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Original filename: Gospel of Thomas by Thomas Franciso Pelgero.pdf
Title: Gospel of Thomas by Thomas Franciso Pelgero

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March, 2015
A New Interpretation of the words of Jesus, by Thomas Francisco Pelgero

The Gospel of Thomas
These are the secret words which the living Jesus spoke, and Didymus Judas Thomas wrote
them down.
(1) And he said: He who shall find the interpretation of the words shall not taste of death.

The person who finds the interpretation of these words will know the
construction of life and will understand that death does not exist.

(2) Jesus said: He who seeks, let him not cease seeking until: finds; and when he finds he will
be troubled, and if he is troubled, he will be amazed, and he will reign over the All.

Jesus meant: Who searches for the answers of life, and keep on searching will
find the answers of life. And when you find the answers of life you will be
confused, that it is so different than our standard believes. And after you will be
confused, you will be amazed. Because you will know everything about life!

(3) Jesus said: If those who lead you say unto you: Behold, the Kingdom is in Heaven, then
the birds of the Heaven will be before you. If they say unto you: It is in the sea, then the fish
will be before you. But the Kingdom is within you, and it is outside of you. When you know
yourselves, then shall you be known, and you shall know that you are the sons of the living
Father. But if ye do not know yourselves, then you are in poverty, and you are poverty.

Jesus meant: If your leaders tell you: Look, God is in the sky, than the birds
will find their way quicker to God than you. If your leaders say: Look God is in
the sea, than the fish find their way quicker to God than you. But, whatever
your leaders will tell you, you have to understand that you have the Godly
energy inside of you and the Godly energy is all around you. If you really learn
who you are, than you will start to recognize yourself as a godly Soul. And you
will know that you are a pure positive godly Soul originated from the energy of
God. When you don't know yourself, than you will see only your human life as
your real life and that is very limited, powerless and a poor vision of yourself.

(4) Jesus said: The man aged in his days will not hesitate ask a little child of seven days about
the place of life, and he shall live. For there are many first who shall be last, and they shall
become a single one.

Jesus meant: An adult person will not hesitate to ask a little child of seven days
about Heaven. The adult knows, that the Soul of the little child is still one,
and if the adult makes his Soul one too, he will find his own real immaterial life.

Many successful people in the material world, shall be the last persons who
enters Heaven. Because, they will have to let their large ego perspective go.
In the In-Between dimension, they will have to make themselves one again.
When they become their Soul as one, they can enter Heaven.
(Extra info to explain the basics: The split personality of a human is on one side
the Soul in and around the human body/mind and on the other side the ego
perspective (including character) which is created in the ratio. When a Soul is
two, the human has created a negative energy layer from the ego perspective
around the positive Soul. Heaven consists only from positive energy, and Souls
can only enter, when they are pure positive energy again. Concerning the
construction of life there are three dimensions important: The pure positive
immaterial dimension, which is called Heaven, the In-Between dimension were
only positivity can exists and also positivity and negativity can exists (This is the
dimension to combine the immaterial dimension with the apparently material
dimension), and you have the created dimension by God (with the so called big
bang) the apparently material dimension, which is completely based on
positivity and negativity. (Cohesion and adhesion between the molecules in this
dimension is necessary to create our apparently material world).
(5) Jesus said: Know what is before thy face, and what hidden from thee shall be revealed
unto thee; for there is nothing hidden which shall not be made manifest.

Jesus meant: Know the honest truth, what is going on in yourself, your life and
in the world. And everything you and others think, do and hide will be created in
your the future. The automatic creation process of our thoughts and actions as
base for the creation of our own Lessons in Life.

(6) His disciples asked him and said unto him: Wilt thou that we fast? And how shall we
pray? Shall we give alms? And what rules shall we observe in eating? Jesus said: Do not lie;
and that which you hate, do not do. For all things are revealed before Heaven. For there is
nothing hidden which shall not be manifest, and there is nothing covered which shall remain
without being uncovered.

His disciples asked him and said to Jesus: Do you want us to fast? And how do
we have to pray? Shall we give to beggars? And are there rules by what we
can eat? Jesus meant: Don't lie, and treat others, how you want to be treated
yourself. Be that, how you want others to be. And give that, what you want
others to give you. All the negativity you do will be noted in your Karma. And
the karma is connected to your Soul and you take this with you to Heaven.
You will know all the wrongs you did in your life, and this will create new
Lessons for you in your next life.

