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Some of the most creative and unique
Christmas tree decorating ideas are actually the
ones that are the cheapest. Don't think for a
minute that decorating a tree, whether it be an
artificial tree, a wall mounted tree or a real tree
has to be boring! The key is to use your
imagination to come up with ideas that will
reflect your interests and personal style. When
it comes to Christmas tree decorating ideas,
necessity really is the mother of some great


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Page 1

ome of the most creative and unique Christmas tree decorating ideas are
actually the ones that are the cheapest. Don't think for a minute that decorating
a tree, whether it be an artificial tree, a wall mounted tree or a real tree has to
be boring! The key is to use your imagination to come up with ideas that will reflect
your interests and personal style. When it comes to Christmas tree decorating ideas,
necessity really is the mother of some great inventions!


Here is some inexpensive and creative Christmas tree decorating ideas for revelers on
a budget.
Christmas Card Images - This is one of the simplest of Christmas tree decorating
ideas. Cut the images that you like from last year's Christmas cards and color the back
with gold or silver magic marker. Then hang it from the tree with a shiny ribbon. This
look is especially nice on a wall mounted Christmas tree that is placed next to your
main entryway.
Colored Glass or Plastic Balls - Embellishing common colored glass balls with glitter
paints or aerosol flocking (fake snow) is one of the most tried and true of Christmas
decorating ideas. You can also glue on glitter or craft store jewels and attach braids or
ribbons on a cheap glass ball and turn it into the dime store equivalent of a Faberge
egg. Stickers, sequins and ribbons can also be used to make inexpensive decorations
look more unique. A bit of glue and some glitter is also a great way to refresh the look
of old or scratched Xmas ornaments.
Cookies - Decorating your tree with cookies is as old as the tradition itself. Simply
make gingerbread or shortbread cookies and decorate them with icing. Make sure to
leave a little hole in the confection so you can hang it from fish line or a ribbon from the
tree. Gingerbread men or shortbread snowmen look great, especially on a natural
green tree.
Glitter Decorations - Just about any tiny object, sphere or disk can be dipped or
painted with glue and then rolled in glitter. This is one way to transform "junk" into
Xmas decorations that can be hung from the tree. Glitter is very inexpensive and it can
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Page 2

be used to transform everything from old antique keys to cereal box prizes to golf balls
into Xmas décor.
Origami - Origami is the fine art of paper folding. You can find instructions for making
everything from snowflakes to storks out of Origami on the Internet. There are many
sites that specialize in offering origami Christmas tree decorating ideas. One idea is to
make larger and smaller versions of the same design to create a balanced and
minimalist look.
Party Streamers: simply strewing the ends of its branches with party streamers can
create a very fashionable and minimalist looking tree. A strand of Chinese lanterns
from the dollar store also very nicely compliments this look. This type of look is also
very attractive on an upside down Xmas tree or a wall mounted Christmas tree as a bit
of a breeze makes the tree come alive with movement.
Pipe Cleaners - This is one of those Christmas tree decorating ideas that is great to do
with the kids! Chenille pipe cleaners have to be one of the most versatile craft items
ever invented. Simply twist them into the shape of snowflakes, stars, angels or
anything that you can imagine. Best of all pipe cleaner Xmas decorations can be wired
directly onto the tree. This makes them ideal for trees that can't, for reasons of safety,
have too many dangling decorations such as the wall mounted Christmas tree or the
upside down Christmas tree.
Popcorn Christmas Tree - There is nothing cheaper than popcorn and it is a great
source of inspiration when it comes to Christmas tree decorating ideas. Any type of
Christmas tree including the real, artificial or wall mounted Christmas tree looks great
decorated in garlands of popcorn. Popcorn can also be shaped into balls and hung like
gigantic snowballs from the branches of a tree. Don't forget too that you can easily dye
or paint popcorn using food coloring.
Ribbons and Lace - One of the simplest Christmas tree decorating ideas is to simply tie
bows made out of scraps of ribbon and bits of lace and tie them to the boughs of a
tree. This is also the safest way of decorating a tree if you have a wall-mounted or

