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S05-SM User’s Manual

d) Ensure S05-SM is joined to a parent device (see “Adding S05-SM to the Network” section).
e) Use software for reading information from coordinator or gateway device (see relevant device’s
manual) to confirm S05-SM transmissions are being received at the correct interval.
f) Replace the base by twisting it anti-clockwise until it is firmly secured to the transmitter.
g) If necessary, replace S05-SM into mounting cradle (see “Installing mounting for S05-SM” section).
Transmission interval setting has been successfully configured.
Note: Transmission interval is read at power on, a power cycle is required to effect interval change.

5 Joining S05-SM to the Network

Parent device, such as coordinator (eg. WZB-01USBC, WZB-02485C), gateway (eg. G07-W,
WZB-05ET), or router (eg. WZB-01USBR, WZB-02485R)
Sharp pointed tool

a) Ensure parent device is powered on (see relevant device’s manual).
b) Power on S05-SM (see “Installing and Replacing Batteries in S05-SM” section) ensuring it is in
ready to join status (green LED flash once every second).
c) Enable permit join status on parent device (see relevant device’s manual) and check S05-SM joined
the parent device.
d) If S05-SM has successfully joined the parent device, the green LED should flash 3 times, then once
every 60 seconds.
If S05-SM’s green LED does not flash once every 60 seconds, then it has not successfully joined.
Repeat above steps until S05-SM has joined successfully. If S05-SM has still not joined after a few
attempts, check it is within the operational range of 500m (line of sight) from the parent device and
away from other 2.4GHz devices that might interfere with its operations.
If S05-SM has joined successfully, but is showing disconnected status (green LED flashes twice every 5
seconds), then check parent device is correctly powered on. If the parent device is functioning
correctly, S05-SM may be out of range or experiencing interference, additional router(s) may need to
be added to ensure good connections.

6 Removing S05-SM from the Parent’s Network