(7) Jesus said: Blessed is the lion which the man shall eat, and the lion become man; and
cursed is the man whom the lion shall eat, and the lion become man.

Jesus meant: When we let go of the ego perspective in ourselves, we become
our Soul. But when the ego perspective stays and increases in our ratio, the
ego perspective will live in the human and destroy the humans.

(8) And he said: Man is like a wise fisherman, who cast his net into the sea and drew it up
from the sea full of small fish. Among them the wise fisherman found a large good fish. He
threw down all the small fish into the sea; he chose the large fish without trouble. He that
hath ears to hear, let him hear.

And Jesus meant: The greed of humans make the humans wanting more and
more, bigger and bigger. If you understand that greed is our bases for our ego
perspective, than you know you should be content with everything in life what
will be given to you. And not only focus at the big successes in life.

(9) Jesus said: Behold, the sower went forth, he filled his hand, he cast. Some fell upon the
road; the birds came and gathered them. Others fell on the rock, and sent no root down to the
earth nor did they sprout any ear up to Heaven. And others fell on the thorns; they choked the
seed, and the worm ate them. And others fell on the good earth, and brought forth good fruit
unto Heaven, some sixty -fold and some an hundred and twenty -fold.

Jesus meant: When you know the truth about the real construction of life. You
have to tell people the real truth of the construction of life. Many people will not
want to hear, see, feel or touch the truth. Even they will try to make fun of you,
explain others you are crazy and perhaps even try to hurt you. But, you have to
go on spreading the information about the real construction of life. Than you will
find the right positive people in life.They will all spread the knowledge to other
persons until everyone knows the real truth about the construction of life. The
truth will free the humans from the boundaries of their ego perspectives.

(10) Jesus said: I have cast fire upon the world, and behold I guard it until it is ablaze.
10. Jesus meant: I have told the first words of the real construction of life to the
world, and I will make sure in this world or as Soul, that the words will spread
like a fire around the world. And one day the construction of life will be known
around the world, by all people alive.
(11) Jesus said: This Heaven shall pass away, and that which above it shall pass away; and
they that are dead are not alive and they that live shall not die. In the days when you were
eating that which is dead, you were making it alive. When you come in the light, what will
you do? On the day when you were one, you became two. But when you have become two,
what will you do?

Jesus meant: Generation after generation humans will die. And those who did
not find their Souls are living on earth with the ego perspective as dead people.
They, who found their Souls, will know the construction of life and will not die.
When you let your ego perspective go, you will find your Soul and you will
be alive. You were born as Soul and than you created your ego perspective and
you became two. When your body dies and your Soul is heading for Heaven,
what will you do, if you are two? When you are still your pure positive Soul and
surrounded yourself with negative energy from your ego perspective, you will
have to transform the negative energy in positive energy in the In-Between.
Only pure positive Souls can enter Heaven, the immaterial positive dimension.

(12) The disciples said to Jesus: We know that thou wilt go from us. Who is he who shall be
great over us? Jesus said to them: In the place to which you come, you shall go to James the
Just for whose sake Heaven and earth came into being.
12. The disciples said to Jesus: We know that you will go away from us. Who do
we have to follow and to listen to? Jesus meant: Everywhere you go, find in
yourself your true teacher. And the true teacher is yourself, your Soul. And
when you listen to the voice of the Soul, you will hear your conscience talking.
God has made for the Soul this apparently material dimension, including for
example, the body and mind of the humans, as hosts for the Souls on earth.
(13) Jesus said to his disciples: Make a comparison to me, and tell me whom I am like.
Simon Peter said to him: Thou art like a righteous angel. Matthew said to him: Thou art like a
wise man of understanding. Thomas said to him: Master, my mouth will no wise suffer that I
say whom thou art like. Jesus said: I am not thy master, because thou hast drunk, thou hast
become drunk from the bubbling spring which I have measured out. And he took him, went
aside, and spoke to him three words. Now when Thomas came to his companions, they asked
him: What did Jesus say unto thee? Thomas said to them: If I tell you one of the words which
he said to me, you will take up stones and throw them me; and a fire will come out of the
stones and burn you up.
13. Jesus meant: When you compare me to others, what am I for you?
Simon Peter said to him: You are like a good angel. Matthew said to him:
You are a very wise man that knows the construction of life. Thomas said to
him: Master, I can't express the words whom you are looking like. Jesus meant:
I am not your master, I have told you about the real construction of life and that
makes you, placing me on a pedestal. You are dividing us instead of seeing all
people as Souls and equals. Jesus took Thomas aside and told him tree words.
"We are equal!". Now when Thomas came back to his friends, they asked him
what did Jesus said to you? Thomas said to them: If I tell you one of the
words which Jesus said to me ("Equal"), you will take up stones and throw
them at me. And when you throw the stones at me, you will do negativity and
create more negativity in your lives.
(14) Jesus said to them: If you fast, you will beget a sin for yourselves; and if you pray, you
will be condemned; and if you give alms, you will do an evil to your spirits. And if you go
into any land and travel in its regions, if they receive you eat what they set before you. Heal
the sick among them. For that which goes into your mouth will not defile you, but that which
comes forth from your mouth, that is what will defile you.
14. Jesus meant: If you fast, you will be not good for yourself. (The ground rule of
the Soul for a good decision in life is to be good for yourself AND for all other
people in the world AND for nature). If you pray, you will be condemned. This
means if you are searching for answers and help from God, than no help will
come. Because, you are your Soul and your body and mind is made to guide
you, in line with your Soul. All the wisdom you need is inside you. Let your ego
perspective go and become one again, be your Soul. And you will have an
answer to solve all the problems in your life. If you give a little bit money to a