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Page 3

upside-down Christmas tree. Decorating a Christmas tree in ribbons that are securely
tied to a tree is also safest for a toddler.
Snowflakes - This is one of those Christmas tree decorating ideas that are great to do
with the kids. Remember the folded paper snowflakes you made as a child? You can
decorate them with any color of glitter. For the best results hang the smaller paper
snowflakes at the top of the tree and the larger ones at the bottom.
Toys - If you are on a budget then you can find lots of Christmas decoration ideas in
the toy section at your local toy store. As long as it is miniature, it will probably look
great on a tree. You can wire heavier items to the branches and hang lightweight items
with colorful bows. Trains, little dolls and fish look especially nice on an Xmas tree.
This idea is also good for a small wall mounted tree in a child's room.
Wired Translucent Bows - This is one of the more minimalist Christmas tree decorating
ideas but the effect is absolutely beautiful. Buy wired translucent ribbon on in two
colors - silver and gold are hot right now - and simply tie them to your tree. The wire
keeps the bows big and stiff so they look really attractive. This look is also perfect for a
tree that you don't want people to bump into such as a wall mounted Christmas tree or
upside down Christmas tree.
For shopping of Christmas trees, visit: fkrt.it/nhYdcNNN

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Page 4

5 Fun Christmas Tree
Decorating Themes For

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Page 5


any small businesses display Christmas trees in their offices or storefronts
during the holiday season. For retail businesses, it's a good way to get
customers in the holiday shopping mood. For offices, it adds a touch of
festive Christmas spirit for the office personnel. In any case, if you own or work in a
business that displays a tree, and you're stuck in a decorating rut with the same old
ornaments and tinsel year after year, now is the perfect time to spice things up with a
fun and unique Christmas tree decorating theme that is tailored to your business.
We've got five fun ideas to get you started.

1. Retail Stores
For most retail stores, coming up with a Christmas tree decorating theme is easy; just
use the products you sell as your inspiration. For example, an office supply store could
use pencils, calculators, erasers, and small notepads as decorations. A health or
beauty supply store could use combs, tooth brushes, empty medicine bottles, and
cotton swabs. Shoe stores could use shoe laces, shoe inserts, shoe horns, and even a
few children's shoes to decorate a tree. Just remember to start with the items around
you, and you can't go wrong.

2. Restaurants
Just as with a retail store, restaurants should think about the type of product they sell.
For example, a Chinese restaurant could decorate a Christmas tree with fortune
cookies, chopsticks, and Asian memorabilia. Italian restaurants could have fun with
dried pasta, empty wine bottles, and small Italian flags. Even a local restaurant with no
particular theme for their food could still decorate a Christmas tree with local
memorabilia that residents of their town would appreciate.

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Page 6

3. Movie Theaters
Christmas trees in movie theaters are among the easiest to decorate. Decorations can
include empty popcorn containers, soda cups, and candy boxes. Movie ticket stubs, 3D
glasses, and old movie reels also make fun decorating items. If your movie theater
sells gift certificates, use some voided gift certificates on the tree as additional
decorations. This is a great way to let patrons know that you offer gift certificates they
can purchase as gifts for friends and family.

4. Hair Salons or Barbershops
Obvious decorations for a hair salon or barbershop include anything hair-related. Use
combs and hairbrushes, velcro rollers or perm curlers, and empty sample-sized bottles
of shampoo or hairspray. Other possible decorations might include hair clips and pins,
scissors, and hair ribbons.

5. Dentist's or Doctor's Offices
Medical offices are a great place to display a Christmas tree, particularly if children are
among your clientele, because it can help set them at ease about their visit. Fun
decorating items for a dentist would include toothbrushes, dental floss, and small tubes
of toothpaste. For a doctor's office, consider toy stethoscopes, Ace bandages and
wraps, thermometers, and lollipops or other treats offered to patients.

If your business or workplace doesn't fall into any of these categories, just create your
own Christmas tree decorating theme tailored to your company. An easy place to start
is by using up some company memorabilia. Over the years, many businesses
accumulate items such as pens, notepads, letter openers, hats, and other small items
featuring the company logo. Round up these items and use them to decorate the tree,
and then finish off with ornaments in the same colors as your company logo.
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Page 7

No matter what business you're in, there is a way to customize a Christmas tree that
will be unique and reflective of what you do. Just remember to have fun, use your
imagination, and above all, make it a company project in which employees can
participate and contribute. This is a great way to improve employee morale and get
everyone into the holiday spirit!

