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TF52patch7ReleaseNotes .pdf

Original filename: TF52patch7ReleaseNotes.pdf
Title: Transform Foundation Server 5.2 Patch 7 Release Notes
Author: Bottomline Technologies, Inc.

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Release Notes
Transform Foundation Server 5.2
Patch 7
May 2014

This is a patch release (formerly known as a hotfix release) for Transform Foundation Server 5.2.
We recommend that you install this patch if you experience any of the problems described in the Fixes in
This Release section.

Copyright © 2014 Bottomline Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
The Bottomline Technologies name and logo are trademarks of Bottomline Technologies, Inc. All other brand and product names are trademarks or
registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Release Notes

Installing the Patch
This patch release is supplied as a compressed (zipped) file for ease of
download. Install it on all machines on which Transform components are
 l Install this patch on all Runtime Server installations before installing it
on the Deployment Server.
 l We strongly recommend that you take steps to confirm that your
upgraded installation works as expected before using it in a production
An ideal approach is to test your projects in a test environment on the
upgraded system before upgrading your live production environment. If
you do not have a separate test environment, consider actions such as
taking backups before the upgrade, and running test data through the
upgraded system before using live data.
Please contact Support if you have any questions about validating your
projects on this patch. See Support on page 15.
 l Transform Foundation Server 5.2 must be installed before you install this
 l When you install this patch on a Runtime Server host, the installation
process stops and restarts the Transform Foundation Service service and
all projects running on the Runtime Server.
To install this patch:
 1. Decompress the zip file on the target machine.
 2. Double-click the TF52patch7-39649.exe file to run the program.

Transform Foundation Server version 5.2 Patch 7  May 2014


Release Notes

 3. Follow the on-screen installation instructions.
To uninstall this patch and roll back to an earlier configuration, use the Add or
Remove Programs option on the Windows Control Panel.

Transform Foundation Server version 5.2 Patch 7  May 2014


Release Notes

Fixes in This Release
The problems described in the following table have been fixed in this patch



Text Cutter and Unicode Text Cutter do not work correctly
when the Text child object is defined by means of a Container
Shortcut to a Parameter that is also used by any descendant of
the Left or Right child object.


The Hot Link object does not support the creation of tagged
PDF output.


The PDF Tag object does not support the use of the H1 to H6


The Print to PDF object does not produce PDF output when
the content includes compressed TIFF image files that are
compressed in the JPEG format.


The JD Edwards PDF parsers do not parse PDF that contains
NULL characters in the header. This occurs, for example,
when the header contains Unicode characters.


Under certain circumstances, some objects cannot access data
passed as a parameter.

Transform Foundation Server version 5.2 Patch 7  May 2014


Release Notes




Problem: Transform Content Center links are constructed
from the default URL specified in General Settings. In a
multi-server environment, the link sometimes specifies the
wrong server name.
Solution: The Transform Content Center application now
constructs links in its output HTML from information taken
from the inbound request URL rather than the default URL.
This does not remove the requirement to specify a default
URL, but has the effect of directing the calling browser to the
same server in a multi-server environment.


Problem: Printing to network printers is sometimes slow.
Solution: The Advanced Printer object has a new setting,
Create local print queue for network printer. When selected, this
setting enables the object to create a local print queue the first
time it calls a dynamically selected printer identified by a
Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path. This improves
performance on subsequent calls to the printer.
It is possible to disable the use of this setting on any Runtime
Server by adding a DWORD,
DisableLocalPrintQueueCreation, with a value of 1 under
the Registry key HKEY_LOCAL_
MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Bottomline Technologies (HKEY_
LOCAL_ MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Bottomline
Technologies on a 64-bit machine).
Also see TFS2347.

Transform Foundation Server version 5.2 Patch 7  May 2014


Release Notes




Problem: Transform Content Center sessions are not
automatically terminated when they have been inactive for
longer than the specified License Timeout period.
Solution: A new Automatic sign out after license timeout
option on the General Settings page enables an administrator
to specify that any session remaining inactive for the duration
of the specified License Timeout period be terminated,
regardless of whether the license is required for another user.
When this option is selected, when a user's session is
terminated, the Sign in page is displayed when the user next
attempts to use a Transform Content Center feature.
Selecting this option disables the Auto Sign In next time
using this profile option.


The OTF Parser and OTF Form Renderer objects lose font
information, resulting in badly formatted text when rendered.


After an upgrade from a version in which Transform Designer
has been opened but not used, Transform Designer does not


Transform Application Manager fails when the path to the
repository is specified as a UNC path.


Transform Application Manager fails when the folder
specified in which to create the bundle does not exist.


The Count Pages child of the Print Graphic object does not
work in conjunction with the Print to PDF object.


When Document Organizer is used in conjunction with a
Multi Print object, its print setting overrides do not work as

Transform Foundation Server version 5.2 Patch 7  May 2014


Release Notes




Under certain circumstances, Document Organizer logs the
following error:
Internal error with batch page sizes


Document Organizer overrides the Duplex settings of
Advanced Printer and Dynamic Printer.


When the Transform Content Center system is configured to
work with multiple databases, it does not process items in the
scanning queue.


Print to PDF logs an error message when there is no data to
Print to PDF and Advanced Printer log a COM error message
when the destination for the output is a Write File object with
an invalid path.


Print to PDF sometimes uses the wrong page size when
calculating the position of data on its output pages.


The IBM Message Service Queue and TIBCO EMS Queue
objects truncate messages that contain multibyte Unicode


When the Transform Content Center system uses an Oracle
database, index values of manually uploaded documents are
not displayed correctly on the Search Results page when the
values contain Unicode characters.

Transform Foundation Server version 5.2 Patch 7  May 2014


Release Notes




When the Transform Content Center system uses an Oracle
database, the length of category indexes is measured in bytes.
Because some Unicode characters consume multiple bytes, this
means that the maximum number of Unicode characters an
index can contain is sometimes less than the number specified
as the value of the Length setting.
This fix applies to new indexes only, and does not modify
existing indexes.


Problem: The Label Control object does not support the use
of Unicode text in the label.
Solution: The default Caption child object is now a Unicode
Text object.
Existing branches are not affected by this change, and it is still
possible to use objects that belong to the Text [in] class as the


The branch process (fsproc) sometimes fails when converting
UTF-8 to Unicode.


The settings dialog for the Time object does not open in
FormScape Designer.


The settings dialog for the Unicode Text object does not open
in FormScape Designer.

Transform Foundation Server version 5.2 Patch 7  May 2014


Release Notes




Problem: The Create local print queue for network printer setting
that was introduced in Transform 5.2 hot fix 3 (TFS2239)
cannot be set globally for all instances of the Advanced Printer
object in a branch or in a repository.
Solution: It is now possible to create a configuration item to
force all Advanced Printer objects to create a local print queue
on first contacting a dynamically selected printer identified by
a UNC path. Create the item under the Branch Configuration
to force the creation of local print queues for all the Advanced
Printer instances in the branch, or under the Repository
Configuration to do this for all Advanced Printer instances in
the repository.
To create a configuration item to force the creation of local
print queues:
 1. On the Configuration palette, click


 2. If the configuration does not already contain one, create a
Configuration Folder called Printing.
 3. Add a Yes/No object called ForceLocalQueueCreation under
the Printing Configuration Folder.
 4. Set the value of the Yes/No object to Yes.

Under certain circumstances, a memory leak causes Print to
PDF to produce empty PDF files when running on a Runtime

Transform Foundation Server version 5.2 Patch 7  May 2014


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