beggar, you will not solve the problem. You help the beggar, yes and that is
good. But the problem is that you and other people in the world allow beggars
and poor people to exist. And that is the real problem in life, you should want to
solve. We have to overcome the greed in the ego perspective by making the
right decisions on the ground rule of our Soul. Where you go on your travels in
life, eat what they offer you. You can never get sick by what you are eating. You
only get sick when you are talking, thinking or doing negative in life. Always
help yourself AND all other people in the world AND nature.
(15) Jesus said: When you see him who was not born of woman, throw yourselves down
upon your face and worship him. He is your Father.
15. Jesus meant: When you see a human, who is not born from a woman, worship
the human. Because this will never happen! With other words: don't worship
humans. Because everyone is equal. When you start to worship people, you
divide people instead of uniting and connecting yourselves. And when you
worship people, you don't follow their example, because you made them
special. And you made it even a sin, to compare yourselves with saints. Our
Souls are made from and by God and therefore we all are godly!
(16) Jesus said: Perhaps men think that I am come to cast peace upon the world, and know
not that I am come to cast divisions upon the earth, fire, sword, war. For there shall be five in
a house; there shall be three against two, and two against three, the father against the son and
the son against the father, and they shall stand as solitaries.
16. Jesus meant: Perhaps humans think that I come to bring peace on the world.
But you do not know, that my words will divide people on the world. Because
they do not understand the words. People will use fire, weapons and make
wars. When you have a home with five people in the house, three will think
different than two, and two will think different than three, the father think
different than the son and the son will be against the farther. And they will all be
alone in their ideas. Focussing on differences in opinions will divide us,
focussing on what opinions have in common, will connect us. With other words,
everyone thinks they are right and they will fight for it and about it. And in the
end everyone will be alone. Because the words are not understood!
(17) Jesus said: I will give you that which eye has not seen, an ear has not heard, and hand
has not touched, and which has not entered into the heart of man.
17. Jesus meant: I will tell you information about your Soul and the immaterial
construction of life, what you can't see, nor hear, nor touch and which has not
entered the heart of the human. And that is your higher perspective of the Soul.
(18) The disciples said to Jesus: Tell us how our end shall be. Jesus said: Have you then
discovered the beginning, that you seek after the end? For where the beginning is, there shall
the end be. Blessed is he who shall stand in the beginning, and he shall know the end and
shall not taste of death.