How to Decorate a
Christmas Tree
Seven Simple Tips For Your Elegant Evergreen


here's nothing quite like decorating the Christmas tree to mark the start of the
festive season. Whether you've decided to have a real tree or an artificial one,
everyone can enjoy the ritual of hanging the lights, draping the garlands and
swags and trimming the tree with your favorite Christmas ornaments.

So as the moment approaches to bring out your favorite ornaments from their yearlong storage, it's time to decide what sort of tree decoration you want. For some
people, trimming the tree involves a carefully thought out design. Perhaps your theme
will be a single color this year -- maybe all white, silver or gold. On the other hand, your
decorations and ornaments may represent an eclectic mixture of shapes, patterns and
styles to create an effect that's uniquely you.

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Page 8

One rule about choosing Christmas tree decorations is that there are no rules! Don't let
the style police dictate the way you deck your holiday evergreen: this is one time, at
least, when you're free to let your personal taste and style reign supreme.

Whatever your choice, there are some basic principles to help you decorate your tree
with pizzazz. Once it's safely set up on its stand, have your ornaments, lights and
accessories ready to one side. Here's an order of steps to make the task easier:

Put the lights on first. Don't try to wrap a cord of lights around a tree that already has
ornaments hanging on it. Placing some of the lights further back on the branches will
emphasize depth and leave more room for other items.
Make sure you have enough lights to create the effect you want. You can go with all
one color or have a contrasting multicolored effect. Your other decorations will reflect
the lights to create a dazzling display.
Try to distribute the lights evenly across the tree to avoid a 'bunching' effect. You can
find lighting sets that are arranged as a net that can be draped over the tree. These
can produce a very regular distribution, although this kind of wiring can be harder to
disguise within the branches.
If you like to use garlands, beads or tinsel, work from the top of the tree downwards.
Once again, try to space them evenly and avoid a 'layered' effect.
Hang your ornaments last. That way, you'll be less likely to knock delicate items from
their branches.
Think about the effect that different arrangements would create: for example, you could
distribute your larger pieces evenly across the tree and then fill the spaces in between
with smaller items -- or perhaps create clusters of shapes and sizes in areas that will
be more prominent.

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Page 9

Don't forget to crown your tree with your favorite topper - an angel, a star or some
other special ornament. Then stand back and admire your handiwork!
Whether you're young in years or simply young at heart, the magic of dressing a
Christmas tree never ceases to bring joy and wonder to mark the start of the holiday

What sort of Christmas decorations will you have this year? There are so many kinds
to choose, from real Christmas trees and outside Christmas decorations to wreaths, an
outdoor nativity scene and Xmas fairy lights.

Decorating Christmas Trees
With Style


oes your christmas tree look too old fashioned? When it comes to decorating
christmas trees there are some style tips to follow so that they look more up-todate and stylish.

The big fat round artificial christmas tree is out and the slim artificial tree is in. This is
because when it comes to decorating christmas tree the trends lately lean more
towards tall and conical shapes rather than fat and round shapes.
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Page 10

This style is more reminiscent of the modernist trends from the seventies and
strangely, the tall conical trees that were in favor during the Victorian era. It was Queen
Victoria who insisted on the tallest tree possible for her living room and the narrow tree
girth was also necessary in order to fit these tall slender trees into Victorian homes.
The same could be said of modern day "cozy" condo lofts and apartments which often
have tall ceiling heights but less floor space and suit a slim artificial christmas tree
much better than a chubbier version.

Natural trees that tend to be tall and slim are the spruces and firs. They just have a
slimmer girth than pines and cedars. When it comes to fake xmas trees, more and
more manufacturers are releasing slim artificial trees that can fit more easily into our
cramped urban lifestyle.

Artificial is in and natural trees are out. Okay, so maybe real christmas trees will never
go out of fashion but if you are a bit of style snob then the trend is towards an artificial
tree in the wildest color you can find. Basically the idea is to find a tree that looks like it
would go well in Lieutenant O'Hura's bedroom on Star Trek.

