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I would like to express my gratitude to the following people and organisations for their
generous help with my project:
The staff at Southwark Local History Library, Professor Juliet Mitchell, Professor Andrew
Saint, The Victorian Society, Stephen Humphrey, Martin Reed, Councillor David Noakes,
Professor Patricia Cryer, London Metropolitan Archives, Jeremy Smith, and Lewisham Local
History and Archives Centre.
I would also like to thank the following:
Michael Tsoukaris, English Heritage, Polly Rossdale, Charlotte Glazier, Phoebe Greenwood,
Dr. Patricia Dark, Mondeléz, Google Maps, David Moore, Gwen Southgate, Michael Bruce,
Jeremy Cross, National Portrait Gallery (London), Grace’s Guide, London SE1 Community,
City Bridge Trust, Dr Alexander Schulenberg, Sally Richards, TSO Gazette – London,
Worshipful Company of Bakers, Random House, Worshipful Company of Bakers,
Envirocheck, Promap, Mark Gaipa (Modernist Journals Project at Brown Education), and
All images in this document have been included with the express written approval of the
copyright holders:
Alan Godfrey Maps, British Museum, City of London Corporation, Colart (Letraset), Experian
(Goad), Professor Patricia Cryer, Southwark Council, Grace’s Guide, Imperial War
Museums, London Metropolitan Archives, Mark Wheaver, Michael Gerrish, Mike Ashworth,
Polly Rossdale, NA3T, National Portrait Gallery (London), Southwark Local History Library,
TSO Gazette – London, and Zullikhan Abdullah (Kalkitos).
This document is intended for educational purposes only. There is no commercial gain for
the author.


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