1-On-1’s and also provides an opening to meet
other attendees