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Original filename: Powerful Roku 3 Streaming Player Tips.pdf
Author: Kenny Twyman

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Powerful Roku 3 Streaming Player Tips
3 Powerful ROKU 3 Streaming Articles

Complied By: Kenny Twyman

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Article #1
Roku streaming players

By Madhushan

Even though Internet is widely used, Television still remains the best
entertainment for most sections of society. There are various programs being
telecasted in television. From 7's to 70's, everyone likes one program or the other.
From romance to action, drama to comedy, knowledge improvement to fiction,
films to cartoons and news, there is a program for everyone. There is none who
doesn't like to watch television. However, due to busy schedule in everyday life,
most of us end up missing many episodes of our favorite shows.
Streaming media
With the invention of internet, missing favorite shows is no more problem. You
can just stream episodes of your favorite shows and watch them online over the
internet from anywhere in the world. There are various streaming medias
available online.
Roku is an American company based in California, that produces products that
enable you to watch videos by streaming over the internet.With Roku, you can
access both free and paid streaming media. Roku offers media streamers that are
pretty cheap. Roku also supports high resolution streaming videos videos. You can
easily connect Roku to your TV and Wi-Fi network from home. Hence, you don't
need a PC or laptop to connect to internet.
Comparison to competitors
The major competitors of Roku are Apple Tv and Boxee box.
Apple Tv integrates well with all Apple products, and so, you can view the videos
you purchased for your Apple Tv in your Apple products as well. However, Apple
Tv supports only lower resolution videos as compared to Boxee box and Roku, ie.,
720 Pixels.
Boxee box does not integrate with Apple products, and hence, videos purchased
for Boxee box cannot be viewed in any Apple products. Is supports higher
resolutions as well, ie., 1080 Pixels. It offers a wider range of services as well.
Boxee box, however, is much costlier when compared to its counterparts.
Roku supports both high and low resolution videos, can connect to free streaming
videos, and is pretty cheap. However, like Boxee box, roku cannot be integrated
with Apple products.
Supported Channels
Roku supports a various channels in every category. Some of the famous are
Netfix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant video, HBO GO, Angry birds and Pandora.

Roku Products
1. Roku LT
2. Roku 2 HD
3. Roku 2 XD
4. Roku 2 XS
There are many streaming media products available. However, Roku is one
product that is preferred my many people due to its cheap price, free streaming
videos, high resolution support, easy installation and durability.

About the Author
Author is widely knowledgeable about roku and other streaming media players

Article # 2

How To Set Up And Enjoy Roku Streaming Player On Your TV
By Abby

Do you love watching movies on a bigger screen like your own HDTV screen
instead of your small laptop screen?
Do you hate the journeys that you have to take to the video retailer in order to
watch a movie?
Now with the video streaming technology, you will be able to watch movies on
your HDTV screen in the comfort of your own home and you don't have to travel
to watch your movies.
Roku, one of the pioneers in video streaming innovation, has produced streaming
players that connect your online video or movie sites with your TV.
Roku streaming player enables the viewer to watch 300+ channels with movies,
TV shows, music, sports & more. It works with virtually any TV, incorporating
high-definition streaming up to 1080p HD.
You can now enjoy over 150,000 movies and TV shows at your fingertips from
Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, HBO GO and more.
With Built-in wireless (Wi-Fi b/g/n) and wired Internet connectivity, enjoy
Unlimited music from Pandora, MOG, Radio, and Live365.
The top news sources, including NBC, FoxNews.com, and CNN. Of course, there
are also tons of channels featuring international and lifestyle programming, tech
news, podcasts, cartoons, clips, cat tricks, and… well, you get the idea.
How do you set it up? With the Roku Streaming Player, it is as easy as plug and
play. You will need:
1)A TV
2) High-speed Internet service with a speed of at least 1.2 Mbps (such as midlevel DSL). For HD video, 5 Mbps is recommended (if you’re not sure what
your broadband speed is, go to http://www.speedtest.net/ and run the simple
3)A wireless router

Connect your Roku streaming player to your tv with the cables and connect it to
your router. Use your remote control to select the websites obtainable from your
subscriptions and other on-demand websites. And your good to go.
When you order the Roku Streaming Player, this is what you will get:
1)Hands-down the best experience in 1080p HD streaming to your TV-plus
motion-based gaming for an extra dose of great entertainment.
2)Enjoy 300+ channels featuring the best movies, TV shows, live sports, music,
games, and more, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video.
3)Angry Birds included FREE!
The Roku Streaming Player is small. It is less than 5 inches wide and 1 inch tall. It
can fit everywhere.
The Roku Streaming Player offers a brand new twist to the classic TV experience.
You, the buyer, get the easiest set-up and coolest viewing, with the best
selections and no recurring costs!

About the Author
Abby Ibrahim is an entrepreneur who enjoys recommending quality products to
people through her reviews of theRoku Streaming Player.
Download her Free Roku Streaming Player Ebook on her website.

Article # 3

Cut the TV Cord? Three Reasons Why Roku Is the Best Streaming Player
Right Now
By Daniel Paul D'Aniello

Cutting the cord. For a number of years people have been discussing whether or not it was
possible to cut the cord so to speak from your cable provider to enjoy the best of TV. Well, we
can't completely cut the cord but streaming players like the Roku device can make it very, very,
easy to access your favorite content via the Internet.
Here are three reasons why the Roku is the best streaming player available today:
1. It's tiny and works effortlessly!
This little jewel of a box, the Roku HD plugs in to your existing Wi-Fi network, links up through
HDMI to your HD television and voilà, you have access to tons of Internet content. I am
reminded of the scene from the recent remake of Dark Shadows. Barnabas Collins, the vampire
just released into the 20th Century after being buried for 200 years, has an interesting run in
with technology. He sees and hears an actress signing on a popular TV program of the day. He
stumbles to the television set, stunned at what he was observing and hearing and asked the
question: "What sorcery is this?" That is a question I asked my Roku streaming player many
times. How those engineers were able to create a small electronic device that can do so much
is beyond me but it works and it is fantastic.
2. Access to tons of content.
Have an Amazon prime account? Then you can access all that content through your Roku.
Subscribe to HBO? Then you can link up HBOGO service to your Roku and access not only
current episodes of your favorite HBO shows but past seasons as well. I am a latecomer to the
series Game of Thrones, but with access to my HBOGO and with my Roku, I was able to watch
seasons 1, 2, and 3 in a week in order to get caught up on this very interesting and entertaining
HBO program. As an aside, because I've been so caught up in the series I ended up buying the
digital book on Amazon's Kindle. Now I can read up on the series before it comes back to HBO
in 2014. Isn't it amazing to see all the synergy of the modern media complex made available

through the Internet? There was a time when the major companies were quite threatened by
digitalization. Now, they have found ways to thrive and profit.
3. Ease of use.
Recently, Roku updated its software, making searching for content streamlined. Whatever
content you are interested in, you enter a search for it and Roku examines all its content on all
platforms, across all channels and then will call collate that information into a list. It's really that
simple. And while not every program is available on the Roku streaming device, more and more
content is made available on a monthly basis. And more importantly, you can easily find it and
access it thanks to that wonderful and simple little box.
We can see into the television viewing future and it is bright. One day, consumers will be able to
watch and purchase only the content they want to. The days of the 250 plus channel cable
service may be dwindling. Consider it another casualty of the democratization of content by the
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Daniel_Paul_D'Aniello

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