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- D o p i n e p h r i n e -

Distant Cathartic

KING Perseus lay in his palace, surrounded by his family and friends. He had reached the age of
540, old even for an Olympian. His silver beard reached his stomach, and his eyes held the
creases of centuries of laughter. He looked up at his great-great-grand daughter, who squeezed
his hand, her face glowing with love. The king looked at his table, covered in holo-pictures of his
dearest friends. His lieutenants waved from beyond the grave in their frames, and Perseus
smiled at the thought of them greeting him from the Elysian Plane. Soon, he would die, and be
reborn in the glory of The Elysians, revitalized and rewarded with eternal life.
A murmur passed through the room, and Perseus opened his eyes to the arrival of the royal
color guard. An aisle formed as Perseus’ large family parted to allow the guard’s approach. The
guards saluted, and stood aside, revealing The Android standing between them. Perseus’ eyes
widened, and he smiled, matching the grin already on The Android’s face. In a stride, The
Android was at the King’s side. Kneeling on one knee, The Android took the old man’s hand, and
beamed at his friend’s weathered face.
They spoke deep into the night, Perseus recounting the history of Olympus, thriving and
prosperous in the five centuries since he and The Android had fought side by side to free the
Kingdom from the madness of General Pyke’s tyranny. The Android told Perseus of his
adventures, stretching from one end of The Dopinephrine Galaxy to the other. Perseus sat in
quiet excitement, devouring The Android’s stories like a child, thrilled by the fantastic exploits of
his oldest friend. The Android had saved entire civilizations from natural disasters, freed whole
races of people from slavery, and rescued ancient creatures from extinction.
As dawn rose on the Capital of Olympus, The king lay old and gray on his deathbed. He began to
murmur to himself, his eyes staring blankly at an empty point on the wall. The Android kept his
grip on Perseus’ hand, and watched the life begin to slip from his face. Perseus stirred, and with
a deep breath returned his gaze to the metallic face of his friend. A hint of fear entered his eyes,