18. The disciples said to Jesus: Tell us how our end shall be. Jesus meant: Did you
find your beginning already, that you are now looking for your end? There
where the beginning is, there shall be the end. This means, when you are born
you are your Soul completely and when your body dies, you are your Soul
again. A Soul as complete positive energy or surrounded with negative energy
from your ego perspective which you have created and is taught in life.
Instead of looking at the consequences when your body dies, better find the
Soul in yourself when you are alive.
(19) Jesus said: Blessed is he who was before he came into being. If you become my
disciples and hear my words, these stones shall minister unto you. For you have five trees in
Paradise which do not move in summer or in winter, and their leaves do not fall. He who
knows them shall not taste of death.
19. Jesus meant: Blessed is your Soul, before it entered the human body. If you
become my disciples and understand my words than my words will guide you.
The five signals as guidance to guide us in line with our pure positive Soul are:
1. our emotions, 2. our body, 3, our conscience, 4. our aura, 5. signals in life.
The person who knows this is enlightened and understands the Soul and the
immaterial construction of life. And the enlightened person knows there is no
death, only a passing over to be a Soul again.
(20) The disciples said to Jesus: Tell us what the kingdom of Heaven is like. He said to them:
It is like a grain of mustard-seed, smaller than all seeds; but when it falls on the earth which
is tilled, it puts forth a great branch, and becomes shelter for the birds of Heaven.
20. The disciples said to Jesus: Tell us what the kingdom of Heaven is like. Jesus
meant: The most precious (Kingdom) of the immaterial dimension (Heaven), is
your godly Soul inside of you. When you are born the conscious part of the
Souls awareness is very small and unknowing and equals your awareness. The
rest of your Souls awareness has another split Soul part and will settle in your
subconscious. "When the earth is tilled", means, when the Soul stays one in
the body and will not create an ego perspective. The Soul in the human body
and mind will be the person who is a balanced pure positive godly human
being. And that person will be enlightened and knows the complete
construction of our immaterial life. And will spread the words and knowledge to
all people around the world.
(21) Mary said to Jesus: Whom are thy disciples like? He said They are like little children
dwelling in a field which is not theirs. When the owners of the field come, they will say:
Yield up to us our field. They are naked before them, to yield it up to them and to give them
back their field. Therefore I say: If the master of the house knows that the thief is coming, he
will keep watch before he comes, and will not let him dig into his house of his kingdom to
carry off his vessels. You, then, be watchful over against the world. Gird up your loins with
great strength, that the brigands may not find a way to come at you, since the advantage for
which you look they will find. May there be among you a man of understanding! When the
fruit was ripe, he came quickly, his sickle in his hand, and reaped it. He that hath ears to hear,
let him hear.

21. Mary said to Jesus: How are your disciples? Jesus meant: They are like little
children, constantly wanting to get what they want. And when they can't get it,
they get upset. They have formed an ego perspective in their ratio. This ego
perspective is based on greed. They don't understand who they really are as
Soul. And most of the times they don't want to hear it, nor want to see it.
They should be aware, that the leaders are constantly looking to offer fulfillment
to satisfy their greed in life, and to let them do what they want them to do.
Prevent this, by be the one, who thinks independently. Let your ego perspective
(based on greed) go and embrace your Soul and be your Soul.
(22) Jesus saw some infants at the breast. He said to his disciples: These little ones at the
breast are like those who enter into the kingdom. They said to him: If we then be children,
shall we enter the kingdom? Jesus said to them: When you make the two one, and when you
make the inside as the outside, and the outside as the inside, and the upper side as the lower;
and when you make the male and the female into a single one, that the male be not male and
the female female; when you make eyes in the place of an eye, and a hand in place of a hand,
and a foot in place of a foot, an image in place of an image, then shall you enter [the
22. Jesus saw some infants at the breast. Jesus meant: These little babies are the
ones with a pure positive Soul and don't have an ego perspective and will enter
Heaven without any problem and right away. They said to him: If we are
children, shall we enter Heaven? Jesus meant: When you have the ego
perspective and the Soul inside you, you are two. And when you let go of your
ego perspective and become your Soul again. Than you become one, again.
To do this, you have to make your inside as your outside and your outside as
your inside. This means: Inside is your pure positive Soul, that means that your
outside like: thinking, talking and doing should also be pure positivity. You
should be, act and think positive, all the time. The extra manly male or female
female side is also created by our ego perspective. And we should let go of this
ego perspective and become our Soul again. If you are honest, sincere and
open to yourself and others, than you have done your work. Your Soul is a pure
positive Soul again and can enter Heaven when your time has come..
(23) Jesus said: I shall choose you, one out of a thousand, and two out of ten thousand, and
they shall stand as a single one.
23. Jesus meant: I shall choose you, one out of a thousand and two out of ten
thousand and they shall stand as single ones. This means in all our
generations we have known men and women who knew the construction of life
and told about it. But they were alone in their quest to spread this information
around. One day the voice will be heard and the new information will spread
around the world. It all starts in the individual to change the world.
(24) His disciples said: Teach us concerning the place where thou art, for it is necessary for us
to seek after it. He said to them: He that hath ears, let him hear. There is a light within a man
of light, and it gives light to the whole world. If it does not give light, there is darkness.