Every year, artificial trees are looking more and more cartoonish. You can buy them in
a spectrum of colors and in many different materials including PVC, vinyl and tinsel.
The slim artificial trees in wild colors are very popular with younger people. Some sites
sell xmas trees that are nothing more than a coiled spiral of yellow pink and blue lights
that are free standing and merely emulate the shape of a christmas tree.

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Page 11

Probably the two most trendy colors for trees are the red and white. The red trees have
an offbeat look to them that is reminiscent of a bad Kodachrome photograph from the
seventies. However that is part of their appeal. The white artificial trees are just simply
gorgeous, especially the prelit artificial trees with branches that have glowing fiber optic

One of the secrets to decorating christmas trees in a stylish way is to be minimalist. To
be truly fashionable, stick to decorating the tree in just one or two colors. For instance
you could decorate a natural evergreen with only gold bows and natural crystals. A
white christmas tree looks great with uniformly sized christmas balls from top to
bottom. A sky blue artificial tree could be decorated in monochrome with glass balls
that are a deeper shade of blue.

The minimalist approach also goes for the style of decorations that you choose. Stick
to one or two shapes to keep the look of the tree uncluttered and sleek. For instance,
forget the round glass balls and choose conical glass balls and flat spheres only to
decorate an entire tree. By the way the craze for slim artificial xmas trees is similar to
the current craze for slim conical christmas decorations. Conical decorations are very
much identified with retro seventies styles.

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Page 12

One of the first rules of fashion and also interior decorating is to break all the rules and
the same applies to Christmas trees. This means deliberately ignoring christmas
traditions with the idea of putting a new spin on them. For instance instead of using the
classic angel or star as a tree topper you could try topping it with a spray of fibrous
waving multicolored diodes or a design that you have constructed using christmas rope
lights. One interesting idea is to make a star out of red velvet and decorate it with
peacock feathers, faux gems and gold bows.

Another way to break a traditional rule is to decorate your tree with just one color. To
be different you could also forget about putting largest decorations at the bottom and
the tiny ones at the top, put the large ones on the top and the tiny ones on the bottom.
Another idea is to make all of your christmas tree decorations the same size.

One big trend that has dominated Christmas style and design for the last few years is
to hang your Christmas tree anyway you can think of, as long as it is not standing up.
This includes hanging it upside down from the ceiling, suspending it sideways from the
ceiling and buttressing it against a wall.

One of the secrets to decorating christmas trees is that the more personal it is the
better. A good example is the chef who decorates his tree using only plastic forks and
knives or the new mom who decorates her tree with baby bottles and baby toys. If you
celebrate the Chinese New Year you might want to decorate your tree with Buddha
figures and fortune cookies.
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Page 13

Another great way to personalize your christmas tree is to use baked goods. Tree
ornaments made of pink and yellow gumdrops and toothpicks look nice on an artificial
white christmas tree for example. Home made gingerbread men and short bread
snowmen would go well with a red artificial prelit christmas tree.

One place to get inspiration is the candy store. Choose your favorite candies that you
loved as a kid. A smaller tree looks fantastic decorated in candies wrapped in foil.
However once again the key is to be minimalist. Don't decorate the tree with seven or
eight kinds of candy. Decorate it with two to three kinds to give it a kind of uniformity.

If you haven't figured it out by now one of the keys to decorating christmas trees is
repetition on a single theme. If you like teddy bears than decorate the entire tree in
teddy bears and one other design element, such as red glass balls. Keeping it simple
yet elegant is the key to decorating christmas trees.

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Page 14

Choosing An Artificial
Christmas Tree
Tips To Consider When Making A Purchase


eal or artificial? If you're like many other people, you've decided to go with an
artificial tree this Christmas season. Whatever your reason, choosing an
artificial Christmas tree can be time-consuming, especially if you're a first-time
buyer. There are several things to consider as you search for your "perfect tree" and
you'll find the following tips very helpful when making your decision.

