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Section 1 - Barry Allen Kit copy to the Dreambox

1. What is needed for installation of Barry Allen ? Recommended is a CF-Card with at least 128MB.
(for the Neutrino-Image or an OE 1.5 Image also a 64MB Card could be sufficient)

And of course the Plugin kit itself:

2. we also need a FTP-Program for copying the Barry Allen Kit but also the *.nfi Images to the Box and for
those who don’t use a Blue-Panel we have to be able to execute Telnet commands on the Box. For this
we can take the (hopefully) well known Dreambox Control Center (DCC).

I will not explain DCC in more details, look into the How-to for DCC for configuring it. Imported are the
two „Connected“ (see arrow) Protocols in the Controlwindow.
3. First we press in DCC den FTP Button and copy the Plugin to /tmp