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How to Improve your Blood Pressure
What your doctor has not told you about managing
your blood pressure without drugs

Table of Contents
Chapter 1- The Organ that ACTUALLY Regulates Blood Pressure
Chapter 2- NO Plays a Role
Chapter 3- The Key


Nearly 62 million Americans have at least one type of cardiovascular disease, including
high blood pressure. More people visit their doctor's office for hypertension, or high
blood pressure, than for any other reason. More than $28 billion a year is spent on
cardiovascular drugs. Are the number of deaths from cardiovascular disease going
down? No. If anything, they are on the rise.
Your body is designed to fight cardiovascular disease with a substance so powerful that
it can actually protect you from heart disease and stroke. It is your body's strongest
defense against heart disease yet most people have never heard of it.

Chapter 1- The Organ that ACTUALLY Regulates Blood Pressure
With all the drugs out there to lower blood pressure, it is a wonder hypertension is still a
problem. Yet it is, and the medications prescribed have proven to be very ineffective in
providing a solution.

But first, why treat high blood pressure?
High blood pressure leads to a number of other health concerns. Consider the following

77% of Americans treated for their first stroke have high blood pressure

69% of Americans who have a heart attack have high blood pressure.

74% of Americans with congestive heart failure have high blood pressure

66% of Americans with diabetes have high blood pressure.

It is time to get blood pressure under control by actually getting to the root of the problem.
This means paying attention to your the one organ that actually manages and regulates blood
pressure. This organ is your endothelium. If this term is unfamiliar to you and something
your doctor has never discussed with you, this is no surprise as the medical field is just starting
to realize the importance of this organ.
Your endothelium is the largest secreting organ in the body, it is one-cell thick and lines the
interior surface of all your blood vessels. Every part of your body needs oxygen and nutrients
to stay alive and your cardiovascular system delivers them, in an efficient manner, 24 hours a
Your vessels are responsible for carrying oxygen-rich nutrients away from the heart to other
parts of the body while your veins carry oxygen-depleted blood back to the heart for
replenishment. If your vessels become narrowed or clotted, they have a hard time circulating
blood throughout the body.
For instance, if you have had high blood pressure for several years, it is likely that the stress on
your blood vessels have inflicted damage on the endothelium which leads to developing sticky,
clotted vessels. Think of your vessels like teflon.When the endothelium is healthy , vessels are
slick and blood can easily pass through. In contrast, if your endothelium is unhealthy, the
vessels become like sticky velcro and plaque will adhere to them, making it difficult for the
blood to circulate, causing your heart to work harder to force the blood through.Your vessels

have an important job of carrying blood rich with oxygen and nutrients to organs in your body.
If your vessels have become stiff or hardened, blood cannot flow easily through them and this
causes the heart to work much harder. You want your vessels to be smooth and pliable. The
health of your endothelial cells determine the health of your blood vessels.
How do you nourish your endothelium and ensure healthy blood vessels?
With a substance so powerful it relaxes the vessels. It improves blood flow and reduces the
risk of heart disease and stroke.
The discovery of this molecule is the most exciting medical breakthrough of this generation.
And it has NOBEL PRIZE winning research to back it up.

Chapter 2- NO plays a role
Let me introduce you to a magic in your blood vessels. It is a molecule called Nitric Oxide or
NO and it is vital to the health of your cardiovascular system. Most doctors overlook Nitric
Oxide as being a critical health-promoting strategy however, in 1998 three American scientists
won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their discovery of Nitric Oxide and the role it plays in the
This is what Nobel Laureate Dr. Louis Ignarro had to say about Nitric Oxide:
“NO is one of the simplest molecules in biology, comprised of just two atoms- one of nitrogen
and one of oxygen. Though NO's structure is simple, nitric oxide is now regarded as the most
significant molecule in the body, absolutely critical to your well-being. I am convinced that
nitric oxide can age-proof your cardiovascular system, keeping it much fitter than your
chronological age would indicate.”
Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule which means it is used by the body to cause something
else to occur. The endothelium uses nitric oxide to signal the surrounding smooth muscle to
increase in width or dilate which results in increased blood flow. Nitric oxide is produced
mainly in the endothelium. When your endothelium is well-nourished, nitric oxide is made at
optimal levels and blood flows easily providing nourishment to every organ in your body.
Nitric Oxide dilates the smooth muscle of the blood vessels.
With this dilation, the vessels relax and allow blood to flow through easily.
“Nitric oxide is a powerful vasodilator, which means it helps relax and expand the blood
vessels and arteries,” says Joseph Prendergast, MD, a renowned endocrinologist. “In turn,
this helps regulate blood pressure and enhance blood flow.”

We have established the dangers of high blood pressure and why it is important to get your
blood pressure under control. In order for your body to maintain its cardiovascular well-being,
it needs to produce healthy amounts of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide will keep your vessels pliable
and smooth to enhance blood flow and circulation regulating blood pressure.
Now for the last piece of the puzzle... how to go about creating more nitric oxide.

Chapter 3- The KEY
God made Nitric Oxide as the body’s natural vasodilator. Unfortunately, some people don’t
make enough of it and end up with high blood pressure, poor circulation and other issues.
So let's talk about how you would go about increasing your Nitric Oxide production. Your
endothelial cells use two natural occurring amino acids to produce NO. They are l-arginine and
l-citrulline. Research shows that in order to get the therapeutic dose of l-Arginine, you must
take in at least 5 grams at one time.
Luckily, l-Arginine is found in a few of common food choices. Below is a chart indicating
how much food you would need to eat to get the recommended 5 grams of l-arginine. I have
also included the number of calories and fat.

Although you only have to take in 6 oz of peanuts to get 5 grams of L-arginine, it also packs
918 calories and 70 grams of fat! As you can see, beans, tuna and chicken breast are the best
source of l-arginine for the least amount of calories and fat. You would need to eat 1 can of
beans, 2 cans of tuna or almost 1 lb of chicken breast on a daily basis to get the therapeutic
dose of l-arginine.
The other amino acid needed is L-citrulline. L-citrulline recycles l-Arginine and extends the
window of nitric oxide production. There is not much of a food choice for this amino acid.
Your one and only option is watermelon, however 60% of the L-citrulline is found in the rind
portion which most people never eat.
Looking at your food choices and the amount of food needed to consume in order to get these
critical amino acids through supplementation?
There is a product called ProArgi-9+. It included both L-arginine and L-citrulline and key
antioxidants to dramatically increase your body's nitric oxide production. It incorporates the
Nobel Prize winning science on nitric oxide production and has clinical data to back it up.

ProArgi-9+ is manufactured by Nature's Sunshine, one of the most respected manufacturers of
health products in the world. ProArgi-9+ is considered by many to be the best source of larginine on the market.
I have given you vital information that will enhance your cardiovascular health and give you
the related health benefits you desire. I do not want you to simply rely on pharmaceutical
drugs to replace the responsibility you have for your own health. Your own body can create the
greatest cardiovascular wonder drug nature has to offer- nitric oxide. It is created in the
endothelium and relaxes your blood vessels. It can help you achieve lower blood pressure,
naturally. Your job is to create an environment that lets nitric oxide do what it was designed to

To Your Health,
I work with a great group of people and we are on a mission to save a millions lives from the
#1 killer in the country, heart disease. If you or anyone you know would be interested in
joining us, please contact me directly.

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