Besides a Nativity set, the tree is the focal point of Christmas decorations and longlasting traditions. Songs and stories have been written about them, cards are adorned
with them, presents go under them and they've been recognized by the U.S. Postal
Service. Clark W. Griswold represents many of us as he went in search of his perfect
Christmas tree in a popular holiday movie classic. They are as unique as each of us is

Benefits of an artificial Christmas tree

There are some very compelling reasons to go artificial:

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Page 15

* Allergies- the obvious and greatest reason for many people and pets

* No dropped needles or sap which means less vacuuming and cleaning and more
time enjoying the Season with Loved Ones

* Make the purchase once instead of spending money every year to only put the tree
out on your sidewalk for recycling later,

* Not the fire hazard a real tree is. Where do you think the old expression "went up like
a Christmas tree" came from?

* Put it away decorated after Christmas if you have the storage space. Just cover it in a
re-usable plastic bag from the dry-cleaners or a garbage bag

* Branches won't droop under the weight of heavier ornaments

* No "bare" spots you have to try and fill in. Just move the branches and it's done.

* It can be a family heirloom and handed down to your children and grandchildren

Tall, short, slim, tabletop, indoor/outdoor, flocked, pre-lit or not?

These are the questions to keep in mind.
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Page 16

Beginning with height, you may have a nine foot ceiling but that doesn't mean you
should get a nine foot tree. Keep in mind your tree-topper. How tall is that angel or
star? When you put it on the tree, will it be touching or scraping the ceiling? Leave
several inches from the ceiling, if possible.

Do you have enough room in front of the picture window or do you need a slim tree to
fit between the two chairs in the Living Room? A slim tree would also be great for a
corner to save space in a small apartment or even near a staircase in a hallway. A
good way to give a quick measure without getting too technical is to stand in front of
the place you'd like to put the tree, just extend your hands and arms to get a "visual
idea" of the space. Picture the tree there and see how you want it to look- after all, it
will be your showpiece for all your holiday enjoyment. You'll have an approximate idea
of how wide and how tall you need it to be.

It seems like a "no-brainer" to get an indoor tree because that's where it's going to be.
However, you're buying this tree because it will last. Down the road, you may move to
your dream home and you need a taller, wider tree. Visualizing the perfect holiday
scene from your favorite magazine, you want to put a tree out on your front porch or by
your walk-way to the front door. The indoor/outdoor tree would be used again and
again, instead of being discarded.

Pre-lit trees are handy if you're a "no-fuss" kind of person. Having an un-lit tree and
putting your own lights lets you change the "look" of your tree from year to year. You
could do a silver and gold motif one year and go completely crazy with pink and white
the next. It's all up to you.

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Page 17

How do you find a great selection to choose from?

There usually isn't much of a variety in local department stores because space is
limited and they have to compensate for overhead costs. Researching online is the
way to go but very time-consuming. You need to find great trees and great prices.
Some on-line companies have sales incentives like free-shipping, etc. Your best bet is
to find someone who has done the research, found the sales and the best variety to
choose from and see what they've found.

Christmas, Teach Your
Children The True
Meaning Of Christmas
hristmas is a wonderful time of the year. We should take the opportunity to
discuss the origins of Christmas and the attitude of giving with our children. We
should allow our children to participate in the Christmas school plays and
church school plays.


Over the years commercialism has drowned out the true meaning of Christmas. It is up
to us as parents to restore Christmas back to its rightful place. We can start in our own
homes with our own families.
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Page 18

Family togetherness, unconditional love and goodwill should be the bywords of
Christmas. Stories and pictures about the origins of Christmas should be all around our
homes. Our churches should be taking a major role in spreading the true Christmas

Our church should have many small social activities leading up to one major event that
will take place very close to Christmas day. All families should be required to attend.
With a view to inviting another family. The invited family should be a family that does
not attend church on a regular basis.

Make sure your children are directly involved in at least one charity event over the
holiday. They can donate a toy or even help with a fundraising drive for those less

Try not to purchase toys that overwhelm the children. Yes, make sure the toy will make
your child feel special. However, that can be done without overkill. Be sure to remind
them of the true gift of Christmas which is baby Jesus.

Construct as many gifts as you can with the children. Set aside special time for this.
Make a big fuss over the time that is set aside. Prepare for the time and be sure that
you have all the tools necessary for a successful time.

