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Alpha spectrometry measurements
Sampling: we have proceeded to the


Po determination based on the fact that some of them might

have been worn shortly before his death. Thus the first samples are: a sample taken from the collar
of a sportswear with strong dirt stains, a sample from the front tight of the same sportswear, a sample
from the front tight of a woolen pant, 2 pills each of a mixture of different medicines (about 38 g) and
two samples taken from an underwear that appeared obviously worn. One of the two samples has
been taken from a stained part of the front of the underwear, identified possibly as a urine stain.
Following the results of the 210Po determination (see results) we have proceeded to the sampling of 6
aliquots from the remaining of this underwear. These samples, as the two before, contain about 3-4 g
of cotton wool. The sportswear is a mixture between cotton wool and synthetic fibers.
We have then taken a sample from a hospital cap. This sample has been taken by cutting around a
blood stain and weighted 0.7041 g. This 3rd samples batch contained also a sample from another
underwear (probably not worn), a second sample from the collar of the sportswear, a sample made of
the bristles of two toothbrushes (one manifestly used) and a reactants blank (H2SO4: 10 ml; HNO3:
25 ml; NH4OH: 40 ml, Fe:20 mg).