24. His disciples said: Tell us where are you from, for us it is necessary to seek it.
Jesus meant: Listen very carefully. There will be a man, who will be awakened
by spirits and knows the construction of life and will spread the knowledge to
the people worldwide. If the people change and take over the knowledge of the
construction of life, the world will be saved. If the people don't change and not
welcome this new information the human race will die.
(25) Jesus said: Love thy brother as thy soul; keep him as the apple of thine eye.
25. Jesus meant: Love all people in the world, as you love yourself and your
siblings as Soul. All people are equal in life. No exceptions.
(26) Jesus said: The mote which is in thy brother's eye, thou seest; but the beam which is in
thine eye, thou seest not. When thou dost cast out the beam from thine own eye, then wilt
thou see to cast out the mote from thy brother's eye.
26. Jesus meant: Don't look at other persons in life, don't try to change other
people in life, because you have to work at yourself. What you become, is what
you create! Never judge people, stay with your thoughts with yourself.
(27) Jesus said: If you fast not from the world, you will not find the kingdom; if you keep not
the Sabbath as Sabbath, you will not see the Father.
27. Jesus meant: If you believe in and focus on the apparently material world, you
will never find the true immaterial real life you have as Soul. And the immaterial
home you have is the immaterial dimension, we call Heaven. You have (to fast)
to detach yourself from the apparently material world. If you don't give yourself
time, meditate or rest, to find out who you really are. You will never find your
godly Soul inside of you or really know that God exists.
(28) Jesus said: I stood in the midst of the world, and I appeared to them in flesh. I found
them all drunk, I found none among them thirsting; and my soul was afflicted for the sons of
men, for they are blind in their heart and they do not see. For empty came they into the world,
seeking also to depart empty from the world. But now they are drunk. When they have
thrown off their wine, then will they repent.
28. Jesus meant: I am the center of the world and attention, and I am a human
too. I found all the people asleep. Busy to satisfy their ego perspective based
on greed. None of them was curious to find a new positive path in life. And my
Soul had pity for the children of the people. They were taught the same ego
perspective at life. They are blind in their hearts and they could not see the real
immaterial world.They came empty with their awareness, as conscious Soul
part in the human body, and will probably also depart from this world empty
handed. Because the Lessons of Life will not be learned. They can only be
saved, if they let go of their ego perspective and embrace their Souls.

(29) Jesus said: If the flesh has come into being because of the spirit, it is a marvel; but if the
spirit (has come into being) because of the body, it is a marvel of marvels. But as for me, I
marvel at this, how this great wealth has settled in this poverty.
29. Jesus meant: If the human being has become completely their Soul, it will be a
miracle. But, when the Soul has becomes the body, it is a miracle of all
miracles. But as for me, I am wondering myself how the wealth of every
Soul can result in such poverty. To explain this more in detail and simple
words. Jesus meant with this statement: It is for the humans very difficult to let
go of their negative and destructive ego perspective and become their Souls
again. The humans have declined their Soul as being, by creating the falsely
ego perspective in the body and mind as their being. And they believe that the
material world is the real world. And this is for Jesus the biggest miracle all
times. When people have such a wonderful pure positive godly Soul inside of
them, how is it possible, that they believe they are just their body and mind.
They are living with a very poor perspective in life.
(30) Jesus said: Where there are three gods, they are gods; where there are two or one, I am
with him.
30. Jesus meant: Where there are three gods, they are gods, where there are two
or one, I am with them. When you have three persons talking and thinking they
are right, than there is no place for an enlightened person or the conscience to
tell the words of the real construction of life. They will never listen. When there
are one or two persons, they could be open to listen to the words of an
enlightened person or their conscience to hear about the construction of life.
(31) Jesus said: No prophet is acceptable in his village; a physician does not heal those who
know him.
31. Jesus meant: When people knows someone, who tells about the immaterial
construction of life. They will not take him seriously and will not accept him as a
prophet. Because, how can such an ordinary person knows the truth. The
second metaphor is the same. It is that a physician does not heal persons who
knows him. They don't take him seriously and question his suggestions. People
only want to listen to you, if you are successful in the material world. And those
people are the blind people, with a very big ego perspective. And the ego
perspective makes people see, and study only the symptoms in the surface of
life. On earth the blind leads the blind to destruction.
(32) Jesus said: A city that is built on a high mountain and fortified cannot fall, nor can it
remain hidden.
32. Jesus meant: If you start to inform people about the immaterial world of Souls
and the immaterial construction of life, people will notice you. They will love you
or hate you, that is their decision to make.

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