Working with the children on the different Christmas crafts and cards reinforces in their
minds the significance of the season. The families who do not go to church can still do
so much to instill in the minds of their children the Christmas spirit.

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Page 19

Make the Christmas tree the center of the living room. Take the time to downgrade the
television set. If you must, watch television only at certain times. Then turn it off. Watch
Christmas programs only.

If you are serious about resurrecting the spirit of Christmas then the focus must be on
family and the things that a family does together. Purchase books about Christmas in
other faraway countries.

Your children will gain an understanding and respect for different cultures and their
traditions. Christmas is not just celebrated in their corner of the world. Show them that
it is a worldwide celebration.

Set a night or two aside for a drive to see the lights. That is always fun. Try your level
best to include grandma and grandpa in the family outings. Children just love when
grandparents tell stories of their childhood.

You are building memories for your children and for your entire family. Grandparents
coming to stay at the house for the holidays? Put the children in charge of decorating
the spare bedroom for their grandparents.

Above all take the time to let the children know that the Christmas spirit should not be
displayed only in December. Show them by your example as loving and caring parents
that the Christmas spirit of love and joy should be spread throughout the year.

Decorating the home at Christmas sets the tone for a wonderful holiday season. The
food, the stories, and building the memories are what Christmas is all about.
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Page 20

Great Theme Ideas For
Decorating Your
Christmas Tree
If you are thinking of new Christmas tree decorating ideas for this season, now is the
time to get started. Whether this is your first tree, or you just feel it is time to update
your seasonal decorations, you can really express yourself with a theme-decorated

A simple approach to Christmas theme decorating ideas is to use a color theme. This
would allow you to use some of your favorite older ornaments along with new ones that
reiterate your theme. For example, you could choose red and white. This would let you
use Santa ornaments, candy canes, any of your older ornaments in either color,
ribbons, garland and such. Another color approach would be a monochromatic theme,
so if you chose green, for example, you could use every shade from the palest spring
green to the darkest forest green and everything in between.

Traditional Christmas tree decorating ideas would include options like Santa Claus,
angels or snowflakes. With all the beautiful ornaments available out there now, you
could easily cover your tree in any of these themes. Santa could be accompanied by
sleighs, reindeer and tiny wrapped gifts. Angels could be highlighted with lacy garlands
of ribbon, gauzy bows and even feathers. Snowflakes can be sparkling or made
painstakingly from paper. They can be highlighted with icicles and tinsel, if you wish for
a festive, snow-filled look. You can take the snow theme further and add snowmen,
skis, skates and other winter-related activities, too.

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Page 21

If you like a more homey look, you may want to consider food-related Christmas tree
decorating ideas. Did you ever make Christmas cookies when you were a kid to hang
on the tree? They look just as nice on the tree now as they did back then! You can also
find wonderful garlands and ornaments that look like candies, bundles of nuts, cookie
cutters and other food-related items.

If your home has a more rustic feel, country Christmas theme decorating ideas may be
more your cup of tea. Tying bows of raffia, using wooden ornaments and garlands of
wooden beads may be just the look you want.

Then again, with the ornaments available now, you can also choose Christmas theme
decorating ideas based on hobbies, sports and other special interests. There are
ornaments available that make beautiful trees based on fishing, baseball, soccer, tea
parties, movie characters and so on. Your tree can express all of your favorite things,
making it uniquely you.

Another alternative to consider for Christmas tree decorating ideas may be using only
old-fashioned, antique ornaments. The old glass ornaments our grandparents had
create a beautiful, nostalgic look. Victorian ornaments that look like they popped right
off a holiday card also look lovely on an old-fashioned tree.

Maybe Christmas is a time to remember at your house. Unique Christmas tree
decorating ideas like making a memory tree may be very appealing. Find some small
frames you like in different colors (or you can paint them yourself) to put in photos of
your children, your parents, grandparents, friends and so on. Add some bows or
cherished ornaments that hold special memories to complete the look.
Looking for more great Unique Christmas Gift Ideas? Come see our huge selection of
Vintage Christmas Gifts and Decorations.
Visit: http:// fkrt.it/hr0iidNN

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