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had been too many, too strong… And that smiling human lord
was on her now, driving deeper even as his hands closed
round her throat. Dizziness now… light breaking behind her
eyes… She could no longer feel his touch.
Alistair stood beside the waving reeds, staring out at the
darkening swamp. Something was… wrong. Loghain had
betrayed his king, left hundreds of men to die. The Grey
Wardens were dead to a man and he – he! – had been the
only one unfortunate enough to survive. And Duncan… Duncan
had remained at the king's side, just as he had been these
many months. Duncan had… Duncan had died. And yet there
was something else, something that rankled still…
"This… this isn't right."
Behind him Morrigan snorted. He had not expected… when he
and Jory and Daveth had met the woman in the woods that
day… But she had saved him, she and her mother. He, the
last Warden.
The old woman stood beside him, narrowing her eyes as she
gazed across the waters. "And what will you do now?"